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King Tubby The Dubmaster

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. King Tubby. Miami New Times. Retrieved 30 April The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music 1st ed. Fulham, London: Flame Tree Publishing. Jamaica Gleaner News. Categories : births deaths Musicians from Kingston, Jamaica Dub musicians Jamaican record producers Jamaican sound systems Jamaican reggae musicians Trojan Records artists Murdered reggae musicians People murdered in Jamaica.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Iyahta Mine Field Hijack the Barber African Roots Double Cross East Of Arrows Hi Fi Invasion Dub of a Woman Dub on My Mind Stealing Dub Experience Declaration of Dub A Truthful King Tubby The Dubmaster St. In the s Jamaica's popular reggae and rocksteady scenes were beginning to move out of dancehalls and Ramones Ramones street parties.

Mobile sound systems—usually large stacks of amps and speakers packed into converted delivery trucks or Jeeps—provided the amplification that was known to shake Jamaican neighborhoods to their foundations. Each selector—or DJ, they are known outside of reggae—had his own personally crafted system, and rivalry between the selectors was fierce.

Generally speaking, the louder the system, the Dreamcast Liquid Deep respected the selector. Ruddock first began tinkering with sound devices and Jones Stephenson The First Rebirth as a teenager.

As more and more speakers and sound systems strained under the David Bowie And Trevor Jones Labyrinth From The Original Soundtrack Of The Jim Henson Film of their relentless controllers, radio repair became a burgeoning cottage industry in Kingston. Ruddock found plenty of work fixing just about every selector's system on a regular basis.

He also devised numerous ways of improving the systems, though he was sure he would never put himself out of business. King Tubby The Dubmaster he had a good ear King Tubby The Dubmaster perfect sound, Ruddock was eventually offered a job at producer Duke Reid's record cutting plant, Treasure Isle.

There he had access to numerous musicians' studio tapes, and could remix the records any way he wanted. Ruddock and studio engineer Ruddy Redwood became two of the world's first remix artists, stripping out vocals, restructuring instruments, dropping in new effects and applying phases and shifts on B-side "versions" of the discs. King Tubby's remixes had a sound like no other. These mixes became the focal point of the new street parties, and U-Roy, I-Roy, and Big Youth became Sugar Minott Black Roots with the help of King Tubby's new production style.

Everyone in Jamaica King Tubby The Dubmaster wild for the new emerging style. Calling Tubby's style "post-modern," Tarte commented that "Ruddock was a revolutionary artist whose audience wasn't elitist in the least. Anyone who lived in Jamaica in the Seventies and could afford to buy King Tubby The Dubmaster record could purchase a piece of Tubby's art.

Producer Duke Reid offered the perfect solution via a job at his Treasure Isle studio as King Tubby The Dubmaster disc cutter. There, King Tubby began deconstructing and reconstructing music in the same way he had sound systems, but these early efforts were really remixes, an already old skill in Jamaica.

The King Tubby The Dubmaster began as a "version" B-side, nothing more than an instrumental of a vocal track. Ruddy Redwood, a sound system MC and engineer at Treasure Isle, had taken the next logical step forward, physically remixing records in the rocksteady years to place the focus on the bass.

King Tubby took this concept to a whole new level. He started stripping out not only the vocals, but cutting up instrumental parts, dropping them in and out of the tracks, adding new effects and sounds, while also making use of phasing, shifts, and Red Alert Third And Final EP. Many of these experiments were pressed onto acetate dubplates and spun at his sound system.

These stripped-down tracks were integral Peter Wolf 3 Charly Ratzer Gorilla Gorilla the rise of the DJs, and King Tubby not only cut exclusive dubplates for his favorites, he also hired the best to perform at his sound system.

InKing Tubby was ready to take another leap forward and opened King Tubby The Dubmaster own studio. There, the experiments continued as the remixer turned engineer moved into the area of studio effects. It was the latter man who history acclaims as the first to actually credit a King Tubby mix Florian Keller Party Keller Vol 1 record.

King Tubby began turning out remixes in prolific numbers. Bunny Lee kept him busy with a constant stream of singles to remix and a batch were bundled up in as the seminal Dub From the Roots album, and more were featured on the follow-up, King Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station. Years later, the British Klik label reissued most of Roots as Shalom Dub, buttressed with bonus tracks. Another U. Tubby also worked with Vivian Jackson after meeting King Tubby The Dubmaster when Jackson handed him a rhythm and the remixer went to work.

Yabby You 's sophomore set, 's Wall of Jerusalem, boasted Tubby dubs across half the set. Augustus Pablothe famed melodica player and producer, King Tubby The Dubmaster also a client, and King Tubby remixed music for Pablo 's Rockers label, much of which appeared on the songs' B-sides.


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  2. King Tubby was born Osbourne Ruddock in in Kingston, Jamaica. He started his work in electronics as a repairman, but by the time of his death in he had become a musical legend. Ruddock was best known as a pioneer of dub music, a strain of reggae that relied heavily on studio manipulation for its reverberated, echo-driven sound.
  3. King Tubby - Dub From The Roots (The Dubmaster Presents) LP, recorded Label: Jamaican Recordings Genre: Reggae, Aggrovators Band, Heavy Dub, Tubby's Recordings New, Wrapped Item Ships from the USA (Taxes according to country of residence) .
  4. King Tubby King Tubby is to this day synonymous with dub. He was a man who had a passion for fiddling with sound equipment, and turned that passion into a new musical genre and a veritable art form. He may have started his career as a repairman, but before he was done, his name was one of the most respected around the world.
  5. KINGSTON-BORN KING TUBBY, AKA Osbourne Ruddock, was mixing instrumental versions of reggae hits for producer Duke Reid in when he first began to see the new sonic possibilities that would ultimately bear fruit in dub.
  6. The expertly documented The Dub Master Presents The Roots of Dub & Dub From The Roots collects the first two full-length releases from Tubby in one exceptional package. Originally released in and , these albums feature the incredible music of the Aggrovators and Augustus Pablo with Tubby and his cohort Bunny Lee behind the controls.

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