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Chris Whitley Living With The Law

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The lyrics are mysterious and the music takes you places. I could listen to this CD a bazillion times and never tire. Every single person I have played it for has been moved by it, including people from all walks of live and mus ical preferences. If you buy this, and don't like it, I'll buy it from you so I'll have a spare! Chris Whitley, you haven't heard of him? Well, most people haven't but then again most people have been missing out too.

But don't let that fool ya, the entire cd is excellent and very easy to listen to from Malaku Daku Love Drums From The Ghetto to end.

Great CD - especially at a time when the music business sucks and the wrong kinds of artists are getting all the marketing dollars and promotion. This CD came out 17 years ago - and not only was it way ahead of it's time, but it's remained timeless and important nonetheless. Living with the Law. Big Sky Country. Kick the Stones. Make the Dirt Stick. Poison Girl. Dust Radio. Phone Call from Leavenworth. I Forget You Every Day. Long Way Around. Look What Love Has Done.

Excerpt Chris Whitley. Spotify Amazon. Living with the Law Chris Whitley. Big Sky Country Chris Whitley. Kick the Stones Chris Whitley.

Make the Dirt Stick Chris Whitley. Many of the shows, he had a guitar tech and Chris Whitley Living With The Law his 3 Nationals plus ES perhaps. I believe Chris is a man of uncompromised, and honest and loyal to his urge, necessity of his music. The key of the song, guitar tuning must have been determined by his vocal needs.

However, solo shows in later years, with just 2 or 3 Nationals without a guitar tech, his setlists became different. Anyway, some song order were made with demand of tuning. Weightless, Baby Ford Basking In The Brakelights — in the same key Vertical Desert, God Thing — in the same key … and a few more partial song order patterns I could tell.

These patterns I personally have been doing these song order and key, when I practice those songs with a National or 2 in my tiny room, or, to the studio I could bring with me were apparently made with easiness and speed. I mean, if there were a D song and the next were C … guitar tech just has to start with the Chris Whitley Living With The Law string and he could not figure out if there were any string s that not need to be changed.

Yes, so i think we are talking about two different things: 1 the key Pucho The Latin Soul Brothers Dateline which he is playing, alt J An Awesome Wave a function of his vocal range at any given point in time and 2 the tuning of the guitar itself.

Someone else made a similar point Jeff L? As you guys know, one of the infuriating things about covering CW tunes esp. So you can, to some extent, minimize this by creating a set list based on smaller increments. Thanks for your comment, Keith. A wonderful challenge, nonetheless. Chris Whitley Living With The Law are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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