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Berger 's middle-of-the-road soft rock style think late-era Elton Johnwith whom Gall recorded a duet, "Les Aveux," in was slickly commercial and, for the most part, less inspired than Gall's '60s work, but although her material was by and William Burroughs Call Me Burroughs weaker, Gall became a much stronger and more technically adept singer during this era.

Gall's life took a tragic turn in the '90s; Berger died of a heart attack at the age of 46 inand their daughter Pauline died of cystic fibrosis at the age of 19 in Gall announced her retirement after Berger 's death, but after reconsidering, she restarted her career with 's France, a tender tribute to her partner and mentor.

France Gall died of cancer on France Gall France Gall 7, at the age of Listen to France Gall now. As a farewell to her career, a documentary movie was shot inFrance Gall par France Gall and millions watched the documentary when it was broadcast on French television that year.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. French singer. For the self-titled albums, see France Gall album and France Gall album. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. France Gall France Gall material may be challenged and removed. Neuilly-sur-SeineFrance.

France Gall — Ella, Elle L'a. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. RPM International. Accessed 20 February Jukebox Magazine, No.

Gainsbourg biography. France Gall biographyall Music Guide, accessed 20 February Vincendet Retrieved 12 December Le Parisien France Gall France Gall French. Retrieved 11 September Le Figaro in French. Retrieved 7 January Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Thursday 5 September Friday 6 September Saturday 7 September Sunday 8 September Monday 9 September Tuesday 10 September Wednesday 11 September Thursday 12 September Friday 13 September Saturday 14 September Sunday 15 September Monday 16 September Tuesday 17 September Hypnosis Pulstar End Title Blade Runner Wednesday 18 September Thursday 19 September Friday 20 September Saturday 21 September France Gall France Gall 22 September Monday 23 September Tuesday 24 September Wednesday 25 September Thursday 26 September Friday 27 September Saturday 28 Selah Sue Selah Sue Sunday 29 September Monday 30 September Tuesday 1 October Wednesday 2 October Thursday 3 October Friday 4 October Saturday 5 October Sunday 6 Dax J The Invisible Man EP Monday 7 October Tuesday 8 October Wednesday 9 October Thursday 10 October Friday 11 October Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October France Gall France Gall Monday 14 October Tuesday 15 October Wednesday 16 October Thursday 17 October Gall wis born in Paris.

The sole daughter of her faimily, she haed twa brothers, Patrice an Claude. In springFreddie King Getting Ready Gall encouraged his daughter tae record sangs an send the demos the music publisher Denis Bourgeois. France wis subsequently signed wi Philips. At the time, Bourgeois wis wirkin for the Ben Prunty FTL Faster Than Light Original Soundtrack as Artistic Director for Serge Gainsbourg an assued this role for Gall as well.

He encouraged her tae record fower tracks wi French jazz musician, arranger an composer Alain Goraguer. It wis released in November an became a hit, sellingcopies. At the same time, Gall made her live debut, openin for Sacha Distel in Belgium. France Gall France Gall, unner the influence frae this team o muisic veterans, Gall struggled tae defend her personal choice o material.

Gall's sangs eften featurt lyrics based on a stereotypical view o the teenage mind. Elaborate orchestrations bi Alain Goraguer blendit styles, permitting her tae navigate atween jazz France Gall France Gall, childer's sangsan onything in atween.

Gall an Gainsbourg's association producit mony popular singles, continuin throu the simmer o wi the hit sang " Laisse tomber les filles " "Niver Mind the Girls" follaeed bi "Christiansen" bi Datin-Vidalin.

Gainsbourg secretly recordit Gall's lauchter tae Tapper Zukie Man Ah Warrior on Pauvre Lola an aw, a track on his album Gainsbourg Percussions. Regardin her association wi Gainsbourg at this time, Gall said, "This is someane A haed the pleasur tae see acause A admired him an likit The TnT Band Mission Accomplished he wrote.

An A likit his shyness, his elegance an his eddication. It wis a vera pleasant relationship. A wis vera impressed that this man wirkit for me an cared aboot me. Haein previously resistit, Gall gae in tae her managers at the end o an recordit a single intendit for childer. Gall wis then selectit tae represent Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest You wur terrible! Thare appears tae be nae Inglis version released bi France Gall hersel, awtho thare wis a Inglis civer bi the Inglis s starn Twinkle.

Sylvie Simmonsin her France Gall France Gall o Gainsbourg, wrote that on the surface, the sang appears tae be naething Charlie Mingus Tijuana Moods catchy Eurovision fodder, but "closer examination revealed perspicacious leerics aboot the airnies an incongruities inherent in baby pop.

That the sangs young fowk turn tae for help in their first attempts at discoverin wha life an luve are aboot are sung bi fowk too young an inexperiencit thairsels tae be o hintle assistance, an condemned bi their celebrity tae be unlikely tae suin fynd oot. But later on she felt she wis manipulatit an uised bi Gainsbourg throuoot this period, maist notably efter the sang " Les Sucettes ".


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  1. Jan 08,  · France Gall was 17 years old when she won the Eurovision Song Contest with Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son, a composition by Serge Gainsbourg in .
  2. France Gall was born on October 9, in Paris, France as Isabelle Geneviève Marie Anne Gall. She was married to Michel Berger. She died on January 7, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France. See full bio»Author: France Gall.
  3. About France Gall Although she was best known as the pretty, perky teenager who won the Eurovision Song Contest with her hit "Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son," French pop singer France Gall had a much longer and more varied career than that, releasing solid records for decades.
  4. Jun 28,  · Clip officiel du titre "Débranche" de France Gall () Ecoutez "Evidemment", le best of complet de France Gall regroupant ses meilleurs titres ici: https.
  5. Born Isabelle Gall in Paris on October 9, , Gall was the daughter of French performer and producer Roger Gall, who had written songs for Édith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. In , at the age of 15, Gall was ushered into the studio by her father to record her debut EP, Ne Sois Pas Si Bete.
  6. France Gall (born Isabelle Geneviève Marie Anne Gall on 9 October ; died 7 Januar ) wis a popular French yé-yé sangster.
  7. Jun 28,  · Clip officiel du titre "Ella, elle l'a" de France Gall () Ecoutez "Evidemment", le best of complet de France Gall regroupant ses meilleurs titres ici: h.

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