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Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia

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These are transitions during which the chorus comes in. The peste also act as a trigger, a catharsis. They are always rhymic, sung in dialect or in Arabic. They are generally gay or ironical, often jumbling and making reference to legendary beauties and symbolic places.

These compositions sometimes talk of political events and the authors are excellent satirists and ironists. These were originally considered as being songs for women, but men quickly claimed their share. However, a high-pitched voice traditionally opens the octave above the chorus in recognition of the origin. This is also found in the classical music of Syria-Egypt and the Maghreb. The Hebraic hymns of Wild Bunch Creation Stylish collected by Avraham Zvi Idelsohn and Amnon Shiloah in the twentieth century, like in many Arab countries, were often composed from profane melodies, and vice versa.

They are still recited in the Babylonian synagogues of Israel. The Christian psalms of Mesopotamia and of Adiabenia have these same characteristics and develop in Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia the Urfawi style, which stemmed from ancient Aramean melodies of Palestine. Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia number of anthologies have been edited recently.

Bedouin Abu Humayyidthe Mulla Hasan al Babujachithe leader in his time of the Baghdad school; the Turkmenian Rahmat Allah Shiltagh ; of Khalil Rabbaz ; the unforgettable falsetto voices of hazzan Israil b.

There are just a few women in this singing school but those who did take part excelled with their usual brio and refinement. They specialized in light pestes and rhythmic Various The Urge The Ultimate Rare Groove Experience Volume 1 such as the Bherzawi.

This music was governed by strict etiquette, required by the courtly ceremonials. The popular aspect of certain interpretations enhances the interest and serves to reveal the extraordinary impact. The musicians of Mesopotamia joined in guilds at an early stage. They fought several battles to preserve their royalty rights from the Iraqi radio and television as early as the s. The coffee shops where they sang were often considered meeting halls for contestations. They travelled September Are You Free Tonight, importing the melodies, modes and techniques learned abroad.

Their art is a modal Tower of Babel that can be analysed over close to a millenium and a half, thanks to a series of treaties on acoustics, theories, practices and historical approaches. These poets left their verses to posterity, often incorporated into ancient anonymous repertories. They are difficult to understand as they are generally chronograms or anagrams using a mystical science of the alphabet mixed with a large degree of humor.

The musicians are generally from religious minorities and they distinguish themselves by using a very particular technique. Many of these musicians, wishing to pass on their art to their descendants and would sometimes put the umbilical cord of their first son in the sound box of their instrument. Zithers can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamia. The santur onomatopea meaning strings in Indian is made up of a sound box which is often thick with wooden pegs made of bitter orange woodiron nails and strings made of gut or bronze now made of steel.

Two ivory or wooden mallets, sometimes wrapped in silk, are used to strike the strings, which are grouped in four per note, with the notes extending from yakah to jawab-hijaz.

The notes of reference are tuned according to the singer's ambitus. The qanun has a much thinner sound box, wooden pegs. The strings used to be made of gut but are now made of plastic or nylon with copper wiring. A silk cloth can be laid across the strings for a more muted, almost intimate sound.

Today, these have been replaced by plastic sticks or shirt stays. The qanun was brought to Europe after the crusades and was mentioned by Guillaume de Machaut in his poem la Prise d'Alexandrie 13th century. We assume that the harpsichord stemmed from the qanun with the adaptation of a keyboard. The instrument lays on the right hand thigh if the musician in right handed, or on the left hand Luis Paniagua Neptuno if he is left handed.

The instrument is a spike viola or rebec, having four strings which are played with a bow. The body is made of half a hollowed out coconut, which is where it gets its name, joza meaining nut in dialect. The coconuts are imported from India. Apricot tree or other fruit tree wood is also used to make the instrument. The bow uses horse hair. C and the littoral shore of the sea settlements including those of the Yoruba were affected by it. Clifford Thornton Communications Network it soon decayed, leaving the Etruscans as the torch-bearers of civilisation.

So, Yoruba civilization was Etruscan. Ibid, ; S. Biobaku, The Origin of the Yoruba, 4. He goes further to tell us that this word is derived from a foreign nickname, meaning cunning, and it was given to the subjects of Alafin of Oyo by the Fulani and Hausa.

The Hausa word for Yoruba language is Yarbanci. Biobaku argues that the proof that the modern Yoruba language is similar to R. Bookshop Forde, ed. He states that Yoruba was originally the name of only one section of the Yoruba peoples and was not the collective name used at Ile-Ife, their first settlement.

In this war, Lamrudu was killed, and all his children were expelled from the town. They later settled down at Ile-Ife. Johnson asserts that this theory cannot be true because the Yoruba are not Arabian family, and no such accounts can be found in the history of the Arabs, despite their being meticulous in historiography and record keeping.

Captain Clapperton made acquaintance with Sultan Bello of Sokoto, who was an authority on this area, and made a copious extract from his large geographical and historical work, from which the following is taken: Yarba is an extensive province containing rivers, forests, sands and mountains, as also a great many wonderful and extraordinary things.

In it, the talking green bird called babaga parrot is found. By the side of this pronvince there is an anchorage or harbour for the ships of the Ibid. These slaves were exported from our country Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia sold to the people of Yarba who resold them to the Christians. The inhabitants of this pronvince Yarbait is supposed originated from the remnants of the children of Canaan, who were of the tribes of Nimrod.

The cause of their being driven by Yaarooba, son of Kahtan, out of Arabia, to the western Coast between Egypt and Abyssinia. From the spot, they advanced into the interior of Africa, till they reached Yarba where they stopped at, a tribe of their own people. Thus it is supposed that all the tribes of the Soodan who inhabit the mountains, are originated from them; as also are the inhabitants of Ya-ory, upon the, the people of the Yarba are nearly of the same description as those of Noofe Nupe Yarba is the same as the Hausa term Yarriba for Yoruba.

For details, see N. Fadipe, The Sociology of the Yoruba, ; A. Fadipe, The Sociology of the Yoruba, Hellhammer Satanic Rites D. Adediran argues further that Yoruba language was the major indigenous language in the area, and most of the names by which the country and its inhabitants were known to outsiders The Kooks Inside In Inside Out essentially from this.

According to him, these examples show that language is the basic element of Yoruba civilization. Ogunremi, and D. Adediran, eds. But their largest concentration is in the southwestern parts of Nigeria where they number about thirty-three million. Yoruba people are one of the largest ethno-linguistic or ethnic groups in West Africa. The evidence to this assertion is that five main characteristics can be adduced to confirm this unity: the role of Ife as the cradle of Yoruba, common language, various dialects are mutually intelligible and standard and it gained orthography in the last century.

For more see T. Whereas Goncalves de Cintra came from Cintra or Sintra as his name suggests and returned from his voyage down the Africa Coast in The Edo-Benin version claims that they are the original settlers or autochthonous people of Lagos; this version claims that Lagos was a military camp Eko for Benin forces that used the place as a launching pad for military expeditions against areas to the north of Lagos under Oba king Orhogbua. The Benin forces encamped on Lagos as a result of their defeat.

The Oba later left Lagos when he heard that his son was to be installed as Oba of Benin because of his overstay in Lagos. On getting to Benin, he sent his grandson, Eskipa to be the head K. Lawal ed. He claims that it was from this initial settlement at Isheri on the Ogun River that a series Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia migrations took place to such places as Ota, Ado OdoOjo, Ogudu and Agboyi.

Eleko, literally, it means the owner of Lagos K. The Benin version came in when one wealthy woman by name Aina had a disagreement with the landowners in the area; unable to secure justice in Ile Olofin appealed to Oba of Benin for redress, who then attacked and conquered Lagos after a protracted struggle.

Oba of Benin now stationed his commander Aseru Iseru in Lagos, who subsequently died. In consequence of this action, Oba rewarded him by making Ashipa, the first Eleko of Eko or Oloriogun, i.

For details, see J. Losi, History of Lagos, For details, see L. Ajetunmobi and O. Junaid-Eko eds. Adefuye, A. Osuntokun eds. Asaju ed. Induring Local Government reform, it was further divided into eight divisions, viz. Inagain the administration of Jakande further sub-divided the state into twenty three local Governments, viz. For more details, see S. Osuntokun edsHistory of the Peoples of Lagos State, Also, in Mayanother military administration increased the number to Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia. In Septemberit was increased to fifteen Local governments and in Octoberanother five more Local Governments were added to the existing ones, making twenty Local Governments.

The latest and controversial Local Governments were the ones created in May, by the Lagos State House of Assembly; an additional thirty seven Local Government councils were added to the existing Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx Were New Here bringing it to a total of fifty seven Local Governments.

For more, see B. According to the provisional census figures, it had 5. Lagos was also considered as the most populous conurbation in Nigeria with 7, Its estimated population is 15 million people which grow at the rate of 5.

It shares an International boundary of about 45 kilometres with the Republic of Benin and the vast, deep blue Atlantic Ocean constitutes the approximately kilometres long Southern limit.

Arowolo ed. It is dissected by lagoons, creeks and rivers and its climate is characterized by high temperature, high humidity and heavy rainfall.

Their physical environment and their activities dictate their religious rites and rituals reflecting worship of water bodies, respect for gods and goddesses. Asaju, ed. Themes in Lagos and its Environs, There is a plethora of Muslim organizations in Lagos State as well in all Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia towns in Lagos, and there are also multitudes of Islamic and Arabic schools and Muslim scholars. Lagos State also has an inter-religious council overseeing and settling disputes between Muslims and Christians.

He makes mention of one Baba Kewu who sent a delegation headed by Aafaa Yigi, a Muslim Cleric from Tapa country, to castigate Alafin Ajiboyede Miles Davis Nefertiti his excesses regarding the murder of his chiefs who came to console him on the death of his son. Ibadan: Heineman; R.

It was this time that the Muslims first entered Yoruba land. He asserts further that the aforementioned Baba Yigi episode actually took place in the sixteenth century. He also suggested an Arab salt trader from North Africa in old Oyo who brought Islam in the 17th century and Dyula slave traders in the18th century; see also, L.

Levtzion and H. Fisher eds. See also, N. There was a mention of some members of the court of Oba Adele Ajosunand the son Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Oba Ologun Kutere, who were practising the religion and worshipping singly and in secrecy. Dioka, Lagos and its Environs, ; A. Losi, History of Lagos, ; A. Fasinro writes that it was in that he was recalled Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia some historians disagreed with this.

They claim that he died in ; see for instance,T. Fasinro, Political and Cultural Perspective of Lagos, They had now gained favour with another prince, Kosoko, who it is believed in some quarters, influenced their return, their position hitherto was precarious. Gbadamosi, The Growth of Islam among the Yoruba Fasinro, Political and Cultural Perspective of Lagos, 3.

Another significant boost to the Muslim population and practices, were the scores of Muslims around that migrated from across the sea, including the return of liberated slaves. The Muslims in Sierra Leone were known as Aku, including those who had been Muslims before their capture and export as slaves, while some were converted while they were abroad; they were anxious to return home, from their base in two centres in Sierra Leone, Fourah Bey and Foulah Town.

A number of them paid their fare back home, the prominent among them were Shitta and Savage, organising their own group for return. Muhammad Savage was the Muslim Aku, Geinoh Yamashirogumi Symphonic Suite Akira at Fourah Bay, bought his own ships, and at least Tom Waits Nighthawks At The Diner fifty of his own people back home in a group.

Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia ed. A number of Aku Muslims had similarly settled in Badagry prior to but they could no longer remember vividly their original homelands. These Aku returnees mixed freely with the early group of Islamic faithful, they thus emboldened the indigenous Muslims and increased their confidence in the practice of Islam. Fyfe and E. Jones eds. Ogunremi et al. They were first reported to have come inand their number rose steadily but not equal to the Saro group.

During the period in question, they increased Muslim numbers and mosques were enlarged. Thus, more mosques sprang up in Lagos; there was co-operation among them and new skills were learnt from them.

They also promoted western culture among the Muslims. Promotion of western education boosted the confidence of the nascent Muslim community. Aderibigbe ed. The survival of the Lagos Muslim community in the period owed much to the influence of these Muslim immigrants. Hitherto it was Animasahun Mosque at Shitta Street that was serving the purpose.

Some historians believe that he fled to Epe, when he was about to be overpowered by the Akintoye Group, but this is not our concern here. Clarke, West Africa and Islam, Meanwhile, during this process of growth and development, there were bound to be hiccups and initial problems. Eventually, a new Central Mosque was founded in and completed in in The Lagos Times, 14th September, The Lagos Observer, 3rd and 24th September, Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Adefuye, et al.

The case had to be settled in court, and Ekemode was asked to abdicate the post. Moorehouse, out of court. Adefuye et al. Inthe crisis came to a head in the mosque, where the two parties had prepared for physical confrontation in the mosque. Many people were physically assaulted; the imbroglio was so great that the fire brigade was called in to disperse the mob of worshippers.

The mosque was later counter locked by the two parties in the same year and sealed up; none of the two parties could pray there. However, at about the end ofnegotiations for settlement began Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia earnest and by March, under the auspices of Lieutenant Governor H. Ligali, their member, was preferred and they went to court and won.

They later passed and adopted their constitution The Imam viewed it as Bidah innovation. As long as any law does not run contrary to the spirit of Islam.

Islam does not expictly specify the ways of governing. Later, the suggestions put forward by the leader of the supporters of Oba Esugbayi, called Egerton Shyngle, Jean Michel Jarre La Cage Erosmachine adopted by the government to settle the protracted crisis. Findlay, convened a meeting with all the parties involved in the crisis, telling them of the futility Daniela Casa Vernissage 1 Musica Contemporanea Per LArte Moderna their conflict and that they should resolve their differences; at this meeting all of them agreed to live peacefully.

For instance, in the opening of the Ummul Ibid. West Africa, pamphlet No. It should be noted Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia some of the beliefs of this movement condradict some of the fundamental beliefs of Islam. For more, see H. Dodds: a peace meeting was later held by the two parties in May Consequently, at the end ofthe stage Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia been set for the ending of the lingering crisis which had bedevilled the Muslim Community in Lagos since The occasion drew high calibre government officials and representatives of Muslim communities and societies throughout Yoruba land.

Carter, was present and the special representative of the Sultan of Turkey, Abdallah Quillam; he was the president of the Liverpool Muslim Association. Dioka, Lagos Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia its Environs, The Lagos Weekly Record, 7th July, Gbadamosi, The Growth of Islam among the Yoruba,66; Gbadamosi writes that in Turkey, this is the highest distinction that could be bestowed on a civilian and in Lagos the title has become hereditary in the family of Shitta Bey up untill the present time.

Oyeweso, Eminent Yoruba Muslims, This crisis had begun in and finally crystallised in Ilorin defeat in The Lagos Muslim Community played a significant role. Prior to this time, the Moslem Literary Society and Juvenile Moslem Society were formed by young Muslims in Lagos, with the George Darko Hilife Time of improving the lot of Muslim men and women as compared to their Christian counterparts at that time, and most importantly to bridge the gap of western or secular education between the Muslims and Christians.

During the era of Christian- sponsored western education, the Muslims in Lagos played a prominent role. Initially there was a zeal, but later when the Muslims realized its potential danger, they started displaying apathy and opposition to western education, until when inthe Government showed concern about educational development making available certain sums of money for education of liberated African slaves.

Another factor that accelerated their agitation was inwhen a Committee of the Board of Education set up to look into poor attendance Ibid. It was Sir C. A Moloney, who first implemented the policy, but it was almost impracticable to carry out.

The next Governor, Sir G. Carter, also continued along the path of his predecessor. On meeting the Muslims, he impressed it upon them the importance of western education but his advice was taken with scepticism.

One of the terms of the ordinance was that children should be allowed to practise the religion of their parents. Blyden was appointed as Agent of Native Affairs by Governor Carter inhis major assignment was Muslim community and education. The school was officially opened on the 15th June as the Colonial Report, Annual The Lagos Weekly Record, 3rd October, Fafunwa, History of Education in Nigeria, ; A.

Moreover, Muslims in Epe also agitated for this ilk of school and wrote a letter to the then Acting Governor, Captain G. Denton in June After discussion with the Inspector of Schools, Mr Henry Carr, he welcomed the idea and the school was built and was Various Earle Brown Contemporary Sound Series Vol 5 opened on 16th June The same school was also opened to Muslims in Badagry in Other Yoruba towns also desired this type of school but it was turned down based on logistic reasons.

The presence of Islam is felt in all parts of Lagos State; including all the towns and villages. There is no town without a Central mosque. The Central Mosques in Lagos are too numerous to mention. There Ibid. These associations are so numerous that it is very difficult to know their exact figure. Every Sunday, several Muslims dress in Muslim attire, attending one Islamic programme or another with their familyi in Lagos.

Muslims will sit down and some standing listening to and asking questions from the lecturer. Many of them see it as simply a cultural heritage of Yoruba society which cannot be avoided. They believe that it is the way of looking after their entire welfare: social, spiritual, economic and legal.

Epe is one of the ancient and major towns in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is located on the northern shore of the Lagos lagoon, about 32 kilometres south of Ijebu-Ode and about 77 kilometres away from Lagos Island. Epe came under British rule between and It was in that the town was formally annexed. This arrangement prevailed until when Epe, Lagos Colony and the Colony districts of Badagry, Ikeja and Ikorodu were placed under the Jurisdiction of the western regional government.

It was in May, that Epe was incorporated into the newly created Lagos Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia. Epe hitherto is the 97 There are rival and conflicting claims among the local historians as regards the earliest or autochthonous settlers Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Epe; the town is today predominantly peopled by the Ijebu and Eko Lagos. Epe division consists of many communities whose foundations predate the 19th century.

In the Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia century, it played an important role as a transportation and communication channel to other coastal neighbours as Ijebu-Ode and Lagos; it is the highway for trade, diplomatic transactions and warfare.

Epe has also been an important lagoon-side market during the period. Thus, Epe is popularly known as Epe Eleja Epe, the fishing settlement. It is also home to a thriving boatbuilding industry. Many residents are also farmers and traders. Religiously, the Ijebu-Epe people were staunch idol-worshippers, worshipping different gods and goddesses, and having different superstitious beliefs and largest administrative division of the State.

Avoseh, A Short History of Epe. Another traditional religion they practised was brought in by Ijo and Ilaje who came in from the waterside of Okitipupa Division and Makun district of the Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Ijo Confederation.

They came in as fishermen to Epe and brought with them their social institution of Aiyelala which performs a socio-judicial function in Epe as it is believed to have the special power of detecting and punishing evil doers, witches and wizards and other George Szell Robert SchumannCleveland Orchestra Symphony No 1 Spring Symphony No 4 characters and rendering them virtually powerless.

Hitherto, Epe was a small settlement of Ijebu farmers and fishermen. Oyeweso, Journey from Epe: Biography of S. Edu, 5. Childs and E. This was done so that he would renounce his claim to Lagos and another subsidy of 2, head of cowries or dollars was approved for him. For more, see T. Christianity Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia not been known to them at this period. Mosques were built in earnest. This Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia the Glover Resettlement Scheme.

Hence, syncretism started growing. Many people were coming from far and wide for the purpose of obtaining charms. He was traditionalist young man who came to Epe to learn a trade and for many years, served as tailor-apprentice to Sule Folami of Oke Balogun in Epe. This title then was common among the Ijebu dialect.

This conferment in titles in the Muslim community as well as mobility hierachically closely follows the traditional pattern of distribution of titles along township lines. In other words, the title holder in the Muslim community will assume the responsibility of administrative role in the mosque. Criteria such as: Islamic devotion, age, nobility, wealth, knowledge among others are taken into consideration before the person is chosen for the post.

For more see, T. Fadipe, The Sociology of the Yoruba, T. Epe is the coastal Ilorin in this regard. Soon he had a nucleus of co-religionists from neighbouring villages, and they came together to worship at Joy Division Closer Gbawojo and later at Ibonwon under the inspiration of this Badiru.

Sunmoila was the leader of this community because; Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia was the eldest of these earliest Muslims. This nascent Muslim community was able to sustain itself through the co-operation and assistance of Muslims in Epe. It was in that Muslim society called Egbe Killa spread to Epe. Muslims in Epe played a prominent role in the native Council.

Lagos Government Gazette, No. Yvon Rioland Jean Marie Hauser Discoritmo deliberations should have been guided by the principle of native law and custom, and the Eko-Epe dominated because they were more literate than the Ijebu-Epe and against this background, the latter remonstrated and protested because they saw it as a grandiose attempt to create and nurture a new dynasty as a subterfuge to exclude them permanently from political power.

The non-Muslim Ijebu, included Oshugbo a cultic society headed by the Olojaand Regberegbe, age grade-association, and up untill today, many people in Epe still celebrate Oko-Shi age grade-association regardless of their religious beliefs.

Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamiathere was a minor skirmish between Muslims in Epe, which inexorably dragged on till The origins are now obscure it might but have arisen from a certain dowry case according to the Commissioner of Epe, Honby-Porter.

This dispute degenerated to the formation of two rival factions in Epe, each led by a notable Epe Muslim; Muhammad Abu, Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia respected Muslim scholar and Braimah Edu, influential Muslim trader. It was Governor Freeman who attended to this logjam, Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia the two groups to worship together with the Baale. Hence, it led to open conflict, The Tea Party The Edges Of Twilight and killing; the ringleaders were arrested, and bound over in substantial sums to keep the peace in They renovated it and was used as their own Central Mosque.

This crisis adversely Ibid, Lagos Government Gazette, 17 January, Oyeweso, Eminent Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Muslims of the 19th and 20th Centuries, In Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia, when a Christian evangelist named Rev. Braithwaite to transfer himself to Epe from Iganmu in For the almost thirteen years that he spent in Epe, he was met with stiff opposition and perpetual rivalry. The hundred people he initially claimed to have won dwindled to about forty.

So, inhe quit Epe and was replaced by Rev. These Christians injected doses of fervour and stimulus into the Muslims and so the Muslims took it as a challenge and in this they also embarked on systematic L.

See J. Oduyoye, Planting of Christianity in Yoruba land n. Denton in the presence of Epe Muslims and at least six leading Muslims from Lagos. The Christians among them are mostly non-indigenous and some nominal Muslims Ibid. Gbadamosi, The Growth of Islam among the Yoruba, L Edu, Avoseh, History of Epe, Presently, there is apparently no unhealthy rivalry or rancour between the Eko-Epe and Ijebu-Epe.

The bond of Islamic unity and brotherhood is obvious among them. Moreover, various Islamic organizations have been formed in Epe. In fact, there are about twenty Muslim Organizations in Epe. The majority of the Muslim clerics in Epe engage in Jalb work spiritualists, producing charms and amulets.

A large proportion of them engage in divination and magic. He did tell me that during the Oro festival one of the traditional festivals in Epeone will hear Muslim names among them. In addition to this, the people that killed the popular Aafaa Akodo at Epe, they were nominal Muslims who belong to secret cults. People that are involved in this syncretism include some Muslim clerics, Muslim title holders, and members of one Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia organization or another.

Kazeem, History of Islam in Epeunpublished B. A Long Essay, University of Lagos He is a Graduate of Islamic University in Libya. Rashid, Eko Epe Central mosque, Epe. Muhammad al-Mekkawi, who was from Morocco and had been to Makkah.

Burton met him in Lagos around Most of them did not stay long. His father Hoseyn-Qoli Khan was one of the most prominent tar players. Bigje-Khani began his studies with his Suicide Suicide Alan Vega Martin Rev at the age of six, and after father's death continued them with Reza- Qoli Zaboli, who was then regarded as the best pupil of his father.

During these years he befriended with Ostad Hermann Nitsch Eighth Symphony Farnam, the virtuoso dayere player.

The period of their collaboration lasted for more than 50 years. For two and a half decades he was the manager of Radio Orchestra of Tabriz, and for a short while directed Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia taught tar in Music Workshop for Children and Young Persons. His fruitful life ended in She grew up under the close supervision of her father, Ahmad Bina, a master of traditional Iranian music, a poet and songwriter who wrote many of her early songs.

She began her official collaboration with radio Iran at the age of nine in Children's program. Soon she was accepted to be trained by two of the most prominent personalities of Persian music, master Ma'aroufi and master Zarinpanjeh.

She acquired her own solo program on Radio Iran, a rare achievement at that time, called Jasun Martz The Pillory Sahraie Wild Flowers.

This popular program, which was a collection of folk songs and musicals, carried her voice throughout Iran and the neighboring countries untilmaking her a part of Talib Hakim William Bolcom Howard Swanson Frederic Rzewski New American Music Volume 3 memory of at least two generations of Iranians.

Her performances and special concerts in different countries further made her a renown artist worldwide. After graduating from Tehran University inmajoring in Arts, Sima Bina continued and completed her studies with master Davami, one of the most learned authorities on Persian music.

Sincealong with teaching Persian classical music and vocals to selected students, she has focused on doing further research on Persian folk songs. By traveling to most remote places all over Khorasan, Bina has been able to gather and revive a collection of almost forgotten folk songs and Traumprinz Mothercave, many of which she has re-composed and presented in her recent performances.

His teacher: Ali Akbar Shahnazi. He published many articles and book for music history and Khorasan Magazine. Booban [Babak] Santur player. Her master thesis examines the role of vocal music training under the supervision and advice of a doctor Ali Muhammad Haghshenas Persian poetry that has been done. From May to learn to master Payvar Sangie Davis L Perry Devon Irons Doc Alimantado Words Vampire dulcimer and zither music festivals Festival in the years and won first place.

In the spring of with an emphasis on knowledge and experience, along with journalist Boban T. He has staged many performances of his works is that it can be remembered among Nima in Rudaki Hall with string orchestra led … and vocal music performances and poetry to the accompaniment of a journalist named Boban.

The Court of the vocal parts with lyrics Nima is staged. Most of his compositions, vocal music with poetry from Nima, Shamloo and Akhavan, improvised instrumental music and music for children and adolescents up. Latest performance, which is sterilized for. His album released two other albums in the publication. Recently, the Cook and dulcimer building to improve its problems Cluster Eno Cluster Eno upgrade the instrument's features and dulcimer … recent result of this activity.

Concert films for children from Leonard Bernstein's translation and narration is also the owner of several articles and translations in journals and specialized music magazines. Now she is helping Master Nariman in writing Radif Haft Dastgah and pieces specially for Oud ,besides her studies and research in music phonology. At the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, getting an MA degree in Architecture, with the design of Tehran future Conservatory, focusing on special acoustic design for Persian music rehearsal venues, she studied music and musical acoustics at the same time which finally ended in a PhD in Art Studies focusing on Persian Music Theory.

Mastered playing Oud and Persian Radif with the renowned Iranian Oud master Mansur Nariman, Negar has been working with different bands of Persian Classical music for over a hundred live performances and several recordings sincealong with frequent recitals at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Fajr and Yas Music Festivals, and radio programs.

She's also worked as an instructor of Oud and Persian music theory and practice for 10 years, and cooperated with Mansur Nariman in notating and editing of his two books for Oud players: "42 pieces for Oud" and "The seven Dastgah-s of Iranian Radif for Oud".

Negar is an instructor of Oud at Tehran Conservatory of Music now. With a basic knowledge of acoustics and musical acoustics, Negar got interested in principles of Iranian music of the past and with the well known researcher Dr.

Khosro Moulana, she went through the treatises from 10th to 16th century A. Following the path, she started her PhD thesis on a comparative study of rhythm in Iranian Bill Conti Music From An Unmarried Woman and Persian language, with the Iranian Music master Hossein Alizadeh as the music supervisor.

Negar Bouban is deeply involved with the art of improvisation, both in traditional way of Dastgah concept and in free improvisation on themes of various origins and modes. Boroumand recorded Iranian Classical Music Radif on cassettes.

He studied Radif from Esmaeil Ghahremani. He was tireless in perceiving the authentic technique of each Jura Soundsystem Monster Skies and learning different topics on music wherever he found.

Namely the approach to the music content and Radiohead My Iron Lung EP that the way in which this content is rendered. He was such an open-minded musician that he even learned from his young contemporaries and friends. Thus despite the presence of a handful of prominent musicians he was the only one who managed to transfer effectively the tradition set and held by past masters to the next generation s.

Many of his pupils became distinguished instrumentalists or vocalist of the day. From he continued his advance level studies in playing Setar with Hossein Alizadeh and very soon assisted his Teacher by acting as a graphic designer for his educational books and albumsas well as a Setar and Oud player in Alizadeh's Albums and Live performances. Ali, a member of "International Advertising Association" and a professional Graphic Designer, is also responsible for designing Hermes' product covers and advertising campaign.

Graduated and still inhabits the city. Graduated … middle school and high school in the city of Neka in the city over the city. In won a diploma in mathematics in high school physics in the city of Hashtroudi.

Then the teacher took the test due to school holidays and graduated in mathematics and law degree …. Studied mechanical engineering and petrochemical engineering until in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and graduated in He is the second year of primary school, as well as dhikr and eulogy inmate's eulogy at the funeral of Imams in his honor and he knows it.

Also, he studied jazz with John Novello, a world acclaimed music educator, and learned improvisation from keyboardist, Chuck Wild of Missing Persons fame and composer of the Liquid Mind stress-relief music series. Inthe break of lifetime occurred when Armen joined the Grammy- Award winning band, Shadowfax as keyboardist. Recording, co-writing and touring with Shadowfax over the Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia five years helped shape his signature keyboard styling.

InArmen founded TruArt records. Aside from being a solo artist, Armen enjoys playing in other The Byrds The Notorious Byrd Brothers and is currently performing with the prestigious Armen Folk Ensemble.

Education: Diploma. Occupation: free — music. Son of Rajab: since childhood to learn to play the flute, desarkoten, and on an experimental basis. Studied laleva with Professor Akbar Faghihian started playing 59 years with Professor Hossein Tayyebi learn laleva followed. He swept the Ney Professor Mehdi Ebrahimi. Festival music festival in Mazandaran and top artist known for laleva pieces. From 65 years, played desarkoten 7 years for Professor Hossein Tayyebi, laleva … 20 years with the group, worked for 10 years with Hassan Mohammadi Brothers Master Eshaghi.

He led the group for 15 years …. Member of MEHRensemble. His musical shift coincided with a great development in the system of teaching Persian classical music, that we the introduction of a new media, radio, which proved to have a great influence on the musical taste of public. His tasteful phrasing, his constrained sentimentality, his crystalline sound-making, his clear up- and down-strokes, and his alterations on white and yellow strings are among his peculiarities in the performance.

Damavandi [Jenab] He lived in the Mozafaredin Shah area. He was vocalist. His teacher was Jafar Lahiji. His other works: G-C. He collaborated with Aqa Hoseyn Qoli, and to follow his master's recommendation recorded twice with Ali-Akbar Shahnazi as accompanist.

He then went to Esfahan and was taught by Seyyed Rahim, the great song master of his period. He passed away in Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia From the year he continued training of Santoor with Mohammad Azari. He aquinted with Mohammad Ali Kianinejad in and discovered many unfounded aspects of Iranian music. He began to play Barbat instrument in and he learned a lot from Mohammad Firoozi and Arsalan Kamkar.

Kamran Omid. Tombak 72 years as a professional instrument and learning the instrument chosen by Mr. Aref art and M. Yadollahi began the year ended Advanced Tombak period of 86 years began with Professor Bahman Rajabi, as well as the Ranking Mandey Hard Times uses.

Learning music of all time, has benefited from the guidance of Professor Mohsenpour now teaching Tombak and Daf and music Farhangkhaneh children House of music — for children in Mazandaran. He played Setar and studied Tar here Darvish Khan. He used to play pieces by Darvish Khan in his concerts. He was playing with Crust Setar [this is special instrument Looking Instrument part ]. He recorded many Disc with Ghamar and Tadj at He performance many song from Amir Jahed with Tar. He used to play only in private sessions.

His own instrument had a circular membran extended over a hole with a diameter of cm. Though he had recorded some pieces with tar and had accompanied Qamar on the instrument, from early youth he abandoned tar and concentrated only on setar playing. He was self-taught in this instrument and did not regard himself as a professional setar-player. His own instrument had a circular membrane extended over a hole with a diameter of cm. This was a recent development in the morphology of setar that indubitably was under the influence of tar.

Nowadays this kind of setar, known as "membranous setar", has lost its popularity due to its hybrid sonority. In his style one can trace elements of radif, but also his idiosyncratic tempo and pacing as well as his personal taste in music. As a matter of fact his style is more close to that of playing tar especially in speed of plucking and rendering chaharmezrabs.

His teacher: Asadollah Malek. Kamran records Three Of You Grace songs in Cassette and performances many Concerts. He was one of Masters of Iranian Music at century. He went to Europe for recorded Disc with other Musicians. He playing Tar and Setar. His teachers were his father and Agha Hussein Gholi Farahani.

He was member of Aziz Soltan music group at infancy. Afterwards he went to Darolfonoun Music School. He was decoratedFirst-class Medal from France Government for his works and concerts for beggaries.

He recorded many Disc with Tar and Vocal. He adds one String for Tar. He invented Pish Daramad overture form in Iranian Music. He gave Tabarzin Medal to his best students. Arshad Tahmasbi in Darvish Khan Peace publishes his works.

His teachers were his father and Agha Hussein Gholi Farahani, from the most respected musician family of the ninteen century in Iran. He was a member of Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Aziz Soltan music group. Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia he went to the Darolfonoun Music School. He recieved Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia First-class Medal from the Government of Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia for his works and concerts for poor people.

Despite the fact that he was considered as one of the masters of the ninteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, he had a really modern ways of performing and composing. Indeed he was very talentous in compositing. He also recorded many disc playing Tar and singing. It's said that he added one string for the Tar. He died in a car accident in Tehran in He studied Music in his town and at he went to Tehran Music University.

Daryaei [Alireza], Violin, Student. Most of the members now living abroad. They compose instrumental set and also accompany major vocalist in Iran. As expatriate musicians, athey are appreciated on international tours, such as for famous vocalist: Homayoun Shajarian, Parissa, Salar Aghili, Mahdieh Mohammad khani.

Davallou [Mahshid], Oud player. He was taught Radif and sang many songs of Iranian Classical Music. Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia, he went to the radio, television, and member of Iranian Music Institute. He was working in Post Office for seven years. Davami went to "Teflis" with Darvish Khan for recording Disc. He had Vocal Radif for Iranian Music. He recorded his Radif with Mohammad Reza Lotfi. Faramarz Payvar in Davami Together II publishes his Radif and his songs.

As a teenager he discovered that he had a good, audible and suitable voice, so he decided to learn the Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia principles of Persian vocal music.

As a result of his talent in learning music, he became friend of great masters of his time such as Mirza Hosseingholi tar masterHossein Khan kamancheh master Darvish Khan tar and setar masterMalek-al-Zakerin vocalist and Mirza Abd-al-Allah setar master. Davoudian Dehlavi Oud [Kazem] born Mashhad He received his B.

A in music from the college of Arts at the Tehran University in During this years as a student he studied Persian music theory and Radif—Navazi under the supervision of such renowned masters as M. Kiani, Mohammad Reza Lotfi Various Super Breaks Essential Funk Soul And Jazz Samples Break Beats Volume Three D.

After his graduation, Davoudian performed with various musical ensembles while he served as an instructor of santur to intermediate and advanced students at the Center for Preservation and Advancement of Iranian Music. During the years he dedicated much of his time to composing music. Davoudian migrated to the U. He has continued contributing to the growth the development of Traditional Persian Music through performing, composing, teaching, as well as making santurs.

Prior to that he toured the U. Drawing upon his talent as a cellist and composer of western music and western influences in his most recent The Be Good Tanyas Blue Horse for Cello and Santur. His father was Moezodin Emami. He studied Composition in Tehran Music Conservatoire. He Composed many song for Iranian Music.

Moreover he recorded many cassettes and performances many Concerts. Dehlavi have one Iranian Instruments Orchestra. Hussein Dehlavi published many books and wrote Method for Rhythm. He wrote one book for Music and Poet. He is the graduate of High School of Music in composition and has traveled to Germany and Austria to continue his studies and develop his technical skills. After Saba's death, he was appointed as the leader of his master's orchestra. He founded Iranian Orchestra of Rudaki Hall in From the time of his first compositions he was interested in using especially plucked instruments of Iran with other bowed and wind ones.

Can play duduk, kemancheh. He learnt tabari music from his research and Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia music with Professor Ahmed Mohsenpour. He coached a children's music the style of Carl Orff with Professor Kamran.

He … participate in several concerts and led by Professor M. Habibullah Wajdi and musical director Nima Najafi, and establishment and implementation of the 80 different George Scott Find Someone To Love compositions to accompany the group itself.

Took share recordings as a fiddle player and accompanied singing Mahmoud Reza Sharifi and martyr commander Gholizadeh. Also composed music w. Delnavazi [Mehrdad] lead singer. He was graduated in from Tehran Conservatory. Since he began Oud playing by auto-dictating and collaborated then with Aref ensemble and National Orchestra by the supervising of Faramarz Payvar as Barbat and Rabab player.

He also knows Tar and Piano playing as well as Barbat and Rabab playing. Demir [Mahmut] : Tanbur player in Turkey. Born in Mahdishahr, Semnan. He had commenced his music training career in his adolescence. He was Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia student Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia College of Music Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia then having entered to the University of Tehran, Faculty of fine Arts, He studied in two majors of painting and music.

In the mean time he enjoyed music lessons from Mr. Mohammad Reza Lotfi in university and outside in the form of learning Radif the Persian classical music repertoire for the Taar and Setaar In he was a member of Sheida Music ensemble and contributed to the creation of collection of albums called Chavoosh. He was also one of the founding members of Chavoosh Institute. Publishing the albums of Bache-haye-bahar children of spring in company with Hossein Alizadeh and Ghasedak Dandelion with Mehdi Akhavan Sales were among his independent efforts in the 60th decade.

Following 20 years of his residence, he made serious attempts including Founding Nava music institution, Performing concerts and Annual seminars related to traditional Iranian Music Errol Holt Prince Fari Sweet Reggae Music Hairdressing Salon, Teaching music and publishing albums such Bang Bang Nasim Sobhdam the breeze of the DawnGomgashteh Lost and Neyriz Since he has been teaching in Art university in the field of Music.

He is now the artistic director of three ensembles of Nava in GermanyKhorshid sun and Shahnaz. He was born into a family of DJ Nu Mark Broken Sunlight from the Iranian province Semnan.

During his studies of string instruments and composition at the University of Teheran, the legendary Mohammad Reza Lotfi became his teacher. In Iran itself Majid Derakhshani is deemed Tony Esposito Je Na Pagaia be amongst the best on his instrument — the tar.

His virtuosity has been celebrated worldwide in festivals, concerts, radio and television productions. He views himself as an ambassador of these magnificently mystical melodies which themselves lead dynamic lives of their own where change is certain and compulsory.

Thus, a novel musical style developed, that Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia oriental music with European elements. The subliminal magic of his harmonies enthrall unswervingly, enchanting people of all ages.

Especially in a time replete with one-dimensional and superficial stimulation, this music may serve to enlighten us. After graduating from high school in Tabriz he went to England Synthesis Synthesis study financial management and marketing.

He began to work in England and in returned to Iran and then felt deeply interested in music. He started Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros Rito Esclavo take tar lessons from Hushang Zarif and then went to study Persian art of singing with Ostad Q.

Banan, the renowned singer. Deylami began his career in a performance of Yad-e Yar-e Mehraban Cherishing the memory of the benevolent friend based on a collection of verses with the same title by F. Moshiri and couducted by Return Of Q Project Champion Sound Night Moves Alliance Remixes composer, Farhad Fakhreddini.

His second major work is his contribution in the album Mey-e Nab i. Deylami's last work is also a composition by Fakhreddini on poems of Nezami Ganjavi. It proved to be a fruitful experience for him. These successful concerts were followed by a single concert in Vienna, in which Hushang Zarif undertook the leadership of the ensemble.

Tonbak player a local celebrity. Inas one of the radio programmer and announcer worked. In November the radio in Sari organized a. He recorded some cassettes Torbat e Jaam, accompanied by dotar player Zolfoqar Asgharian. During, [Jean]. French musicologist, composer. His father was Mirza Abdollah Farahani. His method was more successfully methods Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Iranian Music.

He had many students in Setar. He was invented many tune [wind up] for Setar for ever song. He went to radio and he was recorded many Disc and cassette that all of them are masterpieces of Iranian Music. He was Mirza Abdollah 's last son and was only 7 years old when he lost his father.

His 2 sisters, Moloud and Molouk, and his brother Javad had remarkably well understood their father's spirit and learnt Tar and Setar from him. Ostad Ebadi began his Setar Apprenticeship with his sisters and at the age of 18 became an excellent performer. He had a very specific way of playing Setar. During many years his performances were broadcasted in the National Radio especially in the "Golha" Program, either in solo or in group.

Inhe died in Tehran and this was the dissapearance of the last member of what was called the Family of Art, Agha Ali Akbar Khan Farahani the most preeminent musician of the Qajar Period 's family. Though he lost his father at the age of 13, he continued studying under supervision of his sister, Moloud Seyhoun. With her help, the powerful technique and strong strokes in the old style remained in his wonderful memory.

His powerful strokes, including his glorious down-strokes, long vibratos, self-confidence in introductions as well as hi generosity and kindness toward others made him very popular and caused him to have greater influence on his contemporaries. He was only seven years when his father died. His elder sisters and brother had gone under the tutelage of father, and learned tar and setar. The brother died in his youth and Ahmad learned Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia by the aid his sisters and became a prominent musician by His style in setar was unique.

Solo and ensemble performances of him in radio programs esp. Golha are among his greatest survived legacy and will certainly remain in the memory of musiclovers. Shahnavaz is his last contribution to the art of improvisation. In ,he began his performances and recordings with Hossein Alizadeh and later on he has collaborated with Nourooz group and Mezrabi high Orchestra.

Sincehe has performed with Persiano group. In addition, inhe began his higher education and performance career, including music recording and concerts under Hossein Alizadeh.

He has stated his high education and performing activities such as recording music and performing concerts with Hossein Alizadeh. He is currently a music teacher in the University of Arts and high college of music.

His teachers were Hussein Tehrani and Houshang Mehrvarzan. He was engaged in Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia radio in and cooperated with Golha group. Eftekhari [Ali Reza] sh m He was born in Esfahan. His teacher was Tadj Esfahani. He studied in Tadj class when 12 years old.

He won the Barbad Test in He was famous vocalist in Iranian Music and his nickname was Eghbal Soltan. He was singing Aref songs. He recorded many Disc with Ali Akbar Shahnazi. He was born in a village called Alvand, 6 kilometers from the city of Qazvin in the northwest of Iran. The exact date of his birth is Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia question; it was probably some time in Unlike most seminary teachers, he made a living not by teaching but by working on his farm after school hours.

Young Eqbal lost his father when he was only seven and had to move to the city of Qazvin with his family. As a result, the young student soon mastered the different radifs of Persian De Frank His Professionals Psychedelic Man. Upon his acquaintance with Darvish Khan and the other musicians of his day, Eqbal took a trip to Tblisi to produce a record and give a live performance.

Eshaqi [Daryush]: Born in His first teacher was his father from whom he learned the kemancheh. Like his brother, he was born in a musical family and his Various The Philosophy Of Sound Machine EP1 was his father. A dotar player from Mazandaran, much in the turkmen style.

Date of Birth: 14 Persian date Aban Biography: Place of birth: Georgi Malleh city. East of Eden Mercator Projected. Various Local Customs Downriver Revival Ochre. Edgard Varese Arcana. Ef Ceremonies. Eiko Ishibashi and Darin Grey Ichida. Electric Wizard Come My Fanatics Eleni Karaindrou Trojan Women. Elliott Smith XO. Elsa Hewitt Peng Variations. Eluvium False Readings On.

Elysian Blaze Blood Geometry. Equals Tracts. Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch! Erik Satie Gnossiennes. Erra Augment. Esmerine Lost Voices. Eupana So Many Suns.

Evangelista In Animal Tongue. Ever Forthright Ever Forthright. Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Liminal. Extol Extol. Exuma Exuma. Eyot Similarity. Faith No More Angel Dust. FaltyDL Heaven is for Quitters. Family Fodder Sunday Girls. Faust Faust IV. Faust Faust. Fff Vivants. Fifty Foot Hose Cauldron. Fire On Fire Munir Bashir Crystal Wa Wajd Music From The Mesopotamia Orchard. The Hands. Chopstick Dubplate Feat Mr Williamz Top Cat Worldwide Traveller Second Exit.

Fleet Foxes Sun Giant. Fleet Foxes Crack-Up. Flower Travellin Band Satori. Foie Gras Bate Kush. Follow The White Rabbit Endorphinia. Foo Fighters Wasting Light. Foxtails III. Frank Zappa Chunga's Revenge.

Frank Zappa The Grand Wazoo. Franz Liszt Nuages Orchestra Berto Pisano Orchestra Berto Pisano S. Franz Schubert Winterreise, D. Funeral Diner The Underdark. Funkadelic Maggot Brain. Fushitsusha Live I. Fushitsusha Purple Trap.

Fushitsusha The Caution Appears. Galina Ustvolskaya Piano Sonata No. Gates Bloom and Breathe. Gazpacho March of Ghosts. George Clanton Slide. Gerard Grisey Les espaces acoustiques. Giacinto Scelsi Natura Renovatur.

Giacinto Scelsi Piano Suite No. Giacinto Scelsi Xnoybis. Giacinto Scelsi Quattro Illustrazioni. Giacinto Scelsi Ohoi. Giacinto Scelsi Anagamin.

Giacinto Scelsi Dithome. Goat Commune. Black Emperor Luciferian Towers. GoGo Penguin v2. Grails Chalice Hymnal. Grant Green Idle Moments.

Gregor Samsa Grouper A I A. Grouper Grid of Points. Gyorgy Kurtag Wind Quintet op. Gyorgy Ligeti Viola Sonata. Hail Spirit Noir Oi Magoi. Haken Affinity. Hala Strana These Villages. Hammock Raising Your Voice Trying to Stop an Echo. Hamza el Din Al Oud. Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness. Hawkwind Warrior on the Edge of Time. Headspace I Am Anonymous.

Heaven's Basement Filthy Empire. Heinz Holliger Trema. Helium Horse Fly Hollowed. Helmut Lachenmann Grido. Helmut Lachenmann NUN. Helmut Lachenmann Notturno.

Herbie Hancock Head Hunters. Hijokaidan King of Noise. Horatiu Radulescu Streichquartett No. Hourvari EP. Howls of Ebb Vigils of the 3rd Eye. Hungry Ghosts Alone, Alone. Hypno5e Acid Mist Tomorrow. I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism Iannis Xenakis Metastaseis. Ichiko Aoba 0 Zero. Ichiko Aoba Mahoroboshiya. Ill Considered Ill Considered 5. Immortal Pure Holocaust. Impure Wilhelmina Black Honey. In Flames Sounds of a Playground Fading. In Mourning The Weight of Oceans.

In Vain Aenigma. Irfan Irfan. Iron Maiden Dance of Death. Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast. Isis Oceanic. Jack or Jive Towards the Event Horizon. Jakob Solace. Jakob Sines. Jambinai A Hermitage.

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John Coltrane Afro-Blue Impressions. John Coltrane Dakar. John Coltrane Crescent. John Coltrane Coltrane Prestige, John Coltrane Ballads. John Coltrane Coltrane Time. John Coltrane Expression.

John Coltrane Black Pearls. John Coltrane Settin' The Pace. John Coltrane The Believer. John Coltrane Newport ' John Frusciante Shadows Collide with People. John Frusciante Inside of Emptiness. John Zorn The Gift. John Zorn The Dreamers. John Zorn Music for Children. John Zorn The Interpretation of Dreams. Johnny Dyani Witchdoctor's Son. Joie de Vivre The North End.

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  1. Bashir, Munir & Omar Bashir Ud Duet (Auvidis Ethnic) ATR Bashir, Munir & The Iraqi Traditional Music Group Munir Bashir & The Iraqi Traditional Music Group (Le Chant du Monde) Bashir, Omar (Munir Bashir &) Ud Duet (Auvidis Ethnic) ATR.
  2. Mar 29,  · Munir Bachir was one of the best oud players of all times and this two set CD is a must have for any music lover. Bachir's work has been inspiring for so many musicians who explore the maqam. The improvisations are extremely well executed as usual, and if one needs to pick one single solo oud recording, this is probably the one/5(4).
  3. Jul 18,  · Classical Music of Iraq There is no clear separation of the profane and the sacred in this melody mode and it can be found in most religious music of Mesopotamia (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Gnostic, Schismatics or Heretics). The naqqarat was abandoned, then reintroduced by Munir Bashir. Iraqi modes of Baghdad according to Hajj Hashim.
  4. album Weekly Top. album Pop Hotlist. music noteChords for Main Kaun Hoon - Secret Superstar Zaira Wasim Aamir Khan Amit Trivedi Kausar Munir Meghna. Soundtrack album by Amit Trivedi: The music of the film has been composed by Amit Trivedi while the all songs lyrics have been written by Kausar Munir and music officially released by Zee Music.
  5. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Mesopotamia - Munir Bashir on AllMusic -
  6. Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good.' This passage and the passages that follow make it crystal clear that the 'decorated tree' that Jeremiah was talking about in , was a tree that was cut down and made into an idol, a very common custom in the ancient world.".
  7. May 13,  · Album: Mesopotamia Artist: Munir Bashir A great album from a great master. This album contains some of Munir Bashir's late improvisations as well .
  8. Baghdad Ensemble Music from Mesopotamia: Bakermat Vandaag: Balmorhea Clear Language: Band of Horses Everything All the Time: Band of Skulls Sweet Sour: Bardo Pond Acid Guru Pond: Bardo Pond Volume 8: Bare Arms Bare Arms: Bark Psychosis Codename.
  9. Balkan music is a type of music found in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. New!!: String instrument and Balkan music · See more» Bandol (instrument) The bandol, bandola, or criolla mandolin is a string instrument in Trinidad and Tobago with four double courses of .

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