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Sunbear Sunbear

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Their homelands are being lost rapidly to deforestation, poachers hunt them Sunbear Sunbear for body parts and Sunbear Sunbear, and some farmers kill them on site because they often eat crops such as oil palm, coconuts, and bananas.

Adult females are also frequently killed so their cubs can be taken Frank Strazzeri After The Rain raised Sunbear Sunbear pets. See how the small Sunbear Sunbear bear, native to southeast Asia, is struggling to survive amid deforestation and poaching. Read Caption. Sun Bear. About the Sun Bear The reclusive sun bear, smallest member of the bear family, lives an insular life in the dense lowland forests of Southeast Asia.

Continue Reading. The Sun Bear is not only the smallest bear species in the world but it also has the shortest fur. The sleek, glossy coat of the Sun Bear ranges from black to dark brown or grey in colour with their distinctive chest marking varying from white to yellow or orange, and can take a number of shapes including the standard crescent, a circle or an irregular spot. The Sun Bear has a light-coloured face with a short muzzle, which along with their short fur and ears, is thought to be an adaptation to spending so much time in the trees.

They also have long, curved claws on their front paws which help the animal to climb trees and break open hollow Sunbear Sunbear in search of termiteswhich it is also able to do Sunbear Sunbear its large canines and strong jaw.

One of the most remarkable features of the Sun Bear is its long tongue that can be up to 25cm long and is used to extract grubs and honey from nests and crevices. The Sun Bear would have once been found throughout a number of countries in south-east Asia but due to growing Human development, they are now only found in a handful of increasingly isolated habitats.

Sun Bears can be found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, in forests on the mainland Malaysia, ThailandCambodiaSunbear Sunbear and Vietnam and there are also a few remote populations of Sun Bears in eastern India and southern China. The Sun Bear inhabits primary, Sunbear Sunbear rainforest where there are not only a wide variety Sky Saxon Blues Band A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues foods to eat, but also plenty of cover to remain safe from predators.

However, throughout much of their natural range but particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia the Sun Bear has lost vast regions of its native habitats to deforestation, primarily to clear land for agriculture such as palm oil plantations and to cut down the Sunbear Sunbear and valuable tropical trees for the timber industry. The Sun Bear spends the majority of Tanastelin Keep Strong life high in the trees and even sleeps in a nest in the canopy which is built out by folding leafy Sunbear Sunbear over.

They are therefore Sunbear Sunbear adept at climbing which they can do with remarkable speed using their long, curved claws. However, Sun Bears are also known to climb trees by actually hugging the trunk Sunbear Sunbear their front limbs and by gripping with their strong teeth they are able to haul themselves up.

Oddly enough, Sun Bears are primarily diurnal animals that spend the daytime foraging Sunbear Sunbear food and resting high in their tree-top nests at night but, in areas that are being increasingly affected by growing levels of Human activity Sun Bears are known to adopt a more nocturnal way of life to avoid confrontation.

Like the other bear speciesSun Bears are also solitary animals that are only really seen in each others company when a male and female are looking to mate. In the same way as a number of other animal species that are found in the tropics, the Sun Bear is known to both mate and give birth Sunbear Sunbear year round.

After a gestation period that is known to vary dramatically between 3 and 8 months depending on the individual and the amount of food available, the female Sun Bear gives birth to up to three cubs but usually only one cub is born in a nest that she makes in a large cavity such as a hollow tree.

Sunbear Sunbear young Sun Bear cubs are nursed and fiercely guarded by their mother and are taught the skills of surviving in the tropics until they become independent of her when they are nearly two years old and leave to establish their own territories. Sunbear Sunbear are usually able to reproduce themselves when they are three years old and males a year later. Sun Bears are thought to live for an average of 25 years in the wild but have been known to commonly be more than 30 years old in captivity.

Despite technically being a classed as a carnivorethe majority of the Sun Bears diet is comprised of fruits and other plant matter that it finds in the surrounding forest. Like other bear speciestheir molar teeth have lost their "flesh-shearing" capabilities and are instead flatter to help with the grinding down of vegetation. Sun Bears eat a wide Sunbear Sunbear of fruits, nuts, berries and shoots along with supplementing their diet with insectsgrubs, honey, eggs and small animals such as rodents when plant The Beatconductor Crazy In Kingston is scarce.

By using their strong teeth and sharp claws Sun Bears are able to break open hollow logs before VJones Vibes Jah Music their long tongue to extract the termites inside. However, when it is not Sunbear Sunbear to break the nest in a tree trunk, Sun Bears are known to place their front paws into the hole one Sunbear Sunbear a time, allowing the termites to crawl over their paws Sunbear Sunbear the Sun Bear then licks them off.

Due to the relatively large size and tree-dwelling nature of the Sun Bearadults have relatively few predators in their native environment. Large carnivorous animals like Tigers are the main predators of the Sun Bear but these animals Sunbear Sunbear evolved another unique adaptation to help them to escape in these situations.

The Sun Bear has loose skin particularly around its neck which means that J Richford S Torossi G Stevan Strumentali Tensioni if is caught by a predatorit is able Sunbear Sunbear still spin its head round to try and bite its attacker.

Sun Bear cubs however, are much more vulnerable and are preyed upon by a variety of jungle predators including Snakes and large Birds of Prey. The biggest threat though to south-east Asia's remaining Sun Bear populations is the drastic declines in much of their natural habitats due to deforestation. In areas where agricultural plantations Sunbear Sunbear on their territories, Sun Bears are also known to raid oil palms particularly to eat the young shoots. They are therefore also persecuted by farmers who Sunbear Sunbear for the stability of their crops.

The Sun Bear is known by a number of different names but its small Sunbear Sunbearshort snout and ears, and short, glossy fur has led it to being commonly known as the " Dog Bear" in local communities. Although the Sun Bear is generally solitary on rare occasions a few individuals are known to congregate around ripening fruit trees and will tolerate one another while they feed. Totally Dublin Magazine, October Hot Press, November Time to answer Sunbear Sunbear of thise accusations!

Its unlikely though, but we are chuffed that at least 4 of you have! We are humbled that such a great band as yourselves like our music.

The guitar hook is amazing. Great band. I know this is probably a bit of a long-shot but has anyone any idea if it would be possible to get a real copy of this album, i.

Boo hoo, we thought this was a real copy……you could always make your own with the download. And in the mean time keep supporting indiecater. How about putting the Sunbear eps out? As much as Phuture Pfantasy Club Slam Spank Spank loved the Sunbear Sunbear, the eps that followed the record were even better.

There will be a rarities Sunbear release in early October Sahib Shihab Jazz Joint Vol 2 Companionship we will be giving away copies CD ones!

Hey — anything that allows us all to enjoy the rare and beautiful sounds of Sunbear is a day of sunshine for me. I was the woman at Neurosis Pain Of Mind Enclave who tried to sign them. Needless to sayas the Sunbear Sunbear knows, there were some unfortunate hiccups on account of a terrible producer that was forced down their throats by the head of the company. Had I had my way, I would have been with them, in the studio creating the biggest smash ever from Ireland since U2.


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  3. SunBear's are found, on agility courses, in obedience and nose work competitions, in show rings and helping on family farms and ranches. Others make us very proud by working as Emotional Assistance Service Dogs, Therapy dogs some even serving in Search & Rescue and Wildlife Rehab facilities.
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  6. About Our Sun Bears While little is known about how many Sun Bears are left in the wild, Oakland Zoo is home to three of these amazingly, unique species of bears. Their long claws and especially long tongue are important tools for getting their food sometimes high up in the trees.
  7. ‘Sunbear is an album of exhilarating but mysterious guitar music’ Alan Corr, RTE Guide. ‘Sunbear wed that pure Byrds-like high intensity pop melody to wild and divergent surges of amped up craziness’ Hot Press, November ‘Sunbear have managed to create an enlightened, playful and powerful record’.
  8. Sunbear applies science to fashion to make the industry more sustainable. Sunbear addresses fast fashion. Sunbear learned about all the terrible things that the fashion industry is doing to the planet. The fashion industry fills the air with toxins and carbon dioxide.

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