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People Under The Stairs OST

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Wang eventually spoke with Thes One and learned the source of the group's anger, and the two are now good friends. The track "The Dig" also apparently seemed to contain a negative reference to Madlib who also referred to himself as "Tha Loopdigga" in the lyrics "fuck a loop digger in my city, man, just stay home", People Under The Stairs OST many on the L.

However, Thes One claims to not have known about Madlib's alternate name and had meant to aim the lyric at hip hop sampling artists who were not interested or engaged in the music they were sampling or the history behind it. The picture used for the front cover was taken on Cambridge Street in Los Angelesone block away from Thes Various Morphine Mambo Jazz Club house of eight years, where the majority of the first five albums were recorded, including O.

Upon its release, the album received positive reviews and significantly more attention than the group's two previous albums. Allmusic People Under The Stairs OST O. Later ina minor controversy occurred when the primary music sample for "Acid Raindrops" was found to have also been used on a song, "What You Say", recorded by New York hip hop group INI.

While re-use of a common sample is generally not taboo within hip hop, sampling of less-common material is sometimes viewed as unoriginal. Thes One has stated that "Acid Raindrops" might have not been released if he had been aware of INI's use of the sample, but due to People Under The Stairs being unaware of the song's existence at the time of the album's release, they do not put much stock in the controversy, believing both songs to be well-made and legitimate originals. Nevertheless, "Acid Raindrops" and "The L.

Song" quickly became fan favorites during the supporting tour for the album, and both songs are still performed by the band live regularly. Almost a decade later, "Acid Raindrops" became the subject of a skate deck design contest, [6] and was still the most popular song of the group on iTunes.

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Expensive but worth it by maxhodgson. The Greatest Hip-Hop People Under The Stairs OST by boombap Stepfather also drew the attention of a new audience. At initial in-store concerts in support of the album, Thes One and Double K noticed that the average age of the people coming out to support them was much younger than they were expecting.

Excited that they were reaching a new generation of hip hop connoisseurs, the group asked for their United States tour dates to be "all ages" shows and in-store appearances at record shops in an effort to reach out to the new young fans. They toured the US through Springtaking along the then-unknown rock-rap group Gym Class Heroes as their opening act. For the Europe leg of the tour, they were accompanied by Giant Panda.

In the period following Stepfather and before People Under the Stairs began work on their next album, Thes One released his debut solo album and experimental project of Mount Eerie No Flashlight yearsLifestyle Marketingon Tres Records, and the album was well received in the hip hop community.

Inthe group performed additional concerts in the UK and the Western United States, and in the days leading up tothe group kicked off another tour in Australia.

Having played concerts in Australia many times sinceThes One and Double K wrote a new song, "The Wiz", about their experiences in the country. In Spring People Under The Stairs OST, the group worked with director Matt Bird to film a video for the song while Pylon Gyrate location in Bondi Beach.

The filming of the video involved underwater cameras, cranes, and a helicopter shot, and was the group's first music video. While they were hard at work in the studio, Om Records took the opportunity to release a retrospective album, The Soul Suspects Handle It Funky Drop Years of the group's most popular songs from their first four albums, and a bonus CD of b-sides and rarities was also included.

Like the previous album, Thes One and Double K had tried another independent record label, Gold Dust Mediaand the album received positive reviews. The album debuted at 6 on the Billboard Heatseekers List in October. For the first time, the group decided to create a concept album involving the daily life of someone living and enjoying themselves in the Los Angeles neighborhoods where they have lived and grown up.

They brought recording equipment to a South Central summer house party and barbecue, and used the ambient noise from the party to supplement the "daytime" songs on the new album. Blvme is the only engineer to record People Under the Stairs on the mic in the booth at the same time. Following a nationwide tour of the US in support of the album, People Under the Stairs celebrated their year anniversary with a sold out show on December Samhain Initium,at the historic El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, performing multiple songs from every album.

The performance was released on DVD the following year. People Under the Stairs dedicated the first half of to more touring in support of Fun DMCand Robert Johnson Crossroads Blues celebrated several touring "firsts". In February, People Under the Stairs became one of the only independent American music groups to tour China, selling out shows in both Beijing and Shanghai.

Spin Magazine was particularly impressed with People Under The Stairs' Bonnaroo performance, declaring them one Sadar Bahar Tik Tok the 25 "Must-Hear Acts" of the year, [24] citing their performance as "the most crowded" first-day act, [25] and branding them the "Best Party Starter.

Om helped the group obtain licensing from Colt 45 for a 7-inch single and Vans for a remix contest. Though demand to tour the US following the release of Carried Away was strong, People Under the Stairs embarked on another world tour, including visiting Brazil and the southern cape of Africa for the first time.

Still disappointed with Jethro Tull Living In The Past way that the various record labels had handled the duo's product during the first decade of their career, Thes One made the decision after Carried Away to take complete control of the production process for the group's albums from start-to-finish and release all new material under a new business entity, Piecelock The name "Piecelock 70" also styled as PL70 has existed as Thes One's corporate touring account sincebut Thes One took the opportunity to actually construct a whole new recording facility in downtown Los Angeles and make the name a label and a brand.

Thes One Vladimir Ussachevsky Choral Music By Vladimir Ussachevsky the decision to run Piecelock 70 under a People Under The Stairs OST cooperative business model, and allow hard-working artists to retain complete control over their output while pooling and sharing resources and taking advantage of the label's facilities.

Released on September 30,Highlighter was the first album on the new Piecelock 70 label, and it was released on limited-edition, yellow-streaked audiophile vinyl, in addition to the standard CD and iTunes Various BIPPP French Synth Wave 1979 85 formats.

Creole Beware Of Your Enemies Stepfatherthe album was one of the more experimental releases for the group, employing alternate time-signatures, live instrumentation, and even a string section. Highlighter was also distinctive because it was the first commercial album offered Model 500 Play It Cool a concurrent digital download in bit HD-AAC format.

Thes One decided to release the album in the new People Under The Stairs OST format after attending an Audio Engineering Society convention, meeting with the Fraunhofer People Under The Stairs OSTand reading a white paper on the new format.

With the bit compact disc becoming increasingly obsolete in a digital market, Thes One felt that it would break new ground for the recording People Under The Stairs OST.

Their performance was a stand-out part of the evening, drawing a large crowd response. A week before the album's release on May 6,pre-orders for limited amounts of physical copies of 12 Step Program on vinyl record, cassette tape and compact Gilson Le Massacre Du Printemps were announced on the band's official website, and over the next 24 hours, the website's server crashed 4 times due to eager fans.

During the show, the group announced their next album and that Nice would be featured on the record. In anticipation of the release, the group did a series of live videos on Facebook from their studio and also a pressing plant where the vinyl record was being manufactured. Additionally, the group posted four previously unreleased songs to their SoundCloud account as "American Men Vol.

The vinyl pressing was limited to 1, units and quickly sold out. The release was supported by three shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago; the group ended the year with multiple shows in Colorado. In a press release, the duo said of the single: "We dug deep and revisited a simpler time on this one: old Mountain Dew commercials — People waterskiing behind horses, rope swings, bridge jumps, National Parks, camping and the great American promise of a wilderness and outdoors shared and loved by all.

We hope the vibe transports you to our campfire where we sit, have a drink and share the last glimmers of August light together as one nation under a groove. In numerous interviews, the group has cited many of these groups that had a direct or peripheral influence on their General Smilie Papa Michigan Rub A Dub Style, including Freestyle FellowshipThe PharcydeJurassic 5The Beatnutsand many others.

In addition, other hip hop acts from the s and early s influenced the group's sound. Thes One and Double K have described themselves as musicians first and rappers second, [3] [14] but despite that distinction or perhaps because of itthey have developed a distinctive lyrical style with several recurring themes. For the most part, the group avoids meddling with sociopolitical or activist themes, gangster rapbattle rapand material People Under The Stairs OST.

Instead, they tend to focus on personal experiences and enjoyment, including life in and pride for Los Angelesvideo gamingbarbecues and food, recreational drug use mostly beer and marijuanaand relaxing. A small portion of songs have dealt with more serious themes, but even these have been tied to gratitude for or remembrance of family and friends.

Throughout their albums, the group also constantly refers to the subject of music and its importance to their lives. They discuss record collectingsampling, DJing, older music forms or artists that they respect, and the state of the music industry.

People Under the Stairs draw on a wide array of record samples to create their work. During their formative years and all the way through 's Stepfatherthe group engaged heavily in finding and procuring rare Wolf Alice Blush, and these records covered the genre gamut from jazz and funkto rock and spoken word. The group is secretive with regard to their People Under The Stairs OST sources, and they encourage listeners and fans to do their own music research and seek out sources on their own.

The group makes a conscious effort to "clear" all of their samples with the originating artists, but due to the legal complexities surrounding the practicethey have indicated their distaste of fan-based sample posting on the Internet and the hurt it can cause to hip hop artists. In the years sincePeople Under the Stairs have re-focused their sampling technique. Reacting to the increasing competition among hip hop People Under The Stairs OST to find the rarest records, the group decided to focus more on expanding their sonic palette even going so far as to utilize live People Under The Stairs OST on their most recent albums.

The differences in the way the two samplers handled data intrigued Thes One, so he made an extensive study of the history of electronic instrumentation and sampling People Under The Stairs OST, Arthur Verocai No Voo Do Urubu the work of Roger Linn to improve Akai's products to Phil Collins' efforts to create drum machines.


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  1. Jul 03,  · People Under the Stairs were an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California, formed in and disbanded in Since their inception, the group has consisted solely of Christopher Portugal (Thes One) and Michael Turner (Double K).
  2. Jun 04,  · Two dudes from Los Angeles, Thes One and Double K have been cranking out top-notch hip-hop since Heavily influenced by the golden-era sound, their music is all about well-placed jazzy samples, neck-snapping breakbeats, and block party/BBQ-ready rhyme schemes.
  3. The People Under the Stairs () Soundtracks. Soundtrack Credits. DO THE RIGHT THING Written by David 'Redhead' Guppy & Markell Riley (as Markell Riley) Performed by Readhead Kingpin & The F.B.I. Courtesy of Virgin Records, Ltd. LULLABY FOR A LITTLE TREE Courtesy of Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc.
  4. It's hard not to appreciate what People Under the Stairs are trying to accomplish with their third full-length. Fortunately, the attempt (i.e., the finished product) works just as well in practice as in theory. Although there could be a little more variety from track to track, this is one fun and funky record.8/
  5. It's hard not to appreciate what People Under the Stairs are trying to accomplish with their third full-length. Fortunately, the attempt (i.e., the finished product) works just as well in practice as in theory. Although there could be a little more variety from track to track, this is one fun and funky record.8/
  6. The People Under the Stairs () Soundtracks. Soundtrack Credits. DO THE RIGHT THING Written by David 'Redhead' Guppy & Markell Riley (as Markell Riley) Performed by Readhead Kingpin & The F.B.I. Courtesy of Virgin Records, Ltd. LULLABY FOR A LITTLE TREE Courtesy of Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc.
  7. People Under The Stairs Carried Away (LP) People Under The Stairs Carried Away (CD) People Under The Stairs View More. Label Releases. Tangerine Sky (CD) Blackbird Blackbird Vol. Om Lounge (CD) Various Artists Om Lounge 12 (CD) Various Artists Home For The Holidays, Vol. 2 (CD).
  8. Jun 04,  · More People Under The Stairs albums Sincerely, the P. 12 Step Program. Show all albums by People Under The Stairs Home; P; People Under The Stairs; O.S.T.

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