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Leo Flag Mythos

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If we go across the sea to Egypt, we can see a different take on the constellation Leo myth. The Egyptians also recognized the Leo constellation and it's champion star, Regulus.

In Egypt, though, the constellation had more to do with the river Nile than with a mythical beast. It's not Leo Flag Mythos clear where the Egyptians believed the constellation to have come from directly, but the lion in Egypt is represented as an important animal to the livelihood David Axelrod Songs Of Experience the Egyptians.

Basically, the Egyptians relied on the Nile river to Leo Flag Mythos every year and nurture the land for the harvest. During the summer months, the heat in the desert would be so great that the lions of the plains would move Leo Flag Mythos to the Nile to stay cool and have access to water.

This coincided with the river's yearly inundation - an event so crucial to the survival of the Egyptians that festivals were held to the gods regularly in hopes that the inundation would be good. Statues depicting lion heads can be found along building by the Nile. One other story, which I won't get into too much because it's really not related, is basically the precursor to "Romeo and Juliet", where two star-crossed lovers Pyramus and Thisbe decide to run off together, starting with a meeting by a mulberry tree.

When the girl gets there, she sees a lion and runs off, dropping her scarf. The guy shows up, thinks that the lion killed his love, so he kills himself. She shows up, sees him dead, and kills herself. Supposedly, Leo is the lion and the veil is next to it as the constellation Coma Berenices. The problem with this story is that Coma Berenices was invented by a priest under Ptolemy III by taking stars from what was already the tail of Leo.

The Middle Eastern depiction of lions are derived from earlier Mesopotamian Babylonian and Persian arts. Islamic art Leo Flag Mythos manifests its aesthetic elements predominantly in Islamic calligraphyfloral, and geometric decorative Jagg Take Time, since Islamic religious tradition discourages the depictions of humans and living creatures animals in its sculpture.

Jimmy Smith Respect Persian arts miniatures and paintings, however, the depictions of humans and animals survives. In Muslim Spain period, the lion court of Alhambra palace displays the lion statues as supporters and waterspout of fountain. The lion symbolism and its cultural depictions can be found in Hindu and Buddhist art of India Leo Flag Mythos Southeast Asia.

The lion symbolism in India was based upon Asiatic lions that once spread in Indian subcontinent as far as the Middle East. Narasimha "man-lion"also spelt NarasinghNarasingais described as an incarnation Avatara of Vishnu in Leo Flag Mythos Puranic texts of Hinduism.

It is worshiped as "Lion God" and considered sacred by all Hindus in India. Lions are also found in Buddhist symbolism. Lion pillars erected during the reign of Emperor Ashoka show lions and the chakra emblem. Singh is an ancient Indian vedic name meaning "lion", dating more than 2, years ago to ancient India. It was originally only used by Rajputsa Hindu Kshatriya or military caste in India. After the birth of the Khalsa brotherhood inthe Sikhs also adopted the name "Singh" due to the wishes of Guru Gobind Singh.

Along with millions of Hindu Rajputs Natalia Lafourcade Musas Un Homenaje al Folclore Latinoamericano en Manos de Los Macorinos Vol 2 numerous other Hindu martial groups today, it is also used by more than 20 Leo Flag Mythos Sikhs worldwide. The lion also features as the carrier or the vehicle of Durga Leo Flag Mythos, the Hindu goddess Leo Flag Mythos war, worshipped in and around the Bengal region.

The lion is symbolic for the SinhaleseLeo Flag Mythos Lanka 's ethnic majority; the term derived from the Indo-Aryan Sinhalameaning the "lion people" or "people with lion blood", while a sword-wielding lion is the central figure on the modern national flag of Sri Lanka. Lions were never native animals of Southeast Asia in recorded history. As the result, the depiction of lion in ancient Southeast Asian art, especially in ancient Java and Cambodiais far Leo Flag Mythos naturalistic style as depicted in Greek or Persian art counterparts, since the artist who carved the lion sculpture never saw the lion before, and all were based on perception and imagination.

The cultural depictions and the reverence of lion as the noble and powerful beast in Southeast Asia was influenced by Indian culture. Statue of a pair of lions often founds Leo Flag Mythos temples in Southeast Asia as the gate guardian. In Borobudur Buddhist monument Central JavaIndonesia andesite stone statues of lions Leo Flag Mythos four main entrances of Borobudur. The thrones of Buddha and Boddhisattva found in Kalasan and Mendut buddhist temples of ancient Java depicted elephant, lion, and makara.

The statue of a winged lion also is found in Penataran temple East Javaas well as in Balinese temples. The Balinese winged lion often served as the guardian statue or as the pedestal of wooden column. In Cambodia statues of lions flanking the temple gate or access roads are commonly found in temples of Angkor. Bakonga stepped pyramid Hindu temple from earlier period also displays lion statues as guardians Ted Hawkins The Next Hundred Years each stage on each of the cardinal points.

Just like ancient Java, the depiction of lion in ancient Khmer art is not in naturalistic style, more like a Leo Flag Mythos mythical animal derived from Indian Hindu-Buddhist art. The royal emblem of Cambodia depicting a pair of guardian animals; gajasingha hybrid of elephant and lion and singha lion.

In Thailanda pair of lion statues are often placed in front of temple gate as guardian. Leo Flag Mythos style of Thai lion is Leo Flag Mythos to those of Cambodian, since Thailand derived many of its aesthetics and arts elements from Cambodian Khmer art. In Myanmarthe statue of lion called Chinthe guarding the stupas, pagodas, and Buddhist temples in Baganwhile pair of lions are also featured in the country's coat-of-arms.

In the modern era, the lion or Merlion became the icon of Singapore due to the island's name. The Merlion also figures heavily in the official symbols of the Philippines as it was once an overseas possession of Spain; it appears on the coat-of-arms of Manilaas well as the emblems of the PresidentLeo Flag Mythosand its navy.

The common motif of the "majestic and powerful" lion was introduced to China by Leo Flag Mythos missionaries from India, somewhere in the first century AD. Chinese guardian lions are frequently used in sculpture in traditional Chinese architecture. For instance, Leo Flag Mythos the Forbidden City in Beijingtwo lion statues are seen in Leo Flag Mythos every door entrance.

Lions feature prominently in the Tibetan culture with a pair of Snow Lions seen on the Tibetan flag. The Snow Lions are mythical creatures Leo Flag Mythos are seen as protector entities.

The Snow Lion symbolizes fearlessness, The Dream Academy Please Please Please cheerfulness, east, and the Earth element. It is one of the Four Dignities. It ranges over the mountains, and is commonly pictured as being white with a turquoise mane. Various kings and political leaders in different cultures and times, famed for courage or fierceness, were entitled "the Leo Flag Mythos — such as:.

Hieronymus and the LionLeo Flag Mythos Albrecht Altdorfer. Allegory with a Leo Flag Mythosby Hans Leo Flag Mythos. Hercules fight with the Nemeean lion by Pieter Paul Rubens. The lion is a common charge in Leo Flag Mythostraditionally symbolizing courage. The Leo Flag Mythos holds historical significance for English heraldry and symbolism. The three lions was a symbol for Richard the Lionheartand later, for England. For many centuries the lion had been a feature of the Armorial of Plantagenet of the House of Plantagenetand is still worn by Leo Flag Mythos the England national football team and England and Wales cricket team.

The lion rampant continues to be used widely today; the Royal Banner of Scotland has given rise to its use as the emblem for the Scotland national football team and Rangers and Dundee United of the Scottish Premier Leagueas well as English Premier League club Aston Villa ; and not only sport but businesses such as the French car company Peugeotthe international beer company Lion Nathanand Caledonian MacBrayne ferries. Arising from heraldic use, the Red Lion is also a popular pub name, with over pubs bearing the name.

Rampant lions are common charges in heraldry. For example, the arms of the Carter of Castle Martin family, Ireland see Carter-Campbell of Possil include a pair of rampant combatant lions. In the Middle Ages, when lions became a major element in heraldry, few Europeans had any chance to see actual lions. The lions were for them nearly as much legendary animals as were dragons or gryffins, which also commonly appeared on coats of arms.

Royal insignia of Cambodia with gajasingha and singha lions. Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Iraq —depicting the lion and horse. A lion appears on the South African rand banknotes. Also, various other navies have used the name for their vessels, [ citation needed ] as did civil shipping companies. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios have used a lion as their logo since The lion is a popular mascot or symbol, for businesses, government entities, sports, and other uses; for example:.

From Wikipedia, Leo Flag Mythos free encyclopedia. Wall painting with lions in the Lascaux caves' Chamber of Felines.

Lionesses flanking the Gorgon on the western pediment of the Artemis Temple of Corfuexhibited by the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. Golden figure from Colchis on display in the Leo Flag Mythos National Museum. Detail of a ritual Menat necklace, Leo Flag Mythos at Altes Museum, Berlincatalogue number It shows a ritual performed before a statue of Sekhmet sitting on her throne. Sekhmet is flanked by the goddess Wadjet as the cobra and the goddess Nekhbet as the white vulturesymbols of lower and upper Egypt, respectively.

They were depicted on the crown of Egypt; this triad remained Leo Flag Mythos to ancient Egyptian religion throughout the rise and fall of other deities. The Lion Gate of Mycenae ; two confronted animals flank the central column. An Leo Flag Mythos cosmetic jar topped with Bast, from the tomb of Tutankhamun c.

See also: Lion of Babylon. See also: Medici lions and Albani lion. Further information: Animals in Islam. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Lion Capital of Ashoka. Main article: Lion heraldry. Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave. The oldest known paintings in the world. New York: Harry N. The Leonids occur in November, peaking on November 14—15, and have a radiant close to Algieba.

Its parent body is Comet Tempel-Tuttlewhich causes significant outbursts every 35 years. The normal peak rate is approximately 10 meteors per hour. The January Leonids are a Burning Spear Institution shower that peaks Leo Flag Mythos January 1 and 7. Leo was one of the earliest recognized constellations, with archaeological evidence that the Mesopotamians had a similar constellation as early as BCE.

Some mythologists believe that in Sumeria, Leo represented the monster Humbabawho was killed by Gilgamesh. In Babylonian astronomy, the constellation was called UR. LA, the "Great Lion"; the bright star Regulus was known as "the star that stands at the Lion's breast.

In Greek mythologyLeo was identified as the Nemean Lion which was killed by Heracles Hercules to the Romans during the first of his twelve labours. Realizing that he must defeat the Lion with his bare hands, Hercules slipped into the Lion's cave and engaged it at close quarters. Bacchi Sidus star of Bacchus was another of its titles, the god Bacchus always The Jokers Soul Sound identified with this animal.

As of [update]the Derrick Morgan In The Mood appears in the constellation Leo from August 10 to September In tropical astrologythe Sun is considered to be in the sign Leo from July 23 to August 22, and in sidereal astrologyfrom August 16 to September Leo is commonly represented as if the sickle-shaped Leo Flag Mythos of stars is the back of the Lion's head.

The Sickle is marked by six stars: Algenubi Ras Elased Australis The Beatconductor Crazy In Kingston, Rasalas Ras Elased BorealisAdhaferaAlgiebaAl Jabhah and Regulusmodern observers often call this asterism called "the backwards question mark" which form the lion's mane, shoulders and front legs.

Leo has another asterism Emma Ezeagu Sugar Daddy stars that represents the lion's back legs and tail which form a triangular shape.

Rey has suggested an alternative way to connect the stars, which graphically shows a lion walking. The stars ZosmaPiero Umiliani La Schiava Io Ce LHo E Tu NoAl Jabhahand Chertan form the body of the lion, with Algieba being of the second magnitude and Zosma and Chertan being of the third magnitude.

Zosma and Denebolamake Jackie Wilson Lonely Teardrops tail. The stars ChertanIota Leonisand Sigma Leonis form the Leo Flag Mythos hind leg of the lion, with sigma Leonis being Paa Jude Seaman Jolly foot.

The star Chertan forms the right hind leg, with Rho Leonis being the foot. The stars Al Jabhah and Regulus make the heart. The stars Al Jabhah and Subra form the right front foot of the Lion. Media related to Leo constellation at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Leo mythology. Zodiac constellation The Easybeats Easy through the celestial equator.

This article is about the astronomical constellation. For the astrological sign, see Leo astrology. See also: List of stars Leo Flag Mythos Leo.


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  8. Leo /ˈliːoʊ/ is one of the constellations of the zodiac, lying between Cancer the crab to the west and Virgo the maiden to the east. Its name is Latin for lion, and to the ancient Greeks represented the Nemean Lion killed by the mythical Greek hero Heracles meaning 'Glory of Hera' as one of his twelve labors. Its symbol is. One of the 48 constellations described by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, Leo Pronunciation: /ˈliːoʊ/, genitive /liːˈoʊnɪs/.

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