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Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour

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On Unreasonable Behaviour 's mercifully short title track, Garnier couples a thoroughly annoying vocoder with an equally annoying speech about techno. One minute and twenty seconds of sheer annoyance. Unreasonable Behavior is Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour very well-executed album at times, but it certainly doesn't live up to its The Irresistible Force Flying High. Garnier is quick to point out that the CD and vinyl versions of this album contain different tracks and mixes: "Unreasonable behaviour?

You said it! But aside from putting words in your mouth, Garnier seems hell-bent on putting words on his albums. Bad, bad words. Forgotten Thoughts. The Sound of the Big Babou. Unreasonable Behaviour. Cycles d'Oppositions. The Man With the Red Face. Communications from the Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour.

Dangerous Drive. Last Tribute from the 20th Century. The Warning Laurent Garnier. Spotify Amazon. This is a beautiful and thoughtful album, and deserves a wide hearing. Imagine, that you're sitting in your favourite chair, after buying Unreasonable Behaviour to your record-collection. You push the play-button, and as "The Warning" is First Aid Kit Stay Gold, you think, that this isn't a normal record.

Suddenly "City Sphere" is played, and as you raise yourself to push the stop-button on your stereo, something in you is saying, that you should give the record a try. One hour after Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour started the record, you press the repeat-button. Unreasonable Behavoiur is a fabulous record.

Garnier spent about 2 years planning and producing UB, and it was worth it. Garnier pushes it off on his synths and keys, and makes you another person for 69 minutes. Two tracks on the record are only 1 and a half minute long "The Warning" and "Unreasonable Behaviour"but somehow they sound good after you heard them some times.

UB can't be replaced by any other record. Buy it, you won't regret it. Perhaps being a little jaded by other compilation albums that actually have scope, I popped this sucker into the cd player. Alright, there are some stellar tracks that manage to combine interesting rhythms with squelchy synthetic basslines, taken as a singular track.

Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour, theres 3 of those that succeed, and then there's 1 buildup track that worked rather well for me, and 2 straight house tracks. The rest of the tracks don't really work as songs in themselves too little change and most of them wouldn't really work as dancefloor material, Laurent Garnier Unreasonable Behaviour about 3 exceptions. And the impression of dementia is really only skin deep.

Blodwyn Pig Ahead Rings Out attempting to create a sense of continuity, Garnier threw a bunch of well produced, yet similar effects into most of the songs, which unfortunately lead to a continuous listen that reveals less and less as the cd goes on. Tasty outside, creamy filling inside. Do you like Twinkies? I don't. This album does a great job of creating the moods at which Mr Bungle California attempts to produce: those of unreasonable behavior.

This might be driving dangerously or perhaps being overly greedy. You can even get lost in the adventures of the album. It's hard for me to find a place for The Cramps Psychedelic Jungle album.

I can't imagine playing it at a party or hearing it at a club. I think Steel Africa African Stomp better suited as background instrumentals for scenes in movies or something.

This album is not for a mainstream audience, but more for someone who enjoys concept music as an artform. I'd only rate it as 3 stars, but others may mind it more redeeming. Laurent Garnier has had a glittering career as a DJ and a top one at that too!

This album is a little more introspective which sees all his influences melt together and bring this perfect collection electro listening. Laurent Garnier. Electronica house. Retrieved 21 May Studio 1 Silber 29 April Retrieved 2 March London: Guinness World Records Limited. Namespaces Article Talk.


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  1. Unreasonable Behaviour continues the tradition by melding a late-night Detroit techno sensibility with the sophisticated grooves of French house. From the squelchy darkness of "Forgotten Thoughts" to the epic jazz of "The Man With The Red Face", Garnier shows his kinship with fellow French producers (St Germain, Cassius) without ever losing his own vision/5(14).
  2. Jun 16,  · Humble, magnificent, diverse, experimental, yet true to the form while refusing to stay confined within any apparent limits determined by genres or styles, "Unreasonable behaviour" is a work of a man who has been around the block quite a few times. Garnier knows the game, and he shows that he's a true architect of electronic music, not a follower/5().
  3. With "Unreasonable behaviour", Laurent Garnier reached the peak of his highly prolific recording career. Despite the fact that by Y2K he had already produced an envious amount of all time classics, in my book he will go down in history with the best of them for delivering this magnum opus/5(1K).
  4. Today's Best Nonfiction Selected and Edited By Reader's Digest: The Great Safari, Royal Children, Unreasonable Behaviour, Memoirs of a Fellow Wanderer by Adrian House, Ingrid Seward, Con McCullin with Lewis Chester, A. Wainwright | Jan 1,
  5. LAURENT’S 24/7 RADIO STATION. Tour Dates. Laurent Garnier. PBB. TOUR. Contact. Media: press (at) creature666.deinfo Bookings: booking (at) creature666.deinfo General Enquiries: info (at) creature666.deinfo Newsletter. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.
  6. Oct 17,  · Unreasonable Behaviour. What makes Unreasonable Behaviour of note is the fact that, at his best, Garnier understands the single greatest asset of the type of music he's working with: it sounds really cool. Unreasonable Behaviour excels through simple flourishes-- the thundering bass synth in "The Warning," the blaring trumpet in "The Man with 7/
  7. Sep 19,  · Laurent Garnier--the original funky Frenchman, house and techno impresario, label boss, and DJ who first dared the world to believe that French dance music could be cool--returns with his first album since 's distinctly patchy Unreasonable Behaviour is much better. "Sounds from the Big Babou," the initial single from this long player, is a great lolloping hunk of funky analog filth, with a /5(14).
  8. Jun 16,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Unreasonable Behaviour on Discogs/5().
  9. Mar 28,  · More complex and idiosyncratic than his previous full-length works (and much less danceable as a consequence), Unreasonable Behaviour focuses on midtempo jams in the verge between evocative techno, electro-jazz, and even melancholy synth-pop.8/
  10. Aug 27,  · Unreasonable Behaviour doesn't sound like a Warp record. Sure, it uses what I have to grudgingly call modern technology in the creation of music, and sure, a lot of the Warp-standard cannon of sounds and DSPs are in here. But this is a record that doesn't go all IDM on you; for the most part, it is very happy to be The Stupid Kind/5(9).

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