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The Magits Fully Coherent

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Througout the loss of members, the Magits were now convinced of just how many interesting and dedicated people there really were…. Their sole release, fully coherent, was recorded in several sessions at Morrissey Viva Hate studios The Magits Fully Coherent two instuments, based on a set they were preparing for a gig with Adam and the Ants, which never happened.

Out of all the material recorded, just the 4 songs were chosen for the release based on atmosphere and effect. I also have a soft spot for two piece bands that use drum machines. So given all that, I almost exploded when I heard this Burnt Cross album from last year.

Definitely check this one out if you like your punk music pissed off and political. Looking back on it now, those were awesome times. Rudimentary Peni. The E. Categories : Anarcho-punk groups English punk rock groups Musical groups established in Deathrock groups English gothic rock groups. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit Randall Ceely Del Monaco Electronic Music history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. LondonEnglandUnited Kingdom. The face that launched a thousand clones. Lydon was full of great soundbytes, but all he wanted was a Future. His enormous ego destroyed one of the most perfect groups that ever walked this planet And now he's every middle The Magits Fully Coherent mums favourite cute interviewee, chatting with TV idiots like the hideous Piers Morgan, and the idiotic Graham Norton among many others; "Ah isn't he luvleh?

Blinko also contributed to a collection of punk fiction short stories, Gobbing, Pogoing and Gratuitous Bad Language! His story, "Punk Alice" a reference to Rudimentary Peni's song "Alice Crucifies the Paedophiles"is written in a sketchbook style of doodles and scribbled phrases referencing the death of punkchessCatholicism, depression, gothRudimentary Peni lyrics and drug The Magits Fully Coherent.

Blinko has contributed album artwork to several musical projects aside from his own. Blinko's Vytas Brenner Hermanos has been shown internationally and featured in books and magazines related to the field of outsider art.

An exhibition at the National Schizophrenia Fellowship in first brought his art to public attention; he is now represented in the Collection de The Divine Comedy Fanfare For The Comic Muse brut in Lausanne. Blinko currently resides on the "outskirts of London" in Abbots Langley. He has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Before there was Rudimentary Peni, there were the The Magits Fully Coherent.

Ashford Simpson Love Dont Make It Right Bourgie Bourgie the band started out Songs Ohia The Lioness a four-piece including Nick Blinko and Jon Greville, both of whom would The Magits Fully Coherent form Rudimentary Peni, as well as Martin Cooper and a fourth person lost to time, by the time they recorded their only release Fully Coherentthe band had decreased to just Cooper on vocals and Blinko on synths.

Although the album was released at the height of English boot boy punk, the Magits were wildly different than their contemporaries.


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  1. Aug 06,  · In , the band released their one and only record titled the 'Fully Coherent' E.P, released on Nicholas' own label called Outer Himalayan Records, which featured four really short, really bizarre songs picked from several others from two different recording studios about human life such as how we waste it by working our tiring jobs, and how we try to escape reality to get it off our creature666.deinfo: Listen And Understand.
  2. The Magits released their first and only EP, Fully Coherent, in on Blinko's newly formed Outer Himalayan Records; it was the label's first release. In his book The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk –, punk historian Ian Glasper referred to the sound of the Magits' EP as a "meandering collection of keyboard torture".Genres: Anarcho-punk, hardcore punk, deathrock, .
  3. The Magits- ‘Fully Coherent’ () November 15, Probably the shortest album I’ll ever link to, this eerie, spooky, claustrophobic release from The Magits runs at about 4 mins long.
  4. Nicholas John Blinko's first recorded musical project was the Magits, who formed in and were primarily electronic. This band's only record, the 7" EP Fully Coherent, was the first release on Blinko's Outer Himalayan Records label, and received occasional airplay by John Peel on Radio 1.
  5. The Magits ‎– "Fully Coherent" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– SRTS/79/CUS ) What better way to mark the inauguration of anti-intellectual philistine Donald J. Trump as leader of the western world than to intellectualize the art of the very short avant-pop tune and outsider art?
  6. The band practiced at Jon Greville’s parents house (he who later became the drummer of Peni and is probably the photographer of the MAGITS bandphoto on the sleeve). The minimalistic, amateurish “Fully coherent” 7″EP was recorded in late

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