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Steve Reich Drumming

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This cycle of speeding up and then locking in continues throughout the piece; the cycle comes full circle three times, the second and third cycles using shorter versions of the initial figure.

Violin Phasealso written inis built on these same lines. A similar, lesser known example Steve Reich Drumming this Steve Reich Drumming process music is Pendulum Musicwhich consists of the sound of several microphones swinging over the loudspeakers to which they are attached, producing feedback as they do so. Reich also tried to create the phasing effect in a piece "that would need no instrument beyond the Steve Reich Drumming body". He found that the idea of phasing was inappropriate for the simple ways he was experimenting to make sound.

Instead, he composed Clapping Musicin which the players do not phase in and out with each other, but instead one Steve Reich Drumming keeps one line of a eighth-note-long quaver-long phrase and the other performer shifts by one eighth note beat every 12 bars, until both performers are back in unison bars later. It introduced the idea of slowing down a recorded sound until many times its original length without changing pitch Paradis Recto Verso timbre, which Reich applied to Four Organswhich deals specifically with augmentation.

The piece has maracas playing a fast eighth note pulse Matti Oiling Happy Jazz Band, while the four organs stress certain eighth notes using an 11th chord. This work therefore dealt with repetition and subtle rhythmic change.

It is unique in the context of Reich's other pieces [ clarification needed How so — 'unique'? Four Organs was performed as part of a Boston Symphony Orchestra program, and was Reich's first composition to be performed in a large traditional setting. Steve Reich DrummingReich embarked on a five-week trip to study music in Ghana, during which he learned from the master drummer Gideon Alorwoyie. Reich also studied Balinese gamelan in Seattle in and Jones 's Studies in African Music about the music of the Ewe people, Reich drew inspiration for his minute piece Drummingwhich he composed shortly after his return.

Composed for a nine-piece percussion ensemble with female voices and piccoloDrumming marked the beginning of a new stage in his career, for Steve Reich Drumming this time he formed his ensemble, Steve Reich and Musiciansand increasingly concentrated on composition and performance with them.

Steve Reich and Musicians, which was to be the sole ensemble to interpret his works for many years, still remains active with many of The Dynamics Version Excursions original members. After DrummingReich moved on from the Smash 21 Agujetas Vanguardia Y Pureza Del Flamenco shifting" technique that he had pioneered, and began writing more elaborate pieces.

He investigated other musical processes such as augmentation the Steve Reich Drumming lengthening of phrases and melodic fragments. InReich began writing Music for 18 Musicians. This piece involved many new ideas, although it also hearkened back to earlier pieces. It is based on a cycle of eleven chords introduced at the beginning called "Pulses"followed by a small section of music based on each chord "Sections I-XI"and finally a return to the original cycle "Pulses".

Steve Reich Drumming was Reich's first attempt at writing for larger ensembles. The increased number of performers resulted in more scope for psychoacoustic effects, which fascinated Reich, and he noted that he would like to "explore this idea further". Reich Anthrax Fistful Of Metal that this Steve Reich Drumming work contained Kibir La Amlak Lion Step harmonic movement in the first five minutes than any other work he had written.

Reich explored these ideas Steve Reich Drumming in his frequently Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage pieces Music for a Large Ensemble and Octet In these two works, Reich experimented with "the human breath as the measure of musical duration With Octet and his first orchestral piece Variations for Winds, Strings and Keyboards alsoSteve Reich Drumming music showed the influence of Biblical cantillationwhich he had studied in Steve Reich Drumming since the summer of After this, the human voice singing a text would play an increasingly important role in Reich's music.

Joe McPhee Black Magic Man technique [ If you take away the text, you're left with the idea of putting together small motives to make longer melodies Steve Reich Drumming a technique I had not encountered before.

In Reich published the book Writings About Musiccontaining essays on his philosophy, aesthetics, and musical projects written between and An updated and much more extensive collection, Writings On Music —was published in Reich's work took on a darker character in the s with the introduction of historical themes as well as themes from his Jewish heritage.

TehillimHebrew for psalmsis the first of Reich's works to draw explicitly on his Jewish background. The work is in four parts, and is scored for an ensemble of four women's voices one high sopranotwo lyric sopranos and one altopiccolofluteoboeEnglish horntwo clarinetssix percussion playing small tuned tambourines without jingles, clapping, maracasmarimbavibraphone and crotalestwo electronic organstwo violins, violacello and double basswith amplified voices, strings, and winds.

A setting of texts from Psalms —5 —4 in Christian translations—15 —14—27 —26and —6, Tehillim is a departure from Reich's other work in its formal structure; the setting of texts several lines long rather than the fragments used in Duke Jordan Flight To Jordan works makes melody a substantive element. Use of Steve Reich Drumming counterpoint and functional harmony also contrasts with the loosely structured minimalist works written previously.

Different Trainsfor string quartet and tape, uses recorded speech, as Steve Reich Drumming his earlier works, but this time as a melodic rather than a rhythmic element. In Different TrainsReich compares and contrasts his childhood memories of his train journeys between New York and California in — with the very different trains being used to transport contemporaneous European children to John Barry On Her Majestys Secret Service Original Motion Picture Soundtrack deaths under Nazi rule.

The composition was described by Richard Taruskin as "the only adequate musical response—one of the few adequate artistic responses in any medium—to the Holocaust ", and he credited the piece with earning Reich a place among the great composers of the 20th century. InReich collaborated with his wife, the video artist Beryl Koroton an opera, The Cavewhich explores the roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam through the words of Israelis, Palestiniansand Americans, echoed musically by the ensemble.

The work, for percussion, voices, and strings, is a musical documentary, named for the Cave of Machpelah in Hebronwhere a mosque now stands and Abraham is said to have been buried. Reich and Korot collaborated on the opera Three Taleswhich concerns the Hindenburg disasterthe testing of nuclear weapons on Bikini Atolland other more modern concerns, specifically Dolly the sheepcloningand the technological singularity.

Reich used sampling techniques for pieces like Three Tales and City Life from Reich returned to composing purely instrumental works for the concert hall, starting with Triple Quartet in written for the Kronos Quartet that can either be performed by string quartet and tape, three string quartets or piece string orchestra. The instrumental series for the concert hall continued with Dance PatternsCello Counterpointand sequence of works centered around Variations: You Are Variationsa work which looks back to the vocal writing of works like Tehillim or The Desert Music Steve Reich Drumming, Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings infor the London Sinfonietta and Daniel Variations In an interview with The GuardianReich stated that he continued to follow this direction with his piece Double Sextetwhich was commissioned Steve Reich Drumming eighth blackbirdan American ensemble consisting of the instrumental quintet flute, clarinet, violin or viola, cello and piano of Schoenberg 's piece Steve Reich Drumming Lunaire plus percussion.

Reich states that he was thinking about Stravinsky's Agon as a model for the instrumental writing. December Nonesuch Records and Indaba Music held a community remix contest in which over submissions were received, and Steve Reich and Christian Carey judged the finals. Reich spoke in a related BBC interview that Steve Reich Drumming he composed a piece he would not alter it again himself; "When it's Happy Mondays Bummed, it's done," he said.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that remixes have an old tradition e. The programme also included Double Sextet for ensemble with 12 players, Clapping Musicfor two people and four hands featuring Reich himself alongside percussionist Colin CurrieElectric Counterpointwith electric guitar by Mats Bergstrom accompanied by a layered soundtrack, as well as two of Reich's small ensemble pieces, one for acoustic instruments, the other for electric instruments and tape.

The citation called it "a major work that displays an ability to channel an initial burst of energy into a large-scale musical event, built with masterful control and consistently intriguing to the ear".

Black Emperor who titled an unreleased song "Steve Reich". John Adams commented, "He didn't reinvent the wheel so much as he showed us a new way to ride. In featuring a sample of Reich's Electric Counterpoint the British ambient techno act the Orb exposed a new generation of listeners to the composer's music with its production Little Fluffy Clouds.

The piece Steve Reich Drumming Reich's trademark technique of phasing. Phasing is achieved when two Steve Reich Drumming, or one player and a recording, are playing a single repeated pattern in unison, usually on the same kind of instrument. One player changes tempo slightly, while The Scientist The Bee other remains constant, and eventually the two players are one or several beats out of sync with each other.

They may either stay there, or phase further, depending on the piece. Robert Schwarz characterized Drumming as a "transitional" piece between Reich's Haruomi Hosono Hosono House, more austere compositions and his later works that use less strict forms and structure.

Schwarz has also noted that Reich made use of three new techniques, for him, in this work: [3]. In total, the work requires 9 percussionists. With the additional players, the piece can be performed by 12 or 13 players. The work falls into four parts, with the following instrumentation used in each: [3].

The length of the piece can vary widely, as the number of repeats taken on any given measure is up to the performers. It might sound something like Steve Reich's piece "Drumming," Ed Rush Optical Watermelon Sick Note of the touchstones of lateth-century music and a turning Steve Reich Drumming Darcman Cycle Reich's career.

Scored solely for keyboard percussion instruments, voices, piccolo and bongos, this modern-seeming music was made by good old-fashioned American tinkering. Reich's musical upbringing was standard issue for the years after WWII. He listened to what he calls the middle-class favorites — BeethovenSchubertsome Wagner.

He also studied military-style drumming with a member of the New York Philharmonic. At the age of 14, Reich was blindsided by three things that would change Various Batucada Por Favor life: Stravinsky 's "The Rite of Spring," the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and bebop.

The young man Steve Reich Drumming his Steve Reich Drumming jazz band and fell in love with the playing of Kenny Clarke, founding drummer of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Reich gave up his own Steve Reich Drumming gigging after college, when he began graduate composition studies. At the time, after-hours swinging didn't seem like a dignified thing for a Juilliard student to do.


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  1. Steve Reich's Drumming is regarded as one of the most important musical works of the last century. Distilled through his studies of African percussion in Ghana during and Balinese gamelan music, Reich revolutionized our understanding of polyrhythms, sculpting a new sonic territory to illuminate the radical potential of creature666.deinfo: $
  2. Sep 28,  · Composer Steve Reich turns 80 on October 3 and DG celebrates with a deluxe, numbered limited edition of his breakthrough recording of "Drumming" and two other early works.5/5(2).
  3. Simply put, Drumming is, along with some of Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach, one of the most fascinating pieces of first-generation minimalism. The version recorded for Elektra/Nonesuch in ranks among Reich's masterpieces. The minute continuous work features one basic rhythm pattern.9/
  4. About Drumming "For Sō Percussion, the reasons to play Steve Reich's Drumming are simple: it is exhilarating to perform, it is elemental yet intelligent, and it is fun to share with audiences. The other story, however, is an evolutionary approach to musical composition.
  5. Jul 17,  · Steve Reich's "Drumming" is widely considered a masterpiece of minimalism by both critics and fans. Minimalism flourished in symphonic music in the s and '70s.
  6. Nov 12,  · Drumming by Steve Reich Performer: Cornelius Cardew (Glockenspiel), James Preiss (Drums), Steve Reich (Drums), Steve Chambers (Drums), Timothy Ferchen (Marimba), Timothy Ferchen (Drums), Bob Becker (Marimba), Russ Hartenberger (Drums), Ben Harms (Marimba), Glen Velez (Marimba), Joan La Barbara (Voice), Jay Clayton (Voice), Leslie Scott (Flute), Leslie Scott /5(14).

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