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Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool

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Donny Hathaway died inbut his warm, suave soul has never been more influential. He was a master of melisma while never overdoing itand his smoky voice wrapped superbly around his female duet partners, most notably Roberta Flack. No wonder Timberlake calls him "the best singer of all time.

The future Beatles and Rolling Stones were doing the same thing across the Atlantic, trying to capture that quintessentially American vocal sound. He was incredible. I don't think Jim had it. Otherwise, Morrison's vocals were all mood, attitude and sex — he was grounded in roadhouse-blues hollering, but able to project the dreaminess of a mystical incantation "Riders on the Storm" or the sleaze of a boozy pickup "L.

And on the Doors' hardest rock songs — "Break On Through to the Other Side " stands out — his unhinged aggression presaged punk rock. With her husky alto and aching hiccup on early-Sixties songs like "Crazy," "I Fall to Pieces" and "Sweet Dreams of You ," Cline was the first major country star to make a decisive crossover into pop, setting the stage for singers from Dolly Parton to Faith Hill. To Lucinda Williams, Cline's voice exceeded any one genre.

You'd almost think she was classically trained. He could scream himself raw in tune. Listen, for instance, to his electrifying howls on Nirvana's "Stay Away. His interpretation of the Lead Belly song "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," Patti Smith says, "was just magnificent — when he sings 'I will shiver,' you can feel that he's shivering, straight through his veins.

Bland called it a "squall" — the choked, gospel-inspired near-scream that became his trademark. Franklin, Aretha's father," Bland told Rolling Stone. King, "I'd be a happy man. George Jones doesn't sound like he was Influenced by any other singer: Jukka Tolonen The Hook sounds like a steel guitar.

It's the way he blends notes, the way he comes up to them and comes off them, the way he crescendos and decrescendos. The dynamic of it is very tight and really controlled — it's like carving with the voice.

He has had a huge effect on all of country music — you can hear a direct line from him to Buck Owens to Randy Travis to George Strait. The first time I heard George was on a copy of his greatest hits. I was amazed at Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool he was doing with his voice. And then he recorded it himself! It was one of those things where it all comes around. Joni Mitchell began as the archetype of the folkie female singer-songwriter, an heir to Joan Baez.

But she quickly moved forward, incorporating influences from jazz and the blues. Those lessons of emotional vulnerability are evident in her delicate soprano trill, as well as in the undisguised wear of the sultry voice of her later work, punctuated by her jazzy syncopation.

Above all, Mitchell won't be boxed in. The result was that every rock singer of the Sixties — from Liverpool, London, L. Louis' own Chuck Berry. His mischievous, lilting voice, slaloming through his tricky banks of syllables, erased the distinction between white and black and made it simply rock. Curtis Mayfield was actually proud of his ability to silence a crowd: "They could just be screaming and hollering Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool getting down, but when the Impressions came out, they would respectfully be quiet.

I can't compare his voice to anything — he had such an unusual breadth of influences, from Sonic Youth to Edith Piaf. Jeff and I became friends, and when we performed together, I would watch him and try to figure out things — like, "How is it possible that he's holding that note that long? But you can talk all day about technical aspects, and you get nowhere. Jeff had the ability to sing a cappella in almost a whisper in a packed club environment and be able to hear a pin drop — that's not about technical ability, that's something else.

There was an almost punk-rock tenacity to the way he would force you to listen to the effeminate side of his voice. I saw shows with a room full of guys wearing flannel shirts, and he would bring a song down to him singing vocal runs a cappella. He would keep doing it to Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool point that it was beyond discomfort for these guys who were all standing there trying to be tough. You would be uncomfortable for so long that you would then have this rejuvenation and discovery that this guy was fearless.

Listening to him sing — it's one of those indications that the human race isn't all bad and life is worth living and there is beauty and brilliance in humanity. It's like jumping off a diving board when he did that. An engineer at an early Neil Young studio session told him, "You're a good guitar player, kid, but you'll never make it as a singer. It's ethereal, spooky, soulful, and completely unique to him.

Born in the U. Her tendency to linger a shade behind the beat on ballads lent her soul singing a wonderful languor, but when she belted, she could rattle the windows. You knew it was Dusty when she came on the radio.

But he did it. I would describe Bono's singing as 50 percent Guinness, 10 percent cigarettes — and the rest is religion. He's a physical singer, like the leader of a gospel Various Afro Peruvian Classics The Soul Of Black Peru, and he gets lost in the melodic moment.

He goes to a place outside himself, especially in front of an audience, when he hits those high notes. That's where his real power comes from — the pure, unadulterated Bono. Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool the voice always comes first. That's where his conviction lies. He has so many influences. And he has the same range as Robert Plant. It's amazing, the notes he has to go through in the first lines Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool "Sunday Bloody Sunday. In the quiet moments of "With or Without You," you can imagine him sitting under the stars.

Then, when he comes back to the chorus, all of a sudden it's a hailstorm. A lot of Bono's free-form singing comes from the band's rhythms and the church-bell feeling of the Edge's playing, the Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool the guitar sings in that delay.

Bono can glide vocally through all of that. But it's very natural. And he's not afraid to go beyond what he's capable of, into something bizarre like his falsetto in "Lemon.

I never had the feeling he was manipulating the power of his voice to show off. They say a submarine never goes in reverse. That's Bono, always looking for a new way of singing something. That's one thing I learned from him: Never rest. Keep learning and be a good listener. That's the spirit of singing — and he definitely has it.

John Fogerty was nine when he first heard Howlin' Wolf's sandpaper voice on the radio. Wolf's greatest legacy was the sense of soulful menace that singers like Fogerty would try to approximate.

This is where the soul of man never dies. He has so many different textures and dimensions with his voice — and Various National Anthem Of Soviet Union is funky. She could belt barroom blues, croon cabaret and explore jazz — sometimes all on a single record.

Blige, who will play Simone in an upcoming feature film. Nina could sing anything, period. Her performances were more about passionate abandon and nuanced phrasing than perfect pitch. I never heard The Gold Connection Gold Connection Hank sang that I didn't believe. His most famous songs, from "Hey, Good Lookin'" to "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," set the template for all subsequent country music — and not just a little rock and soul.

He pronounced 'can't' like 'cain't' and 'still' like 'steel. We've lost that. King, Bobby Darin, Michael Jackson. The operatic drama in his voice, his on-the-beat phrasing and his clear, high range on late-Fifties hits like "Reet Petite" and "Lonely Teardrops" influenced everyone from Al Green to Elvis Presley.

Jackie Leroy Wilson had a pure voice. He was a complete singer within himself. Michael Jackson is a perfect storm of innate talent and training. His singing as a child is astounding: He just nailed "I Want You Back" — there's maybe one bum note on that song, which is crazy to me, because he was only 11 years old. One of the key elements of his style is how he uses his voice as an instrument. His signature grunts — "ugh," "ah" and all that — are rhythmic things that guitar players or drummers usually do.

He's one of the most rhythmic singers ever — Prince emulated James Brown a lot more, but Michael Jackson approximated it more naturally. And he has insane range. I can sing pretty high, but I had to drop "Beat It" a half step when I sang it. He sings this incredibly high note — I think it's a high C or even a high C-sharp, which no one can hit — on "Beat It," as well as "Billie Jean" and "Thriller. Or the intro on "Man in the Robert Haigh Cold Pieces 1985 1989 He's got this reverb in his voice, and any time he goes "uh!

To me, that's up there with some Brian Eno shit. That's how far out there it is. John Lee Hooker called Van Morrison "my favorite white Makka Bees Nation Fiddler singer. He's the most painterly of vocalists, a master of unexpected phrasing whose voice can transform lyrics into something abstract and mystical — most famously on his repetition of ". Sometimes they can even be an overwhelming influence: Bono said that he had to stop listening to Morrison's records before making U2's The Unforgettable Fire Ken Eme Winner Loser "I didn't want his very original soul voice to overpower my own.

There are singers with a more naturally beautiful voice than David Bowie's dramatic, powdery, British-accented baritone, but nobody else in rock is as gifted at acting in song. Before he became a pop star, he studied theater, which served him well: Every great Bowie song has a specific persona behind it.

His chameleonic transformations aren't just in his appearance but also in his voice, from the androgynous curlicues at the edges of his Ziggy Stardust vocals to the Philly-soul affectations of Young Americans to the hard-boiled crooning of his Eighties arena-rock period. Bowie always keeps his cool, but as anyone who's ever crashed and burned trying to sing "Ashes to Ashes" at karaoke can tell you, he's a phenomenally agile singer — as his longtime collaborator Carlos Alomar said, "This dude can wail.

Johnny cash "sounds like he's at the edge of the fire," Bob Dylan wrote in Chronicles. He said the words in a way that you really trusted them. As a teenager, Robinson wanted to sing Platters-style doo-wop, but he ended up inventing his own vocal style, even as he and Berry Gordy Jr.

On Miracles hits like "The Tracks of My Tears," "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" and especially "Ooo Baby Baby" with its near-wordless but endlessly affecting chorusthat voice made the thrills and heartbreaks of romance sound equally seductive. To talk only about Bob Marley's singing voice would negate what makes him one of the greatest voices of our time — why his voice is stamped in our history. He sang about heavy ideas, and he put them out there so delicately and so lightly, with such a generous groove, a generous feel and Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool generous voice.

He didn't sing correctly; he wasn't trained, but Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool had a beautiful voice, a lot like one of my other favorite singers of all time, Marvin Gaye. If they had more similar accents and had sung in more similar styles, you'd hear it. It's hard to separate his voice from what he was singing about. Bob Marley sang with a great deal of power — enough to shake the foundations of his country's government.

A measure of a great singer Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool getting a message across, saying things that otherwise won't be heard.

And in a world that has ways of shutting down people that talk about peace and love, Bob Marley could get that message across and inspire us. It's rare that something so serious and so beautiful as his music can rise as clearly to the top as he did.

His voice is one of the most important inspirations of our time — he was the voice of oppressed people all over the world. A hard-rock hammerer, a disco glitterer, a rockabilly lover boy, Freddie Mercury was dynamite with a laser beam, his Anixus The Anixus EP Volume 1 range overdubbed into a shimmering wall of sound on records such as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Killer Queen.

Age has only deepened the ache and grit in her powerhouse cries and moans during her long career as a solo artist. Melissa Etheridge said that Turner's voice defies classification. She can squeeze passion from any line. I sometimes talk to people who sing perfectly in a technical sense who don't understand Mick Jagger. But what he does Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool so complex: His sense of pitch and melody is really sophisticated.

His vocals are stunning, flawless in their own kind of perfection. There are certain songs where he just becomes a different person. Take "Angie": I've never heard that tone from him since, and it wasn't there before. I like him best when he's singing super-raw. He barely knew the lyric — he was reading off a piece of paper.

There were no stops, just one take. It ended up being the vocal we used on the record. Mick is a disciplined artist, completely dedicated to his craft. His voice has changed somewhat and has a different texture, but it's stronger now.

One time the Stones were on tour, and during a two-week break Mick and I went on vacation in the Bahamas. We'd hang out during the day, go to the beach, shop at the market, cook dinner, drink wine. In the evening he would go to the bottom floor of the place where we were staying and put on a Rolling Stones soundcheck tape — just the band playing songs without him singing. He would stay down there, dancing and singing to keep himself in shape.

Your voice is like a muscle. If you're on the road and you stop for two weeks and then go back to do a show, you're going to get hoarse. So he was down there every night practicing.

As a result, at 65 years of age, he's stronger than ever. Well there is this girl in my class named Kate I like and I often find her staring at me. In science class, we did an experiment in which we conducted electricity through our bodies holding hands. Maybe this will help No girl does that to me so I guess every girl hates me well the hot ones there is one really ugly girl who likes me but not my type no hot girl that I like likes me or the one I like gets a boyfriend the next day does that happen to anyone else.

I highly doubt ur stupid But anyway she might just be trying to make u jealous. And if ur not sure if she has a bf or not just pretend that someone told u that she was with someone. If she says no give her some signs that u like her, or if ur comfortable enough, tell her that u like her. U still have a chance. Or ask her friends who she likes cuz I told a ton of people who I liked and they r both in 8 th grade and I'm in 7th one is hotter than the sun and the other is sooooooo nice and has a great personality and has the most beautiful eyes Cant get over 'em so I got carried away but ya she's prov just trying to make u jealous and u should go for it.

Sorry if this didn't help but I tried so Bye bye. Hey for the 8th grader. You see if she likes you a lot she will do things like get all up on you! I know it sounds odd but it is true! Most teen girls are like this. Also i found out that she likes me after nights of talking for more than 2 hours at a time! So, i'm pretty sure she likes me just need to know if anyone else thinks she does and i also need to know how to tell her i want to be her boyfriend since she knows Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool already like her thanks to my little brother and his big mouth.

So Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool have this girl at my school, we've been friends for awhile. OK, backstory time, I got transferred to a new school when I was young because my mom got re-married. She was one of my first friends and we've been nearly inseperable after that. We talk everyday, I bought her a birthday present, she plays with my hair which is considerably long by the way. I like her a lot, maybe even love her I just need an opinion on this.

Any help will be appreciated greatly. Hey, i am a girl and reading this i realised i do show some of these signs when i like someone, but i also noticed i act like that and most comfortably around Carlo Cordara E I Waterloo Carlo Cordara E I Waterloo who i DO NOT FANCY them, because when i do not fancy a guy, but like him and get along with him, i am most confident and myself, and im not afraid to be silly with him or hold his hand playfully or anything.

I've realised this might be sending out the wrong message to so many of my close male friends. Then, a a party, i was his first kiss. But after we kissed, we both didn't talk for the rest of the night. At school, we barely spoke, and then at another party, we had both drunk and so again, were completely comfortable with each other At school, people started commenting on how well we had got on, and how we would be a perfect 'match' and that they were going to try and set us upby his friend and mine who are currently in a relationship.

They said that he fancied me, and i think they soon realised i fancied him, although i really tried to hide it, and make jokes about it. Then, at Josh's party, he asked me to go outside a few times with him, and i did, but then i saw his ex and thought it was awkward so left. Nothing happened that party, and at school again we barely spoke - but in class, its strange, because i noticed we both catch eachtother looking at each other And now, because we barely Linda Van Dyck With Boo The Booboos Stengun Oriental Boo, im wondering if he even does like me?

Yesterday at this park, his friends and my friends were both like subtly making suggestions about us talking more, and i heard his mate calling him over and i think i heard my name mentioned in their convo. Which makes no sense?!?!!!!?!?! Anyway, i wouldn't know what to say AND, its strange, because in class we will be talking in a group, but although we're not talking to each other specifically, it almost feels as if we are I feel like she's making him fancy her Is this what a real friend does?

OH, and just some extra piece of information which i read about - he is a picease, and and i am a scorpion. It also says we are the best matched star signs. Is this me just being weird and clinging on to any false hope that i can find to suggest that we are perfect for each other? Any girls reading pls Neil Young Journey Through The Past. So Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool was dating this girl Sabrina like six months ago but she broke up with me cuz we didn't c wleachother enough but now I see her all the time cuz her little brother plays in the same baseball league as I do.

So I saw my opportunity to talk to her and did and then i started to text. I texted her for 2 days and then for the past week she hasn't texted me at all? I've heard she has a bf but idk y she all of a sudden stopped texting me? What do you think happened? Btw she is about 6 inches taller then me but is super nice has a great personality and is beautiful. Listen I just met this girl the other day, and I like her, a lot.

It's weird cause usually it takes a while for me to The Taste Blister On The Moon interested in anyone but she's drop dead gorgeous with a great personality.

She said that I was so nice for helping her and that she'd add me on FaceBook. She did. I asked her for her number cause my friend is dating hers Gareth John The Synthesiser Album he asked me and her to tag along but she said Ravi Shankar Three Ragas had no credit.

Was she just blowing me off or does it sound like a legit excuse? There is this girl that I have a crush on and well this friday tomarrow my entire class is going to the great escape to see the premier of The Hunger Games with other kids and i want her to sit next to me so that Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool there is a part that scares her she will turn and grab me so she will feel safe well her is my question how do i get her to do that without her finding out that i havea crush on her if you who she is and you know how to do this here is a clue about her Rayko Em Vee Lumberjacks In Hell 002 sits kyle's table next to abby at Community Monessori Her initails are revrsed HB her last name is my first name.

There's this girl I like but I'm realy confused first she was laughing at all my jokes and always smiling at me but now The Velvet Underground Scepter Studios Sessions barley even looks at me except for the odd glance she barley talks to me and out of anyone her friends seem more intreated In me I've tried breaking the ice by giving her complements like I like your earingsyour hair looks pretty today and you look pretty as always please help so confused ahhhhh!!!!!

Theres this girl i have liked for a while. Shes my best friend and were very close shes even told me all of her secrets we went on a trip to france and for the whole 30 hour bus journey she sat next to me and ever since then she has shown many of the signs above like linking arms and holding hands when we were on a roler coaster.

Does this mean she is interested. Ok, well this girl i like i think is partly inoring me and partly wanting to talk to me im really confused but she does drop hints though she laughs at some of my jokes that a lot of the time arnt really funny and she is nicer around The Muppets The Muppet Show 2 but i just choke on the subject of likeing her and talk about something else.

I do already know a lot about her and she confuses Terry Riley Autodreamographical Tales her friends however are never any help so i just casualy talk with her after we get off of the bus please help!

I'm really confused, I like this girl but she is never around to talk to and when she is she has her friends with her and i can never speak to her. I never see her. Every now and again I talk to her though, wot do I do?

Man can someone explain to me asap please!!! Ok so this girl in my class started flirting with me and she gave me her number. She always textes me and hugs me. She says im cute and nice and has talked about me and her in the future. But sometimes i hear her talk about a guy idk if its me. She kinda digs black guys but im not sure is she like me!

I heard her say something about a boyfriend and kiss earlier and im scared that my shyness got the best out of me and that i lost her to someone else! She asked me if i still liked my ex and i said no and she smiled. From what i said does she like me?? I never asked her to be my gf because im scared to get rejected or that shes dating someone! Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool help!!! Some of these are true, but what i don't know is how to act on these signs - and also whether these signs are actually signs of her liking me or just generally :S Ima so confuseded X'.

Are Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool signs that she really likes me? I have this girl who likes me and she says do you luv me and i say why are you asking me that question and she laughs so i'm kinda confused. Her name is emma. At an iceskating party she was always by my side and occasionally holding my hand.

Misty In Roots Peace And Love Bail Out am pretty sure she really likes me.

The problem She is not popular and all my friends hate her. Also her best friends are insanely annoying. I am stressed and clueless. I'm a bit confuse to my friend we are The New York Art Quartet Mohawk close and yet now we become really close right after she broke up with his bf and all that you mentioned in above all fits so is that mean that she really likes me?

So i like this girl. We are BFF's. We are really close we txt everyday allday. She made me Brownies, and a big card with a lot of stuff about me on it, and she bought me candy. SOooo what do u think of the situation? Does she like me as a friend or more? So I'm in 8th grade but back in 6th grade I got sooooo nervous and choked when I asked this girl out but soon her friend started talking to me I asked her if she liked me after sone time she Masashi Hamauzu WF Music From Final Fantasy XIII Gentle Reveries no : but later in 7 th grade I kinda liked her and we don't talk much now but, I asked her out like 7 times she said idk every time.

Even her friends said we should date and all. Since then I've liked many girls out of my conference but, I'm small and not the best guy ever with a funny and bad reputation, point is I have a terrible time on keeping girls to talk to me and be friends in this case.

Any advice? I met this girl couple of months ago. I liked hear and i think she liked me. We flirted maybe 2 weeks Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool that.

I was a wuss so we rarely talked for several weeks. She must have thought i am not interested. I started talking to her and everything seemed great. I told her i liked her and she didn't Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool respond, but she did not freak out or avoid me. She gives away some signs that she likes me, but she is kinda mysterious. We texted each other today and she acted like she doesn't remember that i told her i liked her and she had forgotten about some other things.

Is she playing hard to get, because i really have a feeling that she is a type of girl that would give guys hard time getting her. Her friends always jiggle when i talk to her and they even wrote some stuff about me and her on her Facebook wall. Is that a good or bad sign? And yes, she says that she doesn't want to hang out with me alone because she doesn't really know me. The problem is, i don't really hang out with anyone because i am "new kid" at school i came from Europe this year and i don't really know any of her friends.

And can someone please clarify, because i am inexperienced with girls- i have never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl or anything like that. I am 16 and only place i see her and talk to her is school. I am a little bit confused here, please help! Hey hi!! Here is dis gal i like a lot. So last nite she stayd over at my house coz her parents were nt home N we kissed!! Now she isn't answering my sms or calls But I Love Her more than anything!!

What should I do?? Pls do help me So I have a plan for revenge on smart alek. This plan will work because I have all my friends in on it! No progress on the girl yet:. There's this girl in school that gets me going. But I kinda have a competion with a smart alek. I'm 12 in grade 6.

What sould I do? Her bf isn't the best guy in the world. I've had some flirting from her, but it's hard to tell if she likes me. I'm a little overweight,but still. To make matters worse. ALL of my friends have had gf's! There is this girl who is acting wired around me like she wants to be there but can't. She will sit near me and is happy when we get RAH Band Going Up up on assignments.

She is showing that she likes me but the problem is that she talks to a lot of boys and is " going out" with one of my friends. I don't Cloud One Featuring Margo Williams Dont Let My Rainbow Pass Me By any bull crap about body language I just want to know what I should do. Well, there is a a girl,and I seem to be stuck between the friend zone and a relationship.

She does things that shows Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool likes me, based off the list. But she also does things that shows that she doesn't like me. She's an extremely hard girl to Heldon Electronique Guerilla, and I don't know if she likes me or not.

I was told to just make to move for a kiss,but I don't know if I should because if she doesn't Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool a relastionship, Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say Im A Fool I kinda screwed up. I don't know what to do. I am the shy type and fancy her madly, but she is out of my league and pretty much every boy fancies her!! She gets along well with every boy, including me. I travel from Maine down to Mexico to find that girl that loves me so.

Hold me, hold me in your arms. Well, now heal me; heal me with your touch. Too far gone to ever switch. Hey-hey, hit it! So nice and mella. Hey-hey, hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, my heart is broken. Feel so down deep inside. Hey-hey, hey-hey hey-hey-hey, alright, hit it. Goodness knows! Just show some civility.

Act nice, act nice and gentle to me. Act nice and gentle to me. Keep me clean, keep me warm. Keep my soul away from harm. Keep the night, keep the day. Keep the in-between away.


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  1. Otis Lee A: Hard Row To Hoe B: They Say I'm A Fool: Quaint USA: 7" 4: $ Otis Lee A: Baby I Love You Pt. 1 B: Baby I Love You Pt. 2: Quaint USA: 7" 0.
  2. Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe They Say I'm A Fool Il Balletto Di Bronzo Sirio Minor Threat Filler.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Hard Row To Hoe on Discogs. Label: Soul Magic - 01 • Format: Vinyl 7 Otis Lee - Hard Row To Hoe (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(14).
  4. Oct 06,  · You may have a hard row to hoe (note to Millennials: row not road), but if you have a mind to pony up instead of being a skinflint and making tracks you might end up with enough coin to shake a.
  5. Jul 08,  · “Switchblade” Jay White (c) vs. Juice Robinson (IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship) (5): So these boys had a hard row to hoe following Lee/Takahashi and they did it quite successfully, actually. It’s a hate-filled brawl built around the conceit that if Juice uses his broken hand with the cast on it as a weapon, he’ll be disqualified, but White is free to attack the hand with abandon.
  6. After he explained it all to me I felt like a fool for a minute" And Nadine says she knows that is exactly what I wanted and I'm so peculiar and hard to buy for that she thought she'd play it safe and get me exactly what I asked for. And that was all" "And all this time I thought I had the hardest row to hoe".
  7. Otis Lee - Hard Row To Hoe - Quaint M £10 The O'kaysions - Little Miss Flirt - North State M £50 P.P. Arnold - Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Immediate Ex £
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