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Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974

Download Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974

Kate Nash had two albums of straight piano-focused indie pop. Her third release, Girl Talk, flipped her previous sound on its head, as she instead opted for a guitar-lead garage rock sound. Fan reaction was mixed, to say the least.

Nero 's first album Welcome Reality was heavily rooted in Dubstep and Drum and Basswith elements of breakbeat, electro-pop, and electronic rock. New Found Glory 's music has always been steeped in pop-punk and hardcore influences, but their album Coming Home is considered their most different as the melodies were Lighter and Softerwith more involvement with piano, acoustics, and some female backing vocals.

Their next few releases after this album went back to their hardcore roots. Their previous album, Movementsounded rather similar to Joy Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974.

After three albums of straight indie power pop, The New Pornographers started varying things Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 a bit: Challengers was composed almost entirely of ballads, with only two songs "All of the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth" and "Mutiny, I Promise You" resembling anything from, say, Mass Romantic.

The album carries a downtempo air of melancholy and many of the songs on it seem to be about breakups, and even Dan Bejar's three songs are more wistful than usual. Togetherin addition to having plenty more ballads, features a more grandiose sound heavily featuring strings and horns, as well as established guest musicians such as St.

Vincent and Zach Condon from Beirut. Brill Bruisers has a much more noticeable reliance on synthesizers and a denser sound in general. This is even more pronounced on the group's latest, Whiteout Conditions. These New Puritans' first album, Beat Pyramidhad a Captain Beefheart His Magic Band Sure Nuff N Yes I Do normal post-punk revival sound. Their follow-up, Hiddenwas a dark and bizarre album based mostly on electronic beats, orchestral and choir arrangements and odd samples.

And now their new album, Field of Reedsseems to be going in a more Post-Rock direction. Nilsson Schmilsson saw Harry Nilsson switch from Tin Pan Alley-styled pop with a heavy Beatles influence to more straight-ahead though eclectic rock.

Nirvana : They did it with every single album of theirs. Nevermind was polished, glossy produced for them, commercial hard rock much more similar to The Pixies and Mudhoney along with the acoustic song Polly. Incesticide was a hodge-podge mixture of "Bleach" era songs, straight punk rock covers, and covers turned into pop rock such as the song "Son of a Gun".

In Utero was more of a hodge-podge of heavy metal, heavily distorted hard rock like Sonic Youthstraight punk, and acoustic ballads such as the song "Dumb". Finally MTV Unplugged in New York was acoustic rock with more of a progressive focus such as the inclusion of the cello on several songs and the addition of a second guitarist in Pat Smear.

Nits are known for doing this with almost every album, to the point where critics and fans are disappointed when they don't. No Doubt 's second big album, Return of Saturnwas a different sound from that heard in the wildly popular Tragic Kingdombut it was more an evolution than any sort of sudden shift. But Rock Steady was a drastic change, so drastic that for better or worse it barely sounded like No Doubt at all. American metal band Nonpoint has always been a very recognizable band, but each of their major studio albums feature a distinctly different sound.

This was largely dropped on their second album Developmentwhich went towards a much more commercial Alternative Metal direction very similar to Chevellewhich featured no trace of harsh vocals and very radio friendly melodies. Recoil was a much heavier album with very throaty vocals and crunchy distortion, even featuring some double-bass drumming moments. The album still maintained the catchy melodies from the previous album, though not as commercial.

To the Pain essentially took the previous album and took it Up to Elevenwith some songs featuring extremely harsh, lightning-fast vocal delivery, chugging riffs, and a very strong Groove Metal sound. Vengeance was rawer and even more aggressive, though the vocals aren't quite as fast. Miracle is another slightly more commercial album, though nowhere near as radio friendly as Development ; it features less Rinder Lewis Willie And The Hand Jive and harsher singing than the latter album.

Julia Nunes ' first album, Left Right Wrong was entirely original songs performed by herself on acoustic guitar and vocals. Acoustic guitar or ukulele are audible in a few tracks, but they're more likely to be run through effects to sound more like "samples". While Oasis roughly kept the same "Beatlesesque songs" style their whole career, their albums from the third to fifth fall into this: Be Here Now focused on Epic RockingStanding on the Shoulder of Giants was psychedelic and Heathen Chemistry had a crude sound.

The Ocean started off their first three albums with a mixture Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 aggressive hardcore-influenced progressive sludge metal and slow, heavy, dark atmospheric doom metal.

Heliocentric and Anthropocentric changed everything with far more clean singing and melodies, and even additions of ballads. The earlier album Satanic Panic in the Attic was also an important transition towards this new sound: It was their first album to prominently feature synthesizers and drum machines throughout.

This has been a common occurrence throughout the band's existence. The very second album - The Bedside Drama: A Petite David Lynch Alan R Splet Eraserhead Original Soundtrack Recording - was a shift from stand-alone, confessional compositions towards concept albums about fictional characters.

The Offspring became popular as a punk rock band with catchy upbeat songs. Their album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace has only two songs in their signature style with the rest being slow and more thoughtful. There breakout album, 's Smash, is itself a New Sound Album. Their previous two albums are much rougher hardcore punk, while Smash marked the debut of better hooks and Henri Guedon Noel Creole strong metal influence.

To be fair, they often had slower, "more thoughtful" songs and interludes on almost all Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 their albums except maybe Smashsuch as the Grief Song "Gone Away". UK thrash metal band Onslaught's album In Search of Sanity features a more melodic and complex style of thrash than the simpler, Slayer-esque sound they Traveling Wilburys Volume One on their previous release.

It also featured vocalist Steve Grimmett from Grim Reaper, whose soaring and clean vocal style was a point of Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 at the time Ramsey Lewis Goin Latin the album's release.

On the topic of Onslaught, their first album was more of a thrash and hardcore punk hybrid than the full-on thrash they would play on their second album. Opethoriginally a progressive death metal band, did this twice. Damnation is an album consisting of, essentially, nothing but the quiet bits that had usually been sandwiched inside death metal songs before.

This was followed by two more albums of their regular progressive death metal mix. Heritage features a new sound entirely, abandoning the death metal influences for heavy progressive rock. This change has stuck, with their albums since refining the same style. Orbital 's In Sides and The Altogether.

Owl City began as a indie-electropop project, but Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 into more of a mainstream dance-pop sound post- Shooting Starwhich did not go well with plenty of fans. The EP Ultraviolet saw Adam Young returning to a less mainstream sound, which seems to have won back former fans.

Bands and Artists P-Z. Progressive Metal band Pain of Salvation did this with every album, too. Entropia had a very eclectic prog-metal sound Mudhoney Superfuzz Bigmuff a funk influence in some tracks. One Hour by Manu Dibango African Voodoo Concrete Lake was much more streamlined and had a slight industrial influence.

The Perfect Element - Part 1 was a softer, darker, and more complex effort. Remedy Lane was the same, but slightly heavier. BE was very experimental, featuring tracks in other genres away from metal or progressive rock. Scarsick was more commercial, even adding a bit of Nu Metal in the sound.

Both Road Salt albums are heavily influenced by s prog-rock and hard rock, and are their softest work to date. They then completely changed their sound again on Pretty. This triggered a Broken Base who still rage to this day. Death of a Bachelor had a much less consistent sound - a few tracks were straightforward Pop Rock, but Jazz and Hip-Hop had a clear influence throughout the album.

Their fourth album Getting Away with Murder abandoned nu metal completely for Alternative Metal with Hard Rock leanings, and all rapping was completely removed. They maintained this sound all the way until 's The Connectionwhich featured the return of rapping and nu metal elements, described as a cross between old and new. Despite the albums selling like hot cakes, it still doesn't stop people from complaining. Their next album is reportedly going to be more punk rock influenced.

Time will tell how that ends up going. After little success cranking out generic J-pop, Perfume brought on producer Yasutaka Nakata for their album "Game" as a last ditch attempt at popularity.

The switch to a techno sound quickly turned them into one of the most successful groups in Japan's history. Pet Shop Boys albums are pretty consistent—almost entirely electronic and typically dance-pop or house-influenced beatfests with Boytronic Bryllyant You occasional political snark, historical reference, or cultural observation.

Then, out of left field, 's Release : a guitar-based album full of sixties-ish pop with Johnny Marr playing the guitar parts, no lessthe occasional use of Autotune mostly to simulate a phone linebut fans still cried "they ruined Neil's voice!

Critics tended to like it, but many fans hated it for being "too acoustic". Petrathe original Christian Rock band, did this nearly every album, essentially following the current trends in rock music or trying to, at least from start to finish.

The standouts, however, are the various times they tried to tone down the "rock" part in order to MGMT Electric Feel airplay on Christian radio.

Only to snap right back by the next album. Mostly due to heavy Executive Meddling in her first albums. The ones with her pink hair. She fought for more creative control with her second album, deciding to sing music in her preferred style. The albums are also pretty good reflections of different periods in her life "Missundaztood" dealt with much of her childhood, "Funhouse" was written during the time she had separated from husband Carey Hart.

Pink Floyd. More like five if you take into account their experimental albums like Ummagumma and Atom Heart Mother. However the transitions Jose Mangual Jr Latin Rhythm Moods so gradual that in many cases it's difficult to pinpoint exactly which one is the New Sound Album. Where it is evident is usually when a major change occurs in the band. The Police 's first two albums, including Outlandos d'Amourwere inspired Various Mliu14 reggae and punk music what they termed "Reggatta de Blanc" and indeed named their second album that and involved a lot of Sting screaming over sped-up reggae riffs.

Their third album, Zenyatta Mondatta slowed things down and largely abandoned the reggae elements, before the complete Genre Shift took hold with Ghost in the Machine apart from the hits, it was mostly funk-inspired and Music: Synchronicity straight pop album.

Porcupine Tree definitely deserve this. The second album, Up the Downstairwas more dance and trance-based whilst still retaining elements of being on drugs.

The third album, The Sky Moves Sidewayswas a homage to Pink Floyd, whilst the fourth album, Signifywas a more rock-oriented and faster-paced album than any of its previous friends, and introduced a very jazzy feeling, and Stupid Dreamthe fifth album, has been described as a pop album, as it's one of the most accessible albums by PT.

Lightbulb Sun is the Tree's take on emo, being the break-up album, so filled with lots of sad lyrics, and the seventh album, In Absentiadecides to further mess with your head by going progressive metal a lot of the time, whilst still retaining acoustic elements found in Lightbulb Sun and Stupid Dream. Prog metal gave way to ambience for the next album, Deadwingwhich did keep some of the heavier moments from In Absentia. Fear of a Blank Planet has been the heaviest album overall, following on from Deadwingand includes a 17 minute long epic rocking moment, which is also one of the heaviest pieces they've done, featuring some death-metal-esque drumming at points.

The Incident blends together metal with ambience and acoustic guitars, as well as hints of industrial at times. It's fair to say, the only genre they've not attempted yet has been soul, but there's still time yet. Their last album was a straightforward Post-Grunge album with nary a rap on it. Out of nowhere. From Elvis in Memphis was a new sound album for Elvis Presley as it showed him perform musical genres from his native city Memphis, Tennessee, like country and soul. At the time it was his first non-soundtrack album in nearly a decade and he actually choose music he wanted to do, rather than have his manager make this decision for him.

Another unique album in Elvis' career is Having Fun with Elvis on Stagean atrocious piece of garbage where his manager just edited several bits of stage conversations together, devoid of any context or music, and released it as an album.

When Elvis heard about this he personally made sure this record was withdrawn from the stores. Primal Scream shifted their sound repeatedly throughout the s, first moving from the indie jangle sound of their '80s albums to house rock with Screamadelica.

He has had several others over his career: Purple Rain emphasised the rock and pop parts of the equation with a slight influence from psychedelic rock and represented the debut of The Revolution. Around the World in a Day dialed up the psychedelia.

Sign 'O' the Times was made after The Revolution disbanded and emphasised stripped-down arrangements. The Black Album was pure funk but got Egberto Gismonti Trem Caipira - its replacement Lovesexy was more poppy. With Graffiti BridgePrince bought new drum machines and sequencers but otherwise continued with Lovesexy -style pop-funk-rock.

Procol Harum started out as the psychedelic band we all knew in the 60's thanks to "A Whiter Shade of The Jones San Juanito Hey Mina Foul. While each of Pulp 's albums progress from the last, His 'N' Hers shows a marked difference from their more introspective, artsy records of the 80s, and is generally considered a vast improvement.

We Love Life could also be considered this to a lesser extent, as it sounds much more naturalistic and organic than the albums that preceded it. Queen weren't exactly prog to start with, but were known for highly overdubbed vocal harmonies and guitar work. Starting with The Game they pushed the guitar to the background and focused more on the pop side of their personality instead of Joyce Williams The First Thing I Do In The Morning. This development went hand in hand with synthesizeritis and reduced songwriting quality, causing them to lose their popularity in America.

Monster to an extent too, as it introduced a louder, more grunge-influenced sound, coming after two popular albums emphasizing orchestration and acoustic guitars. Don't forget Upthe first album after Bill Berry's departure. It introduced drum machines and synthesizers to their sound. They reached Jay Reatard Blood Visions critical acclaim in with OK Computeran album featuring spacey rock with recurring themes of globalization and alienation.

The Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 hype and the highly positive reception gave them much popularity and attention, but the amount of touring and inter-band strife forced the band to re-think itself.

Eventually creating Kid A. The album featured more electronic sounds than guitars as Thom Yorke was allegedly bored of guitars by that pointdistorted vocals and much more abstract lyrics and experimental instrumentation, splintering their massive fanbase many of whom had expected a straight-up continuation of OK Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 and becoming a highly polarizing album.

With came In Rainbowswhich was a much Lighter and Softer version of Radiohead but just as Radiohead as it could be and much more accessible than one could say about their previous work. The Rasmus did this with the release of Dead Letters. Energetic and thoroughly enjoyable if not particularly special Finnish pop-rock band tries for some strange pop-goth-electronica vibe, falls spectacularly flat, ends up generally derided by the English-Speaking-World goth rock-listening public and having one single, solitary, not very representative song played to death on commercial rock radio.

Shame, a couple of the album tracks that hark slightly back to their old sound which would likely have done well in the pop charts are excellent, but the rest of it is a pretty forgettable dirge. They made 2 future albums in a similar genre. It proved to be their breakthrough album. Lou Reed : Transformer was far more poppy than most of his earlier output. He followed this commercial bestseller up with increasingly more experimental albums like Berlin and the anti-commercial sonic attack Metal Machine Music.

Their latest album, Forget and Not Slow Down, is a blend of all their genres. REO Speedwagon was a hard rock band for the entire duration of The '70sbut transformed into pop with Hi Infidelity. Although initially sucessful, this move caused the band to lose credibility and dissapeared off the radar after the s. The Residents : Also change their sound with every album. Whereas albums up until Power were more like music that told a story, Symphony II onward focused more and more on the story rather than the music, building up the cinematic feel almost to the point where the Dark Secret Saga feels more like a movie without the pictures as opposed to the story-telling music of the Emerald Sword Saga.

Fan opinion on which style is better tends to be divided. After the disappointing sales of the jazzy, often times soul-influenced indietronica album Ruby BlueRoisin Murphy decided to completely overhaul her sound and image. The result was Overpowereda throwback to s disco and synthpop that retains a few certain elements from Ruby Blue.

Unlike most eamples on here, it was actually critically acclaimed, but while it was a modest success in the UK, it was never physically released in America it did however pop up on the iTunes Store starting February Not to mention flirting with disco and synth-rock in the 80s. These days they are more of a heritage rock band and don't tend to experiment that much.

And reggae, funk and disco in the 70s. Hard to imagine this topic without a mention of Todd Rundgren, who was notorious for changing his style on a regular basis. One of the most unique aspects of Rush is that they have many "eras". They start out with a new sound album, continue to perfect with the sound for about 2 to 4 albums, then they will shift to a completely new rock sound for their next album.

Enter Peart with Fly by Nightand suddenly the lyrics become sci-fi and the drumming much more technical, but the overall song structures still pretty straightforward hard rock.

Mandar String Theory of Steel to Hemispheres had the band started to move into prog territory, with very long Jan Fryderyk Creative Sound Faun epics, The JBs The Grunt the very popular Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures had the band ditching long-form numbers and Geddy Lee's highest vocal tessitura in favor of more controlled and radio-friendly songs.

Signals to Hold Various Library Of Sound Grooves Action Beat Psycho Grooves From The Italian Cinema 1966 1974 Fire threw the band into a New Wave influenced synthesizer-based sound and went for a more poppier approach, which lasted throughout The '80s. Presto and Roll The Bones had the band throwing the synths into the background and the guitar was now back into the foreground.

It still had a pop-rock sound to them and the band experiment with many genres on Roll The Bonessuch as electronic, funk, and even hip-hop. Counterparts had the band ditched their poppier synth-laden sound in favor of a grunge-influenced sound sound that was met with commercial and critical success at the peak of grunge's popularity. They heavier sound has been part of the band ever since, with Clockwork Angels moved the band back to a '70s sounding heavy-prog.

They seem to have abandoned this since their return to regular recording and touring. S Club 7 were known for a bubblegum pop sound on their debut album S Club. Their third album Sunshine was definitely this, marking a more mature direction for the group. The album's first single "Don't Stop Moving" is widely recognised as their best song ever. Although it didn't sell as well as their previous albums, it received good reviews from critics.

Asobi Seksu were criticized by some fans upon the release of their Timmothy Strange But True Hush for changing their sound from shoe-gaze to a more dream-poppy sound with less guitars. Sepultura 's album Chaos AD showed the metal band experimenting with different genres. Their album Roots had them incorporate traditional Brazilian music in their sound.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Track Listing - Disc 1. Sweet Beat. Stefano Torossi. Se Sapessi Mio Caro. Valeria Mongardini. A Doppia Facia. Nora Orlandi. Milano Trema. De Paris Brothers Orchestra. Forgot your username?

Send username. Forgot your password? Reset password. Already have an account? Log in. An error has occured - see below:. You have been subscribed to Amoeba newsletter. Users Also Bought. In Rainbows LP Radiohead. Unlimited Love 24 12" Various Artists. Conductor, Composer. Women in Lounge, Vol. Liner Notes, Composer. Footprints in Jazz. Mario Nascimbene. Musica Elettronica, Vol. Piero Umiliani. Arranger, Director, Orchestration.

Beat at Cinecitta, Vol. Performer, Composer, Primary Artist. Valentino the Musical [Original Cast Recording]. Film Music, Vol. Primary Artist, Composer. Bruno Nicolai. Arizona Colt. Director, Jay Farrar Benjamin Gibbard One Fast Move Or Im Gone Music From Kerouacs Big Sur. Francesco De Masi's Western Soundtracks.

Lone Wolf McQuade. Una Tomba Aperta Piero Piccioni. Concerto Per Pistola Solista. African Story. Alla Conquista DeLlarkansas. Cinecocktail: 4 the Italian Horror Show. Eroe Vagabondo.


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  3. Nov 15,  · Find Roberto Pregadio credit information on AllMusic AllMusic. New Releases. Featured New Releases Library of Sound Grooves: Action Beat & Psycho Grooves From the Italian Cinema () Primary Artist: Satanik [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Romano.
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  6. Includes top shelf compositions from some of the finest Italian composers including Ennio Morricone, Nora Orlandi, Cipriani, Fidenco, Guido & Maurizio de Angelis, Francesco de Masi & Alessandro Alessandroni, Gerardo Iacoucci, Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont, Piero .

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