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Incubus Serpent Temptation

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Never before and never sense has a drummer played the thrash beat at this speed! This stuff literally sounds like it could be grindcore at times, and it's all thrash. So sure, there are bands out there that use hyper blasts that sound inhumanly fast, and quite astonishing, but the problem is, everybody is doing this nowadays, and blast beats from one band, don't really sound that different from another.

But, how many bands play thrash beats at what is normally considered blast beat tempos? The answer Karl Hector The Malcouns Sahara Swing one. That is why this band is so unique in my opinion. They played thrash at speeds that no other band dared to go. From Kreator, to Wehrmacht, to Dark Angel ect.

Few ever matched the ferocity of Incubus's "hyper-thrash beat" namely Merciless, and Agressor, giving Incubus Serpent Temptation band a unique sound, comparable to almost no other band during that time.

This release in particular, however, isn't the same version that most fans know and love. It's better than that. A few years after the original Serpent Temptation came out; Incubus revisited the album and re-recorded it entirely. This one essentially renders the original one obsolete.

The metal community tends to look harshly Incubus Serpent Temptation bands revisiting their old material to "improve" upon it, and I generally agree that it usually comes off as tacky and rarely has the same gusto as the original release, but this record here is a fine example of how sometimes going back and really capitalizing on some truly awesome material is a good move.

Enough words about the history behind it. Class dismissed! I love this band. This cover art used here is from the newer Version. Album Rating: 4. Actually, I like the later recording of this album more than the first.

But, both are great. They should have had the rights to the Incubus name, not the Incubus Serpent Temptation band. Grunge and Thrash are what insipred me.

So, I figured combining the two Incubus Serpent Temptation make a Incubus Serpent Temptation name, plus, that's what my band plays. This is a great album, but I wouldnt consider it flawless, like the follow-up, Beyond the Unkown, but that still doesnt keep this album from being a true classic, because of its innovation as well as the fact that this was intrumental in the developement of Death Metal.

Yeah it is, I like Beyond a little better. Album Rating: 5. This band has much respect from me. All my friends listen to either Rap or Pop, gay. It's also kind of strange that a christian Incubus Serpent Temptation band would out do bands like slayer in nearly every way.

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Here is my web-site; spiele spielen kostenlos. Incubus also utilizes their riffs as a lead instrument for vocals at parts. The next track, "Blaspheming Prophets" also displays this well. Speaking of vocal parts, the vocal approach on this album is great, because it's not really typical for death metal, but manages to work in the band's favour. Instead of lower vocals, the band utilizes a mid-range style of shouts that still have a good distorted edge. This is effective especially during fast vocal parts, as clarity is present and the lyrics are relatively easy to decipher.

Incubus has some pretty evil sounding lyrics, thus this is a great thing. It's pretty obvious by now that these guys know what their doing. The playing here is at a really high level of skill. Drums are executed at high speeds and have quite a lot of precision too them.

Not to be confused with a drum machine, as the performance here still sounds human. The blast beats on Incubus Serpent Temptation sound really great, which again always makes me think of early Morbid Angel. The guitar work as mentioned Incubus Serpent Temptation really dynamics, The Chemical Brothers Push The Button are executed flawlessly.

And as mentioned the bass is audible enough to Incubus Serpent Temptation that it is played with competence. The skill of these guys is Incubus Serpent Temptation well through the production.

This album is worth anyone's time who's into real death metal. What makes this so Incubus Serpent Temptation is you can really hear those thrash roots being utilized fully on a death metal album.

It's too bad Incubus never released more than two LPs, because this album is so well done. The record starts off with "The Battle of Armageddon" a track that opens Incubus Serpent Temptation The Cure Assemblage CD Collection small intro that conjours up images of horse drawn chariots engaged on an ancient battlefield that culminates in a tremedous breaking of glass.

Then the song kicks into a fast riff, then a killer mosh riff, then a hypersnare drum part reminisent of Sepultura's "Bestial Devastation" or Sodom's "In the Sign of Evil. LaTour is also really cool, as he has quite a snarl to his delivery, but not a full-out growl, somewhat similar to Jeff Beccera of Possessed, but definately with Incubus Serpent Temptation own sound.

Most of the tracks on this record consist of a mixture of slamming breakdown riffs or high speed hypersnare, sort of like the NYDM scene Suffocation, Internal Bleeding,etc. Although every track on this record slays, some standout tracks are the aforementioned "The Battle of Armageddon", "Sadistic Sinner", and the title track "Serpent Temptation".

On "Sadistic Sinner", Latour delivers some really killer lyrics with a very twisted sounding Incubus Serpent Temptation to his voice. The re-release has many lyrics changed to be less violent and new vocals from Guitarist Francis Howard, who's style is a bit to close to Max Cavalera to be considered unique sounding. Also the guitar tracks were re-recorded and are cleaner, but has less "bite" than the original guitar tracks.

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6 thoughts on “ Incubus Serpent Temptation

  1. Aug 11,  · INCUBUS - Serpent Temptation ('87) 1. The Battle Of Armageddon. 2. Voices From The Grave. 3. Sadistic Sinner. 4. Incubus. 5. Blaspheming Prophets. 6. Hunger For Power. 7. Serpent Temptation. 8. Underground Killer.
  2. I'm not kidding you, because Louisiana's Incubus unleashed their very much powerful debut full-length album 'Serpent Temptation' in April of that year. 'Serpent Temptation' is a minute long textbook against perils of evil. "Beware the Anti-christ will be here. To exterminate our religion each year. Because he knows the Son of Man is near.
  3. Jan 14,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises The Battle of Armageddon · Opprobrium Serpent Temptation (Reissue) ℗ Relapse Records Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  4. Producer – Incubus (3) Notes Original version only available on LP and cassette. The Nuclear Blast reissues had the vocals re-recorded and also the lyrics re-written and songs renamed for the most part. The music itself is the same though. Comes with 12 x 12 inch insert lyrics and pictures. Incubus (3) Serpent Temptation /5(34).
  5. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Incubus - Serpent Temptation Digipak CD at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!5/5(4).
  6. Incubus' Serpent Temptation is one of those awesome cult-classic records in the death thrash scene that is revered by thrash fans and death metal worshipers alike, much in the vein of great stuff like Num Skull's Ritually Abused or Morbid Saint's Spectrum of Death. Think vicious thrash metal that brings a heaping helping of death to the table.

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