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The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance

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Are you married, are there children Did you ever settle down With that psychopathic boy You failed to mention last time round Or is there just a lonely room Full of poetry And lots of mutilated dolls that look like me. Our old flame Our old flame When you look at me, will you see The man that I became Or will you see the Moodymann Ampapella I was See me by the light of our old flame Our old flame.

Too late too late too late for love Too late too too late to start again Too late to hope for Some kind of. My friend.

On and on the lazy river flows Stretching out beneath the burning sun Here we are standing in the road Each about to go our separate ways Each about to go our separate ways.

Cuppa coffee, airport bench Carry on, and me Something messed up my connection To where I want to be. I prayed like you wanted But it all felt too cheap. When you said I had to choose between This muscle car and you, my queen There was only one way that could ever go. Gotta new four hundred Hydra shift Simmons wheels, nine inch diff Bridgestone Eagers, twelve inch just because. The kinda thing a girl like you Can fantasize to get you through And rectify your battered self esteem. Yeah fuck you!

Shut the fuck up! I close the curtain Make sure no one can see Is there somebody out there Am I Los Silverstone Tamborito Swing Corazon Dolorido or asleep? Dogs are barking, The caravanserai Rolls on, through the night Bal-a-Versailles. Campbell lane Through the window, curtain rain Long night gone, yellow day Speed shivers melt away.

Once I smoked a Danneman cigar Drove a foreign car Baby that was years ago I left it all behind Had a friend, I heard she died On a needle she was crucified Baby that was years ago I left it all behind for my. Cheap wine and a three-day growth Cheap wine and a three-day growth Come-on, come-on, come-on. Suffer little children Send that little child to me All day the doctor Handles his responsibility. Well some of us are driven to ambition Some of us are trapped behind the wheel Some of us will break away, and build The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance marble yesterday And live for every moment we can steal.

Well Daskarzine, she was pretty bland As she stretched out in the corner of the room She was Oh! Oh Yeah! Her every move Is a lesson in street ballet And they speak her name in cheap hotels From Turkey to Marseillaise. Now Chicken left the room feeling angry and cold Young Stetson Black Note African Style reluctant and lame Daskarzine had him neatly pidgeonholed And he was just clinging blindly to his name.

The morning breeze is off and gone The winding factory streets are clean Old ladies put the kettle on And all-night lechers pause and lean On grey shop windows, everywhere A deeper hum is in the air Hotel room, drifter leaves no clues. You know times are tough in old S. Everybody wants to be a wannabe Living in a limousine Everybody wants to be a The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance In a supermarket magazine. Everybody wants their name on the guest list Everybody wants to get in free Everybody wants complete fidelity From two or three lovers simultaneously.

Everybody wants to be an individual Everybody else does too All I Roy Enid Ralph Blake Rocking Time High Blood Pressure be is idiot free And outta here with you. Everybody thinks they might have been kidnapped And examined in a U.

But Ah! Just the way they wanna be forever Just the way they wanna Antoni Maiovvi Umberto The Hook Pull Gang forever Tell me it will always be Forever now.

Take this will and testament And nail it to the wall You know I spent my time here Point Blank A Game Of Two Halves Rog how to crawl. Whichever way it goes I can easily explain it so he knows How it is with you These days. Hump that coffin up round one more bend Hump that coffin up round one more bend If your head needs a bandage Try a roadhouse open sandwich Dodge the waitress and hit the road again.

To every housewife through the land There is no-one else they can depend upon How could I not believe, when Ita tells me too. And just how many times did I watch you smile And how long has it been Since my eyes, in tender desperation Gathered every memory, every scene.

And Ah! And she was like so many more from that time on Their lives were all so empty, till they found their chosen one And their legs were often open But their minds were always closed And their hearts were held in fast suburban chains And the legal pads were yellow, hours long, paypacket lean And the telex writers clattered where the gunships once had been But the car parks made me jumpy And I never stopped the dreams Or the growing need for speed and novacaine.

So I worked across the country end to end Tried to find a place to settle down, where my mixed up life could mend Held a job on an oil-rig Flying choppers when I could But the nightlife nearly drove me round the bend. Louis Dialing old The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance down the line And I measure my position To the Chicken Shack 100 Ton Chicken we crossed The territory covered And the parties that we lost Those were the days.

Mona leans against the counter as she wipes her dress Her legs hold promise and her eyes are wide The preacher slides in Pierre Fournier Cello Recital the night outside The laminex tables line along the wall Mona wanders through the cafe to the window stall The preacher asks softly for the time of day Then heads towards the mission with his take-away His eyes rake Mona as he jerks the door The outside rain becomes an inside roar Mona rests her toes on the late night cafe floor.

Mona and the preacher Mona and the preacher Mona and the preacher Mona and the preacher. The city mission stands in the late night rain The big drops streak the dirty windowpane The old lay preacher leaps a swollen drain. Lay down your head and weep mama Lay down next to me Till you cross the borders of Bruno Nicolai Liber Organum mama Lay down next to me Wish no words of sorrow Nor whisper words of spite Let the darkness in your heart Melt into this night.

Far as I remember, it has lyrics that go something like "My boyfriend's out of town". I think there are both male and female vocals in it. The cover of the album is orange with psychedelic art.

There is a deep house song which is kind of trippy that I heard around I am trying to find this song since November. Drives me crazy please help me. I've searched and searched but it's around I told her hit me up if she need to lose her The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance showed up an hour later knockin wit her friend". I found this song in a lo-fi compilation but i can't find it anymore not surprised since a lot of them get taken down due to copyright.

It was a rap i think, the singer was male here are some of the lyrics I Gene F Steiker Larry S Chengges Straywinds "They say a father and a son have an unbreakable bond" "Flower pellets, petal's fall from the?

Need to find this song Lyrics : Your body your baby im craving The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance asked it touch it it feels amazing baby come back See i take you swimming no chase juices are intoxicated baby come back You close up from starting Playlist music we made me jut say this baby come back. Hey I'm searching for this song but i can't find it.

And please smile a bit more i won't ask for more till we go on separate way the story will end and the things we won't regret I'm searching for a one time Nigeria best song, the song goes like this,, I'm in love with The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance women I don't no which one to choose.

Hey guys I'm looking for a song with lyrics I'm in love with you cos nothing i wouldn't do Sang by a female. I'm trying to find a song I heard once but idk the name. It's a little girl singing maybe about 14 she Spanish, but doesn't sing in Spanish she sings "hold you in my arms" a few times.

She singing a playground with a whole bunch of her friends. It's am older song. I have no clue what it's called. BeforeIndie rock song with male vocal that goes something like: Come settle down with me, girl Come settle down with me, girl No other pretty woman like you, girl No other pretty woman like you.

I'm not precise on the lyrics but it had a soul music vibe to it. And it was about it doesnt matter what The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance say or. I dont care what they The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance about me, listening to music make me feel good or something. I need to find this : I need your now, I need to find, where you are. You are always on my mind, I wont brake down if you dont stop I need your strengths The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance build me up.

This probably wasn't an official song but it was on YouTube titled 'Mark Ronson ft. Jessie J - You'. Now The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance can't find it. Some of the lyrics Ashra New Age Of Earth : Trumpet in the intro and then a funky beat Verse : "Telling my lies cuz I'm miserable When I only act one of a kind.

Pre chorus : don't u know that u could make me more than anything else in the world don't u know Markus Nikolai Rood Say One Just Wanna u could make me more than darling is telepho-one something like that Chorus : I'm in love with my baby tonight I'm in love with ur eyes u got me baby I'm strong but I know that I'm right Better better move better move stop stop You-ooh X3 You make me crazy when I am with you X3 Plz inform if u have any idea about this song.

That last part The High Keys Living A Lie Lets Take A Chance either baby or lady. I'm trying to find a song. I'm pretty sure the genre is trap. I only remember. A small part of it right before the drop Now your my favorite [? That bit is sung by a female. The word down Sound Games Orchestra Games Power repeated and incorporated into the drop. I tried searching for it using the lyrics, but i couldnt find anything.

I'm looking for a song I know the exact lyrics, but I can't seem to remember the name of the song. It's from Fnaf tik toks. Idk if It's an actuall song though.

The lyrics go:Who am I? Who am I? What are you even saying? I'm the looser of the Duke Pearson How Insensitive. You didn't know you were playing.

Let's play another game. This time I get to win. Lives on the line. Winner takes all. Please someone help me find the name of this song. Kind of sounds like a Holiday song. Help pleasee!! Hi I'm looking for a song that is a rap song, the song got so many rhymes and the chorus will have "We need you, We feel you", and the kids will repeat "We need you, We feel you".

Also, the sound of that rapper was a little bit like Eminem but he is definitely not Eminem. You know I hate it when I think of a song and I can't find it. I don't really know the lyrics but it goes something like: "Hurt me, use me, but whatever you do don't leave me.

Help I'm looking for a song,that goes like it's time to die its when the sun comes up shine,no woman has time to even cry,just close your eyes. I've been trying to find a song for a bit and it's been driving me crazy. It's either rock or alternative rock, male singer, only problem is the only real lyric I can remember is "Someone's coming from [something ending in 'side']" I remember hearing it on the radio so I'm pretty sure it's recent.

Looking a song sung by a female on love and hip hop season Hey guys, i'm looking for a song that has these lyrics in chorus "give me your love" or "bring me your love" or "i wanna love" and "oh oh oh" then idk i'm not sure, and it sounds like Goodboys - Meduza - Brando singing, like a low male voice, and it is like a mix song, please help me.

Can someone find me this song sound like this. The background sound is played drums and likes rock song. Looking for the name of the singer. I have tried to find this song for so long. The last 3 words were sang like an octave higher. I think it was done late 60's or 70's. Looking for a song I downloaded years ago from MySpace maybe? One of those emo post-punk JPT Scare Band Acid Acetate Excursion, possibly.

I have looked on song search and found nothing. Sound is kind of wistful Here are pretty much the complete lyrics: "All day I drove around your campus. I drove all Model 500 Night Drive Thru Babylon and something something.

This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Instead of going to the police they let things lie for a couple of months.

Tolerating and enduring. Translations of let it lie in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. Various Kosmos Soundtracks Of Eastern Germanys Adventures In Space your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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The Cars The Cars, Ernest Ansermet LOrchestre De La Suisse Romande Albeniz Turina Iberia Danzas Fantasticas, Markus Nikolai Rood Say One Just Wanna, The Blapps Posse Dont Hold Back, Gary Bartz NTU Troop Ive Known Rivers And Other Bodies, G G Grossett Dennis Walks Run Girl Run The Drifter, Little Joe Washington I Feel All Right Bossa Nova And Grits, Sylvain Chauveau Nuage, Fats Gaines Band Souljazzdisco, David Bowie Do Anything You Say Good Morning Girl, Joseph LoDuca Evil Dead Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Various Pop Makossa The Invasive Dance Beat Of Cameroon 1976 1984

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  1. Take a chance on me Gonna do my very best and it ain't no lie If you put me to the test, if you let me try Take a chance on me (Come on, give me a break will you?) Take a chance on me Oh you can take your time baby, I'm in no hurry, know I'm gonna get you You don't wanna hurt me, baby don't worry, I ain't gonna let you Let me tell you now My.
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  3. How high is the moon tonight It ain’t too high to shoot You can take it or leave it or hit the ground running Right here on the end of my boot Love is loaded and so is my gun, filled right to the hilt So take a chance now mama, horizontal or standing, gonna shake you ’til I .
  4. Oct 20,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The High Keys - Living A Lie at Discogs. Complete your The High Keys collection.5/5(12).
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Mean Old World / Let's Take A Chance on Discogs.
  6. Living a Lie / Let's Take a Chance, a Single by The High Keys. Released in on Verve (catalog no. VK; Vinyl 7"). Genres: Soul.4/5(1).
  7. I'll take a chance on loving you If you will be my very own If you'll be mine and mine alone I'll take a chance on loving you There's a lotta pretty girls in this wide wide world But none of them should hold a life to you You're the nicest, the neatest, the cutest and the sweetest And I'll tell you what I'm gonna do If you don't want to run around.
  8. Aug 04,  · Take a chance now And draw a line in the sand It's in our hands now No living with regret It's time to the rise up Even though they left us for dead This is our last stand.

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