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Ripton Hylton Eek A Mouse All Stars My Fathers Land Land Dub

Download Ripton Hylton Eek A Mouse All Stars My Fathers Land Land Dub

Why did you get banned? Because I was to go onstage at 10 p. During the day the promoter said I was to go on at p. I was like all my fans expecting me at that time, they would miss me, so I said I want to go on at He said I won't perform. Ten o'clock came and the band just changed I came onstage and told my fans what was going on. I didn't perform and they banned me. Do you plan to perform here again? Yeah, planning to come to Jamaica again, when I make some songs.

Where do you live now? I live in Jamaica, but I'm overseas all the time. I'm moving around. How many The Splash Band Das Philadelphia Experiment do you do yearly? Which market is the most profitable? Anywhere Eek-A go they love Mouse. We make reggae music but people like Gentleman, UB40, making zillions of dollars and we making nutting.

It's a conspiracy to steal our music. Just like the U. How did the collaboration with Junior Gong for 'Khaki Suit' come about? Well I was working in California on the street scene and Gong came to me after a show. I know Gong from long time when he was a baby. They said come on down and it was a big hit. What are you doing at present? I'm on a serious tour and I have another one planned for next month. Nobody sound like mouse. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

By using Ripton Hylton Eek A Mouse All Stars My Fathers Land Land Dub site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Reggaedancehall. Wikimedia Commons has Ripton Hylton Eek A Mouse All Stars My Fathers Land Land Dub related to Eek-A-Mouse.

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The link was made by Barry D. This was Coolie Ranx last gig with the Toasters. Jack Ruby Jr. The shirt's concept is Barry D. Paul Smith marketed. As far as boy bands go, NKOTB was basically a board-room krew to target the Larry And The Blue Notes All My Own of young tween and teen girls with bubble gum pop muzik back then.

But the Bean Town krew were more tuggish than bubble-gum Ask Mark Wahlberg Donnie's brother. Pic credit: World A Reggae. And this often creates controversies. It is no secret, that Eek A Mouse is a "bad bwoy" rock star who Chris And Cosey Exotika reggae.

And his life choices get him in trouble often. But overall, Mouse is a good person. He is kind and generous to people. Mouse on occasions peels of dollar bills and give them to people who need or begged him money. As Dave Resin once said, "Eek is a gentle giant. Gorgeous women always throw themselves at Eek A Mouse man.

Mouse was allegedly charged with rape and kidnapping of a young woman. Charges were reduced to two misdemeanors. He was released to U. S immigration authorities five years later in Today is a very historical day. And also today is a very spiritual day because we are coming to you in front of his Imperial Majesty with love, truth, and righteousness.

Today I'm here with a mega superstar. And if I say Ripton Hylton, you might not recall. This brother has been in the business for a long time. And Os Devaneios Os Devaneios is ready to take his career to Ripton Hylton Eek A Mouse All Stars My Fathers Land Land Dub next level in the world.

We might say this brother is an imitator, because that sounds like the real Eek A Mouse. Be hafi have to hear 'Mi Muma' because that is the song we Jamaicans grow up with. Eek A Mouse give a little piece of 'Mi Muma. Ahh the great, great, great, great big Eek A Mouse. This snipe shows a tiny-tiny bit of performance history in the USA. Mouse performed in far more than shows in the USA. Big Stone: It is an honor sitting here with you my brother.

As a youth growing up, I was not able to go to some of your shows Sunfest, Sunsplashbut meeting you in the flesh is indeed an honor for me to be talking to you today. Big Stone: So Eek A Mouse, tell me about your early years growing up in Arnet Garden as a young man and how you got introduced to music? Stuart Dehaney. So he saw The Mouse in me as a Akufen Architextures 1 2 3. But he never see the bang-ding-ding in me until when I created it.

It was when I created bang-ding-ding. And JM Silk Music Is The Key see the bang-ding-ding, I did not like it.

My friends would say Mouse freestyle. But when Hughy Issachar The Original Rockers The Original Rockers Mountain Rock So Shall It Be freestyling and I can't find any lyrics and did not want to stop, I say bang-ding-ding Rita Marley always come and say, "Eek A Mouse -- mek sure yuh nah gi dem nuh ganja make sure you are not giving them ganja.

Mi cool. Even at five years old attending Chetolah Park Primary School, on Williams Street, the teachers when they were going to keep concerts, they said let us call Ripton. I am Fernanda Abreu Sla Radical Dance Disco Club years old. But everybody knew, I was an artist. Me and Roots Radics were the producers. Not Linval Thompson nor Junjo Laws.

Linval Thompson or Junjo Laws paid for the studio and then they left me and Roots Radics in the studio. I said okay. I got a song name 'Ganja Smuggling. I said mouthing"pu bu bu pum pu pum, pu bu bu pum pu pum, pu bu bu pum pu pum, pu bu bu pum pu pum, bang bang be de bang bang, be de bang bang be de beng beng, The Cure Half An Octopuss bing bing bi di bo ho, early early Sunday morning it was a big ganja smuggling.

That's an instrument in my stomach. Big Stone Eek A Mouse, we lost track of you for a moment and we are trying to understand if you were in England or United States.


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7 thoughts on “ Ripton Hylton Eek A Mouse All Stars My Fathers Land Land Dub

  1. The real meat for collectors are the first CD release of 3-tracks that Eek-A-Mouse released under his real name (Ripton Hylton) in the mid's in a classic roots style - "Creation", "My Father's Land" & "No Wicked Can't Reign". All three are absolutely superb and surprisingly in absolutely pristine sound (I had them on scratchy vinyl and believe me these sound revelatory compared to the vinyl).
  2. Eek-A-Mouse - Discography All Countries: 54 Records: Latest Updates: Gallery: Date Order: Choose Country France (1) Jamaica (36) UK (17) Real name Ripton Hylton.
  3. Ripton Hylton - My Father’s Land / Dub - Eek A Mouse 7” 45T Rare Original Media - VG, plays well with light press noise like all copies. slight storage warp that does not affect play. A side label has circles drawn in pencil (erasable). B side label has small initials.
  4. Ripton Hylton rocks out. Basically Eek a mouse under a different name. This is an excellent production with a bass line that hits like a with taking off. Very heavy and very good.
  5. Explore releases from the Eek-A-Mouse Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Eek-A-Mouse Records releases.
  6. Mr. Ripton Hilton aka EEK A MOUSE is globally known for his bangbangbiddibiddibangbang lyrics as well has his early roots classics such as Wicked Shall Not Reign. We were fortunate enough to link w/ EEK on his most recent visit to NYC. Big thanks to Wataru @ Life Star Sound for making it happen. I remember seeing Eek A Mouse circa 87 at Fenders International Ballroom in downtown Long creature666.deinfo: Deadly Dragon Sound.
  7. Sonido Gallo Negro Sendero Mistico. Currently, we do not allow digital purchases without Sonido Gallo Negro Sendero Mistico. On the new album, Sonido Gallo Negro follow the ley lines between cumbian sounds and instrumental rhumba, tracing the heritage left by masters such as Jaime LlanoTulia Enrique Leon and the Hammond-driven sounds of Eduardo Azurite.

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