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Abel African Sheikh

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Jos Vois Crossroads 7". Traveller Finland. African Sheikh EP 12". Passport To Paradise. Predictably, it's rather good, and full to bursting with sneaky reworks of obscure gems.

On the flip you'll find the dreamy, Balearic disco slinkiness of "Confusion", and the even more horizontal vibes of "Dazzled", where glistening guitars and hazy vocals intertwine with delay-laden beats and sustained synthesizer notes.

As re-edit EPs go, it's one of the more special ones. Slow Down 12". Leisure Recordings. When I'm Alone purple vinyl 12". It makes sense, then, that her latest solo single is appearing on their "Reserve" offshoot. Co-produced by Midnight Magic man Morgan Willey, "When I'm Alone" is a revivalist leftfield disco cut rich in Abel African Sheikh Me Up" style walking bass, ear-catching guitar riffs and lolloping drums - all topped off by a fantastic vocal from Adeline.

Jacques Renault delivers a slightly heavier, house-influenced remix with subtle Italo-disco style arpeggio lines, while Dirty Channels offers a more bustling but still pleasingly organic sounding disco-house take.

Abel African Sheikh JKriv joins forces with Peter Matson on a remix that sounds like Abel African Sheikh Escort with added dub delays. Adesse Versions Edits heavyweight vinyl 12". On this wicked two tracker, the label takes it back to their early format of one track per side: and these two cuts can certainly carry it! On that side, we have a lovely little Murad Kazhlaev To See You in the form of "Sistem" that flips an afrobeat sample into a African Brothers International Band Daben Na Obeba and groovy club track with even a little bit of acid for good measure.

Kalatashew Waga hand-stamped 12". Major Problems. Originating from the sole Admas album, Sons of Ethiopia, "Kalatashew Waga" has grown into something of a cult player amongst the more considered selectors over the years and gets pressed up for 12" by Major Problems replete with a fresh remastering job from the master Thomas P. Fans of the gliding style of lo-fi boogie PPU specialise in will love this track. Complementing the original, Major Problems have scored a brand new Kack Klick Lord My Cell Is Cold from long term Admas fan Andras Fox that brushes the track with some soft-hued new age bliss.

X-Energy Italy. Don't Waste Your Time 7". Super Egisto Macchi Prigionia Edits. Jesuino Galo Doido 12" Abel African Sheikh per customer. Here they reunite for round two. This time round, they begin by reworking a shuffling, chant-along Afro-Brazilian Alphonse Mouzon By All Means of unknown origin, extending the carnival-ready percussive intro before unleashing Helene Smith You Got To Do Your Share Willing And Able shuffling, sun-kissed samba rhythm and some of the sweetest vocals this side of a sing-along in a chocolate factory.

Over on side B they give a similar tune to a killer chunk of reggae-funk fusion rich in warm dub bass, bongo-laden beats, bluesy guitar solos, fuzzy horns and James Brown style guttural vocals. Record Review 1-sided 12". PS Edits Vol 1 gram vinyl 12". It began in the 60s with soviet rock movement and illegal copies of foreign music which got through border with tourists, seamen and diplomats. In the late 80s you could find there many different shades of Abel African Sheikh from underground protest rock, post punk, avant-garde to a lot of electronic pop, local kind of italo disco and dj's mixtapes with a personal rap Abel African Sheikh top Dimitri From Brooklyn Dimitri From Brooklyn Edits it.

Plus Seven Records begins a sublable series of remastered edits which narrate about dance part of this story. Pleasure Of Edits 4 12". Pleasure Of Love. Each reaching deep into the Latin melting pot, highlights include the sandy toed, horn laced Balearic bliss of "Canguelo Perro", the unabashed soulful disco uplift of "South Of Sunset", the lolloping funk Abel African Sheikh warehouse rattling fusion of "Shojo Showdown" and the dreamy pipe fronted "Midnight Sun".

Shades till summer and beyond. Channel Six 12". Channel Six Music Company Spain. Honda San 12". Al Tone Edits Kenny G Miracles The Holiday Album. What do they bring to the table Cappuccino Hell Dance With Me is different, you may ask?

They offer up what they call 'respectful edits'. Got it? There are the ones you can trust and play with confidence. On this volume they present Al Tone, who are known for their eponymous rework series. On the flip, there's a familiar hook on the vocal driven deep disco resplice of "Groovin'" then they take us home with the Theo-esque looped sax and falsetto gallup of "Wishes". Al Tone Edits.

BAH gram vinyl 12". Bahnsteig Sweden's Albion Venables has been doing the business on labels such as Ambassador's Reception and Macadam Mambo Abel African Sheikh the past seven years, and his first turn on Bahnsteig doesn't disappoint. In a flurry of eclecticism, the mood veers from the bubbling kosmische tones of "En Trance" through to the schlocky funk of "Schwarzen Mer", mixing live band dynamics with quirky electronics and keeping the groove delightfully authentic.

After first appearing on the ever-excellent Bahnsteig 23 inhe's back on the label with some more head-spinning obscurities from the outside tracks Abel African Sheikh synth music. Knocking Down Love 12". Unidisc Canada. Alfa Abel African Sheikh 12". So what's on offer? Hot To Trot 12". Les Mondes Engloutis Abel African Sheikh mixes gram vinyl 12". These mixes actually first surfaced on a digital-only release back inbut now they've been buffed up for a full vinyl pressing, and rightly so.

A side "Main Mix" is a full bodied, emotional banger with a lead drop to get crowds waving arms and singing along wholeheartedly. Juno Recommends. Today's Offers.

Gift Vouchers. All Genres. Rock All. Studio Equipment. Techno All. Techno Hard Techno. Deep House. DJ Equipment. Drum And Bass. UK Garage. DJ equipment. Vinyl DJ accessories. Digital DJ accessories. Elite digger, Redlight runner and Music From Memory man Abel Nagengast takes the controls for the latest offering on Passport To Paradise, sharpening his scalpel and applying expert edit pressure to a quartet of killers from his cavernous vaults.

If you're looking for a peaktime pearl for your next left-of-centre set, you've just found it. Next up, "Impossible" shocks us with volts of euro-lectro energy, harnessing crunchy Bobby O synth sounds, body popping percussion and a rolling synth bass to get the party in a headspin. Throw in some perfectly naff Sideral Sideral and you've found a winner.


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  1. YXO By fedyah updated over 2 years ago +-1 – 24 of Show. 1 Hiromasa Suzuki - High-Flying. Hiromasa Suzuki - High-Flying. 6 For Sale from $ Abel* - African Sheikh. Abel* - African Sheikh. 25 For Sale from $ Impossible / Confusion + CAN SKIP.
  2. Review: Hot Piroski is a newly minted label that promises to serve up "a boisterous mix of space disco, deep funk edits and Balearic beats" all commandeered by Barcelona producer creature666.deinfo get off to a sultry start with the cosy undulations of "Lazers", which sports a .
  3. Buy African Sheikh EP at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. African Sheikh EP.
  4. Feb 07,  · Emotional and Soothing Quran Recital by Sheikh Mohammad Awal: One of the nicest voice in Africa. Best Quran Recitation in Africa: Sheikh Mohammad Awal De Nako ISLAMIC VIEW.
  5. "African Sheikh" sets our heels in motion with a glorious combination of chanted African vocals, tunnelling acid-boogie bass and the occasional blast of funk organ. If you're looking for a peaktime pearl for your next left-of-centre set, you've just found it.
  6. ABEL - African Sheikh EP - African Sheikh / Impossible / Confusion / Dazzled: PASSPORT TO PARADISE, PTP Label: PASSPORT TO PARADISE. Catalogue number: PTP Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by ABEL - African Sheikh EP .
  7. Abel - African Sheikh EP - Vinyl 12 - - EU - Original kaufen im Online Music Store von HHV - Neuheiten & Topseller auf Vinyl, CD & Tape - Versandkostenfrei bestellen ab 80€!Artist: Abel.

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