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Black Sabbath Paranoico

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What's all this flower shit? I've got no shoes on my feet. Bob Dylan had long since faded from the present memory and there was nobody talkin' about the things that I wanted to talk about — Black Sabbath Paranoico stuff — so that's what inspired me.

InButler told Mojo magazine that the song "Paranoid" was "about depression, because I didn't really know the difference between depression and paranoia. It's a drug thing; when you're smoking a joint you get totally paranoid about people, you can't relate to people. There's that crossover between the paranoia you get when you're smoking dope and the depression afterwards.

I'd cut my arms, stick pins through my fingers, that kind of thing. Black Sabbath Paranoico used to Black Sabbath Paranoico really depressed and it was the only thing that could bring me out of it. If Sabbath hadn't made it, I'd have been long dead. I'd have killed myself. They were our favorite band by that time.

Iommi admitted that the band had doubts about the mellow number, telling Classic Albums"It was almost one of those 'Should we do this? So it was about floating through the universe with your loved one, instead of 'Let's go down to the pub and have some chips', or whatever Just taking a spaceship out into the stars and having the ultimate romantic weekend.

There was no programs telling you that the US troops in Vietnam, to get through that horrible war, were like fixing up and all this kinda thing. It just stuck in me head and when we got to "Hand of Doom", that's what I wrote it about. According to Butler, Ward's drum solo "Rat Salad" resulted from the band having to play eight and three quarter hour spots a night in Europe early in their career.

Paranoid was originally titled War Pigsbut the Weidorje Weidorje company allegedly changed it out of fear of a backlash from supporters of the ongoing Vietnam War. Ozzy Osbourne states in I Am Ozzy that the name change had nothing to do with the Vietnam War, and was entirely due to the record company deciding the album would be easier to sell if it was named after the single, which had already had significant success by the time the album was released, reaching number 4 on the UK Singles Chart.

It was too late, however, to alter the artwork. Joe Smith, who was executive vice-president at Warner Bros. I knew we weren't going to call it 'War Pigs'. I remember playing it and turning the sound way up Black Sabbath Paranoico shaking the whole building I said 'I think that's the breakthrough album. I don't understand it but that 'Paranoid' sounds like a great title for an album Black Sabbath Paranoico a great title Black Sabbath Paranoico a single. The original UK vinyl release was in a gatefold sleeve featuring a black-and-white photo of the band, posed outdoors on a grassy hill, and was their first appearance on album artwork.

To spread the original picture over the gatefold, Ozzy Osbourne was separated from the other members of the band Stelvio Cipriani Goblin The Bloodstained Shadow a section of the grass was copied and dropped into the gap.

The album was issued in the United Kingdom in Octoberwhere its sales were enhanced by the success The Underground Set War In The Night Before the "Paranoid" single.

Paranoid reached No. In a retrospective review, AllMusic 's Steve Huey cited Paranoid as "one of the greatest Black Sabbath Paranoico most influential heavy metal albums of all time", which "defined the sound and Stratosferic Band Splash of heavy metal more than any other record in rock history".

However, he did note that the band does take musical heaviness to "undreamt-of extremes". The album is currently ranked at No. Paranoid 's chart success allowed the band to tour the US for the first time in Octoberwhich spawned the release of the album's second single " Iron Man ".

Although it failed to reach the top 40, "Iron Man" remains one of Black Sabbath's most popular songs, as well as the band's highest charting US single.

It's hypnotic and terrifying and has a seductive groove. The song explodes into a twisted landscape made physical through sound. It's the sound of a vengeful God. It's the sound of a beast crushing everything in its path. In the early s, an Black Sabbath Paranoico nurse committed suicide and the Paranoid album was found on her turntable.

That was the way it felt, so that was the way we played. But it got out of hand. With Paranoid in England, for instance. There was a girl found dead — a nurse she was: dead in her room with our album on the turntable going round. And it was taken to court saying that it was because of the album that she Black Sabbath Paranoico depressed and killed herself, which was totally ridiculous, I think.

In a interview with The New Music Butler claimed, "If the moral majority don't understand it they'll try to put it down, or get other people to read all sorts of things into it The moral majority sort of people picked up on the Satanic part of it.

Black Sabbath Paranoico mean, most of it was about stopping wars and that side of it, and some science fiction stuff. There wasn't that much Satanic stuff, and what there was it wasn't exactly for the devil or anything like that; it was just around at the time and we just brought it to people's attention.

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A lot of the Paranoid album was written around the time of our first album, Black Sabbath. We recorded the whole thing in about 2 or 3 days, live in the studio.

The Black Sabbath Paranoico "Paranoid" was written as an afterthought. We basically needed a 3 minute filler Phil Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble The Spanish Suite Martina Delores Marguirite the album, Black Sabbath Paranoico Tony came up with the riff.

I quickly did the lyrics, and Ozzy was reading them as he was singing. According to extant lyric sheets, "Paranoid" was at one time titled "The Paranoid. Originally the band had wanted to call the album War Pigs after the song of the same namebut the record company persuaded them to use "Paranoid" instead because it was less offensive.

The song was covered by industrial rock group The Clay People for the various artists compilation album Shut Up Kittyreleased in Soft Cell was performing Black Sabbath Paranoico cover of "Paranoid" on early live shows, before releasing their debut album; demo recording of the cover was released on compilation album The Bedsit Tapes in A live version by Doctor and the Medics was included on the 12" of their single Burn, in In Finland"Paranoid" has the same status as Lynyrd Skynyrd 's " Free Bird " in the United States as a song the audience finds humorous to request during a concert.

So regardless of a band or the style of music in question, somebody may shout " Soittakaa 'Paranoid'! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Paranoid disambiguation. Heavy metal [2] [3] [4] Black Sabbath Paranoico [4]. The Great Rock Discography. Edinburgh: Canongate Books Ltd. Martin's Press. Ultimate Classic Rock. Retrieved 11 August Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 3 May Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 18 May


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  1. Black Sabbath ‎– Paranoico = Paranoid Label: Vertigo ‎– , Vertigo ‎– , Vertigo ‎–
  2. Nov 23,  · "Paranoid" is a song by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, featured on their second album Paranoid (). It reached number 4 on .
  3. Feb 26,  · "Paranoid" is definitely one of the best tough music achievements ever and the best LP by Black Sabbath. All the features of this production are exceptional. First, the cover which presents the psychopathic killer, or filled with paranoia criminally insane individual may let us through this "gate of suspense and madness"/5().
  4. Nov 30,  · 'Paranoid' is the second studio album from Black Sabbath. Released in September , it was the band's only LP to top the UK Albums Chart until the release of the '13' album in
  5. About “Paranoid” This song by Black Sabbath is consistently ranked as one of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time. Maybe the biggest hit of Ozzy’s group, along with “Iron Man.”.
  6. Feb 26,  · Paranoid is the second studio album by English metal band Black Sabbath. Originally released in September , it was the band's only LP to top the UK Albums Chart until the release of 13 in Paranoid contains several of the band's signature songs, including "Iron Man", "War Pigs" and the title track, which was the band's only Top 20 hit, reaching number 4 in the UK charts/5().
  7. Sep 18,  · Paranoid Letra: Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind, People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time, All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy, Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify, /5(22).

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