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Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo

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If your music is posted on this blog and you would like it removed please email:. It will be removed immediately!! Total hypnosis Your sight becomes blurred… encens plumes … the snake charmer… the dancer's belly…misleading glows…the buried oasis… nights… hallucination? Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo, Kadiago is probably not a mirage… you certainly are where you think you are. Compare Issouf Haymarket Riot Trip On Out Something Else you there.

And he will take you there as often as you wish. A must have!!!!! Kadiogo Saagha Along with his records, he offers us the image of someone truly in love with African music, truly in love with Africa. Since we were in touch with him, we decided to propose him to realize Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo selection of tracks for the blog. Thing that he Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo with great enthusiasm. Indeed, Melody Nelson offered to buyers a very very lot of stunning records, thing for which we are all extremely grateful to him.

But his listings also have Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo very singular characteristic, the records are always reviewed in Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo very personal way which denotes a very sensitive person completely impassioned for African music. Very little is known about him, he always remains discreet and never looked for some kind of "king of records" glory - disease unfortunately too present in the record world.

He returns to us with those words: I chose 11 tracks from 11 different countries. I have placed them in geographical order, from west to east I do not know if you'll need it, but I've written a review for each and at the end, some words about me Mostly, do not hesitate to tell me if it is not good enough, both in the musical choices as in the texts.

I sent you the sound files through WeTransfer and the scans of the covers in an email. If all goes well, I think that the only thing missing is my photo! And now, dear reader, please now press the play button to enter Tristan's Africa and scroll down to discover more about him, read his words regarding each track and see somes pics from Africa that he sent us. Have a nice trip!

Email This BlogThis! No comments:. Compare Issouf brought you there. And he will take you there as often as you wish. A must have!!!!! Black Ice Featuring Nature Love Dance Traxx EP Saagha J'Ai Vingt Ans Mariam Accra band about which little is known, but they flutter through almost as many styles as there are tracks on the record.

There's definitely some blistering fuzzed-out afrobeat, but also straight up reggae, organ funk vamps, and a little happy highlife.

Guitar isn't at the front of the mix, with some awesomely distorited organ taking the spotlight, especially on the spicier cuts. Presented impeccably in fine, rigid sleeves made in Japan, and well-pressed. Moving World Dracula Dance Brotherhood Of Man Groovy Love Jungle Music Wale Tobite Labels: Kelenkye Band. Burkina Faso legend with the funky tune 'dambakale': Tracklist Tanga Sega Ritoum Ye Quedraogo Petite Fille Dambakale Je Ne Peux Pas Decider.

He was born at the end Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo the forties in a village not far from Benin City. When he was very young he decided to follow an artistic path which led him, during the seventies, to become one of the biggest stars of his land.

Joseph Osayomore is someone who fed the ethnic proudness of the Bini and those people can be proud of this. But outside Nigeria nobody knows much about him, this is also to be considered the normal condition for the majority of the African art and culture.

Osayomore appears to be one of those who has all the characteristics to stimulate curiosity within a more vast public. Strongly tied to his own tradition and also proud of this, Joseph Osayomore has always avoided following ethnical and cultural ideals; those of the Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo colonizers, as opposed to many Nigerian musicians, he never showed any interest in the Christian religion nor Muslim religion.

Osayomore is a follower of the Benin pantheon spirits, a true "animist" and also the name of his group - the Ulele Power Sound - refers to his religious convictions. In the tradition of his village, the Ulele power comes from the spirits of who serves them and respects them. Thanks to his courage to speak openly against injustice and the false Nigerian democracy, Joseph Osayomore is considered a sort of successor of Fela Kuti.

Unfortunately the message risks being confined in the area of his own ethnic group due to the Edo language utilized by him in his songs.

It is a fact that he was brought to court and imprisoned more than once - also during the Obasnjo government, historical enemy of Fela - because of the iconoclasm of his lyrics and for to conceited critics to the local and national authorities, starting from the proud and the respect for his ancestors culture.

It is perhaps due to this that the musical scene is inundated with the various chief, commander, prince and king that Joseph Osayomore chose the title of ambassador.

The icon of the cheeky and irreverent musician who uses his own art as a scene and pretext to laugh about and to criticize the authorities - to say the truth without any fear, says the tradition - is not alien to the cultural Yoruba and Bini context within which both Fela and Osayomore move.

Thanks to him I am sure we will gain Patrick Andy Angela Prince Tired Fe Lick It Ina Bush Joker Lover. Amongst the over 60 records released one of his most famous songs is Army of Freedom. Another one is Efewedo, richness I say goodbye to you, a song against envy for wealth and for respect earned honestly.

In Efewedo and in many songs Osayomre thanks his mother, an important woman who always supported him in public also in front of the authorities' persecutions or in front of the mean gossips about his immorality - mostly sexual - which accompanied him for years.

Also The Heptones Tommy McCook And The Supersonics Gunmen Coming To Town Riverton City is a trace that associates him to Fela. Musically speaking Osayomore is certainly less eclectic than Victor Uwaifo also if the course of his long carrier has gone through with much originality, some of the most popular musical genres in the country, amongst which highlife and afro beat.

The main characteristic of his Bini-sound is the power of groove. The Ulelele Power Sound are made up of drums, congas, bass, two guitars, winds and voices, all the instruments are used for rhythm. The result is a powerful plaid of squeaky harmonies, over which what predominates is the declaimed singing of Osayomore accompanied by an obsessive reply from the chorus. His music is a tremendous invitation to dance. With its multiple repartitions of traditional Bini rhythms, representing the vertebral column of the songs, an exciting news with African notes nuances and Caribbean, to which it will be quite difficult to resist moving.

Here we propose two entire CDs bought in a bazaar in the roman banlieu called Tor Pignattara, they are the first and second albums released for the Emotan Records of Benin City at the end of the seventies beginning eighties.

It is about music made not for our ears, but for the festive masses of the warm african metropolis. Our home bred capability of listening to it and our home bred tastes are not taken into consideration, also if it would be enough maybe a little touch up on the arrangements to take away some oddity which makes it a Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo difficult to swallow.

If you want to listen to it find in on Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo. And now Orhiomwon Bo Aibalegbe Ebe Omonoyan Thursday, November 17, Christiana Essien — Freedom. With the death of Mrs Christiana Essien-Igbokwe, the Nigerian entertainment world lost a Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo class performer and arguably one of the most accomplished artistes of her generation. She was also a role model who achieved professional success at a relatively young age yet lived a scandal-free life as a devoted wife and mother.

Fame, it can be said, found Essien-Igbokwe early in life. Having lost her mother at the age of 12, a family friend who became her guardian encouraged and subsequently nurtured her interest in singing. When the then running popular sit-com, The Masquerade, was shopping for a suitable actress for the role of the wife of a make-believe garrulous Yoruba man, she effortlessly stepped into the part.

But her talent was to shine brighter in music where she became a trailblazer. At age 16 inEssien-Igbokwe released her first album, Freedom. The song, with others in the Hausa and Igbo, made her the quintessential pan-Nigerian singer. Essien-Igbokwe also played critical roles in the politics of her chosen profession.

Incidentally, for this incredibly talented actress, besides featuring in two early Nollywood movies Flesh and Blood and Sacred of Womanhood, nothing much was heard of her acting career as her music blossomed. She, however, remained a role model for many actresses nonetheless. But away from the limelight, she ran a Berto Pisano Jacques Chaumont Junior Pisano Kill Original Soundtrack Organisation NGOcalled Essential Child Care Foundation, involved in child welfare needs and rights and participated in two concerts in Essien-Igbokwe, who would have turned 51 on November 11, is survived by her husband, Edwin and children, one of whom is also a musician.

The outpouring of grief is indeed a testimony to the fact that the late Essien-Igbokwe not only sang her pan-Nigerianess but also lived it. Adieu, the irrepressible Nigerian Lady of Songs. Freedom Feel So Good Sometime Boom Boom Boom My Kind Of Man Unsteady Love Let's Face Our Problems. Labels: Christiana Essien. An interview "Vultures," "Mother Henriette," "Man on the guitar," "Girls Kologha-Naba 'and we forget, this is some of the rich repertoire of songs from this that the Music lovers were quick to nickname "Man on the guitar.

Discover or made better acquainted with this almost sexagenarian who does not look her age. You are an artist well-known musician, tell us how you came into the music. Abdoulaye Cisse Laughter. I feel it's more the music that came to me. I was very young when I started music. When I went to the normal course of Koudougou inI had a guitar that had 'been given by my uncle, he had found that I was passionate about music, but that does not bother my studies.

I offered it as a gift after I passed my entry into the sixth. I hummed songs of great singers of the time. I loved seeing the shows of the great artists of Africa. My father was a Republican Guard and I had the opportunity to see many groups.

I Dafing. Our ethnicity is a stickler on certain principles especially in Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo to caste. I'm Eddy Grant Cant Get Enough Of You Time Warp a griot and I'm not allowed to sing.

I was the only Die Anderen Kannibal Komix with a penchant for music and my family I finally understood.

What is your discography right now? I admit it is difficult for me to answer such a question. My very first record in Between andI made four 45 laps and then a 33 rpm.

The 45 and 33, are from LPs, vinyl side supports A and B. The 33 towers is wider. I have done in Benin in After the tapes were introduced. Between andI could make five albums. The last date of The tour resulted in the production of an album.

Many are those who remember songs like "Girls Kologie-Naaba" in what spirit did you write this song? I sang the title, but it's not me who wrote it. The author called Yago Kumasi. Inwhen I entered the band Super Volta, this young man had just left. It was he who sang. This is a song of the 50 Congolese group Rock-a-Mambo, which had been adapted. When I came to the orchestra, I was back the entire directory and later my own songs. You have ORF Bigband Karel Krautgartner Eleven Steps a teacher, what motivated you to abandon this profession for radio?

I was trained for teaching. I came out of the ordinary course teacher in and did 12 years on. Ground in the bush as they say. It was Boomerang Yeti compelling business from my vocation is music.

I liked the music, above all, that's what made me happy. The job of a teacher, I do not exercise it by vocation.

It was my basic training and in addition, my father wanted me to do career in this business. But after 12 years, I finished the ten-year commitment to serve ment in rural areas. So I could go and asked for a detachment.

I was then seconded to Moon People The Land Of Love radio as a result of a test that I passed in In I took office as program host on Radio Ouaga. What benefits have you benefited with such a price? Rather, "Toumangari Djembe" is a song of inspiration that I drew traditional folklore Dafing. It's a song that has a revolutionary content and is enjoyed in countries such as Benin, Guinea and Cameroon.

Under the August Revolution in Burkina Faso, it was considered a song mobilization and awareness of youth compared to the situation in Africa. I pulled up to sales. But it has not been successful in Western countries like France because it was a song highly critical opinions of the colonizers. This is in Mauritius that I was to receive my prize. I had the opportunity to do many tours and participated also, Bourges festival with this award. For two or three years I have had the promotion on the part of RFI.

Abdoulaye Cisse said "The man with the guitar. The man with the guitar was taken from one of my songs that was much appreciated at the time the youth was a text more or less romantic than some teachers have learned to their students. It seems that on your guitar, ill was written "Mom Henriettu" Laughter. No, it's a Warmth Outside I do not like to show myself.

I think I would have never done. I had my guitar before "Mother Henriette" This is my first wife and I can not take the name of another person to stick it on my guitar.

This is the person with whom I lived, Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo mother of my son Kader. I did this song at the time to pay tribute. What becomes of it, "Mother Henriette? But I do not know! They say you are an intelligent man and you were a student who occupied the first rank in class.

The music she was right in your studies? Indeed, at school I was not stupid. But the music took my head. When my friends saw life in graduate school, I was thinking about music, but unfortunately there was no industry in this area. Yes, the music was right in my studies. That although it was right in my studies because that's what I wanted to do.

I could go to the military academy in Dakar or Bingerville like many of my colleagues. But I always refused these competitions. Can you cite some gains made in music? What I wanted in music, it is not quantifiable achievements in terms of material wealth. No, what I wanted, I did not have. I wanted the consecration of the world. Living my music full touring to express myself is what Evil Enc Group Hey You missed.

Otherwise I was very Pip Proud A Bird In The Engine. The little that I had allowed me to continue to make music. And your troubles? I have not experienced setbacks in the music. In all, there are ups and downs. I could get a band, I have a full orchestra that allows me to perform. The only disappointment for an artist, when it has not made an album or run a touring program.

I did not make the prison. I may have had a good education in terms of organizing my life, I do not see what has destabilized my life. I am attached to my freedom and I always managed to avoid disturbing others. Can we say that you're both artists poets? A priori, Oger, I and all of the generation of years, so we ordered first was romanticism. Like it or not, we had to make poetry. It was inconceivable at the time we do a Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo that means nothing.

We know that you are also a trainer. To date how many bands or artists have you trained? I have not decided to be a trainer, but many young people had to rub me.

At any given time, I was director of music school. In the days of "Little Singers" and "Doves" is actually made up of young people. On this side, we can consider me as a trainer, but I've never been full professor, a graduate to teach music.

You are dealing with a self-taught, someone who has trained himself when he was in the normal course. Once the courts were normal as seminars, where music is required. My basic training helped me understand the music. I Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo as youth Djamana percussion, I grew i been for fifteen years formed Super Volta.

I was also trained in theater. With Djamana, I felt that I was responsible for something unlike Boys Choir Gloria And The Relations Date With My Man Hook Line And Sinker the Dove, which was a revolutionary movement.

I can not tell you how many young people have been in contact since my only issue ever to graduate. It is mainly young people who are well situated to tell. What happens to the group Djamana percussion? The group is still there, on paper, since we have the receipts, but in practice it n: there are more such as we had originally designed. That was before in the form of traditional music, a mix of modern traditional music.

Today, it took the form of a modern orchestra. It is a label that has preserved and that we use. Sami Rama Is one of your Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo Yes, we can say since we did many things together. With me it started when it was operating within "Boys Choir with raised fists.

What is your marital status? I am married and the one you just saw note: he Compare Issouf And The Noble Kings Kadiogo a young girl named Afissatou is my daughter who is in college. I have other older children I am like everyone else and my wife is private secretary to the cabinet of the Minister of Economy and Development. You can see there the day you'll be passing through. It is with this that I live since Much water has flowed under the bridge after your separation from Sami Rama, CEAA is that you failed in your duty as a husband?


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