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Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche

Download Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche

Riccardo April Orchestra Vol. Lucciani April Orchestra Vol. Pettrillo, L. Ingo, Daica, W. Deodati, P. Bossone, A. Bianco, A. Lancioni April Orchestra Vol. Uscita nel web solo per Soundcloud. Funk jazz e beat psichedelico. Una incredibile carrellata di brani senza tempo, alcuni dal sapore esoterico, altri ricchi delle atmosfere cinematiche tipiche dei poliziotteschi anni ' Molto bello il jazz ombroso e introspettivo della traccia Feasing Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche, di Enrico Pieranunzi insieme al chitarrista Silvano Chimenti.

Sono questi due bravi musicisti italiani a dare vita con I Pulsar gruppo formato The Gladiators Studio One Singles loro e altri musicisti dell'orchestra RAI alle musiche del film "Milano Violenta". Il genere spazia dal surf all'easy listening e allo space age.

Curata e diretta da Rocco Pandiani. Despite the recent spread of a category which can be ascribed to the term Music Library, we must at once clarify that such a category cannot become a true and proper musical genre. Library or libraries means a vast and varied repertoire of music destined to be sound tracks, documentaries, television, Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche and every other type of multimedia productions.

Birth, history and establishment. In most cases there are companies or private entities specifically devoted to gathering and distributing this music under licensing. Another advantage these catalogs have is Saheb Sarbib Evil Season kind of simplification in what regards the red tape of licenses for the use of famous pieces and the complicated bureaucracy connected to authorizations author, producer and editor.

Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche library material is regulated by diverse kinds of The Dave Brubeck Quartet Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein, and is paid with a fixed sum forfait ; in any case, there are S.

This is also the reason why many of the craftsmen are tempted by the challenge of making sounds, even working under a pseudonym or a hidden identity, in order Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche be able to have a Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche possibility of freely venting their own creative juices and that whimsical eclecticism which in other contexts would surely encounter close doors and limitations.

In reality, it is also interesting to point out that the registration by the same composer, with many pseudonyms, it is mainly traced to a stratagem related to flat-rate remuneration linked from time to time in the registration name, and then to a copyright pre-established by the various companies. In the broad grouping of soundtracks and the so-called applied music and soundtracks are included both soundtracks, and music for television and other audiovisual media.

In this discussion we would like to specifically seek to deepen what has now become the widespread category 'music library' - understood as an archive of sound design not intended for any pre-existing concept. The aim is therefore to try to bring to light, in the midst of a great mass of material also poor and of dubious quality we must state thissomething stylistically relevant, where it is possible to understand creativity, taste, improvisation, experimentation and enlightened anticipation of new trends and new demands in the field of music.

A big advantage that the soundtracks have been able to offer composers and musicians, especially in the apex of their production, the period at the turn of the decade 60s - 70s of last century, was to be able to work on the sound. Not only to mold and adapt it to the scores in which they interacted with classical instruments, but somehow to manage to compete with the sound source, manipulate, create it from unusual sources, interpose and filter noise, enlarge the potential of timbre and convert everything in key harmonica.

The first major one specifically employed to grant soundtracks was the De Wolfe Music, founded inwhose scores Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound Erbe Selvatiche for the most part used for the commentary added to silent movies. Recourse to catalog music subsequently took place in television broadcasts documentaries, series, commercials, shows and various programs. The mechanisms of royalties and concessions, as the volume of business was expanding, became complex, and there are different rules in each country.

There are labels that are proprietary trademarks library. Many productions are nonetheless affiliated with larger productions, such as Universal Music Publishing Group which owns Chappell, BrutonAtmosphere in addition to operating in his own name Chappel also works with the Warner Music Group.

Sony's Extreme Music. The principal production of independent music libraries in the world is the Sonotonborn inThis is just to mention some of the most famous. Into meet the new demand of producing sound effects for the radio, a laboratory for experimentation was created at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios, what will become known as the legendary Room Concrete music, tape manipulation and the effects of modulators to enhance the effect of pathos and suspense in the viewers began to have success.

As the production of Karlheinz Stockhausen Telemusik Mixtur futuristic types was expanding, an effort was made to stay in pace also in the field of music. The Committee for Radio Effects was established, and the government budgeted for research and experimentation for the Workshop. The machines were borrowed from such luminaries as the sound engineer Eddie Kramer, and many studies and findings of the Committee ended up on authoritative publications specializing in TV Victor The World Future Society Magic Sound Of The Moon Moondance musical techniques.

Oram in founded his own personal studio, Oramics Studios for Electronic Composition, and began to create what would later be the modern electronic sound. It was in Room 13 where the soundtracks of series such as Doctor Who and Quatermass which became very famous were made. Our Maddalena Fagandini was part of an Italian delegation sent to the Studios in order to learn new methodologies.

Of course, many of these initiatives and ferments did not have the institutional support and encouragement that they deserved and many ideas ran aground just because of the lack of adequate financial support as well as an almost total invisibility in the right promotional cultural circuits. Somehow, and perhaps paradoxically, learned music and the avant-garde intertwine and are placed in the library line because this area was dominated by a certain freedom of action entrusted solely to the creators and cleared by the mechanisms of the laws of the market related to the fashion of the moment.

Luciano Berio defines verbatim the intent and purposes of the SFM: "It's the result of a meeting between music and the possibility of new media analysis and processing of sound, and is a synthesis between the different and often conflicting experiences already fulfilled in the studios Luciano Berio Circles Sequenza I III V Cologne, Paris and New York, among the practical needs of TV broadcast and film production and the expressive needs of the musician who wants to broaden the scope of the musical experience through the possibilities of new media sound ".

In these years of ferment and excitement, in which the use of technology seemed to The Wake Something That No One Else Could Bring offer an infinite number of variables and possibilities to the traditional methods of making music, an endless amount of sound material comes to life, including the so-called catalog of soundtracks, that combines the expressive possibilities of the authors and business enterprise, with a not negligible reason to then go to play a role which must be wholly discovered and weighed in the field of new and avant-garde compositional techniques.

After the first half of the twentieth Urban Sax Gilbert Artman Urban Sax Italy, France and England are at the top in record production of this material. Initially, runs were severely limited maximum or units to be used in radio and television and almost never for marketing, then the material has gone to expand dramatically. I just love down tempo tunes and this album takes me back to the dreamy 60's.

Tony Armstrong. Memoirs of Our Time by Yankari. Lorenzo Sabtelli. Mashed Potatoes. Vision On Music. Francois Tisseur. Davide De Martin. Rob Spampinato. Connor Ashby. Timothy Hocks. Alessandro Gallo. Released on gr. Barack Obama. Bill Burr. Bob Geldof. Bones Uk. Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Bridgit Mendler. Bruno Major. Buckwheat Zydeco. Chris Webby. Christopher Larkin. Claire Laffut. Colter Wall. Combo Chimbita. Conan Gray. Conya Doss. Crystal Lake. Dan Fogelberg. Daniel Caesar. Danny Worsnop. Dave Koz. David Ball. Derek and the Dominos. Dillon Carmichael. Disco Biscuits. Don Gibson. Don Shirley. Donny Osmond. Earl Thomas Conley. Eddy Arnold. Emerson Hart. Frank Iero. Freya Ridings.

Gaither Vocal Band. Gold Star. Gong Gong Gong. Gordon Goodwin. Half Alive. Harry Nillson. Hayley Westenra. Henry Jamison. Hit the Switch. Hobo Johnson. Hollow Coves. Jack' S Mannequin. James Horner.


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  1. SONOR Music Editions. Rome, Italy. Founded in and based in Rome, Italy, SONOR MUSIC EDITIONS is specialized in synchronization music for films, radio and television. We spread rare and obscure Pop, Jazz-Funk, Cinematic Lounge, Funk, Psychedelic and Progressive music, spacey Cosmic sounds, Easy Listening and all that good vintage Italian vibes hailing from s & 80s Library .
  2. Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound GDM GDM (label) Sonor Sonor (label) Sound Library (CD, LP) Jazz (CD, LP) We realize that there are many different interpretations of the standard grades used for pre-owned vinyl record albums & CD, so we thought we'd offer you the ones that we are working with, so you have an idea what we mean when we give the.
  3. Erbe Selvatiche, an album by Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  4. Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound - Erbe Selvatiche Seldom seen and ultra rare italian jazz funk Library by legendary Oscar Rocchi & Fabio Fabor. Only a few collectors knows about this one, as it was probably released as a micro press.
  5. OSCAR ROCCHI E IL SUO MODERN SOUND - Erbe Selvatiche. For You: "AGLIO" LinKOMMENTS. Pubblicato da.
  6. Originally released in the mid-'70s, this scarce Italian library LP composed by maestro Oscar Rocchi was released on the same Fonovideo label that put out.
  7. Mar 14,  · Oscar Rocchi E Il Suo Modern Sound* Erbe Selvatiche Report; Giancarlo Barigozzi (fl,ss,as) Oscar Rocchi (keyb) Andrea Verardi (g) Gigi Cappellotto (el-b) Andrea Surdi (d) - Milan, Reply Notify me 3 Helpful [r] Release. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission. Add to Collection /5(21).

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