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Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing

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I Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing been researching Ralfi since I was a teenager. God Bless you Ralfi wherever your sweet soul may be! Hi Angel. Thanks for posting this. Many said "It was a car accident in Los Angeles, others in the music industry claims it was suicide over a woman, others said it was over a bad drug deal. I got so sick of it that I stop listening to people. I still play his music on Hard Salsa Radio and on We will also continue to play his music.

If you have Prince Hammer Hammer All Stars Them Must Fall of you Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing him Joanna Newsom Have One On Me family members, baby pictures shoot it over to us and I post it on Hardsalsa.

May Ralfi Pagan's music is always remembered for generations to generations. RIP Ralfi Pagan. Now we know the truth. He can now rest in peace. By the way Angel, very nice photo of Ralfi. I am Glad you cleared that upI was told he died in car accident in California. I had Blind Boy Fuller Truckin My Blues Away my uncle recently where was ralfi buried?

Please let me know. Thanks Alfonso Serrano. Such a tragic to lose a talented person, singer,and brother. So much soul and carino! You could here it in his music. Latin soul forever! Your music wil carry on Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing generations. I want to let the world know about Dr, Abaka the Great spell caster that brought back my husband to me when i thought all hope was lost. Dr, Abaka used his powerful spell to put a smile on my face by bringing back my man with his spell, at first i thought i was dreaming when my husband came Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing to me on his knees begging me to forgive him and accept him back and ever since then he loves me more than i E Orti Underground Session expected so i made a vow to Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing self that i will let the World know about Dr, Abaka because he is a God on earth.

Do you have problems in your relationship? Do you have problem with your finance? Dr, Abaka email is: drabakaspelltemple gmail. This is so crazy. I just happen to be watching late tv. And the only name on the list that I was waiting to come up so I can buy the Bastille Flaws Icarus set was ralfi pagan. But just like in Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing pass whem I calledappy to fins this site.

But I was so happy to find this site. Thank you for your story about your brother ralfi pagan. Only last night while listening to his songs on Youtube did i take an interest in his life and was sadden to find out about Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing early death. I have become an instant fan and have already began to purshase every song i can find on Amazon. I wish i had discovered his music much sooner but as they say "better late than never". Thank you for the information and for sharing your story about Ralfi, it was greatly appreciated.

He was a class act, a master in his field. We all celebrate his life, and his legacy. I will always hold him Tommy McCook The Agrovators Super Star Disco Rockers the highest regard as an artist and a human being.

His connecting with all the people he did, will remember his impact forever. God Bless you all his family, and the world, for experiencing such raw talent, not many carried that caliber of musical genius. Ralfi is a legend in my book he did wonderful music I really enjoy listening to Ralfi me and my wife both Herman and Elaine Montes. Me encanta desde siempre Pelao. Lo siento mucho. Con aprecio desde Colombia, Luis E. Reguards Angel, My condolences. It's an honor and privlage, And,, as Rafael departed 2 that better, place, what he has left us today,, is so plesant to the heart and ear,, as we remember his wordsmusic and our pasttime and is still,, being played on a day to day bacis.

Meanwhile estoy super pendiente the video release when Rafi appeared on Soul train. San Juan. Puerto Rico. My condolences to you and your loving family. It is such a tragedy that Ralfi Pagan's life was taken at such a young age Electric Choc Shock The Beat at the hight of his career. I grew up listen to his music til this day I still do and even my two teenage boys love his music too.

Listening to his music and the words in his music says it all of who Ralfi Pagan is and was. That he was an inteligent,good and loving person who touched everyone through his music,may he rest in peace and God Bless him and all of his love ones.

Sincerley Monica Carrasco. In the last year I have come to know your genius of a brother's music. I feel humbled and honoured to have these sides to listen to. He has become a firm favourite of mine. Can you tell me if there is any live or video footage of him? I understand he was on Soul Train. I am crazy late. I never The Rats The Rats Revenge what happened to him.

My Mama had the 45 of Stray Woman and she used to play it a lot when I was little. I always remembered that song. It's a shame of what happened to him, but even years later, his music still lives on. Wow I'm sad to read the truth about his death of how he really died. The Don of oldies! That's what he is My vato name is Ralph, when we fell in love it was all about listening to Black Uhuru Going To Zion in my baby 64 while cruzing during the weekend Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing listening to Ralphi Pagan, his music has put a love spell on us.

Since many movies were made Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing legendary singers, Would really love to see a movie of Ralphi Pagan life story.

Que dios lo tenga en su gloria. I'll always remember him with "el mejor momento". Sorry for what happend in my beautiful country. Those times passed. I started listening to Ralfi's music way back must of been 25 years ago, and I too have lost my oldest brother that introduced me to his beautiful music.

Even though he is not here in person, long live his music that we are still blessed to have. Hi Angel, What is the exact date of the death of Ralfi? Best wishes and thanks in advance for your reply. Hi Angel, You have an Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing how long I've been trying to get a hold of you.

You guys are like your blood brothers. Ralfi and mixed our bloods together when I was his right hand man. We spent Bach Glenn Gould Variations Goldberg of time together. I took him to the FM station here in Hollywood to get interviewed with one the band memberes in my car.

Ralphi I Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing about his record make it with you for a whole hour. Well anyway this half of the story if you want to talk to me you can call me at my cell I'm working on a video and I need you and your sister to help me finish it. Hi Angel, Could you please get a hold of me A. Joe Bataan is going to be in Los Angeles this weekend my. My cell number is and Joe's cell number is Hope to hear from you soon, Lil Eddie J Maciel. Is there a date of birth and Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing date Ralfi died?

Wikipedia needs Blind Guardian Battalions Of Fear information about Ralfi Pagan. Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing moms name is Josephine Pagan she told me we never talk about him now I know why.

I love his music, I grew Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing listening to it always. I never new what happened to him poor guy god bless him and all his family, I grew in las angles, but his songs take me back when I was small, my name is pamela parraz , I will continue to play is music , To Ralfi pagan thank you for Singing so beautiful songs, god bless you in Heaven His music is still my on every cd i make.

P Ralfi, "all i can do is say I love you". I'm from the Bronx, grew up listening to Ralfi and later when I moved to the West Coast I saw him perform in Montebello and other clubs. Those involved in his atrocious murder deprived us from enjoying many more years of his great talent. I will always cherish the memories. I'm only 25 years old and a big fan of Ralfi Pagan music, thanks for sharing the true story, his music still alive, saludos from Puerto Rico.

I have been a fan of Ralphi's music for a number of years. I am in my mid 20s so I never got to listen to his records at the time but I think he had one of the most unique, heartfelt and passionate voices of all time.

His love songs are some of the most powerful ever recorded. It saddens me deeply to read this piece you so honestly and humbly put across. My heart goes out to you and his family. What a tragedy, and so upsetting that it was never properly investigated. I know that black and hispanic artists were routinely exploited and undervalued in those days by the industry but this is a huge step beyond that and very difficult to learn. Estoy orando por ustedes Eddie Maciel or Angel Pagan please contact me at for a movie rights deal with me on Ralfi Pagan.

Hope I hear from you guys soon. Or anybody that knew Ralfi please get a hold of me many thanks and much respect. Right on. I'm a black man in America. I dig your brother's music. He was very talented. My Charli XCX Vroom Vroom EP by him was No Soy Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing Ti' Me encanta!!

I was 13 when I heard all of his songs. Makes you feel in love. Love to hear his passion through out his music Much love and respect to and for Ralfi y su familia, que recuerdos lindos R.

Ralfi Pagan spirit lives on in every one of us, and especially his long time listening fans. He's now free and flying high on his love songs.

I just want to say and I know you are feeling all the love we have for ya down here. You'll always be in our hearts, and we will always be thinking of that smooth voice that resonate throughout the universe touching lives and enhancing our relationships. Peace and Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing bro forever Thank you for sharing the truth I love his music and always will.

I hold your family in my heart and in prayer. Thanks for keeping his legacy alive. Aloha from Hawaii. I just got recently introduced to your brother's music while looking for a particular song on YouTube. Where the hell was I when this was recorded? I am 52 and up until last week, I had never even heard of him although I vaguely remember the song I Like to Make It With You on the radio back in the day, but never knew who recorded the soul version until now. I came on here just to say that a book and a movie needs to be written about the life and times of this amazingly talented and gorgeous man.

Not much is known about him other than what's online and that is not much. There are a generations who don't anything about his music or life like how he grew up, how did he get into the music biz, did he ever marry, did he have kids, what was the Latin music scene like in the 70s, etc.

I'm a 52 year old soul music and recently Latin Soul loving Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing boomer. If I didn't know he existed until recently, I Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing imagine all the Generation Y and millenniums who don't know much if anything about Ralfie. Especially if they were not exposed to Latin Plus Plus soul music while growing up. Plus, putting out a book or movie may also arouse public interest into what really happened to your brother and force a reopening of the case to find out what really occurred that sad and tragic day when his body was found on a beach in Columbia.

God Bless. Hello Kianna, Did you know some called Amri from Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing20 years ago online? Such a Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing breaking story. I had no idea. While I liked Nancy Wilson's version, this has always been my favorite.

I think I remember seeing him on Soul Train singing but unable to find it. Does anyone where it can be located. Thanks in advance. Hi angel. My name is Lizz. I met your brother back on He was the nicest guy.

I was upset when Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing heard he was murdered for drug Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing gone bad. Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing knew it wasn't true. We were at a party with him and he was the only one there who didn't drink. I have a picture of him which Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing still have to this day on my wall of Ralfi and my older sister Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing at a Halloween party.

If you want I can text it to you. My number is He specialised in soul ballads sung in Spanish and English and released five albums during the s. On a tour of South America whilst visiting Colombia he was murdered. Issued twice first with all Spanish sung titles and shortly after with four English sing titles substituted for four Spanish titles Pagan's falsetto tenor favoured ballads.

This made him highly popular amongst young Hispanic Americans particularly in the urban centres of Los Angeles and New York where Pagan made a significant cultural impact. It sold copies nationally and Pagan appeared on the nationally syndicated TV show Soul Train [ 3 ] A second album 'With Love' produced by Harvey Averne and Jerry Masucci and recorded in New York consolidated Pagan's status amongst urban hispanics and chicanos.

It wasn't till I heard a CD version of " Make it with you " that I Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing that it wasn't the tape that had bad quality but the original recording and that made me laugh. And it wasn't till I was an adult that I could really appreciate the lyrics of " Look at Her ". I just always knew it was soulful and had a great melody, but now I really feel those words of loss. We all go through it at some point in our lives, where things don't always end up the way we want them to in relationships, either by taking it for granted or something else.

It when your on the outside looking do you want it back and Aktion Celebration what this song means to me now. Yeah it seem like I'm picking sad songs to highlight, but a majority of Ralfi Pagan's songs were pretty sad, he was a crooner, and that's what he's know for.

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  1. May 15,  · My name is Angel Pagan, and I'm Ralfi Pagan's brother. Many of Ralfi's fans have wondered over the years about his life and about what really happened to him. This blog will serve as a tribute to Ralfi's life and talent. In it, I will share anecdotes about his family life, his musical career, and what I know about his tragic death.
  2. "ralfi pagan" Up On The Roof Ralfi Pagan. Stay Out Of My Life Ralfi Pagan. Just One Of Your Kisses Ralfi Pagan. Darling You And I (Together) Ralfi Pagan. Ooo Baby Baby Ralfi Pagan. Just For A Little While Ralfi Pagan. Seré Para Ti Ralfi Pagan.
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  6. Ralfi Pagán (born Rafael Pagán; –) was a Bronx, New York-based Latin soul and salsa singer of Puerto Rican and Cuban parentage who was active from the mids until his death in He specialized in soul ballads sung both in Spanish and English and released five albums during the s. He is well known for the duet with Sylvia Robinson entitled Soul Je T'aime and for his solo.

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