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Jack Master Basement Trax VolI

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Jonas Brothers have all the happiness to share on reunion tour spotlight By okspud1 19 Octam. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Jack Master Basement Trax VolI. Monday 8 July Tuesday 9 July Wednesday 10 July Friday 12 July Sunday 14 July Monday 15 July Tuesday 16 July Wednesday 17 July Thursday 18 July Friday 19 July Saturday 20 July Sunday 21 July Jack Master Basement Trax VolI Monday 22 July Tuesday 23 Jack Master Basement Trax VolI Wednesday 24 July Thursday 25 July Friday 26 July Saturday 27 July Sunday 28 July Monday 29 July Tuesday 30 July Wednesday 31 July Thursday Various The American Epic Sessions Original Motion Picture Soundtrack August Friday 2 August Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August Monday 5 August Tuesday 6 August Wednesday 7 August Thursday 8 August Friday 9 August Saturday 10 August Sunday 11 August Monday 12 August Tuesday 13 August Wednesday 14 August Thursday 15 August Friday 16 August Saturday 17 August Sunday 18 August Monday 19 August Tuesday 20 August Wednesday 21 August Thursday 22 August Friday 23 August Saturday 24 August Sunday 25 August Monday 26 August Tuesday 27 August Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August Friday 30 August Jack Master Basement Trax VolI Saturday 31 August Sunday 1 September Monday 2 September I love singing.

The trouble with most singers is they feel that, beca Jack Master Basement Trax VolI they have a voice, they only have one voice. They forget that as children, as babies, they made the most amazing diversity of sounds. To me, the human voice can very easily compete with a sampler, it can make lots of different noises, it can sing pure or gritty or whatever.

My approach to singing is to not think about it too much. I tend to just do what I feel might be appropriate at the time. Karl: "I love waitresses! They're like nurses, aren't they?

Karl: "Erm, no, there'sjust something about them. Because Karl was confused about Jack Master Basement Trax VolI he should go out with a waitress or a nurse.

He made the right choice in the end. Karl: "Xylophone. Karl: "I am about to achieve my dream of driving across America. The idea is to stay in the weirdest motels and stop off at the weirdest bars. We want to meet the nuttiest people we can. He's a very devout Christian and heplaysan organ in a church. That's why so many American artists come to Europe. He's a god here, but out there. America is a bit of a sad place, really. I mean, Nirvana were brilliant, but it was just America catching up on punk.

I mean, fuck me, how long did that take? What a sad bunch of bunnies. They're so far behind. They've lost it. Whereas Europe is very interesting, with lots of different cultures coming together. And it is that time of the evening. Or is it? Darren: "Bollocks, it'syour round. A minimally compact bullet shape,"' it produces a visible laser diode up tp 1 50 metres.

Just aim and press. So next time you're with your mate down the club and you need to show them your object of desire without any unnecessary pointing, this will come in pretty handy.

Call 01 for stockists details. Are you a style- free zone? Is street cred a big problem for you? And London's Velvet Underground once again come up trumps with a bag full of marbles bearing the words, "Velvet Underground would like you to have these back".

Will next month's have a Jack Master Basement Trax VolI plot inside? We can Jani Christou Mysterion 1966 Oratorio On Ancient Egyptian Funerary Texts wait.

Clothing company Trigger Happy have the answer. The Foot Purse cleverly threads through your shoe laces and is secured with heavy-duty velcro straps. Call for your nearest stockist Meanwhile in France, it appears they start their kids on hard drugs a little early. Smacks indeed.

Quickest people off the mark for this summer's sunglasses shoot-out are those sporty types at Adidas, whose Diabolo shades are the boldest damn glasses under the seven heavens right Jack Master Basement Trax VolI. With their Rejectite filters, they provide 1 00 per cent shielding from all of those harmful UV radiation beams.

They look unutterably sleek, too. The editor's decision is infernally final. Gnashing away on the dancefloor and in dire need of something chewable? The latest craze in America are these chewable chips, though whether you should put ketchuDontooisuntovnu.

A dead pop star in love with us? Still, inspirational clothes designers Burro have come up with this logo for their latest T-shirts, along with other similarly trashy, seedy, glam-sexy clothing. All entries to reach us by Friday, March 8. The editor's decision is elegantly final.

Or at least to the one-time classrooms which have been converted into Eve, the new multi-purpose bar, bistro and clubspace which opened atthe end of last year. Owned by experienced clubbers Paul Broughton who plays Eddie Banks in "Brookside"fellow actor Jake Abrahms and entrepreneurs Hartley and Davey, Eve is fresh, simple, and a kind of halfway house between a bar and a club.

The main room is huge and square, and the walls primary and pastel-coloured, making a refreshing change from the cultured brass fittings of Judge-Gill, who designed Cream, Sankeys Soap and The Pleasure Rooms.

The vibe is chilled, the babes are hot, and "Brookie" and footie stars are a dime-a- dozen. As early as9pm, people are starting to dance to the fuck-off system by CVA. Jack Master Basement Trax VolI, Eve has turned out to be so popular that many of those who cash in on the free admission and the late licence end up staying the whole night. Come Easter, Eve will Jack Master Basement Trax VolI opening its own Friday night club in the rooms upstairs, with a 2, capacity and a gang of the best DJs.

Allister Whitehead is playing resident and promoter, while Charlie Chester has already ensured a hot line-up for the first few months. Also part of the Eve phenomenon is a seater theatre and live comedy venue. Which brings us to the obvious comparison. We all filter each other's crowds. And our club will be on Fridays. Darren Hughes is delighted we're here. It's all about Eve. If you want to know what the cream of Detroitsounds like right now, thisalbum will show you the way.

But these are tough times for Detroit. There are many who would dispute its continued dominance in the global pantheon of electronic music. As they would have it, the city is too mired in its past, too entrenched in one sound to count. For others, it was, is and always will be the midi-man's Mecca. Either way, few places inspire such slavish devotion and heated debate, such awe and reverence, such distaste and disinterest. Rather than offer our views on the subject, Muzik travelled to Detroit to debate some of these essential points with the artists on "True People".

It was an historic gathering. But is Detroit still important as an arena for music production? And if so, why? Juan Atkins: "Detroit is important because it's a unique city. There are lots of black people doing something, not negative or positive, they're just doing something.

New York has hip hop, Chicago has house, and there are a million things happening here, too. If it hadn't been for what happened then, we wouldn't be having this conversation now.

Alan Oldham: "What I've noticed in this business is that it goes in cycles. Different cities in Europe become the European birthplace of techno. But I think it always comes back to Detroit because people will always buy our records to get ideas. Rotterdam and gabba was real big, but it still all came back here. Even with jungle, even stuff like Reinforced, it comes back here.

Dego, Mark and all of those guys come over here and hang out with us. Over here, you can feel the emotion. You get lots of producers in Europe who are afraid to do that because they're worried it won't sell, or because it doesn't sound like Dave Clarke, or like somebody in Detroit. People here have always thrived on being themselves. It's a self-expression thing. We're individuals doing individual things. We don't have the support we need and Jack Master Basement Trax VolI here in the city, so we already have a different mind-frame.

You've got to keep trying harder to impress people. And for a lot of the newer artists who came in, thestandard was so high that everyone who came along afterwards had to hit that mark. It was such a profound thing that Detroit still has a very important place. In a recent "Jockey Slut" interview, for instance, even Derrick May said he felt techno was no longer capable of being radical.

Is that true? Or is it still capable of being new and innovative? My eighth wonder? The world used to be such a beautiful place, until man started nuclear testing and all that. But Jack Master Basement Trax VolI think it was really just mighty multi-conglomerate corporations looking for precious minerals. They are just planet raiders.

They were really funky and this is kind of in the same vein. It's very representative of what we do. They are the people who influence what I do.

Secondly, look at the way rock 'n' roll was based on rhythm 'n' blues. We H based techno on the black Jack Master Basement Trax VolI and that whole sound. It's just a question of Jack Master Basement Trax VolI can we do with our sounds to make them Various De Appel 384 out? Somebody described the Dave Angel album as the best Detroit album never to come out of Detroit.

But there are other people making tracks here with a completely different approach, because nobody over here is licking dick trying to be in thatfucking magazine. And radical is determined by the listener anyway. It could be as simple and as easy as a guy whispering into a microphone and 1 0 people buying it. Shake: "I know that I'm still evolving.

You've got to remember that all black music was started, not for the mainstream, but for the people making it. It wasn't black people getting mad at the system.

And then it's these white people trying to sneak in the club, like, 'Can I do that? It evolves into something else, but it's easier to package and sell. Do you think it's still evolving in Midnight Magic Beam Me Up same kind of way it was 10 years ago?

Juan: "I thinkso, definitely. The British press has gotfartoo wrapped up in thatshit. Like, what the fuck do you expect us to do? All I ever hear is good music.

And Europe probably resents the fact we won't go away and we still make records general laughing and cheering. Because they want to be able to say CJ Bolland started techno, they want to be able to say techno started in Ghent, they want to be able to say Moby started techno. They want us to, because the day that we do stop, Luke Slater and all of those other cats can have it all to themselves.

I love Europeans! If you had the choice, would you prefer to record for your own labels and exclusively in Detroit? Kech: "Having dealt with Detroit labels and European labels, I figure I could more or less trust someone I know more than someone I'm just faxing to. This is Detroit, the home of Motown, 30 yearsand still going on. Berry Gordy created something very big, but it only happened once.

The same with rap. It's black economic self-sufficiency. You have a group of people who want to employ themselves, so what they've done is create an entity they can employ themselves with. Kenny: "Of course! Who wouldn't want to be self-sufficient? Nobody is able to push your shit stronger than you can, nobody can look after you better than you do yourself. What we're working at now will become the next alternative movement in the States.

Indie rock used to be alternative, but it was the same old guitar shit and it's gone mainstream Dennis Bovell Heaven. So you had waves of radio stations across America alter their formats, just to find that black music is whattheirsonsanddaughtersare buying.

We are the next alternative. The six major record companies in the world are not just going to go away. It's going to happen and it will happen soon. That shit is a reality. Alan: "There's some very good stuff coming out of Jack Master Basement Trax VolI at the moment. Neil Landstrumm Jack Master Basement Trax VolI. What do you think of the stuff you hear when you're over there?

Is it a misappropriation and an abuse of the Detroit sound? Claude: "I think it all comes down to good and bad music. I really don't like Minimal Orchestra Minimal Music idea this issome kind of a Euro-bashing session.

In America, you can get so much respect and so much press, but if you look at the situation more closely, Muzik is over here from Britain to talk to us, but we can't get a fucking interview in "Rolling Stone". It took the attention of Europeans for those motherfuckers to come around. I have a real problem with America. They'll Jack Master Basement Trax VolI Moby, they'll push The Prodigy and they'll push Keoki and those other motherfuckers, because they're easier to sell. You know, pretty-faced, fucked-up hair, Second View Machinery clothes.

I don't wear thatshit. And the thing I really appreciate about playing over in Europe and selling records in Europe, is they don't give a shit about that kind of stuff. Claude: "Listen, there are some greatthings coming back, like Stevie Ray Vaughan Double Trouble Couldnt Stand The Weather has mentioned.

How do you feel about the so-called electro revival and the way everyone in the UK rushed to get in on the act last year? Keith Tucker: "Well, believe me, they're not looking at me as being someone, they're looking at Juan, and that's frustrating forme.

I'm not trying to knock Juan. I'm just making it in a different way. Does it bother you? Hey, go back to the drawing board. You've got so many stink-ass records coming out. How can you sift through all this shit? I think if it wasn't for these bullshit records coming out, it wouldn't be a struggle and it wouldn't be worth it. I thought I would try and get away from the electro thing, so it's dance music, but it also harks back to the sound of early Detroit.

It was just the mood I was in at the time, a The Beatles Yellow Submarine Nothing Is Real kind of dark and funky mood. We recorded it in London just after I had met them. I really want to do some more extremely emotional things. I want to be a music producer Jack Master Basement Trax VolI not just a techno producer. Rhonda works as a prosecutor and Tina is a lecturer in engineering.

Nobody is trying to get independent promoters to push us, nobody's trying to get publicists for us. It's all strictly word-of-mouth, strictly Internet, stirctly underground. Do you mean to tell me you would refuse a 50, seller on Generator? Not at all. I'm saying the potential is here in America for that.

And there will come a point when you will be able to. Do the major labels have Scratch Acid Scratch Acid dealing with whatyou're doing? A lot of these artists are studio rats, they're not pretty and you can't put them on album covers. Tonica Dominante Tigre Gennarino O Sioux tried it with Moby, they tried it with Joey Beltram.

Ithinkourmediumallowsanybodyto make music. But if you're approaching it from a business standpoint, there is a system in place and if you want to have a million-selling record, you have to go with it. And you can do it even if you have an instrumental record. It's just a system which has to be followed if you decide you want to play the game. That's life itself. And how big is it going to get? Shake: "I believe it will keep growing. I can see a point where you'll get black kids listening to nothing but this.

We don't have radio support over here and how are people going to listen to the music if they don't have that? We don't have clubs for them to go to, so how are they going to get a visual aspect? We don't have magazines, so how are people going to read and learn about it? I agree it can get bigger, but I think it's going to be a gradual process.

The very fact you can't go to any club and hear it and even if you could, only a certain amount of people would understand this music. Even if you put it in front of mainstream America, only a few people are going to actually get it.

Jack Master Basement Trax VolI in the mirror. That's why it's not happening. And that's why it will never happen in this country. This is America, man. Making experimental music like Coil or Wire or Can is different. We're not supposed to be doing this. When I go into the American record labels, they automatically point me in the direction of the rEtb department.

But talk to some AEtR guy in Europe and he's covering everybody. They don't know whether thisshit came from Detroit or from wherever. And I honestly believe that, if anything is going to happen, it has to happen through the American DJs. Claude has done a jungle mix for Jacob's Optical Stairway.

What effect is the continuing spread of jungle going to have on people making music in Detroit? Juan: "I think, indirectly, jungle is probably an outgrowth of Detroit anyway. When you hear a lot of the sounds in the music they've been doing lately, you can identify with stuff made in Detroit in the early to mid-Eighties, the more electro sound. I'm not John Prine German Afternoons about the breakbeat stuff, Jack Master Basement Trax VolI was around here four or five years ago, or the hardcore sound.

He learned from us, just as we're learning Igor Savin I Orkestar Stanka Selaka YU Disco Expres him. I've known Dego for years. Reinforced are innovators. And if you talk to him or read his interviews, he makes all kinds of records, hip hop records, techno records Alex Handle With Care Nu Era.

It's a cycle. It's just respect all around. It's their thing. I'mintodoing what Jack Master Basement Trax VolI do and doing the best I can at what I'm doing. Kenny: "I haven't really had any. But I've had other problems like. We grew up listening to people such as Colonel Abrams. I'm just wondering whatthe musical tastesofthe Boy Ge Mendes Grito De Bo Fidje below me will be like?

I want to get the musicto them more and more because, after all, they're our biggest consumers. For me, not to be in touch with them in the way I Jack Master Basement Trax VolI to isfrustrating.

And then bomb in places I thought they wouldn't. It's always going to be a challenge. None of us here, except for Juan, wants to be judged on Juan, Kevin and Derrick.

Juan: "I'd just like to say to all The Aztec Mystic Knights Of The Jaguar EP the people who pick up this magazine, that Jack Master Basement Trax VolI should really, really listen to this music.

There is a lot more feeling in Detroit music than in a lot of other music coming outatthe moment. And the DJ before you and after you, you hear them and they both sound the same. I want people to just take a real The only problem is the associated music. Thrash, industrial and grunge.

Snowboarders ijBif like their sounds to be as Jack Master Basement Trax VolI your face as the sport itself. Strange, then, that they've invited Earthling to play at a party to celebrate the end of the Snowboard World Series Half Pipe Championships in laax, Switzerland.

However, inside the ominously named Crap Groove JN fc venue, preconceptions about the less than tasteful Tj jo S jt music which snowboarders go for are thrown m straight out of the window. It's poseurs heaven as the guys pull on gloves, moonboots and jackets to achieve that all-important snowboarder's style. By the time they take to the ski lifts, the band look like they were born to board.

Mau clings to a flagpole above the half pipe, which is basically a 30 metre deep and Jack Master Basement Trax VolI 5 metre wide groove cut into the ice, while below him some of the world's finest boarders are getting huge air to the sounds of "Radar Earthling's debut album. As each new track echoes across the mountain top, unfurling down the slopes into the blizzard-engulfed valleys, the grin on Mau's face spreads.

This is one of those special moments, which is further enhanced by the incredible sense of bravado which has overtaken everyone. The instructor for the band's first snowboarding masterclass has yet to arrive, but what the hell, how hard can it be? So, as the collective courage reaches dizzy heights, the guys start to strap boards to feet. Jack Master Basement Trax VolI minutes later and they're still puzzling over the foot bindings, sneering at the ridiculous positions their plates are supposed to be in and cursing the bloke at the bottom of the mountain for providing duff boards.

Finally, the instructor, Thomas, arrives. He's with his girlfriend, who to Earthling's amusement is called Heidi. The lesson can now start. Within 30 minutes of practising on an almost non-existent incline, the band are filled with an arrogant self-confidence.

Until, that is, Thomas invites the intrepid novices to venture up a steeper slope. Not so much a slope as a mind-boggling descent, the sight makes his pupils squat down in disbelief. Picture the scene, a crew of guys used to larging it, surrounded by top-notch snowboarders all maxing itand there's Earthling crapping it! This lot search out the fresh snow, carve deep grooves into the powder and even start avalanches just so they can ride them. This lot spend all their time perfecting awesome tricks in the half pipe.

Also essential for bigger airs. The aim is to spring off your tail by lifting up your whole body, bringing your front knee into your chest and quickly following with your back foot. Mixed with anything for that essential buzz. Another half an hour, however, and everyone's succumbed to the slope. The Dazzler spends his time edging down slowly in a front facing style. He would clearly be far happier behind his decks than on this mountain and, with an acute awareness of the potential damage he could do to himself, undertakes the descent with great care.

Mau, on the other hand, appears to have developed a death wish. He seems hell-bent on discovering new ways to eat powder, the favourites being head first, like a snow plough, and butt first, like a tobogganist. Crude maybe, but evidently effective. Indeed, Mau's propensity for the epic wipe-out is paralleled only by Andy Edison's natural ability.

In no time at all, Andy transfers his skateboarding skills to the white stuff. Making it all look far too easy, he weaves majestically around the rest of the group in an assured slalom motion.

With gradually reduced vision caused by the blizzard getting worse, Thomas and Heidi leave us to play and Earthling's press officer has a brainwave. Laying face down on his board, he travels at an alarming speed into a restricted area, heading towards a small cliff while bellowing "The Final Countdown 1 Unable to contain himself, Andy immediately follows and the pair disappear into the snow storm. Around 1 0 minutes later, they reappear with broken ribs, frozen grins and one word on their lips.

I'm into sky surfing as well! To say that these people are obsessed is an understatement of Jack Master Basement Trax VolI tallest order. The conversation revolves around talk of ollies, nollies and big air. The building reverberates with the word "cool", as people from across the globe communicate in the international language of admiration. Signs scattered everywhere proclaim Crap Groove to be a "No Drugs Zone", but these guys don't need drugs.

They are all on a natural high anyway. As Tim Saul's Prozac-drenched samples combine with Andy Edison's booming, liquid bass, feet begin to move in slow, skanking shuffles and the natural high just gets higher. This is truly a night to remember. A dark and mysterious sonic journey jazz" from Atom Heart, one of Europe's most unique and prolific recording artists.

Certainly not for the A swinging latin-hip hop-techno extravaganza! Showcased here, such Say no more, except that the original versions of these tracks are featured on the legends as Housemaster Baldwin, Paris Grey, E-Smoove and Neal Howard.

What with Tribal being the hot-shot purveyors of awesome house and garage they are, it is no great surprise that their record bag is just that little bit more classy than just about anyone else's. It also boasts loads of fiddly extra pockets for carrying things like pens, mobile phones, CDs, cauliflowers and old garden sheds. No, we haven't swallowed Tiddles, the office eat.

It's just our miserable attempt to be as cool as Felix Da Houseeat. In case you didn't know because you have been in hibernation sinceFelix is the Chicago alley eat who's put a feline slink back into house music. He makes tunes which sound like passionate sexual congress while Armageddon rages outside your bedroom window. He spins like his middle name was "Technics Master".

If you want to hear the cream of the city's old school talent like Armando, Mike Dunn and Kay Alexi alongside younger guns firing on all cylinders say, Professor Traxx, Harrison Crump, Johnny Fiasco and Felix himselfthis is whatto ask for at your local vinyl emporium.

Alternatively, you could enter our easy competition and save yourself the bother. That's over 20 singles! SEVEN runners-up will get the albums and a hat. Buddy Guy Hold That Plane closing date is Friday, March 8.

Please mark your entries "Tribal UK Competition". Or perhaps a little collection of gigantic tunes to getyou hugging your dancefloor neighbour like an over-friendly Honey Monster? Touche are the small but perfectly formed and pastel-coloured Dutch label which have fused the sounds of way-out acid with cosmic intergalactic housiness. More potent than Amsterdam skunk and smoother than a titanium windmill.

Touche by the hand of God, you might say. This year's hottest footwear is made by V A N S, the creators of fine American skate shoes for 30 years. In a few weeks, you see, Vans are launching their new collection. Inspired by and designed for their core audience of skateboarders, BMX riders and snowboarders, they're so dandy that even if you run a mile from all of these fandangling sports contraptions, you can still impress your mates and make loads of new friends when you stick on these shoes.

They're so hotthatyou can't even get them in Britain until April, so you are guaranteed to be wearing them long before anyone else in the country. To win, simply tell us which of the following is not a well-known ski resort?

Please note that these shoes are only available in UK sizes 1. The closing date is Friday, — 1 — March 8. Listen to the world according toMarkandDego "I don't know," says Dego, breaking into one of his trademark cackles.

He's the man. But I guess there is an air of mystery about Reinforeed because, for a long time, there were people involved in breakbeat who didn't know anything about us.

I mean, we're not out there schmoozing with the rest of them. A guy will make one track which Jack Master Basement Trax VolI an edge to it and everyone will know who he is in three weeks. Whereas we hold it down, we make our records and it's done. Alongside them at the mixing desk was their friend, Goldie. But they weren't making music. Not as such. They were "processing data", twisting and morphing the sounds stored in their machines until t hey had some strange new noises which might come in handy at some point in the future.

Nobody in the post-hardcore era has pushed the Jack Master Basement Trax VolI as far, or as fast, as they have. Everyone from Bukem and Fabio to Groovcriderand Randall owes them a debt.

Yel they remain shadowy Balmorhea Tour EP, two intense young men concealed behind evocatively elusive names like 4 Hero,Tck 9, Jacob's Optical Stairway, Manix and Tom ft Jerry. They confuse matters even further by slipping out of their breakbeat skins to produce sleek, jazzy techno records as Nu Era, as well as compiling impeccable collections of the deepest Detroit grooves under the title of "A Deeper Shade Of Techno".

Such creative hyperactivity demands total devotion to the task. Not hing is as important to these guys as developing their music. It suggests a willingness to move way beyond the norm, to Jack Master Basement Trax VolI the output of their acquired technology into new and diverse forms.

Their latest monicker suggests a giant ladder ascending to the heavens, a vantage point which offers a panoramic view of our small backwater in the infinitely expanding universe.

This galactic vision should come as no greatsurprise to those familiar Johnny Pate Shaft In Africa their previous work. Mark and Dego have long been fascinated by the complexities of the cosmos.

Their "Parallel Universe" album looked to the science fictional possibilities of other worlds, black holes and glitches in time. Like the futurist perspective of Mad Mike Banks at Underground Resistance with his dreams of a Red Planet and subaquaticDrexciyan life-formstheir emphasis is on alternatives to today's corrupt, polluted and over-crowded world.

The difference with the Jacob's Optical Stairway album is that it forms a reflection on history. Augustine Mayuga Gonzales Undertale On Piano the Earth's history, but that of an imaginary planet where the cyclical Jack Master Basement Trax VolI of time has left merely traces of long-forgotten civilisations.

The album is telling the stories of those different layers. We are not going forward, we're not looking for another world like we were on 'Parallel Universe'. The sudden descent into subsonic voids, the spiralling fizz of breaks collapsing on themselves, the icy strings and phasers-on-stun echo FXare all Mark and Dego trademarks.

The strange names and the theories come later. It's the progression in sound which forms the basis of their art. You would have to search long and hard to discover such devotion to modernisation and transformation elsewhere in the breakbeat arena, Goldie and A Guy Called Gerald being the obvious exceptions. ALTHOUGH the likes of Alex Reece and Neil Trix might be using the melodic elements of jazz to spice up their compositions, the spirit of improvisation and innovation which marked out Miles Davis or John Coltrane Bo Diddley Big Bad Bo being fostered most effectively at this tiny sound laboratory in north London.

Available items should ship to you within the time-frame indicated. Downloads and Gift Vouchers do not count towards free shipping. Stock arrives at the office throughout the day so the stock status of items on the website can change several times a day. We pack all of our orders using appropriate packaging, however when you pick this option we use a wider cruciform offering additional protection if you have a particularly heavy-handed postman.

Royal Mail sets limits on the weight of packages, so if the order becomes too heavy to ship in one package the order will be split into two or more packages. This comprises a flat box fee for UK and some European countriesand a sliding scale based Jack Master Basement Trax VolI weight for other countries. Parcelforce is a Monday - Friday service. Parcelforce can only ship to PO boxes in certain countries, details can be found once you have made your country selection at checkout.

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If pre-orders share Jack Master Basement Trax VolI same release date then they can be ordered and shipped together. However pre-order release dates are liable to change, if you have ordered Jack Master Basement Trax VolI pre-orders with the same date to ship together and then one release date gets pushed back, we will ship the available pre-order straight away and the second pre-order as soon as it becomes available with no extra shipping Mystic M Feeling Happy. If you choose to ship your order across more than one package you can select the Royal Mail service for one package and Parcelforce courier for the other.

If an order does not arrive, we can issue a replacement package.


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