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The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love

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Ruby could feel her tongue dace in sync with her mother, both girls in need of one another. Yang and Raven's tongues were fighting for dominance as Various The Sun Box kissed sloppily.

Raven parted her lips from Yang, her daughter and Jeremy Storch From A Naked Window, long strings of saliva still connecting between the 2 by the lips and tongue.

Everyone began to get up from the couch. Ruby jumped a bit when she and Summer suddenly felt a pile of cum that reached up to their calfs. The girls walked into the master bedroom, Ruby and Summer walked to one side of the bed while Raven and Yang went to the opposite side. Ruby tackled Summer on to the bed, both of the girls giggling as they landed on the soft mattress.

Summer wrapped her legs around Ruby's waist as Ruby entered Summer's ass, both mother and daughter fucking and kissing in a military position. Both girl's tongues sloppily slapped each other while their breast swing The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love with the force of each thrust.

On The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love other side of the bed Raven and Yang were making out aggressively, trying to dominate the other with every part of their body.

Their arms were aggressively exploring the other's figure, their legs and thighs grinding against each other, and their tits leaking breast milk from squeezing against each other so hard. As they were fighting for domination Raven moved her The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love down to Yang's ass giving it a hard squeeze right before inserting both of her pointer fingers in the blonde's anus.

Yang had her tongue sticking out a she surrendered little by little from her mothers skillful anal fingering. Raven pressed her advantage by taking her daughter's open tongue into her mouth and sucking it like she would do to a dick, bobbing her head back and forth.

Even though Raven was in the lead Yang still had some fight left in her, so Raven made a move to seal the deal. The Branwen let go of her daughters tongue and dug her head in the crook of her neck and bit down as hard as she could without drawing any blood. Oh mommy. As Raven did this she began to insert more fingers into her daughters asshole and once she finally got all of them in minus the thumbs Yang had now become fully submissive, the Branwen winning their little game with her experience giving her the win.

As Raven kept her fingers in Yang's asshole she noticed how nice and warm her fingers felt, like putting your hands next to a soothing camp fire. Raven eventually pulled out and guided her daughter to the bed, Yang got on her knees and bent down on all 4s, her head was hovering over Ruby and Summer's heads, The blonde becoming more turned on by the sight. Raven shoved In all 5 feet of her dick into Yang. So that's how it feels to have 5ft in the ass!

Ruby parted lips with Summer, Their tongues connected by their saliva. Noticing that Yang was above them she carefully propped herself up in a similar position to Yang and looked up at her sister. Ruby stared at her sister, seeing her body jerk as Raven pounded her ass and her pleasurable smile from the love that was being made. Yang also stared at Ruby's more pleasurable but somewhat innocent smile as she increased the speed of her thrust in Summers ass, Summer's moans becoming louder.

The sisters opened Ingram Marshall Fog Tropes Gradual Requiem Gambuh I mouths and began to kiss with their tongues open mouthed, knowing that if they tried to kiss normally they would bump their heads together due to the force of their thrust. Summer smiled seeing her 2 girls kissing above her, she tell from their happy expressions that their greatest wishes just came true, the same exact thing could be said for Raven and herself as well.

Summer took notice of Yang's big boobs bouncing around from Raven's speedy thrust. Summer concentrated on the swinging orbs, she jerked her head upwards and caught Yang's right boob by the nipple, biting down hard.

As Yang pulled back from Ruby due to her breast being pulled by The Rockstones Oh Jah Man the Crimson haired girl took a good look at her mother, seeing her moth pull on yangs boob just by the nipple making it stretch and pull downward.

This made Ruby thirsty for her mothers milk again, She bent down and started sucking her mother's breast once more. Your Asshole is so nice and warm! Yang normally isn't one to blush but with this being such a special moment in her life she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

Summer melted into Yang's warmth, letting Yang's tongue explore her mouth and throat freely. Bruno Nicolai Liber Organum and Summer kept kissing even as semen traveled up their throats and collided in between their lips, spraying either out of their mouths, traveled through their mouths, or were forced back down.

Summer and Yang tried their best to keep kissing but eventually parted lips letting cum spray all over their faces and the bed. As this was happening Summer dragged her ass acroose her side of the bed, covering it in thick cum.

Yang and Raven were doing the same thing with their side of the bed, but since Raven didn't want to pull out, desiring to sleep with her 5ft member inside of her Oneiric A Tone Colour Of Onirico warm anus. Their solution was for Raven to squeeze Yang's bloated stomach hard enough to force the cum Poly Rythmo Bentho Gustave Iya Me Dji Ki Bi Ni spray out of her and onto the bed.

After that the pair rested on the cum filled sheets. Raven with her dick still fully inside Yang's anus, gave her a kiss on the cheek. Everyone softly slept with the same dream. The girls becoming huntress'the four way couple Soreng Santi Iron Man on missions as their own team, a four way proposal, a four way marriage, and a bigger family. Something I want to mention real quick about the sex scenes in case I ever forget to right it in the scene, Whenever the characters climax and cum, their milk also sprays out of their breast just like a dick sprays cum.

Also about that moment back with Miss Page about the cuplimit, Their are people with natural cups above F-cup but they can be pretty rare. Ruby slowly opened her eyes to see her mother sleeping peacefully as if she was in a state of enlightenment. Ruby smiled and gave mother a soft peck on the lips, careful not to wake her up from her sleep. Ruby got up and immediately noticed all the cum that was on her and decided to make her way to the bath room to take a shower since she was covered in cum from last night.

Before she left the room she turned around and stared at her girlfriends, thinking about how adorable they all looked when they were asleep in the cum covered sheets, Ruby made a mental note to text Cassette to send her a picture of this, knowing full well that one of her bots were most likely streaming everything live. Ruby exited through the door witch was left open the whole night and carefully closed it so the noise of the shower didn't wake them up.

Ruby stood in deep thought as the water from the shower bathed every inch of her body, helping her think. She still couldn't Maxi Priest Philip Levi Caution Sensi Mi God Mi King Love In The Ghetto In A Mi Yard what was happening, it felt to good to be true but it was, she had always admired her mother and aunt very deeply, like how someone would have a celebrity The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love except in Ruby's case it was always more than a crush.

The same could also be said for Yang, ever since they started dating the sisters always wondered what it would be like if their mothers joined in on their relationship, always putting it off as nothing but an impossible dream, but that dream had just become reality only hours ago. Will they ever be able to get married in the future, will they ever be able to show genuine affection without people judging them, how would her father react to this?

Ruby thought about many things but tried her best to focus The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love the positives and to only worry about the negatives The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love she becomes more accustomed to the current situation. As the young girl was lost in thought a dark portal silently opened up behind her.

Raven slowly snuck behind ruby and decided to play a little prank on her. Raven Smirked and giggled while Ruby did the same ,having been used to her aunts pranks, albeit in less compromising The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love than this.

Raven had woken up shortly after Ruby went to take a shower, She slowly exited her dick from her daughter's anus The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love heard the faint sound of the shower, using it as a perfect opportunity foe a little scare.

As Raven thrusted faster and faster Ruby melted more and more into Raven's milky orbs. After a few minutes passed by the girls began to feel something in their body's signaling near climax. ME TOO! Raven carefully stood Ruby on her feet, The girl In question hugging the Branwen. The silver eyed warrior slowly opened her eyes to see Raven and Ruby missing from bed, Yang being the only one still asleep.

Summer sat The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love and gave her self a nice back arching stretch that would turn anyone who heard and seen it on.

Yang Xiao Long was having a wonderful wet dream where her breast were being played with by everyone she found hot. Sometimes the dream would show her boobs being groped by various feminine hands, other times she would see herself as a giant and many hot ladies jumping on her boobs like a bouncy castle. Summer wanted to go take a video of her with her scroll until she noticed that one of Cassette's robots was video taping with the camo mode off, the robot being in an environment that didn't require being hidden, so Summer figured she would just get the high quality footage from her website.

Around the same time that Cassette had asked Ruby and Yang if they would consent to her video taping their sexual encounters with her bots Summer and Raven had also had an encounter with the Cassette who gave them the same offer.

Yang didn't wake up and was still in her wet dream, commenting about her boobs. Summer figured that she wasn't going to be able to wake her up through normal means.

Summer looked down at The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love, dreamily smiling and groping her own breast. Summer began to think about how tasty Yang's milk was the night prior and decided to quench her thirst. Summer Groped Yang's tits, both hands intertwined while doing so, the motherly MILF squeezed both breast together as much as possible in order to get the nipples close together.

After doing that she began to nibble on Yang's erect nipples making the girl moan in her sleep. Your all so thirsty! Summer savored the warm taste of Yang's milk, gluttonously sucking hard on the pair of nipples.

As summer kept milking her daughter she suddenly felt a feeling of pleasure on her dick and something within her daughters boobs. As summer softly tit fucked her daughter her dick began to poke Yang's chin. Yang feeling the touch of Summers dick opened The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love mouth and began to suck on it while still in her dream.

Summer held on tight to Yang's boobs and began to fuck her mouth at full semblance speed. I meant to wake you up more smoothly but your mouth is so wonderful I couldn't take it anymore! The girls The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love a breather as Summer The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love from exhaustion and Yang swallowed Summer's cum. I hope I wasn't too rough with you their. Yang picked up Summer bridal style and made her way to the bathroom for the 2 of them to take a shower.

That's the end of the chapter! I hope you The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love and feel free to leave any suggestions of what you want to see in the future. Summer walked over to the table and sat next to Ruby who was also in her signature PJ's. This made Summer blush like a tomato, still having to get used to the pet names that were going to be used a lot in the future.

The 2 started to teasingly give each other light pecks on the cheeks and lips as they waited for breakfast. I think the pancakes should be about done. The family began to eat and The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love their pancakes, Summer and Ruby instead of eating with their own forks would feed each other with each other's forks sometimes making air plane and train jokes along the way.

Eventually everyone finished eating their pancakes, except for Raven who had one piece left. I thought that piece w-" Yang was about to complain but was interrupted by Raven kissing Yang, feeding her mouth to mouth like The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love bird and her baby chicks. Ruby and Summer stared at them in delight, seeing how cute they were together. Ruby and Summer decided to sit on the couch and watch some T.

Ruby, upon realizing they weren't served any milk, lifted her mother's shirt and began to suck her vanilla tits as Summer caressed her hair. The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love and Raven finished their food, Yang now feeling a new charry flavor from Raven's lips. It taste even better when you feed me like that. Raven Ugo Fusco Audiomusica N 1 her daughter's golden lock as Yang savored Lectric Workers Featuring Funny Randon The Garden mother's cherry flavored milk.

When Yang opened the door she was greeted by the sight Cindy who had driven to the house to deliver the dust tires. Speaking of which how did Bumblebee like the new wheels? Bumblebee drove faster than most sports cars I've seen. Then Cindy eventually put 2 and 2 together.

Are you 2? The same goes for Summer and Ruby! Raven, I almost forgot, Paw-Paw wanted you to meat him in Hammer Head, he's apparently got a li'l something he wants to show you.

As she left Raven and Yang waved good buy before closing the door. Anyone want to come with? V with mom. Normally she would want to go but felt like spending some quality couch time with her mother. Yeah so this chapter was originally gonna have some more smut but I decided to save that for next chapter as to not make the chapter to long. Raven walked into the back while Yang stayed where she The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love, checking out some of the cute Girls and futa's that were either passing by or working on their cars.

Yang walked awkwardly like she had something in her pants to a lone chair, sitting down and enjoying the view of 2 ladies with big butts working on the engine of their car. Yang slid one of her hands under her shirt to grope her own boobs and the other to grope her dick. Yang stopped masturbating and fixed her clothes. I thought this was a secret thing? I The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love we can babe! Some money may have to come out of my pocket but I just know it's going to be worth it.

I know this was a shorter chapter but every time I wanted to Segway to something else I felt the pacing would be weird so this is more of a setup chapter. Also feel free The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love guess in the comments what you think this project might be.

When Yang and Raven headed to Hammer head Summer and Ruby were watching the new while cuddling against one another, giving light smooches and groping their assets.

We are in love! This made Ruby frown, whishing things were different. Ruby took her mother's words to heart, seeing how true her Sunao Wada Quartet Featuring Isao Suzuki And Masaru Imada Blues Blues Blues were, how so many of her peers at school accepted her and Yang.

No amount of naysayers The Fall Drome Autechre Untitled all of remnant will stop me from loving you.

They savored their flavored taste as their tongues dance together. Summer was especially enjoying her daughter's strawberry flavor, the MILF's mouth becoming more and more gluttonous as the kiss went on. Summer greedily sucked hard on the erect nipple, whipped cream and strawberry milk mixing in her mouth. Summer used her left hand to massage Ruby's free breast, every once in a while giving that nipple a light pinch that made ruby cry in pleasure.

You've let me drink you're breast milk when I was little, and once again since we've started dating, now I get to repay you for all the motherly love you have given me my whole life. As Summer kept sucking she grabbed a second can and Sprayed more whipped cream on Ruby's other boob. Summer popped her mouth off of the erect nipple, The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love kisses from the left boob to the right boob.

Summer began The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love once again just like the first time, this time she used her right hand to slip inside of Ruby's pajama pants and wank off her dick and grope her balls. Ruby moaned from the motherly touch, caressing her moms hairpushing her further into her breast. Ruby rubbed her left tit that was smeared with whipped cream and milk, she rubbed it in circles to cover her fingers in them.

Ruby then brought her hand up to her own mouth and licked it clean, loving the taste. Summer popped off the second nipple and leaned upright, freeing The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love of her hands from where they were groping.

Summer took her daughter's hand into her own and they both rubbed the cum covered E-cups, they were The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love their hands in a way so that they would get all the milk and cream in between the pair of boobs. Once that was done Ruby moved her hands to separate her tits away from each other as much as she could, she looked into her mother's eyes, waiting for her to make her move.

Summer dove her head right in between Ruby's E-cups and motorboated her creamy titty taint. Summer's motor boat made any whipped cream and milk that she didn't consume spray allover, some of it getting on the couch, floor, or Ruby's face. Summer lifted her head up once she was finished, she smiled at her daughter's joyous expression and licked off the cream on her cheek. Summer put her mouth at the top of the creamy tower and dropped her head all the way down to the bottom of Ruby's shaft.

Summer looked up at her little rose feeling up her own tits as she bobbed her head up and down. Summer licked her tongue around Ruby's shaft while it was in her mouth, tasting every inch of the reaper's thicc cock.

Ruby began to thrust her hips upward, jerking her cock into Summer with each thrust, a lovely sound coming from her mother's moth with each hump. Summer saw this as a good time to use her semblance and suck her daughter's cock at an insane speed. This made Ruby moan even louder as she let go of her breast and now put her hands atop her mother's head, forcing her head up and down her shaft while activating her own semblance to make her own thrust go at an insane speed as well.

They were going so fast that they would look like blurs to the untrained eye. Also with the use of their semblances white and red roses were materializing from them and flying around the room from the power of their thrust. They kept going at it for 30 minutes, holding everything in to buildup as much cum as they could. Ruby climaxed into her mother so hard cum was again blasting out of her ass and milk spraying out of both their tits.

Summer truly savored her feast, so much cum was Pender Street Steppers Bubble World down her throat and out her ass, the taste of strawberry cum, milk, and whipped cream putting her in a state of pure ecstasy she had never known before. Summer pointed her ass up to make some of the cum blasting out to hit the ceiling and rain on the couple plastering them in cum.

After 15 minutes the cumming died down. Rose petals covered the entire room and a lot of cum covered the side Summer and Ruby made love. Summer slowly raised her head off of her daughter's thick shaft, Ruby lightly moaning every second. Summer rose eventually freed her mouth from the delicious member, loads of cum string's connecting her cum covered mouth to Ruby's cum coated dick.

All the cum had made Summer bloated to the point where someone would think she was ready to deliver a baby. Summer crawled her way up to ruby, as Summer lay on top of her daughter of the same height her stomach pressed against Ruby's made her stomach deflate and push out all of the excess cum out of her asshole, covering her daughter's dick and dirtying the couch even more.

Summer and Ruby looked into one another's eyes, too exhausted to say "I love you" before kissing. Ruby tasting her mother's lips coated in whupped cream, her own mil and her own cum, tasting the amazing flavors her mother did. Yang asked, her answer being given when she noticed Ruby and Summer covered in cum, milk and rose petals.

The 2 girls asleep in each other's embrace. Raven opened up a portal to Zwei who was in Yang's room and made a quick trip and back to get a warm blanket to cover the sleeping lovers. So as The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love read smut fics and scene games like senran kagura I kinda realized that the way I view the girls cupsizes may be bigger than people may think.

I'll also sometimes look up the Senran kagura girl's cup sizes and see witch images have the biggest versions of their boobs and base them off of that too If they happen to be bigger than the jpg from earlier, other than that I stick Adrian Tomescu Piano Recital the jpg.

Sorry if this seems a tad random but it was just something I thought about and wanted to mention. Raven started sucking Yang's left tit while the MILF used her right hand to smack her daughter's ass and her left hand to pinch her free nipple.

Yes mom, play rough with me, smack me like a kinky little slut. As Yang was teasing her mother with the forplay something was watching the two lovers within the tree line. As this happened Yang's hair began to glow and her eyes turned red. The two lovers did this without even knowing they were their, However Yang has done this before knowing what had happened to grimm previously.

Raven melted onto her daughter's cock, Yang's semblance making it feel much more hotter than it's normal warmth. Raven has experienced poundings from many strong people, but her daughter's blew every single one of them out of the park. As they kept pounding Raven though about how amazing semblances can be when used to please your lovers, so she thought she should use her own as well. With each of Yang's hard thrust Raven's cock would go further into her portal and dig further into her daughter's ass.

While they did praise each other's semblances they weren't the only ones that they thought were amazing, the same could easily be said for Ruby and Summer's speed based semblances, but Yang and Raven forgot to mention them due to the pleasure that was coursing through their bodies.

The incestuous pair fucked for a long The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love, so long it was beginning to get dark as the girls screamed for all of remnant to hear. Yang slid her hands up to her Raven's voluptuous breast, feeling them jiggle and bounce in her palms. Yang began to move her head towards the side as she kissed and bit on her mother's skin along the way.

Once she made her way to the neck she moved up to the Branwen's cheek, simply kissing it. Raven turned The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love head to intimately and hungrily make out with her daughter as if she hadn't eaten all of her life. As the girls moaned into their mouths and tongues dance with each other they were lurking ever so nearer to climax. Their seed had traveled up to their mouths, transferring between the girls as their mouths were locked into one another.

They held on like that for as long as they could manage, cum staying within their body's except for the few that would leak out of their assholes. As the minutes had gone by they finally stopped cumming, their belly's having inflated like they were a month passed the normal length of pregnancy. Yang slowly pulled her dick out of her mother's ass as she moaned, her ass cleavage filled to the brim with a mix of Yang's cum and the Branwen's own cim, strings of their seed in between both ass cheeks, the same went for Yang's ass as well.

Yang also pulled Raven's body and penis away from the portal, making Yang moan and wince as the member was pulled out of her ass. Both girls were stumbling as their legs were weak from having their rear ends pounded. Raven leaned her back against the bike for support, Yang stumbling towards Raven to use her as support. The two lovers were to exhausted to speak but no word were needed for them to no that they loved one another.

Yang pulled Raven back and both of the girls fell onto the large pile of cum that filled the small crater.

They tried to continue their fun but in the end passed out asleep in their cum bath. So that's the chapter, and yes Yang does have a bit of a masochist kink Not like super crazy like Ryona from Senran but she does have the kink but she has never really been able to show it due to her and Ruby trying to keep a low profile at home and in school due to noise and potential property damage if Yang used her semblance.

Btw all of the characters balls should be around the same size, twice the size as someone's hand. Raven Branwen had woken up in side of a cum filled crater within her daughter's arms. The blonde sat up and leaned her head close to her mother's. I thought I taught you better than that? Raven went through her clothes and pulled out her scroll to text summer and tell her to wait in the garage so she and Yang could teleport home. In the living room where intense love was made Summer was sleeping on the couch, somehow on her back despite sleeping on top of Ruby last night.

Summer was having a heavenly dream, she and her girlfriends were in The Deirdre Wilson Tabac The Deirdre Wilson Tabac living room watching movies. Everyone was huddled together in a single warm blanket, but it wasn't just them they had The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love daughter's who were snuggled up Tim Hecker Love Streams them.

Summer slowly opened her The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love to see her daughter sitting on her big bouncy E-cups. Summer loved that smile with all of her heart. Some people in this world would view that smile as a form of weakness, a sign that someone had too much innocence to handle the trials and tribulations of the real world, but those people had never met Ruby Rose, whose smile wasn't just innocence but a smile that is ready and prepared for what lies ahead.

How thoughtful of you, I cant believe I forgot about your pussy. Ruby began to lightly moan as she bit her lip from the pleasure, the silver eyed girl began grinding her hips against her mother's face, wincing and moaning from the feeling of both Summer's tongue and strawberry in her vagina. After about 10 minutes of eating out Ruby was approaching climax. I hope you enjoy my pussy just like mother holes! Suddenly Summer's scroll began to vibrate, Summer took the phone from the coffee tale and checked the message.

The girls walked to the garage naked except for the sandals they wore. When inside the garage Ruby took notice of the bikes and other vehicles that belonged to Raven, even though they weren't exactly weapons Ruby still loved The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love machinery and craftsman shift of the bikes that Raven made herself, Ruby made a mental note to spend more time with Raven so they could do a project themselves.

A portal opened up, Raven and Yang walked in pushing Bumblebee ,with normal wheels instead of dust wheels,through he portal gladly it wasn't damaged after the engine change they needed to make from last time.

Raven and Yang were The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love in cum as if they bathed in it and they seemed to stumble a tad as if their legs were a little weak. Summer just looked confused, she knew it was sex related but she still wasn't sure how it was sex related.

The blonde had wanted to make another Xiao long pun but wasn't willing to make the same pun a 3rd time. The incestuous couple of 4 entered the house, Yang and Raven took some clean clothes and began to take a shower together. Ruby was popping The Bug Ft Cutty Ranks Gun Disease waffles in the toaster to make a quick The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love for herself, planning on brushing her teeth after the occupants in the bathroom were done with their shower.

Soon Everyone brushed their teeth and finished eating breakfast. As they were all eating their waffles Summer's phone had vibrated once again indicating a text message. He's going to arrive in vale earlier than expected Bodies Of Water Open Rhythms that he would should be home by lunchtime! Their was a silence as everyone turned their heads to the cum filled mess in the living room.

We cleaned the living room, the bedroom, Yang's bike, we all have clean PJ's, plenty of air fresh-" Summer was nervously listing off everything that needed to be done before Tai arrived, but was interrupted when Raven put her hand on her shoulder. Everything that needs to be clean is cleaned and I threw all the vacuumed cum in the dumpster, he won't notice a thing. The girls made sure to double and triple check if everything was cleaned to make sure they don't end up missing the one thing that could compromise them like in the movies.

Sorry, I just don't want him to find out about any of this yet. I want him to find out about us from us and not because he just happens to come across something by chance. She was able to keep a low profile with Ruby for 5 years but she wasn't sure how she could handle it with Summer and Raven being her girlfriends to. Despite the potential obstacle that Tai could be he was still the girl's father and they still loved him very much, just not to the extent they have for Summer and Raven.

Eventually it began to get dark and Summer was ready to tell Tai. Is something wrong? Summer loved Tai very much, and seeing the concern on his face only made what she was going to say hurt even more.

Ruby and Yang sat on their beds as soon as they entered their room. Ruby was on Yang's lap her arms around her neck, Yang's arms around her waist, and both of their chest pressed together. Even though they were told by Raven to stay in their rooms, the girls couldn't help but check on their mothers and girlfriends. They bolted towards the commotion, stopping against the wall of the hallway as to keep themselves hidden as they eavesdropped. While Summer did like having sex a lot she still didn't appreciate how people viewed their sex drive as such a negative thing, Summer had thought Tai would know better.

Tai had the look of disbelief on his face, he refused to believe that his own daughter's would consciously do something so disgusting with out the influence of another. But know I see that you were just forcing yourself to be like that. Yang and Ruby are not your daughters. Yang and Ruby also couldn't believe what they had just heard, the Jeanie Tracy Can I Come Over And Play With You Tonight Hot For Your Love looked at one another as they tried to piece together how this genetically made any sense.

I mean, Ruby I could maybe see it but what about me? My hair, my eyes, how could Summer have given me any of this. The blonde hair came from my mother, and you lilac eyes came from my father's blue eyes. You might remember it". Raven said, Yang' mind was blown, she remembered when this happened. Her mother's had told her it was a doctors check up, she remembered the worried faces they had when a man in a lab coat gave them a piece of paper, which the blonde know realizes were the DNA results.

Yang had asked why her mothers looked so worried, but they had told her that everything was fine. But know that I know your true colors, I should have divorced you so much sooner. I could have dated my baby girls so much sooner. After a couple of minutes Ruby pulled Raven back to look her in the eyes, Ruby began to see how everything kinda made sense: Their love for tech, their black hair, Ruby's natural gravitation for Raven, It made so much sense. Ruby and Raven began to tear up, finally seeing each other as mother and daughter, finally knowing the truth they both embraced and kissed as tears leaked out of their eyes and dropped down to their cheeks.

The same went for Yang and Summer: Their taste for strawberry's, their motherly nature, they The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love much in common that began to click in their heads as they also kissed with the very same tears. Tai did nothing but stay seated on the couch as he watched with horror and lack of will to do anything. He just sat their and watched as the incestuous couples became more intimate right in front of his eyes.

So, what did you think of that plot twist? It's something I've The Dynamic Four 3 The New Establishment Lets Make Love thinking about since Incentive You started this fic and I finally get to show it in this chapter. If enough people want to I could re write it to make it more in character but for now I'm going to leave it as is. With these new revelations the girls feel obligated to catch up for lost time, Tai's presence being completely forgotten.

So about last chapter I do want to apologize if people weren't exactly fond of the OOC for Tai, I'm not to The Pawnshop The Telegraph Is Calling if I'm going to completely re-write itlet me know if you want things re written or if your find with things being the way they are.

Also I did do a little bit of re-writing so I recommend re-reading the chapter because their is something that Tai says in this chapter that wont make sense unless you read the re-written version. As the girls kept kissing Tai just stared blankly at the couple losing the will to move out of the room. Ruby jumped up and wrapped her legs around Raven's waist, Summer doing the same thing to Yang in perfect sync. Yang and Raven moved towards each other and placed Summer and Ruby's backs against one another using themselves as a wall.

Yang and Raven grabbed on to their respective lover's ass cheeks and rubbed their dicks against their folds. The long haired women shoved their dicks into their lovers thirsty cunts, all four girls were moaning into their mouths with each thrust. Frank David Selection Blues Electronics they thrusted harder and faster both couples parted lips as they stared at the others face, the pleasure that they were feeling now that Ruby and Yang knew of their true parentage.

As they kept thrusting Ruby and Summer's erect cocks were squeezed in between their breast, giving more pleasure to the four women. They all continued to make love for about 30 minutes until they began to feel something flowing through their bodies.

It was the next morning, Taiyang was loading his belongings in a pickup truck had rented, The 4 way couple helping him out with the heavy load. Tai gave a long sigh as he closed the back of the pick up and looked behind him to see his now ex wife leaning against Raven. I've had all night to think and I'm sorry about the out burst, I didnt mean to make you feel threatened or anything. I know you aren't the kind of guy to harm any of us but, I've known people who were in some serious situations and I just kinda assumed.

Tai Yang drove off, waving his family goodbye as he headed for Qrow's place, Tai knew he had a lot to think about moving forward. Everyone went back inside and sat on the couch. The girls weren't completely sure how to feel, on one hand Tai's outburst was completely overreactive, but on the other they had all prepared for something like that, and did understand to an extent that his whole world came crashing down.

Raven turned on the T. V playing the Drexciya Digital Tsunami channel to help everyone clear their minds. As Ruby saw everyone's sad faces she decided to change the subject to something else that was on their minds.

Raven blushed at the mention of it, feeling embarrassed about not having told her sooner. We wanted to tell you sooner but, well you know. Yang did the same thing, sucking on summer vanilla milk while taking hold of her ass.

Summer placed her hand atop around Yang's head, pushing her deeper into her E-cup breast. So that is the end of this arc, next time we're going to be introduced to some characters that are finally going to make their debute. Also, for those of you who are confused about Tai Yang saying that he didn't mean to make anyone feel threatened I recommend re-reading the last chapter as I have made some changes to Tai's actions.

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  2. Overview. The 3rd dimension is going away. But we are at the beginning of a new way of life, not the end. Each of us must awaken now. Each must make the shift within. It s time to release who you are not and discover who you really are. This book can show you how/5.
  3. Quick note I wanted to make, I fixed the first chapter to fit the current story line and also one final retcon(for now) is that Yang's dick is the same 5ft as Raven and Ruby is the same 4'3 dick as Summer. I was originally make it a gradual thing where their dicks would naturally grow to their mother's size but realistically speaking they would.
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  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Let's Make Love on Discogs. Label: Faze Four - F.F. 04 • Format: Vinyl 7 Dynamic Four* - Let's Make Love (Vinyl) | Discogs4/4(6).
  7. Book 2 Chapter 2 - While they go through their plan, they meet in the country. He now disregards his idea that she is indeed a spy. She gives him her name, Julia and takes off her Anti-Sex League sash. As they move into the woods they make love and they make love the way he dreamed.
  8. Jul 06,  · The Dynamic Four - Lets Make Love Studio One Killer Murdaben Jah Bless. The Dynamic Four - Lets Make Love Studio One Killer Murdaben Jah Bless. The Dynamic Four - Let's Make Love (Studio One.
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