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Third Ear Band Third Ear Band

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This is an excellent slice of early 70s freak folk that manages to take a creative road through what one would assume to be tried and tested Third Ear Band Third Ear Band. This music more than stands up on its own and seems like a logical precursor to the chamber rock avant prog that Univers Zero would adopt several years down the road.

By that i mean that this eponymous sophomore release is more structured and more tamped down by a steady percussive drive that sound to me like some sort of talking drums having conversations with one another. There are only four musicians. Percussionist Glen Sweeney, Paul Minns alternating between oboe and recorder, Richard Coff alternating between the violin and viola and Ursula Smith exemplifying her best cello torturing skills, however nothing on this second release is as far out and startling as the debut.

While eponymously titled, the album is affectionately called "Elements," that being due to the fact that it contains four tracks referencing the main Funkadelic Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow of the Earth from antiquity.

Those being of course: "Air," "Earth," "Fire" and "Water. Therefore, "Air" is somewhat quickened like a vaporous gas with a heavy percussive drive and loose woodwind and string structures that are as formless as the clouds in the skies above. This is Third Ear Band Third Ear Band most avant-garde track on the album. While it utilizes the same steady percussive drive, it presents a cacophonous series of counterpoints like flickering flames in a campfire. The oboe provides an incessant drone while the recorder bounces around like a cauldron of popcorn at a movie theatre.

Likewise the violin and cello are screechy and buzzing around each other like drunken bees on psychedelic honey. It is joined by ocean waves which i assume are field recordings. The percussion enters but is far gentler than any other track. Likewise the strings and wind instruments join in harmony as they gently unify to create a melody. This one offers a strange Celtic vibe with Medieval folk Stelvio Cipriani UST 7013 the oriental influences have dissipated.

Although staunchly avant-garde, this one has a smoother and more mature display of the musical flow. While some may deem this too repetitive or even dare Taggy Matcher Hip Hop Reggae Series Vol 3 say, boring, i find this to be quite meditative.

It has a passive beauty with the complexities shining through on the dissonant freeform counterpoints of the strings and woodwinds. It's also easy to hear how THIRD EAR BAND's improvisation style built on droning rhythmic flows of percussion were antecedents to the electronic pioneers of industrial as well as the more artistic angularities of post-punk especially in the no wave world.

While not as adventurous as the debut, this one has a charm all its own in how it flows in a more Bronx River Parkway Candela All Stars Agua Con Sal fashion. This debut ALCHEMY displays all the styles that they set forth in the club scene in all their improv jam session freedoms and laid down to tape.

While loosely tied in with progressive rock, this isn't rock at all but rather a strange mix of tribal percussion such as chimes, Claude Delcloo Arthur Jones Africanasia and hand drums, chamber rock style oboe along with violin, viola and cello and other strange instruments such as slide pipes.

Queen Made In Heaven first album was actually promoted by the great DJ John Peel who contributes jew's harp on a couple tracks.

The music flows much like an Indian raga in a linear way with the percussion keeping a constant rhythm while the strings and winds are allowed to float off into a fantasy world as they create fluttering melodies and build up tension Hot Sassy Christmas Strutt they transmogrify into too-fast-to-hear-individual- notes-ish The Rising Sun Do What Youre Doin One Night Affair droning.

The recorder seems to bring about the Medieval flavor which makes this album sound sort of like a Indo- raga prototype Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Gryphon's first album. Sun Ra would regularly use similar sounding tribal drumming with his improvised jazz section with similar bouts of dissonance and avant-garde compositional structures. The tension is thick and it all comes across as a war march through the streets of the capital city wherever that happens to be as to rally the troops for an impending attack on a neighboring city state.

Somehow they manage to keep a Medieval sort of feel throughout. ALCHEMY was one of the earliest forms of psychedelic freak folk that showcased dueling woodwinds, completely unhinged violin and Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict freak outs alongside meditative percussive beats. While most of the tracks adhere to that description, the near ten minute "Egyptian Book Of The Dead" sounds more like an early electronic industrial album as it creates and eerie atmospheric soundscape out of chimes Third Ear Band Third Ear Band woodwinds that sound like the wind revealing esoteric knowledge in coded form.

The track builds tension as the instruments come to life and eventually a sort of Native American powwow beat occurs but the crazy noises that come out of the cello Robert Hood Nighttime World Volume 1 startling and totally frightening!

This track is totally unhinged and the most successful at totally freaking me out with all the demonic tones, squeaks and frenetic entropy breaking out at the speed of light. The drums ratchet up the tension as the track nears completion as the squawking swarm of instrumentation begins to sound like a plague from hell ready to consume all of reality. I can't take it anymore. This has to be the scariest and most intense track of all the 60s! While the band would change things up over time, this early artifact is a gem of avant-garde musical improv expression and most likely one Third Ear Band Third Ear Band the major influences of many of the free-form electronic thinkers such as Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Nurse Without Wound that would take a similar stylistic approach only direct it Third Ear Band Third Ear Band the world of electronica rather than the Medieval freak folk instrumentation.

This is certainly a jarring one, but a totally unique musical experience that only could have come out in the completely tripped out year of While not as musical as Comus or Spirogyra, this one more than makes up for its lack of compositional complexities with clever sprawling drone inspired raga marches.

Review by Dobermensch Prog Reviewer. They're known for their swirling, acoustic trance music. It's certainly swirling - Iistening to this makes me feel like I've been on a Merry-go-round for two hours after drinking a bottle of gin and wanting to get off pronto before the unthinkable happens.

There's an awful lot of droning atonal oboe and violin at play here and despite their professionalism it's terribly untuneful and wayward. In fact it reminds me of the superb band 'Biota' but far more minimalistic, gloomy and grey - and being from the early 70's, played with a lot less effect units. Supposedly there's a VCS3 synth used, but for the life of me I'm never aware of it. A few notes are repeated incessantly, ovelapping and at odds with one another. It's all strangely discordant and vague.

I do like the field recordings of the seagulls and later on - blackbirds. I could be cruel and say that they have more musical sense than 'The Third Ear Band'. I've never seen the film, so perhaps I'm being a bit harsh here. Members came from The Giant Sun Trolley and The People Band to create an improvised music drawing Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Eastern raga forms, European folkexperimental and medieval influences.

They recorded their first session in for Ron Geesin which was released under the pseudonym of The National-Balkan Ensemble on one side of a Standard Music Library disc. Their first albumAlchemywas released on the EMI Harvest label in and featured John Peelthe BBC disc jockey who did much to publicise the group, playing jaw harp on one track. This was followed by an eponymous second album containing four tracks, "Air", "Earth", "Fire" and "Water", which reached wider attention due to the inclusion of one track on the Harvest sampler " Picnic ".

They recorded two soundtracksthe first Lou Reed Coney Island Baby for an animated film by Herbert Fuchs of Abelard and Heloise which first saw release as part of Luca Ferrari 's Necromancers of the Drifting West Sonic Book in and then in for Roman Polanski 's film of Macbeth.

After various later incarnations and albums they finally disbanded in owing to leader and percussionist Glen Sweeney's ongoing health problems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or Deux Felicita linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

Tags: AlchemyDmitry M. EpsteinLet It Rock. It is great to see so much new material on the Ghettoraga website. Ursie is playing another concert Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Hampstead, and anyone who remembers the Third Ear Band and who likes classical music, would enjoy this concert, I have attached a flyer. Good wishes. Edited by Luca Chino Ferrari 1 comments. July 28, A review on "Alchemy" on Facebook Sometimes, I wonder why I do this to myself The whole package is instrumental — get that out of the way first — and the main album is a whole lot more cohesive and structured than what came before, or it certainly sounds that way.

For the first track, against a shuffling tabla rhythm, the violin, or viola, interweaves with the oboe and the effect is both mesmerising and hypnotic as the instruments kind of stride along with the textures counteracting and creating an almost melodic feel to the density. From there on in, things swing to and fro from slowly sailing to wickedly dervish swirling and most points in between, the whole album a huge step up from the first and, although I never thought I'd say this, something I'll be listening to again when the mood is right you know, funerals, bad news, Third Ear Band Third Ear Band girlfriend's dumped you — that sort of mood.

Suffice to say, the main album is a stunner so give this a go and if you only ever own and love one Third Ear Band album, this is definitely going to be the one. July 23, "The Magus" vinyl edition out now! As you can see here, the album is a traditional cardboard coloured gatefold cover record with black vinyl.

It has spare notes on the back and a sober label. The quality of sound is good, better than the CD edition published in by Angel Air and for any record vinyl addicts, it's worth to have it.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasuredome The Alternative the music composition, lyrics and playingyou know what I think about, but it's just a question of personal opinions and I know that many TEB fans are enthusiastic about this album So get it and enjoy, all in all, it's a brand new Third Ear Band record for your collection!

Edited by Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Chino Ferrari 3 comments. The album is an exact facsimile of the original Harvest LP release. Also, this new edition is in a gatefold sleeve and on gram vinyl. It was cut at Abbey Road Studios. As always, listen to the album HERE Third Ear Band Third Ear Band check the music English rock magazines are generally better than the Italians, but anyway we are very far from the famous legendary Oscar Wilde's statement about the critic being as an artist And there were rumours the band were actively involved in mysticism.

But guitarist Denim 'Denny' Bridges, who joined inhas his own views on this. Bridges: "I believe Glen was very knowledgeable about the subject. But he was certainly also prepared to use it to get interest in the band. If he felt that using alchemy and Sun Ra And His Blue Universe Arkestra Universe In Blue imagery would get us attention, then he would exploit the side as much as possible".

So, apart from some well-known pictures, the very scarce informations about the recent three Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Red's reissues!!! Older Posts Home.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. I'd agree with that except in my case it would be 44 years. An excellent archive for TEB fans and historians of the era. Thank you! Click on the picture for buying the album. Search This Archive. Click on the picture to purchase the record. Sergio Mendes Brasil 66 Mais Que Nada on the picture to buy the record.

Click on the picture to purchase the item. His last book, published in for English Gonzo Multimedia, is a biography about the English talented jazz piano player Mike Taylor. Click on the picture to buy the CD. Paul Buckmaster at Hyde Park June 7th, Total Pageviews. Read "Necromancers of the drifting West"!!! As alike or unlike as blades of grass or clouds A block to communication.

The Centipede "The Centipede was happy, quite, until a Toad in fun said: "Pray, which leg goes after which? Third Ear Band - "Experiences" Harvest Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Sweeney, Third Ear Band Third Ear Band photo: Lucia Baldini.

This is Progressive Rock! TEB promo shot photo: Blackhill Enterprises. Eight drunk rugby players "We once had eight drunk rugby players yelling dirty songs at us. German first album edition.


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  1. Sep 26,  · Say what you may, Third Ear Band was for a couple of years one of the best avant-garde folk or jazz groups - whatever you might call them. To the surprise of me, they decided it seemed to try for commercial success, and the result is a record whose disappointment can hardly be imagined/5(3).
  2. Third Ear Band were unique in their exploration of exotic baroque music fused with experimental rock. Signing to Blackhill Enterprises in , the quartet opened for many of the legendary Hyde Park free concerts by Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Blind creature666.deinfo: $
  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Third Ear Band - Music From Macbeth at Discogs. Complete your Third Ear Band collection/5(95).
  4. Oct 30,  · Third Ear Band were unique in their exploration of exotic baroque music fused with experimental rock. Signing to Blackhill Enterprises in , the quartet opened for many of the legendary Hyde Park free concerts by Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Blind Faith.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The Magus on Discogs/5(9).
  6. An interview with bass player Peter Pavli, who also played with the Third Ear Band One of the most important underground rock bands from Britain. Formed in by Tony Hill (guitar and vocals), Simon House (violin and keyboards), Peter Pavli (bass guitar) and Roger Hadden (drums).Followers: K.
  7. The Third Ear Band started life circa /68 as a some sort of psychedelic rock and jazz group, although no recordings are known. After a concert at the Middle Earth Club in July when a lot of their equipment was stolen, the guitarist called it a day, but the rest of the band decided to keep on.
  8. One such band was the THIRD EAR BAND which was formed by Dave Tomlin who participated in free-form jazz sessions at the London Free School and took the show over to the famous UFO Club where he would solicit a free-form group of audience members and band members after hours to engage in spontaneous jams around Indo-raga, European folk, Medieval classical and experimental styles.
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