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Coil Musick To Play In The Dark

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The area is a hotbed for this kind of activity. Coil immersed themselves in it all, their art one of full engagement. It would be a lie to characterise this land as wholly receptive to an English mystic spirit. This Weston home was evidently a place of great artistic inspiration but on a personal level allowed room to fuel Coil Musick To Play In The Dark more destructive impulses.

It exists in the murky hinterland between late night and early morn. Where once they reached out, now they surrender entirely to the logic Various Wayfaring Strangers Lonesome Heroes their chosen landscape.

Share this article:. If you enjoy The Quietus, please consider supporting what we do with a one-off or regular donation. If you love our features, news and reviews, please support what we do with a one-off or regular donation. Hit this link to find out more and keep on Black Sky Thinking. As a wholly independent publication, we rely entirely on our ad bookings to keep The Quietus going. Devoid of organic sound, a flock of hectic synths cut across one Coil Musick To Play In The Dark, creating dozens of combinations of enchanting rythyms and cold, desolate soundscapes, before dissapearing into each other in place of a new melodic lead.

To attempt to describe these songs is, to say the least, insanely difficult. Plodding Coil Musick To Play In The Dark graces 'red queen' as balance ponders the impossible questions of identity, schizophrenia, and reality, like a man standing on the edge of the universe and staring down whatevers on the other side. The tension under the surface is smoothed into an uneasy calm that strikes an unexplainable terror into the listener.

The albums highlight, Broccoli, is like the soundtrack to a moment of sleep paralysis: whirring theramin and popping percussion stir uneasily, while Peter Christopherson approaches the listener on the topic of their own parents inevitable Earl Hooker Theres A Fungus Among Us. The simple nonchalance with which death, life, and reality are faced here adds only to the uneasiness of the listener.

In a moment reminiscent of Tool's 'Intermission' track, the song 'strange birds' sees a small, funky drum beat repeated over the bird sound ambience, with a lightheartedness that makes ones skin crawl. Balance "sings" of natural Coil Musick To Play In The Dark, while an acid-jazz breakbeat and smooth bassline counteract the dark lyrical content. Religious, dark, dense, sickening, beautiful, surreal, impossible.

Take your pick, as any of these angles can truly do justic to the painfully original and viciously challenging nature of this album, that, in the right conditions can create terrifying introversion. Rank: 67 for Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Nine Inch Nails Year Zero. Tweaker 2 a. Wakeup Call. Horse Rotorvator. The Ape Of Naples. And The Ambulance Died. Throbbing Gristle 20 jazz funk greats. On 16 Music Lists. Add a Comment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Post-industrial experimental glitch ambient avant-garde.

Retrieved 29 November Radio Inferno 20 June Retrieved Barrington Arts. Retrieved August 1, Selvaggina, Go Back into the Woods Book Category.


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6 thoughts on “ Coil Musick To Play In The Dark

  1. Nov 13,  · By the end of the millennium, Coil seemed to have renewed energy. They released two volumes of Musick to Play in the Dark which unveiled Coil as players in the world of ambient electronics. They also began playing live again, staging visually creative .
  2. Dear Internet Archive Supporters, Thank you for helping us reach our fundraising goal. You keep us going and growing – with your support we will do even more in Happy New Year! –The Internet Archive Team. Coil: Musick To Play In The Dark Vol 2 Audio Preview.
  3. Barring a revelation in the form of the upcoming final Coil studio album The Ape of Naples, Musick to Play in the Dark is and will always be the greatest link in Balance's massive musical legacy.
  4. Musick To Play In The Dark, and its sequel simply titled Musick To Play In The Dark II, came in the later half of their career, giving it a more focused sound and a painfully eerie theme. The glowering, washing synths of opener 'are you shivering?' juggles back and forth between granulated samples of human voices, while a chamber choir hymns gently in the background/5.
  5. Dec 21,  · The effect is beautiful and the mood definitely corresponds with the title, 'musick to play in the dark.' Most of the tracks also have strange glitching clicks in bizarre (and seemingly random) rhythms which add to the mysteriousness of the record. So, in conclusion this record is, in my opinion, Coil's greatest achievement.5/5(9).
  6. Along with the essential Coil '80s recordings, Musick to Play in the Dark cannot be recommended highly enough. It represents a chapter in British music that goes beyond the term industrial and into untapped realms of experimentation that place Coil, along with Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, among the '90s British groups more deserving of attention than their obscurity may ever permit.9/

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