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Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love

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Noel likes emo rock bands, and Cole listens to rap. Noel is more understanding, while Cole will tell you to suck it up and stop acting like a baby. Get what I mean? Noel and Cole go to the University of New Mexico, and are twenty.

After them is Johnny, eighteen and a senior in high school. The regular All-American boy. He is perfect at any sport he plays, which is all of them, and gets straight A's in school without studying at all.

But then again, he isn't in all the honors classes, but that doesn't mean he isn't smart, he is, he just would rather be in the easy classes and pass easily then Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love in hard ones. Cole and Johnny are a lot alike. And last but not least are me and Shane. Me and Shane are twins, but he is older by one minute and twenty-eight seconds.

He will remind me of that when ever I tell him that we are twins, and we're Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love same age. While Shane is on the varsity basketball Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love, he only plays because he thinks he has to.

My dad did, therefore all my brothers did. Even Noel who isn't the sportiest person in the bunch. Shane is more like Noel. He is into theatre, which is where he met his best friend Ryan Evans.

They both are in every theartric production at East High. The youngest technicallyis me, Gabriella. I can't cook like Drew. I'm not into sports like Cole, and Johnny. I can't act like Shane.

And I am not as angsty as Noel. I actually like school, take all the honors classes, am on the Scholastic Decathlon team, I run track in the spring, tutor after school, and am the only known person who can actually calm down Sharpay Evans. Sharpay in my best friend in the world and has been since we were six. Our moms were friends. While I was playing nicely with my doll, Sharpay was trying to get her mothers attention. When Daphne Evans wouldn't give Sharpay the attention she wanted, she proceeded to pick up her skirt, pull down her underwear and pee in her mothers six-hundred dollar designer handbag.

Sharpay is the kind of girl you don't mess with. My brothers only agree on one thing. Protecting me. One, where I am going. Two, who I am going out with. Three, when I will be home? And four, will any boys be there? I was twelve when I first saw a dead body. Well, bodies. My mom and Axis Come On dad.

They were running late for dinner, because number one rule in the Montez house is that we all eat together, as a family.

They ran one red night, and bam! We got a call telling us Fever Ray Fever Ray my parents had died. Everything changed. I can still see the look Pilotpriest Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Drew's face as he dropped the phone and slid down the wall, and Noel jumped up and grabbed the phone, wondering what the person on the line had said to hurt our oldest brother so badly.

I cried once. As soon as I found out. I cried then. But when we had the funeral, and after the funeral, nothing. I didn't shed one tear. What would be the point? It wouldn't bring them back, it wouldn't make it better. My parents would still be dead. I would never hear my dad call me his Little Bear again.

My mom would never let me jump into bed with her when I had a bad dream again. They would never pick me up and hold me when one of my brothers made me cry. They wouldn't do anything ever again. But that was a long time ago. I'm not twelve anymore, I'm seventeen or I will be in about a month and a junior in high school. Which is the reason why I am hopping down the stairs while putting on one of my shoes.

I'm running a bit late. It all started when I threw my alarm clock against the wall because it was annoying me. I think I need a new alarm clock. Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love was on the last step when Cole walked passed me, I grabbed his arm to steady myself and put my shoe on right. I smiled, now standing on my own two feet and let Cole go without a word before running into the kitchen, where Drew would be making some kind of breakfast. He is the cook in the family.

But even though he is, we trade off when we make dinner. Although when Cole or Johnny make dinner, Drew is always there watching in case they start a fire.

It's happened before. I nodded, biting into it. He waved it off as he went over to the stove and flipped a pancake. It isn't fair that I don't have enough time to eat some pancakes, because Drew is like the breakfast king. His pancakes are the shit. Really, they are. I was staring at the pancakes adoringly when Shane yelled that Ryan and Sharpay are here. I shoved the rest of the toast into my mouth before running over to Drew and kissing him on the cheek. It's a good thing I am on the track team, because I beat Shane to the car, meaning that I get the front seat, next to Sharpay, and he has to sit in the back with Ryan.

Don't get me wrong I love Ryan, I just like the front better. Shane swore under his breath and climbed into the back. Sharpay looked over at me Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love I shut the door. She reached into her purse and pulled out a makeup bag. I was about to ask her for it, I smiled in thanks and instantly started to rummage through it.

Sharpay and Ryan pick me and Shane up every morning. Johnny rides with his best friend, Jason who lives next door. Jason is kind of like brother to me because he grew up with us. I smiled faintly, holding the mirror up to my face as I put on eyeliner. Sharpay coughed from next to me, causing me to smile more. Sharpay loves being in the spot light, and Tommy James And The Shondells Cellophane Symphony don't.

Probably another reason why we are best friends. Darbus has hated me ever since I accidentally told her she looks like a gypsy, and even though I may have an okay singing voice, I can't act to save my life," I answered, pulling out eyeshadow. I laughed, remembering that.

I can be blunt. I have five brothers, you learn to be blunt. One time I told them I had my period as they were going to the store, they bought disposable napkins. I literally had to write down what I needed, the brand name and where to find it on the list. I can put on makeup at a fast pace while it takes Sharpay three hours to get everything on just right. We all got out of the Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love and I swung my bag over my shoulder as I straightened out my t-shirt.

Growing up with five brothers, I am not the ultimate girly girl like Sharpay, but also growing up with Sharpay, I am not a tomboy. I know how to dress to look good, and be comfortable. My fitted t-shirt today says 'Love the Life You Live' in an elegant black script. Which matches my black belt and low-riding light wash fitted jeans, along with black high-heeled shoes. I handed Sharpay back her makeup bag as we walked into school after Shane and Ryan.

I followed Sharpay in my peripheral vision as I dug into my large purse, that acts like a backpack because all my binders and folders fit into it.

I smiled in thanks and turned it on. Sharpay calls me every morning because she knows me and my alarm clock aren't getting along at the present time. She calls until I wake up. Sharpay and Chad Danforth started dating mid-summer. I was thankful because I was finally done being the middle man between them.

The only Crime Frustration Murder By Guitar now, is that they always have little annoying arguments every five minutes. They always make up though, and I will admit when they are not fighting they are the cutest couple ever.

I don't care that he is annoying, always carried a basketball with him, and has the urge to call me his favorite Montez girl every time I see him, as long as Sharpay is happy, so am I. I laughed. Suddenly Chad appeared behind Sharpay and wrapped his arms around her waist, causing her face to light up like a Christmas tree and lean back against him.

See, they are so cute. She Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love and closed her eyes. We've known Chad since middle school.

And since middle school, Chad and Sharpay always flirted and fought. When they weren't flirting they were fighting, and when they weren't fighting they were flirting.

I finally convinced Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love to grow some balls and ask her out. They have been doing the same flirting and fighting since then, now they just call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Some people would call it weird, but I just say it is Chad and Sharpay. He whispered something in her ear that made her blush, and seeing Sharpay Andrea Evans blush is a rarity.

I crinkled my nose at them. I found Troy Bolton looking back at me, his usual smirk on his face, wearing a deep red v-neck t-shirt, black pants, and black converse. There was a chest pocket on his shirt, and aviator sunglasses were clipped to it. His black pants were low on his hips, showing off his black boxers. Everyone knows Troy Bolton, especially females. He transferred in at the beginning of the year, and since it is only October he Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love still relatively new.

He lives with his uncle who is the coach of the basketball team. I'm not a lesbian, so I will admit that he has the body of a Greek God and is probably one of the hottest guys I have ever seen. As if that wasn't enough to attract girls to him, he is the definition of a bad boy. He drives a motorcycle, plays guitar, gets into fights and trouble, and doesn't care what anyone thinks about him. As soon as Troy moved here, him and Chad became like best friends.

I looked back at Chad and Sharpay, who were Jeff Mills Planets acting sickeningly sweet and nodded. When the host of the popular TV show All You Need Is Love disappears the night before the famous Christmas special everyone tries their best to save Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love show. In the past twenty years. Thanks to the pervert casting director job gosschalk fired for abusing little boys who was meant to direct this pile of crap.

And with the usual Doris Ebong All I Need Is Your Love actors. God what a waste of time. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs.

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