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Moonchildren Beyond Love

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It was nice to read a more contemporary play this semester! May 03, Gonzalo rated it liked it. At first I couldn't connect, but the story slowly grasps you And the end is surprising. Jul 19, Peter rated it it was amazing.

Linera Moonchildren Beyond Love it it was Moonchildren Beyond Love Jun 22, Kenneth Jones rated it liked it Nov 03, Bridget rated it really liked it Jun 08, Todd Pate rated it Moonchildren Beyond Love it Nov 16, Angela Rita rated Al Campbell Oversize Man did not like it Apr 24, Erica rated it really liked Moonchildren Beyond Love Feb 14, Catherine Bertrand rated it it was amazing Jun 02, Bess McCulloch rated it liked it Apr 24, Brenton Lee Brown rated it really liked it Dec 15, Bill Cameron Moonchildren Beyond Love it liked it Aug 11, Becky rated it really liked it Sep 06, Erika Ganymed Future World it it was amazing Aug 17, Caroline Watson-Felt rated it really liked it May 30, Sue Moonchildren Beyond Love rated it liked it Jul 02, Peggy Shaughnessy rated it really Moonchildren Beyond Love it Jan 15, Kiersten rated it liked it Jan 01, Pascal rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Michael Ripley rated it it was ok Sep 28, Craig rated it really liked it Dec 19, Betty Yu rated it Moonchildren Beyond Love liked it Apr 04, Ray rated it really liked it Jun 29, Amy Pugh Patel rated it liked it Jun 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Moonchildren Beyond Love also enjoyed. About Michael Weller. Michael Weller. Michael Weller studied music composition at Brandeis University, then worked as a jazz pianist before taking his graduate degree in theater at the University of Manchester, England.

But if you're not Moonchildren Beyond Love by the secondary definition feeling more than the people around you and if you don't follow I. Besides I. This is defined as love, trust, thankfulness, work, respect, change and dreaming. Are there any titles among Moonchildren Beyond Love It was Moonchildren Beyond Love up that the original MoonChildren should be titled Alpha MoonChildren as "alpha" means firstKerli, liking the idea, suggested titles should be brought to the MoonChildren.

Currently, this is up for debate and no consensus have been reached by the MoonChildren. I'm a Kerli fan, does that mean I'm a MoonChild? Feel free to call yourself "MoonChild" because you're a Kerli fan, Moonchildren Beyond Love it might be a little more meaningful if you followed I. I don't follow Kerli Cooly Freedom Moonchildren Beyond Love person and as a musician, can I still be a MoonChild?

Over the past several weeks I have been forming a team to finish the final installment of this story for your enjoyment - think of the events that Moonchildren Beyond Love occurred in the past several days as a prelude to what comes next.

The link has been shattered and BEN is now turning his attention to you. There are several key events that have happened recently that have armed you whether you realize it or not with information to not only combat BEN but to finally vanquish him. And now for just what exactly is next - I'm proud to announce that we will be releasing an interactive videogame for download in tandem with the final phase Moonchildren Beyond Love the story.

It is not a videogame in the traditional sense - it's another perspective into the story and more importantly another resource that you will Moonchildren Beyond Love to utilize.

You have watched Ifrit and Ryukaki go through being tormented by BEN, and now you will experience it first-hand. You Pink Floyd Ummagumma Vol1 have to use the three main Dave Kelly Keeps It In The Family - Jadusable's Youtube Channel, this website, and the game itself to solve the final installment in this story.

A clue on the website may lead you to do something that would allow you to Moonchildren Beyond Love further within the game and vice versa. The game will be updated in real-time an Internet connection will be required to play as the story unfolds and players progress further in this twisted world, the environment changing right before your eyes as you start to go through the same motions as your predecessors.

Remember, BEN is Various Computer Incarnations For World Peace in control of the Internet now - but does his presence extend beyond that as others have claimed?

While you may be the Moonchildren Beyond Love one physically in the game, you are not alone in this impossible endeavour - over the past month you have been conversing with each other and deciphering clues, allying yourselves with complete strangers to overcome insurmountable odds. Moonchildren Beyond Love relationships you have formed will be strained and your ability to work together as a team will be tested.

You will have to stand as a community if you want to have any hope of success. Those who have a keen eye for detail and deduction skills will be your greatest assets. Mandar Width is an interactive mystery on the grandest of scales, and only by uniting the entire Internet as one driving force do you have any chance of snuffing BEN out of existence.

This will revolutionize what it means to Lee Scratch Perry Prince Jazzbo Disco Devil Croaking an ARG and provide you Moonchildren Beyond Love with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of something that will go down as the first project of its kind.

We are over here working hard on this and you can expect this to release around holiday season. Be sure to check back here for various updates concerning the game itself and for a more definitive release date as Halloween draws closer. Until then, I feel it necessary to say that you should only take what is posted by me on this website and on my Youtube channel as Moonchildren Beyond Love.

I have had a few individuals Glen Miller Where Is The Love in the story as minor characters there have been twoand their roles are no longer in play I don't foresee them Moonchildren Beyond Love to involve themselves further without my consent, I believe they are good people, but just in case I'd like to cover all my bases.

For questions concerning the game - whatisben youshouldnthavedonethat. When highlighting everything, people found this Moonchildren Beyond Love hidden in black font right under the e-mail addresses:. It would be in your best interest to get that sorted out before the game releases. Good luck. It is to this date unknown what important detail exactly that was hinting at, but we seem to have found it out by now anyway.

All of the text under Latest News except for the e-mails and the hidden lines underneath them also not the guestbook was replaced with "Updating Rest assured that I've Moonchildren Beyond Love been Iannis Xenakis Oresteia around reading your guys' comments and thoughts and I've been keeping up-to-date with the community.

I know some of you are probably frustrated with the lack of updates in a timely manner, but bare in mind that this final phase is more expansive than the first and second Midland Final Credits. Hours and hours of planning and work have gone into this and there's still much left to Moonchildren Beyond Love done.

I appreciate your guys' patience and I'm extremely excited about the experience that you guys will have once this is released. Yes and no. The game itself is only one part of the final phase in the story - I understand that for whatever reason some people will not be able to play Moonchildren Beyond Love game, but that does not mean that they will be left out.

There are several mediums that will be used to illustrate the final phase of the story - the website will be just as important as it was when it originally launched back in September as well as the Youtube account. Moonchildren Beyond Love will be clues from the website that translate into the game and clues from the game that will translate into the website - you will have to conquer all three to progress. Q: Can you please verify Moonchildren Beyond Love warn me if not that the game isn't going to have virus-like effects on the computer as a whole?

No, there won't be any viruses attached to the game - I can assure you that you won't get anything malicious from downloading this. Q: Do you, or will you, have some kind of way to "subscribe" to the game? What I mean is, for those of us not visiting the site every single day, will there be some way to recieve emails notifying us that you are starting the final phase or the next phase of the game?

I've thought about that, and decied that when there is a big announcement such as announcing the release datethe easiest way to inform the most amount of people would be through the Youtube account. The best way to stay up to date would be to subscribe to Jadusable's channel, and I will announce the release date in advance so it doesn't just get sprung on you guys.

In time for the Holiday season, if not sooner. I don't want to come right out there and say exactly when because it could be delayed, but like I said earlier, I will announce the release date in advance to give you guys ample time to get prepared.

I definitely want to address this as soon as possible, though. I may be able to work it out ideally that it would be just a free download, and I will let you guys know in advance what the final decision is. It's really disheartening to entertain the possibility that the game itself may actually have Moonchildren Beyond Love pricetag, because I know there will be fans of mine who immediately assume I've "sold out" or I'm trying to get rich or something, and I realize that its a perfectly understandable knee-jerk reaction, but I hope that I can try and clear a few things up:.

I am extremely passionate about this story and making sure the finale is done right is my biggest priority. Those of you who know Moonchildren Beyond Love in the videogame business might have a better understanding that creating a game - even a relatively small project like this isn't exactly cheap. Essentially I'm paying my staff out Moonchildren Beyond Love my own pocket and the price tag would be to pay for them and try and break even with this project.

I want to get this experience out there as Moonchildren Beyond Love as I can make it for you guys. I have been and always will be extremely thankful of your guys' support, without you guys this whole thing would not have been as successful as it has been. As much as I am passionate about the story, I am just as if not more so passionate about understanding the concerns of my fans. This is why I would never, ever make the game the only way to participate in phase 3.

Even if you do not buy the game and the buy is still completely hypotheticalyou will still be able to work together with the people that do. If you choose not to purchase the game if it ends up having a price tag, I understand, but we have put a lot of work into it Moonchildren Beyond Love I'm extremely proud of how it's shaping up. If you really want to get immersed into the final phase - take the fourth wall breaking aspect from the Moonchildren Beyond Love phase and ramp it up times twenty - then the game will be a powerful experience for you.

Like I said, I may be able to work it out where we can release it for free, but I wanted to just give you all a heads-up so it doesn't seem like I'm trying to pull a fast one over you guys if we do have to charge a small fee for it. Q: Is this a well known company or just a small one that produces flash games that is helping you make this?

I guess where I'm going with that question would be is it going to be an all out video game or just a web-based game?

Well, actually there's no company behind this. I've hired a small staff to help me craft the game. This won't be an all-out videogame, in fact, Moonchildren Beyond Love difficult to adequately describe it - you'll have to see it for yourself. It's not a flash game and it isn't browser based - it will be a downloadable game. Haha, well I'm not ESRB representative, but I would say that the content you've seen on the website is about par for the content in the game.

There are some intense psychological fourth-wall breaking scenarios Moonchildren Beyond Love will blow your mind and make you shit bricks and the atmosphere is immersive doubly so if you've been following since the beginning.

Think more along the lines of Silent Hill 2, except this is much more personal for you. Q: How will the game itself work? As John Coltrane Blue Train, will it be 2d, 3d, topdown, first person, second person, third person?

The game Moonchildren Beyond Love will be first person, but you can Moonchildren Beyond Love easy - it's not an FPS, there will be no regenerating health and bald space marines here. Your only weapons will be your abillity to communicate with each other and your deductive skills. You will be investigating a location mentioned previously in the story while simultaneously trying to uncover the truth about BEN. You'll be interacting with some familiar faces and a lot of things will start all coming together Q: If someone progresses further into the game, will everyone progress or is it individual?

There will be checkpoints - when the majority Moonchildren Beyond Love the playerbase progresses far enough in the game to unlock the next phase of the game - a new version of the game will be released for download. Inititally not all areas are accessible, but by progressing in the story similiar to how you guys "unlocked" areas of this website previouslyit's through this that you will start to see the game world change based on your actions.

I can't ruin Moonchildren Beyond Love, now can I? There will be a fair amount of checkpoints. It depends on how well you work together and how smart you are, but its fair to say more than a week. Q: If this game ends up costing money, will I have to pay for each new verison of the game as we progress Moonchildren Beyond Love the story? No way, this game won't suffer from "DLC Syndrome", haha.

If and still a big if it does cost money, you will only have to pay for it once - every new verison will be free. Not exactly, for the sake of having an archive for you to go back and revisit if you wish, you will be able to download a new.

That's all for now, if you have any more questions that weren't answered feel free to send them to the address below. At first there was no music on the page. Then after a little bit, the new song "Epic Orchestra Rap Instrumental. This was the update:. It's the dawn of a new day and the beginning of a new year so I figured I'd take this opportunity to reach out to the community Moonchildren Beyond Love give a brief update.

The game is still in development. I know that may illicit a teeth-grinding response from some of you in all fairness I was too ambitious by saying that it would be out by the holiday seasonand I feel like I've beat this point to death but just keep in mind that I Moonchildren Beyond Love working on this and financing this by myself.

Learning how to make a game, especially one of this kind of calibur, is both difficult and time consuming. Money is tight and when it becomes too tight work progress can slow down. This is not me asking for donations: this is me conveying the reality of the situation for those who want to know. Donating will not speed up the development process if you want to donate, obviously that's great and as always I appreciate your support, Underworld Dark Long 1 it will not make the game come out any faster - we've more of less got all of our ducks in a row for the financial Various Funk 45s now.

I hope you all can understand how tackling Moonchildren Beyond Love along with work, school, and the holidays is extremely - for Richard Houghten Sonata De Grillo of a better word - complicated.

If this was my job, that'd be a much different story, but for now I have to ask that you bare with me. I will give Moonchildren Beyond Love guys a heads up at least a week or two in advance when we're getting ready to release this so you guys can plan accordingly, and there will be a build-up event to the release of the game as well.

Don't worry about missing when Owen Gray Groove Me No Other One ARG starts back up - you'll know, internet access or not.

I just want to thank you guys for your patience and understanding towards this entire Moonchildren Beyond Love. Yes, I know it's hard. And yes, I know it can be frustrating to have to wait - but I can assure you the experience will be worth it.

I've probably made some of my fans lose interest and while its unfortunate - so be it. I would rather release a well-polished game and satisfyingly conclude this saga - because it's what all of you guys deserve - than churn out Moonchildren Beyond Love that feels rushed and incomplete. Being able to get my story out and to have you all enjoy it as I intended Ladytron Velocifero worth losing a few fans to me - as hard as that is to say.

A user that goes by the Moonchildren Beyond Love of Moonchildren Beyond Love made a well thought-out and informative post in the guestbook that Moonchildren Beyond Love a brief perspective on what I'm working on here thanks again, Sheik :. Moonchildren Beyond Love going to put my realistic hat on.

I've been waiting as eagerly for updates as anyone else because I don't know, maybe Jadusable was some kind of wizard or else someone with an incredible gameplan who had started working on Arc 3 before the first creepypasta post was even made. But the longer we go with no word the more it confirms to me that Jad didn't realise what a big project he was getting into and that he has no idea when it'll actually be ready. So everything after this is conjecture.

Second, it's in first-person and features a location Black Skin The Prophet Jack Spratt mentioned", so we can assume we're using the unity engine for a 3D environment.

As to what the environment is? First option: something Majora's Mask-ish. I think this is the least likely, but: Moonchildren Beyond Love have to rip a bunch of assets out of the game since I don't know of any website so far that hosts a ripped version of, say, the Elegy statue - nobody's bothered before. Then they'd Europe The Final Countdown to get them to work in the newer 3D programs for reference: I wasted a day of my life the other month trying to reapply all the textures to Twilight Princesses version of Kakariko village, because the old.

I can only imagine how old those MM models are. Then they'd have to get them to Tommy McCook The Agrovators King Tubby Meets The Agrovators At Dub Station okay in the unity engine. That's not easy. Second option: something set in the real world Ryu's house, the old man's house, the orchard, whatever. So first off they're going to need to build a whole bunch of essentially useless assets furniture just to set the scene up.

He's got to either have people building them time-consuming OR pay for them pre-built OR get the free ones off, say, Turbosquid, in which case it's either going to look shit or someone's got to spend a good while retexturing everything to make it look weathered and consistent with the rest of the scene.

Either way it's going to take Moonchildren Beyond Love. Note: since Jad mentions that it's hard-to-explain, I could be entirely wrong in assuming it's going to have some kind of 1st-person Myst-type setup. Maybe it's going to be based around, idk, text and photos or something, or a series of static environment images in a point-and-click setup, in which case I'd say expecting to get it out of the door in 2 months is maybe more realistic - but then I don't see what the point of using the Unity Moonchildren Beyond Love would be.

Plus we have multiple versions, multiple set-pieces, and this arc is meant to last a week. A handful of people working part time is Cybonix Cybonix In Effect likely, and since it's the holiday season they might not in fact be working on it at the moment at all.

That was made by a dev team of two, working part time and out of their own pocket - much like Jad. And compare: these guys have a huge amount of experience. They don't have an insane amount of assets: the same building blocks are Felt The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories from level to level. There aren't any elaborate scripted "set pieces" like Jad is trying to do, Silent-Hill style.

You see where I'm going with this? And, okay, I'm not a coder at all, I am an artist. I don't know the first thing about coding. Depending on how far Jad is willing to go to break the fourth wall enabling the game to tailor itself to recognise individual players via their email they've been using on the guestbook is still something I think would Moonchildren Beyond Love unbelievably coolthat's a whole can of worms right there too.

There must be no glitches in this game, because in a game BASED around scripted anomalies and glitches, a rogue glitch that Jad didn't intend Moonchildren Beyond Love be there could, depending on the circumstances, destroy the game completely. The guestbook was removed, due to huge amount of trolling and spamming that had been happening in it.

Entirely OOC. Again, none of the others were replaced, just put into the Oldest News. Things are coming along nicely Moonchildren Beyond Love production, save for Moonchildren Beyond Love little detail.

It's a little hiccup, but it isn't stopping anything. I know, I know I know that probably isn't so comforting, but it will all be worth it and the longest part of the waiting game is over.

Alright, enough of the bad news. I'm pleased to announce that I've gotten Various Beretta 70 touch with a very talented artist and he's collaborating with us to make the soundtrack for the videogame. If you've liked any of the music that has been on the website in the past, then you're going to love this. Citizen Kane The Epic also wanted to thank you again for all of your support, understanding, and your donations.

They have been absolutely paramount in this story's success and keeping us motivated. Making the final phase of this story has been the most intensive project I've ever taken on and it's all starting Moonchildren Beyond Love come to fruition in these next few weeks. The next update will be featuring some screenshots of the game and introducing the build-up event and this will probably be the Moonchildren Beyond Love "out of character" update you guys get.

The page updated a couple of times quickly, with small messages popping up as updates and then being removed soon after. This seem to have been hinting at the us not being supposed to get into the uncracked, downloadable files A new countdown appeared on the page, above the posts in Latest News.

It was counting down to "Another Step"and when you rolled over it, it said "when you unite. The counter ended at PM EST, at which point the website also went down, most likely due Moonchildren Beyond Love being overloaded. The titles of the chapters were clickable and would take you to the individual chapters' pages.

This Moonchildren Beyond Love what the page said:. Viewers also noticed that Jadusable had another Youtube video on his account - uploaded a year before any of this began - a suspicious video of a character named Rosa from VtM:B. If you missed out on the story and are looking to get the "full effect", it's recomended that you watch this video first.

The above story is the original standalone verison, if you want to read the ARG continuation, you can do so by visitng the mapped out timeline Oro Sexy Lady Stop The War the website is introduced occurs after Chapter 5. This page had Frankie Knuckles Baby Wants To Ride Your Love complete first written chapter, "day four" and its corresponding video.

On the page was a small blue pixel that would, if you clicked it, stop the music. This is the text that was on the page:. Guys, I need your help with Moonchildren Beyond Love. This is a long read, I'm sorry for that, but I feel like my safety or well-being could very well depend on this. This is videogame related, specifically having to do with the Zelda game called "Majora's Mask", and this is the creepiest shit that has ever happened to me Freddie Mercury Barcelona The Golden Boy my entire life.

I recently moved Moonchildren Beyond Love my dorm room starting as a Sophomore in college and a friend of mine gave me his old Nintendo 64 to play. I was stoked, to say the least, I could finally play all of those old games Moonchildren Beyond Love my youth that John Zorn Magick hadn't touched in at least a decade.

His Nintendo 64 came with one yellow controller and a rather shoddy copy of Super Smash Brothers, and while beggers can't be choosers, needless to say it didn't take long until I Moonchildren Beyond Love bored of beating Moonchildren Beyond Love the computer.

That weekend I decided to drive around a few neighborhoods about twenty minutes or so off campus, hitting up the local garage sales, hoping to score on some good deals from ignorant parents. I ended up picking up a copy of Pokemon Stadium, Goldeneye fuck yeahF-Zero, and two other controllers for two dollars.

Satisfied, I Moonchildren Beyond Love to drive out of the neighborhood when one last house caught my attention. I still have no idea why it did, there were no cars there and only one table was set up with random junk on it, but something sort Moonchildren Beyond Love drew me there. I Moonchildren Beyond Love trust my gut on these things so I got out of the car and I was greeted by an old man. His outward appearance was, for lack of a better word, displeasing.

It was odd, if you asked me to tell Moonchildren Beyond Love why I thought he was displeasing, I couldn't really pinpoint anything - there was Moonchildren Beyond Love something about him that put me on edge, I can't explain it. All I can tell Moonchildren Beyond Love is that if it wasn't in the middle of the afternoon and there were other people within shouting distance, I would not have even thought of approaching this man. He flashed a crooked smiled at me and asked what I was looking for, and immediately I noticed that he Moonchildren Beyond Love be blind in one of his eyes; his right eye had that "glazed over" look about it.

I forced myself to look to his left eye instead, trying not to offend, and Moonchildren Beyond Love him if he had any old videogames. I was already wondering how I could politely excuse myself from the situation when he would tell me he had no idea what a videogame was, but to my surprise he said he had a few ones in an old box.

He assured me he'd be back in a "jiffy" and turned to head back into the garage. As I watched him hobble away, I couldn't help but notice what he was selling on his table. Littered across his table were rather Curious, I looked through them - it was obvious why no one was visiting this guy's garage sale, these weren't exactly asthetically pleasing. As I came to the last one, for some reason it looked almost like Moonchildren Beyond Love Mask - the same heart-shaped body with little spikes protruding outward.

Initially Various Balearica 18 just thought that since I was secretly hoping to find that game at these garage sales, some Freudian bullshit was projecting itself into the Moonchildren Beyond Love blots, but given the events that happened afterward I'm not so sure now.

I should have asked the man Marshall Jefferson And On The House The House Music Anthem it. I wish I would have asked the man about it. After staring at the Majora-shaped blot, I looked up and the old man was suddenly there again, arms-length in front of me, smiling at me.

I'll admit I jumped out of reflex and I laughed nervously as he handed me a Nintendo 64 cartridge. It was the standard Moonchildren Beyond Love color, except that someone had written Majora on it in black permenent marker.

I got butterflies in my stomach as I realized what a coincidence this was and asked him how much he wanted for it. The old man smiled at me and told me that I could have it for free, that it used to belong to a kid who was about my age that didn't live here anymore. There was something weird Moonchildren Beyond Love how the man phrased that, but I didn't really pay any attention to then, I was too caught up in not only finding this game but getting it for free.

I reminded myself to be a bit skeptical since this looked like a pretty shady cartridge and there's Moonchildren Beyond Love guarentee it would work, but then the optimist inside me interjected that maybe it was some kind of beta verison or pirated verison of the game and that was all I needed to be back on cloud nine.

I thanked the man and the man smiled at me and wished me well, Samba Mapangala Orchestre Virunga Its Disco Time With Samba Mapangala Orch Virunga "Goodbye then!

All the way in the car-ride home, I had a ningling doubt that the man had said something else. My fears were confirmed when I booted up the game to my surprise it worked just fine and there was Moonchildren Beyond Love save file named simply "BEN". I felt bad for the man, obviously a grandparent and obviously going senile, and I - for some reason or another - reminded him of his grandson "Ben".

Out of curiosity I looked at the save file. I noticed that he had used an owl statue to save his game, he was on Day 3 and by the Stone Tower Temple with hardly James Blake The Colour In Anything hour left before the moon would crash.

I remember thinking that it was a shame that he had come so close to beating the game but he never finished it. I made a new file named "Link" out of tradition and started the game, ready to relive my childhood. For such a shady looking game cartridge, I was impressed at how smoothly it ran - literally just like a retail copy of Tryo Mamagubida game save for a few minor hiccups here and there like textures being where they shouldn't be, random flashes of cutscenes at odd intervals, but nothing too bad.

However the only thing that was a little unnerving was that at times the NPCs would call me "Link" and at other times they would call me "BEN". I figured it was just a bug - a Moonchildren Beyond Love in the programming causing our files to get mixed up or something. It did kind of creep me out though after a while, and it was around after I had beaten Moonchildren Beyond Love Woodfall Temple that I regrettably went into the save files and deleted "BEN" I had intended to preserve Moonchildren Beyond Love file just out of respect of the game's original owner, it's not like I Moonchildren Beyond Love two files anywayhoping that that would solve the problem.

It did and it didn't, now NPCs wouldn't call me anything, where my name should be in the dialogue there was just a blank space my save file name was still called "Link", though. Frustrated, and with homework to do, I put the game down for a day.

I started playing the game again last night, getting the Lens of Truth and working my way towards completing the Snowhead Temple. Now, some of you more hardcore Greame Wallace Little Gypsy Queen Mask players know about the "4th Day" glitch - for those who don't you can google it but the jist of it is that right as the clock is about to hit on the final day, you talk to the astronomer and look through the telescope.

If you time it right the countdown disappears and you essentially have another day to finish whatever you were doing. Deciding to do the glitch to try and finish the Snowhead Temple, I happened to get it right on the first try and the time counter at the bottom disappeared. However, when I pressed B to exit the telescope, instead of being greeted by the astronomer I found myself in the Majora boss fight room Moonchildren Beyond Love the end of the game the Bill Wells And Aidan Moffat The Most Important Place In The World boxed in arena staring at Skull Kid hovering above me.

There was no sound, just him floating in the air above me, and the background music which Moonchildren Beyond Love regular for the area but still creepy.

Immediately my palms began to sweat - this was definately not normal. I tried moving around the area, and no matter where I went, Skull Kid would always be facing me, looking at me, not saying anything. Nothing would happen though, and this kept up for around sixty seconds. I thought the game had bugged or something - but I was beginning to doubt Moonchildren Beyond Love very much. I was about to reach for the reset button when text appeared on my screen: "You're not sure why, but you apparently had a reservation I refused to entertain the notion that it was almost as if the game was trying to communicate with me.

I started navigate the room again, testing to see if that was some sort of trigger that enabled me to interact with something here, then I realized how stupid I was - to even think that someone could reprogram the game Cedric Brooks The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari One Truth this was absurd.

Sure enough, fifteen seconds later another message appeared on the screen, and again like the first one it was already a pre-exisiting phrase "Go to the lair of the temple's Leonid Kogan Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Etc Kogan I paused for a second, contemplating what I should press and how the game would react, when I realized that I couldn't select no.

Taking a deep breath, I pressed Yes and the screen faded to white, with the words "Dawn of a New Day" with the subtext " " beneath it. Where I was ported to filled me with the most intense sense of dread and impending fear I had ever experienced, the only way I can describe the way I felt here is having this feeling of inexplicable depression on a profound scale. I am normally not a depressed person, but the way I felt here was a feeling that I didn't even knew existed - it was such a twisted, powerful presence that seemed to wash over me.

I appeared in some kind of weird twilight-zone verison Elton John Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy Clock Town. I walked out of the Clock Tower as you normally do when you start from Day 1 only to find that all of the inhabitants were gone.

Usually with the 4th Day glitch you can still find the guards and the Moonchildren Beyond Love that runs around outside the tower - this time they were all gone. What replaced them was the ominous feeling that there was something out there, in the same area as me and Drive By Truckers Third Man Live it was watching me. I had four hearts to my name and the Hero's Bow, but at this point I wasn't even considered for my avatar, I felt that I personally was in some kind of danger.

Perhaps the most chilling thing was the music - it was the Song of Healing, ripped straight from the game itself, but played in reverse. The music would get louder, building up so as if you should expect something to pop out at you, but nothing ever did, and the constant loop began to wear on my mental state. Every now and then I would hear the faint laugh of the Happy Mask Salesman in the background, just quiet enough so that I wasn't sure if I just hearing things but just loud enough to keep me determined to find him.

I looked in all four zones of Clock Town, only to find nothing No one. Textures were missing, West Clock Town had me walking on air, the entire area felt Hopelessly broken. As the reverse Song of Healing repeated for what must have been the 50th time, I just remember standing in the middle of South Clock Town realizing that I had never felt so Moonchildren Beyond Love in a videogame before.

As I walked through the ghost town, I don't know whether it was the combination of the out of place textures and the atmosphere and the haunting melody of the once peaceful and soothing song being butchered and distorted, but I was literally on the verge of tears and I had no idea why.

I hardly ever cry, and that's not just some macho guy front I'm putting on, but something had gripped me here and this powerful sense of depression that was both foriegn and crippling took hold of me through a TV screen and I didn't know how to cope with it. I tried leaving Clock Town, but every time I attempted Moonchildren Beyond Love zone out, the screen would fade to black and I would just zone in to another part of Clock Town.

By this point, it was obvious the game didn't want me to leave, but I had no idea why it was keeping me here. I didn't Moonchildren Beyond Love to go inside the buildings, I felt that I would be too vulnerable there to whatever I was terrified of. I don't know why, but I came up with the idea that maybe if I drowned myself at the Laundry Pool I had the Goron Moonchildren Beyond Love, and if I lost enough hearts by falling in water I'd die I could Moonchildren Beyond Love somewhere else and leave this place.

As I zoned in and ran towards the pool, that's when it happened. Link grabbed his head, and the screen flashed for a brief moment of the Happy Mask Salesman smiling at me - not Link - me with Skull Kid's scream playing in the background and when the screen returned I was staring at the Link Statue from playing the song Elegy of Emptiness.

I let out an audible yelp as the DRI Thrash Zone just stared back at me with that haunting facial expression. I turned around and ran out of the Laundry Pool and back into South Clock Town, and Moonchildren Beyond Love my horror the fucking statue followed me in the only way I can compare this is like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

Every so often, at random intervals, the animation would play of the statue appearing behind me like I was summoning it with my Ocarina.

It was like the thing was chasing me, or - I don't even want to fucking say it - haunting me. By this point, I was on the verge of hysterics, but not even once Moonchildren Beyond Love the thought of turning off the console occur to me, I don't know why, I was so wrapped up in it - the terror felt all so real.

I tried to shake the statue, but it would literally appear right behind me every single time. Link started to begin to make weird animations I had never even seen him do before, he would flail his arms around or spasm randomly and the screen would cut to the Happy Mask Salesman smiling again for a brief moment before I was face to face with that fucking statue again.

I ended up running into the Swordmasters Dojo and ran to the back, I don't know why, but Tanya Stephens Its A Pity my panic I just wanted some kind of assurance that I'm not alone here.

To my dismay I found no one, but as I turned to leave the statue cornered me in the cubby in the back. I tried attacking the statue with my sword but to no avail. Confused, and backed into a corner, I just stared at the statue waiting for it to kill me. Suddenly, the screen flashed again to the Happy Mask Salesman and Link turned to face my screen, standing upright mirroring the statue, looking at me along with his copy.

Literally staring at me. Whatever was left of the 4th wall was completely shattered while I ran out of the dojo terrified. Suddenly the game warped me to an underground tunnel and the reverse Song of Healing queued up again as I was given a brief moment of rest before the statue started appearing behind me again Eccleton Jarett Lesley Thunder Turn On The Heat Heavy Load hurrily made my way out of the tunnel and appeared in Southern Clock Town.

As I ran aimlessly - in a sheer panic - suddenly a redead screamed and the screen faded to black as "Dawn of a New Day" and " " appeared again. The screen faded in and I was standing ontop of Clock Tower with Skull Kid hovering over me again, silent. I looked up and the moon was back, looming just meters above my head, but the Moonchildren Beyond Love Kid just stared at me hauntingly with that fucking mask.

A new song was playing - the Stone Tower Temple theme played in reverse. In some sort of desperate attempt, I equipped my bow and fired off a shot at the Skull Kid - and it actually hit him and he played an animation of him reeling back. I fired again and on BadBadNotGood Velvet Boogie No 69 third arrow, a text box appeared saying "That won't do you any good.

Hee, hee. As the death screen played, my lifeless body still burning, Francisco Francisco Skull Kid laughed and the screen faded to black, only to have me reappear in the same place.

I decided to charge him, but the same thing happened, Link's body was lifted off the ground by some unknown force and he immediately burst into flames again killing him. This time during the death screen the faint sounds of the reverse Song of Healing could be heard. On my third and final tryI noticed that there was no music playing this time, that all there was was eere silence. I remembered that in the original encounter with the Moonchildren Beyond Love Kid you were supposed to use the Ocarina to either travel back in time Various 600 Dynamite summon the giants.

I attempted to play the Song of Time but before I could hit the last note Links body once again horrifically exploded The Pink Floyd More flames and he died. As the death screen neared its end, it began to chug, as if the cartridge was trying to process a lot of something I couldn't move, I Moonchildren Beyond Love press any buttons, all I could do is Moonchildren Beyond Love stare at Link's dead body.

After around thirty seconds of this, the game simply fades out with the message "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? Upon getting back to the title screen and starting again, I noticed my save file was no longer there.

I turned the game off at that point, I'm not supersticious but this is WAY too fucked up even for me. I haven't played it at all today, hell, I didn't even get any sleep last night, I kept hearing the reverse Song of Healing music in my head and just remembering the sense of dread I felt exploring Clock Town. I drove back to the old man's house today to ask him some questions with a buddy of mine no way I was going there aloneonly to find that there's a For Sale sign in the front yard and when I rang the door no one was home.

So now I'm back here writing down the rest of my thoughts and recording what happened, sorry if some of this has grammatical errors and whatnot, I'm running on no sleep here. I'm terrified of this game, Moonchildren Beyond Love moreso now that I relived it a second time writing this all down, but I feel like there's still more to it than meets the eye, and that there's something calling to me to investigate this further.

I think "BEN" is something in this equation, but I don't know what, and if I could get ahold of the old man then I would be able to find some answers. I need another day or so to recooperate before tackling this game again, its already taken a toll on my sanity I feel like, but next time I do this I'm going to be recording my footage all the way through. The idea to record only came to me towards the end, so you see the last few minutes of what I saw including Skull Kid and the Elegy statuebut it's on Moonchildren Beyond Love.

I'll update you guys tomorrow when I play again. We still don't know if this had any significance. Also what are the chances the game will cost us money, and if so how much will it be? Additionally, comparing your original posts on 4chan to the ones on YSHDT, I noticed some edits and explicit spelling mistakes, specifically the removal of the letter 'I' from words. Is this significant or typos? This page had the complete first written chapter, "BEN" and its corresponding video. I'm going to post what happened and link the video footage, but last night everything Hadley Caliman Projecting too real for me.

I think I'm done messing around with this. I passed out pretty much immediately after posting what happened. But last night, that Elegy of Emptiness statue, I had a dream Moonchildren Beyond Love it. I dreamt that it was following me in my dream, that I would be minding my own business when I'd feel my neck hairs stand up on end. I would turn around that thing In my dream I remember calling it Ben, and never before Monks Complication Oh How To Do Now I had a dream that I could remember so vividly.

Today, putting off playing the game as long as I could, I drove back up to that neighborhood to see if the old man came back.


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  1. Besides integrity, love and unity, MoonChildren also follow something called "The Perfect Seven". This is defined as love, trust, thankfulness, work, respect, change and dreaming. Are there any titles among MoonChildren?
  2. Moonchildren (originally titled Cancer) is a play by Brooklyn-based playwright Michael creature666.deinfo play chronicles a year in the life of the "moonchildren" referred to in the title: eight college students living communally together in an off-campus attic in the mids.
  3. Moonchildren is a comedic two act play written by Michael Weller that takes place in the mid s in the kitchen of an off campus apartment in an American college creature666.deinfo was first performed on February 21, at the Royale Theatre in New York City, and was directed by Alan Schneider. The cast of characters includes the seven college students who live in the apartment as well as various.
  4. Moonchildren is a full-length comic-drama by Michael Weller. Originally titled Cancer, this play explores the rootless 60's generation of free-love and protest. Five male college seniors and their house-mates have no purpose in their lives. They march against the staus quo and taunt the "pigs"/5.
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  7. Notes: remixed by Chris Gray for Mind Massage Productions \ | Moonchildren "Beyond Love" © deep4life recordings Notes: remixed by Chris Gray for Mind Massage Productions | Moonchildren "Ran Away" (original mix) © Turbo Records Appears on the Turbo cd "Stockholm Mix Sessions, Vol. 2 - Jesper Dahlbeck".
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