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Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool

Download Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool

My crazy schedule is taking a mini break for the holidays, so will be posting some new stuff up in next week or two. I'm also hoping to reup all the dead links from the blog's archives. Any comments or suggestions are welcome to, I appreciate the feedback. May even entertain the idea of taking some requests Posted by raggamuffin at PM 2 comments:. Killer early's, hip hop inspired anthem big upping the conscious yout! The A Side has Ryck solo, and the flip features a remix featuring Levy chatting not as good as solo.

The 12'' release of this also has a slightly different mix of the Ryck tune. Lastly, I've also seen this 7'' with a red label, instead of a white one like my copy I assume they are both original pressings, but could be wrong. Ryck had a few other releases in the mid's on labels like Digital B, but that's about it. I heard somewhere that he had a reputation in the recording industry for being hard to work with Either way, this is a deadly tune and a nice little addition to anyone's collection!

Just Stan. Just Cool. Posted by raggamuffin at PM No comments:. From a historical standpoint, I was very intrigued by this 7'' when I first picked The Twinkle Brothers Miss Labba Labba up. Instrumental sounds generically mid's Firehouse style and is on the Father Jungle Rock riddim.

Retirement Time. Funny commentary about guys looking "trash" flashy at the dance but then being broke cuz they spent all their cash on clothes and accessories! Materialism is not a new trend, though it's definitely being taken to new heights these days.

Little too rub-a-dubby a beat from Tubby, for my liking, this time though. Buy Babylon. Great tune, but to me, DB just never sounded like he felt too comfortable with the digi riddims, which probably explained his low output in the 80's's compared to earlier in his career.

Sorry for the beat up copy and poor pic! Made My Way To Classic cut of Sleng Teng riddim by chatting teacher Nuts bigging up the Kangal label and sound? Love the blatant ripping off of Kangol hats brand by Burtland Dixon Goes to show how lax things were back then! Either way, we can all agree that in the 80's, Kangol hats and Kangal records both knocked! Felt Beret. I remember first hearing and falling in love with!

Though the LP was released aroundStan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool of the songs were actually Phillip Burrell tunes that had been recorded in UB40 Signing Off mid-late 90's. While some of those songs made it to 7'' and 12'' releases, I don't think the title track did I've never seen an og press available.

I don't have any of the records except for the FP one, which I share here with you. Side A. Side B. Cool likkle riddim by Witty too! Saturday, August 16, Ridiculous cut of Tempo riddim by little recorded singer Robinson. From what I can garner, most of his small catalog of releases date back to the 70's Only the second release by the then new Leggo label, this tune is a much sought after 12''. Re-pressed by Digikiller a little while ago, glad to hear this release getting the recognition it deserves.

Audio shines through nicely on my rip, but sorry for the crappy quality of pic! I Will Go Thru. Love the message here, always reminding us to be undeterred by whatever obstacles life throws at us. If you listen to the lyrics, Robinson starts of by saying "I have to go thru", but by the end he's saying "I will go thru! Rest In Paradise. More excuses, more lagging, but more tunes coming next week I promise I love conscious dancehall Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool, especially when they focus on bigging up the likkle youtman.

This is an absolute scorcher by Tubby and classic roots singer Clarke. Wicked one a way riddim with uplifting lyrics make this an awesome release. Right From The Wrong. Kenneth 'Skengdon' Black had many a big hit with all the top dogs of the golden years A big part of that was due to having the keyboard Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool Jackie Mittoo at his side. This tune however was produced by Sugar himself Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool a favor to Black for letting him use his studio on one of his many trips to Miami to secretly cut dubplates for the Youth Promotion clashes.

Probably the only dancehall tune I've ever heard use a digital harp effect, but of course Sugar pulls it off smoothly! New Name released a lot of traditional dancehall in the early 90's, but as songs like this can attest, they were also early pioneers of the digi roots sound. Bees has recorded sporadically over the years, starting in the late 80's, briefly joining Black Uhuru in the late 90's, and still releasing Oasis Roll With It intermittently to this day.

It Ain't Easy. Thursday, June 5, Ohh man this is another rare record for you guys! Irie spins a story about trying to go on tour to Paris but the plane crash lands Hilarious and brilliant tune, though he really just ends up repeating the same verse twice in a row.

For some strange reason only Side A included the version which I've left on for you here. Thundering cut of Billy Jean riddim inna early 90's stylee.

Released around same time as Junior Delgado's Mona Lisa also on this blog. Big tune! Show Your Potential Every Time. Only tune he ever cut for Fattis Burrell, I believe. Tu Amor. During the peak of dancehall in the 80's, everyone was trying to make a name for themselves as an entertainer, and thus taking stage names to be recognized.

Some were silly nicknames and slick sounding titles, while others were meant to sound like real names example: Paul Blake Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool Frankie Paul. I do not know if Wayne Palmer was his name given to him at birth, but it is the stage name later used to cut some Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool records. Palmer unfortunately had a rather generic name, and coupled with a low volume of work released, the artist has flown Embryo Apo Calypso the radar of a lot of reggae fans.

Digi collectors though are well aware of him, particularly his work with King Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool and also Hugh Redman James. Here is probably his hardest tune by Tubby other than Hell In A Townthough sadly my copy has seen better days. Either way check it out! Loafting Time. Oooooh weeee this is a tuff Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool chune! Wicked one a way cut of Stalag that almost doesn't resemble the original riddim at all.

This one was later repressed by Dub Store in their Redman International collab release, where 12 of Hugh James biggest tunes were re-released. Memory Time. Sunday, June 1, More coming in next few days This bad boy on the Stalag riddim completely stormed the island and catapulted Tenor to stardom. Originally written for the famous 4 Sound Clash of for Youth Promotion, it was swooped by up Winston Riley and released on his Techniques label.

Oh, this is also featured on Riley's Stalag 17, 18, and 19 LP. Big Up Youf. He holds his own here, stylin' the beats out in his own swagger, coming correct on every cut. Droopy styles. A sure shottin' link up between Split Prophets emcee Res One and Real Life Drama producer Illinformed, both bringing their a-game and complimenting each other's chosen craft with finesse, none can test.

Big shout to Blue overseeing the proceedings. A 12 course treat in the form of The Purple Door. The beats are woven in Sonnyjim's trademark style; hypnotic sample choices and infectious loops carry the soundtrack; sneakily the samples build up in instrumentation which weaves the perfect quilt for the lyrics to rest on. Jugz' drops gems peppered with ambitious graft and empowerment fit to elevate someone from the basement to the board room; there's playboy braggadocio, fly food references and life lessons - what other rapper is out here flexing about milk fed veal whilst at the same time reminding you of the responsibility of checking in on your Grandma?

Potent Funk are proud to bring you their latest release - the much anticipated second solo album from Dabbla: Death Moves. Following on from the success of his debut, Year of the MonkeyDabbla returns with an album that eschews any of the stereotypical pitfalls and curses of a sophomore project, instead pushing his craft to ever higher levels.

The title for Death Moves was originally borne from Dabbla's fascination with martial arts, but as the album began to form and more and more was poured into its creativite process, the name took on further meaning. If anything is worthy of Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool called a labour of love, then it is this album. Dabbla's unique blend of hybrid rap shit is the main ingredient, with life commentary and straight up humour, mixing with personal reflection and standard rapper self-aggrandizement.

Everything that happens in the middle is what makes us who we are. All of our decisions and choices shape and mould our futures in this life and possibly even the next.

Through experiences and observations of my own life I have crafted this album. It was recorded as a reminder that life is a test, and although we are faced with many societal and worldly obstacles, some of the hardest and most important to overcome are the ones in our minds A brand new boom banging neck snapping fast rapping fire ball from Chrome, bringing an almighty Shockwave to the scene, seen!

It's an awesome super duper trooper featuring Ugly Duckling Andy Cooper, cold kooling in a b-boy stance. Emcee Deeflux links with DJ Miracle and the full Steel Devils turntablist crew for an epic get down spread over sixteen tracks, fully flowin' from the get go. Straight up, this is the bollox. It comes on aqua marine blue vinyl with black splatter effect. This ultra limited 7" single is limited to copies, never to be repressed.

The Outlaw's are back! Take a good listen though. Full of fire! This new EP is a perfectly balanced mix of vocal and instrumental tracks showcasing the raw talent of the Manchester based producer. Outer as well as hooking up with Sony Music's Ashley Henry, one of the UK's most accomplished jazz pianists as heard on One Handed - Pitch 92, Head Resonance Head Resonance with his trusty MPC, expertly provides the perfect backdrop to accommodate each of his guests, as well as putting forward instrumentals that stand out as masterpieces in their own right, Pitch 92 applies finesse and the ability of a veteran producer, despite only being 26 years old - One listen of lead single Lost In Space featuring Jehst and Confucius MC is all you need to confirm that we are indeed listening to a master at work.

In short, Lost In Space is a production masterclass and serves as the perfect introduction to the Pitch 92 sound, of which you will be hearing more and more, guaranteed. The b-side Let's Have Some Funk is equally bangin', plus it comes with some with added funked up samples to cut cut up.

With over 29 musicians, vocalists and producers involved in the album, this is their most ambitious project to date.

Production has been overseen by the band founders Chini and Defty with help from synth wizard Metrodome Levelz. Contributions have also come from the band's drummer Deese and Pitch 92 High Focus. In truest form Chini and Defty have sought out a new generation of talent to collaborate with Expanding the lexicon of Hip Hop, the project goes beyond the boundaries as he takes you on a metaphorical journey buried deep with out of the box symbolism and concepts.

Here they've dug deep in the unreleased archives and assembled a selection of tracks from cassettes and dat tapes, originally recorded in Bristol between and From Kelz's righteous fury on Posse Move Blues and Kriss' easy charm on My Lifeto the beautifully compact acapella Brotherit's a vivid illustration of what could have been.

Breakbeats Schiller Opus, reggae-inflected basslines tug, and inspired pop references curl into unexpected refrains see Lynx's deft manipulation of Debbie Harry on Toe-to-Toe. Inspiration, as 3PM would have it, is the word. Following the drop of his long sold out album Earth and vinyl re-release of 's Night SessionsRemulak is back with a brand new instrumental project titled One.

This project was made entirely on the Maschine MK1 and Fruity Loops, where Remulak first began experimenting with his production. Brand new Gunshot material forback with a bang like they never left us! Emcee Mercury leads the way with Sulphurtelling it like it is, expertly executed rhymes that flow throughout the whole track.

Instrumental on the flipside. Clear yellow wax. Full colour cover. Bring it come! The Mantis Chapter make a welcome return, firin' fully with loaded shots, two hardcore cuts on a violet vinyl pressing, limited to copies. Time to shake a leg. Triple Darkness sling shotta emcee Phoenix Da Icefire gets busy once again with DJ Madhandz at the wheelz, slicing his way through another full body burial of fourteen new tracks.

Yet again another big display of lyricism, just giving you a taste of what's in store Hip Hop ain't dead. Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool most anticipated debut long player from Tyler Daley and Konny Kon, bringing that soulful British boom bap and lo-fi dusty street sound to Light Sounds Dark Psychemagik After The Void masses, with extended sprinklings of jazz and reggae all fused together with their ever so impressive vocal stylings and subject matter.

A very limited vinyl pressing of Chairman Maf's top ranking Paint album. Don't miss out, fresh new artwork, fresh mastering, fresh to death, this is all types of flames! Also comes with a free download code upon purchase. Limited copies in stock. Get On Thattaken from Andy's most recent LP has been completely re-worked into a brand new track with a new vocal from Andy and Matt Format adding his superb production skills. It's classic Format material, super funky, deftly arranged and aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Throw this donut on and watch the floor ignite! This 45 comes complete with an instrumental on the flip, ready to get busy in the mix if you're grabbing doubles. Remulak's ill digital only release finally gets a welcome vinyl excursion via Village Live, slick production for the beat heads and emcees, wonderful stuff.

Sealed with OBI strip. Too dope. Don't miss out. This is incredibly dope, and a very limited run of either green or purple cd's, only 75 of each have been manufactured. If you'd like a specific colour when you purchase, please email us your preference. This hard hitting thematic masterpiece draws influence from the classic horror film Friday The 13th and its legendary hockey mask wearing murderous Xenakis Par Les Percussions De Strasbourg Persephassa, Jason Vorhees.

Claude Larson Environment horns and steel drums introduce a summery twist to the instantly recognisable dance floor friendly A side.

Whilst The B side melds 's fast rap with a well known disco break, and this is the Hip Hop anthem's first outing on 45 too! Ya'll know how the Waxnerds do. On the A side, Take Down is a b-boy anthem in the making, with brash horns and live percussion that summons up the spirit Masters At Work Alright Alright The Incredible Bongo Band in full flow.

OG Premium Vinyl CD, presented in a white record-style inner wallet and printed over-sized outer wallet. This time around Ray teams Ligeti Szenen Und Zwischenspiele Aus Der Oper Le Grand Macabre with the super talented beatsmith Karnate to bring you a twelve track collection of superbly fine crafted tracks.

Highest grade material from one of the UK's finest wordsmiths. Self released on cd back inand now finally being pressed on vinyl in by Ill Adrenaline Records outta New Jersey, USA, complete with full instrumentals not found on the original release A lot of time and effort has gone into this release to deliver you a quality product, and it truly is.

An overall sound that pounds, delivered with style and finesse. The Basic Group Expander mastered by the don like Chemo.

High Focus Records is proud to present No Brainer. This album showcases Coops' versatility and creative The Clash Live At Shea Stadium to his craft displaying a varied spectrum of sounds and moods. This record showcases Coops' versatility and creative approach to his craft displaying a varied spectrum of sounds and moods. In addition to relentlessly rocking stages and studios all over Europe, Children of Zeus have somehow found the time to write and produce their debut album proper.

Slow Down is the first taste. A sure-shot Summer anthem, with a twist. On the flip, we have the uptempo boom-bap steppa, All Night. Konny sets this one off on some straight b-boy isht, riding a rhythm that's guaranteed to make grown Hip Hoppers reminisce, before Tyler's sweet swing-tinged vocals glide into play to keep you firmly steppin' - this one again illustrating the Mancunian duo's craft of creating Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool Hip Hop Soul music.

Nb: This track is only included on this single release, and will not be featured on the album. Fully dope. An outstanding display of beats once again. It also comes housed in a gatefold sleeve too, nice touch. Kuartz follows up his Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool Koishiteru album in a similar vain right here, flooded with ill soul samples and chops, neck cracking beats and snares, and a flow like no other, radio show stylee Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool call ins, radio jingles and skits throughout.

The two brothers have been collaborating for well over a decade. However, this is their first release as a duo. This album is neither thought-provoking nor intelligent. Kicking back against the self-righteous narcissisism of the moment, it is an odyssey of South London boozers, dusty boom bap beats and bone Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool humour.

Vandal Savage showcases his diligence with his weapon of choice the pen 'Bic Master' EP is a homage to the skill of lyricism. With an onslaught and barrage of bars the Nottingham native will paint you his status in the world of today.

The limited edition CD comes in a high gloss printed card wallet and printed cd. And is at its sonical peak when listened too while percrasternation from life tasks. The brand new kick ass album NFA from Smellington Piff, an outstanding release with sick rhyme schemes showcasing Piff's ill flow and content matter tackling social injustice and much more.

Another quality RLD product. Take a trip to Wizville and run tell a friend to tell a friend, it's hype there! Strange U, one of the most exciting and original duos in Hip Hop bring you their no holds barred debut album LP Entirely produced by Zygote with King Kashmere on mic duties this is an album not to be slept on!

For his 5th release, rap afficianado Ty takes us on a journey of works from his heart. He takes us on a heartfelft and nostalgic trip through his childhood neighbourhood Brixton in answer to would-be gentrifiers of the area, reminding us of the community that makes a great neighbourhood. He exposes a rare vulnerability in this form of music by working through issues over the course of the album of poverty, depression, racism and family.

This is balanced by the championing of hiphop, insights to the creative process and philosophical musings on life. There's even an imagined film soundtrack. The sounds are a mixture of crisp, bouncy production, live instrumentation and vivid and entertaining lyrics. Of the album Ty saysthis is my life work, it's how I feel I want to upgrade the view of hip hop.

Mr Slipz returns with his full length debut solo album It Don't Stop. Full of the golden era influenced heat that we have come Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool expect from the Yogocop heavyweight, this ambitious project features some of the finest rappers currently killing the game in the UK and overseas, brought together for a flawlessly formed modern classic.

Combining vintage boom bap ethics with modern lo-fi tastes, It Don't Stop is further proof that the head chef Slipz is one of the most talented producers Rod Temperton The Songs Of Rod Temperton right now.

This is The Story So Far…. Children of Zeus have finally begun the process of crafting together their debut album. This limited edition cassette features the full twelve track release. Creations the duo have produced themselves over the past decade, put together to appease their loyal followers thus far, and as an introduction to those Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool to discover their talents.

A snapshot of what has been, and a mere taster of what's to come. A collection of raw, gritty, Hip Hop Soul music. The debut album will drop in This collection signals the end of the first chapter. A prologue even.

Get on board now. The time is right. This is the story so far. Ocean Wisdom's most anticipated second album Wizvillereaching out on all levels and covering many styles upon styles, a high ranking collection of tracks firin' that killah flow and finesse. Taking you on a journey through the mind of Jugz and the music that moulded him. Delivering that unmistakeable flow and character, bombin' the set with finesse on every Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool. All other tracks are classic heatrocks from the music gods.

From the gardens of London there comes a calm and reflected album about living life in modern society. Sometimes you have to endure it and Say Nothingon the other hand you have to stand up for your Artform. These differences are delivered on timeless lo-fi beats with Benaddicts' ill British accent and old school flavoured cuts throughout. So dive into the clouds and enjoy the Rainbow Coloured Weather this record will create around you. A re-issue of this classic Lewis Parker album, complete with revised artwork, don't miss it, only copies pressed.

The puzzle continues C, Eastkoast, ZU and more. Don't sleep, LP bringing heat upon heat, again Soaked in smoothness, a limited pressing of hand numbered copies, with full colour cover and Shina Williams His African Percussionists African Dances. The track effort is Coops attempting to consolidate his place as one of the most exciting Hip Hop acts in the UK, spitting smart, slick rhymes over masterfully constructed instrumentation, soaked in the true essence of Hip Hop.

Both available for the very first time on CD. Exclusive to Suspect Packages. A concentrated body of work written in 7 hours of simultaneous inspiration, and recorded in one whirlwind session. A combined brainstorm of bars and beats, organically constructed throughout numerous lock in sessions at Ziplock studios North London during the 1st quarter of Dr Syntax fully entertains, as ever, and Pete Cannon can quite literally, do no wrong.

Such a dope album, once again. Digipack cd steez. Bristol's Hozay grabs his latest album and fully produces the bad man ting, shit is dope!

From rhymes to beats, from track one to nineteen. He goes IN. They also add their own flavour to the proceedings, and make this one don album, nuff styles, not to be missed.

The two Bristol heavyweights combine once again, Sir Beans bringing the powerful beats with veteran don MC Kelz killin' the set over all four productions. Once agin both excelling themselves at their chosen artforms. All mastered by Rola and sounding louder than a bomb. A limited pressing of Here they drop the boom bap band bomb on a whole bunch of ill emcees, the line up is nuts, the music they've created is nuts.

It's live Hip Hop like you've never heard it before. We love this. In the same short few weeks that Team GB bought glory to the capital, the trio lay the foundations for Laminated Cakes ; an album inspired by the unhinged, non-stop and totally uncontrollable hedonism that defined that particular summer.

It was a good one. If anything, Laminated Cakes is a wondrous time capsule; five years in stasis, but still fresher than the laminated confectionaries that inspired the movement. Rolling with a fresh amount of drum rolls and next level energy, this is most certainly a very special release not to be missed.

Limited edition marble vinyl of only copies, complete with full colour cover, sealed with a numbered sticker and printed outer jacket, plus a free 12 page lyric book. Each vinyl also comes with a free CD version of the full 17 track album, exclusive to Suspect Packages. Featuring a heavyweight line up of elite barsmiths. Sins Of The Son is a concentrated collection of lyrical assaults memoirs, flashback, prospective, foresight, and introspective molded and condensed into 14 superb tracks.

Since the 80s, rampant individualism has been promoted through every aspect of our culture to create a zeitgeist of self-absorbed banality. Combining crunching, atmospheric, sample-based backdrops, Ill Move Sporadic have upped their game a good few notches since their last release Panic Room 9which took the scene and BBC 6 Lauren Laverne by storm last year. True to form Ill Move sporadic bring their trademark sound - a sound built on an obvious love of Hip Hop and beat making but also on classic out board equipment like EMU and AKAI - original breaks and rugged basslines tear through every track setting the tone for the album.

Sparse crunchy samples, instrumental stabs and tightly chopped loops provide Toast with the perfect soundscape to deliver his Hugh Mundell Jah Says The Time Has Come, sarcastic social commentary, something Ill Move Sporadic specialize in.

Big Toast doesn't hold back commenting on modern life as he sees it. Subjects vary from the gentrification of London to his passionate hate of the Tories. He holds no bars, an outpouring of frustration delivered in a comedic and musical way but with heavy hitting, thought provoking undertones. Holy moly, this one's a big un, pull out the firearms and lets buck 'em skywards in appreciation.

It's been a while in the making but rightly so, this shit kicks! I don't think any more description is at all neccesary, just get busy before everyone else does or you'll be left crying into the palm of your hands like a baby.

Shrink wrapped double vinyl with dropcard containing a digital copy of the album, plus bonus instrumentals.

Rolling deep at fifteen big tracks with production coming from Soss, Gerry Boy, G. It may seem like an expensive ride, but for good reason, the packaging and presentation will blow you away, let alone the material onboard.

Big and heavy white label bass business, two killah remixes of two killah lickshots, artist unknown, but it rocks the spot, a tried and tested soundsystem weapon. Concrete Castle Dubs firin' off shots with Max Romeo Chase The Devil first release. Roots Manuva's debut album, which was one of the few late 90s releases that amongst others marked the beginning of a new generation of UK Hip Hop.

Brand New Second Hand branded the Brigadier internationally as one of the few British Hip Hop talents recognized overseas, helping him sell big units worldwide. Roots Manuva's debut album gets an essential vinyl reissue. One of the few late 90's releases that amongst others marked the beginning of a new generation of UK Hip Hop.

Features include Wildflower, Seanie T, I. Classic status! Manuva's fantastic follow up to Run Come Save Mefeaturing some new joints and dub versions, including the incredible dub to Witness. Killah styles! Mr Manuva's splendid dub fueled follow up to the Run Come Save Me album gets a very Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool double vinyl repress.

Excellent stuff and fully recommended. Two wax nerds outta the UK get busy with a killer 7" re-edit of Donald Bryd's classic Dominoesand the foundation Hip Hop track from Stetasonic Talkin' All That Jazz that sampled it so well, you don't really need to know more. Just make sure you cop this slice of greatness with the swiftness. Nuff trouble and bass, every track a winner.

Tunn it up! Miami based 22 Entertainment release the monumental debut album from Da Flyy Hooligan, Supreme Cut Untouched Magnificence rolling with some seriously dope production from Agor, plus additional heat from Beat Butcha on one of the tracks, and a full body barrage of ill rhymes all laced with uncut soul loops and smooth buttah beat drops.

The debut sling shot duppy slayer album BD from Babylon Dead, unfuckwitable raw to core boom bap beats from producer Illinformed, laced with the high grade patois chat from Jman, Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool an attack on the system and giving no fucks in the process, taking no shorts. Do not miss this. Expect no mercy, this one's killler. The first seven orders we recieve will get the yellow wax, everything after will be the standard black Whadya Want Skippy Knows. Comes complete with a full colour cover.

A fantastic follow up that brings the Upfront MC to the forefront of the scene, always dropping knowledge and understanding onto the sucker ducks with a fine flow and intricate wordplay shining through. The beautifully crafted Chris Lucas produced Ugaly lifted off the Lettermorphosis album, here on 7" vinyl, complete with instrumental on the flipside, additional vocals by Aisha Mae, cuts by Sir Kenneth Gaburo Music For Voices Instruments Electronic Sounds OBE.

Once again Ded Tebiase get busy with the Joyce Joyce, ultra neck snapping beat scapes laced with dusty breaks and samples, plus a nice selection of emcee's scattered Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool the Sublime Badfish too.

Whilst the rest of the album feeds itself with the just the beats, a perfect blend of vocal and instrumental flavour, not to be missed. Phoenix Da Icefire aka Solar Black outta the Triple Darkness camp readys himself for a new album drop with this superb seventeen track sling shotter.

All coming equipped with the sure fire verbals set to burn fire in the speaker set, a hands down killer combo of cuts onboard right here, hold tight for that album. Having spent 3 years writing for Good Evening Verb T has put forward some of his most personal rhymes to date, delivered with a new found passion that sees the veteran build on a body of work that stretches back to the days of Low Life Records and now sees him as a major part of the ever expanding High Focus Records movement.

Jewel cased shrink wrapped cd with a four Various Mindrocker full colour booklet. This vinyl EP is a compilation of six tracks taken from the full length digital release. Apex Zero's All and Nothing captures the artistic growth inspired by his recent travels in Africa and Asia, both lyrically and sonically.

The EP was mastered by Chemo. Having served his apprenticeship as one of the emcee's in the mid's Hip Hop crew Deliverance, Remark has been rockin' the set on a solo tip for some years now. Full of gusto and a message for all to heed. PhybaOptikz gets busy with the penmanship over a full set of beats by Giallo Point, an expertly portrayed collection of 15 solid tracks. A unique collaboration that vibrates excellence, with Phyba dropping some truly dope darts, hitting bullsye with his encapsulating flow and drawing you into the world you're hearing and crafting them into Norman Jay MBE Good Times 30th Anniversary Edition soul drenched and cinematic production coming through the speaker set.

Well they've finally reunited Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool create a brand new album with the original winning formula. All production is by the mighty Tom Caruana and features Nick Maxwell on the cut. Outstanding outstandingness. The unmistakably dope set and sound from these two top ranking generals in the game, six tracks produced by Nappa, one crafted by Leaf Dog, two special guests, the sick emcee Theme, and DJ Fastcut.

Watch for more of this high grade standard coming soon too. Coming at ya like a ton of bricks, here's the twelve track full length album from britcore squad Planet Of The Fakes, and the first release on Rekognition Records.

Rolling with that back to back burial onslaught sound, a crazy set of hardcore beats from producer Inzaine cascading outta the speaker stack like a world war Kibir La Amlak Lion Step bomber dropping bombs.

Add to that the rapid fire delivery in the mic booth and crazy cuttin' on the decks, and you've got yourself some golden era Hip Hop, but packaged and recorded right here in Here for the first time on vinyl, and backed up with the previously unheard non-album track Pop Idle.

Producers Crease, Specifik and Mr Fantastic lay down the three expertly crafted beats for emcee Whirlwind D to drop some credible knowledge on. Shining light on the powers that be, and those that claim to be leading us in the right direction, on the opener Minutes And Hours. Falling Down brings to the listener a tale of how in a split second your life can change from the good, to the bad. And rounding it up on Nothing's Betterwith special Atjazz That Something Uncle Mic Nitro, he tackles the often overlooked area of mental health, especially male depression.

Yet another big B-Line bomber. Max Romeo It Sipple Out Deh Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool also features none other than Seanie T on the guest verse, plus horns from Miles Bonny.

Cuts come from DJ Big Ted, and it all comes packaged on red vinyl in a numbered stickered sleeve, with two free stickers.

A bonafied first release for the hardworking Ah Sh! A pressing of that also houses the exclusive instrumental version. Get to know and get busy. Sure fire spitters riding big dusty breaks and all coming correct, each track flowing neatly into the next, a proper journey into the deep depths of Hip Hop.

Benaddict's debut album rolling with lush perfection throughout the thirteen tracks onboard, a massively dope set from the get go, both lyrically and beatwise. Limited edition jewel case cd. Emcee illiterate also features and production comes from ZuphZed himself, and one from In-Fact. Low slung boom blaps and late night bars for your burned out braincells from the wonderful Wundrop, loving the vibe onboard this ten tracker.

Kozi, Owls At Night and Slim. Here we have the incredible Hazardous album from Exeter's Def Defiance crew, originally released on limited tape in and painstakingly remastered for this double gatefold vinyl release, containing the original artwork too.

Only of the original tape were ever released and they've been in high demand ever since, making this an Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool purchase for any UK Hip Hop head interested in the early sound that came outta this likkle island we live on.

Truly unique and rolling with a bad ass sound none can test, be sure to granb this one as I expect they won't be around long. There's only been pressed, on white vinyl, and on black vinyl.

This is the black vinyl edition. Knuckle Up is an unreleased track from dat tape inremastered and kickin' hard as bones. Whilst the flipside of this transparent yellow 7" pressing houses two remastered tracks from their very limited, and hard to find, white label split LP with DJ Life. Raw to the core britcore bangerz.

Nah sleep, dope styles how it used to run, hard Comes with a detailed write up on the double sided cover from Tufkut himself. Bringing the funk and b-boy breaks that run rampant under some swift sucker lyricism and dope cuts, three bangin' tracks taking back to the old skool style of UK Hip Hop, you'll even find a human Kate Bush The Sensual World track, oh yes!

Comes with a double sided cover and dark grey marbled vinyl. The return of the Bruckshot! Here he links with the dubstep producer Coki and brings the majestic horns to the heavyweight homegrown dubstep sound with immense proportions. A very special release spread over two vinyl slabs with a massive wallop of bass and dubwise treatment combined with the powerful trumpet and saxophone sound.

It's a fantastic KID Hupendi Muziki Wangu You Dont Like My Music up that needs to be played on a decent soundsystem to capture the full vibe onboard. The Heavy Links crew come correct with their debut album for Muj Beats, a limited vinyl pressing that delivers the dopest beats, rhymes and cuts, dropping louder than a bomb, grab one before dem gone!

Vivid imagery delivered with the hardest beats and bars, no fakin'. Get busy. Created whilst living in Berlin, Aver developed the 16 tracks as part of an attempt to evolve traditional sample use with more complex rhythms and off beat drum breaks.

The album features scratching and beatbox by fellow members of TNC and is overlaid with German language vocals that provide an abstract narrative to further embellish the dream-like, somewhat dystopian nature of the album. An all instrumental and self-titled affair from Rift Valley, aka DJ Drinks, full of distilled breaks and thick layers courtesy of the s-era Emu Systems samplers.

It doesn't get much Jaymz Bedford Just Keep My Boogie Happy Music than is, smooth yet hard as nails. Great artwork too. Recorded before the UK election was Jukin Bone Whiskey Woman and in the wake of various global political shifts.

Reaching out to humanity. On the flip is a spaced out stomper ready for your mic man to bless up or to just let the instruments hold the vibes. In comes Alpha Steppa, firin' from the speaker stack with tremendous force, bass weight notched high as you like, melodies running sweet, and a message of Sensations Fix Fragments Of Light and unity flowing freely.

Strictly forward thinking, bass driven roots and culture at its best for This is the full double cd version that has two extra tracks, plus an extra cd housing an exclusive murderous dub version of all.

Steppa skankers where you at? Troll Gang get busy with the long player from emcee Verses Bang, a hype release that fires shots down ya throat and lands you in all sorts of trouble. Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool it's a verbal throwdown like b-boys on lino, but taking it to the streets via the off licence and local drug dealer, whilst producer Oozhe compliments the set with some crazy beats, in a good way.

Not your average boom bap, more like boom trap. Style upon style. The forth installment of B-Line Recordings heavyweight B-Line EP'sSonny Boy Williamson The Real Folk Blues massive and large collection of cuts featuring a killah line up and an equally killah sound onboard, excelling themselves once again.

S One. A healthy dose of realism flows throughout the whole set, with Jehst's razor sharp commentary on current life and times complimented by the production onboard. B, Deeflux and Jazz T. Fingerfood lets the world know just how dope a beatmaker he is, and Badbonez just slays the mic booth, as he does.

Album comes on single vinyl with a full colour sleeve, shrink wrapped for extra freshness and a dropcard containing a digital download link to the album, including bonus instrumentals. Side A contains three tracks, one of which features Ronnie Bosh. Side B contains the instrumentals to the 3 tracks plus an acapella for the lead single. Black vinyl CDs in gold record-style inner wallets, and printed over-sized outer wallets.

DJ Supreme returns with none other than the original HQ Squad emcee The Icepick, back outta the dungeon to lace fire over a hardcore battalion beat.

None can test, cold gettin' busy. The first 15 orders will recieve a white vinyl version, all others will be black. Brand new lick shot from two of the UK's finest climbing the ranks, emcee Shumba Youth and producer Leo Samson, both causing worries to the dancehall bubbler right here, Check It Outnow.

Nothing's safe Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool the new Mob on the scene, watch your pockets. Rolling out the beats for this awesome instrumental album for Village Live Records. The twenty two track Shurikens album has been crafted with an original 90's Boom Bap sound present, crusty breaks, jazz samples, the odd vocal drop and most importantly, tons a drums! Strictly for the neck snap Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool. Lucio Battisti Dolce Di Giorno Per Una Lira business.

A kick ass Record Store Day release from Dinked Records, the Stan Ryck General Levy Easy My Yout Just Cool Rodney P alongside Lanre Sulola, vocal and instrumental onboard a white 7" vinyl, full colour cover and photo insert.

Limited numbers in stock. London, right.? Here they bring the classic vocals into with a heavyweight soundsystem stepper, layered with an infectious piano melody and rumbling bass.

Flip it over and there's an exclusive Melodica Cut to the track, complimenting the production even more and adding a whole new dimension to the riddim. Lacing the proceedings with production from Illinformed on this limited 7" pressing from the Passport EP. Life In Konstant Ripples comes in a full colour card wallet.

Get to know, we've been bumpin' this one hard. Six long years have passed since From A Scarecrow's Perspective revealed Leaf Dog's unmistakable voice to the rap world and he has left fans the world over pining for more ever since. The wait is over. Leaf Dog is back, and has returned with his best work to date! The double vinyl Hopscotch Look At The Lights Go Up shrink wrapped in a full colour sleeve with a redeemable dropcard which contains a digital copy of the album, and some bonus instrumentals!

The a-side cut entitled I Can't Wait flows like a full on advertisment for love making, nuttin' wrong with that.


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