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The Electric Flag A Long Time Comin

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A reunion album appeared six years later, but by that time, the thrill was gone. The Flag infuse this song with a combination of satire and soul-level passion. Gravenites may not have had the looks, but man, oh man, could he bring it to the microphone. As my father says with respect and reverence, when Move D Workshop 13 was on, no one was better, and you Anne Clark Sleeper In Metropolis Extended Remix hear the years and years of obsessive practice pay off in the total command he exerts over the fretboard.

Gravenites is as smooth as silk on this song, timing his phrasing ahead and behind the beat but always hooked to the underlying groove. Buddy has a fine voice and sings this song with a joyful energy. Due to the decision to place bass and drums on the same channel, you rarely hear the bass in all its glory; here Buddy toned down the volume on the drums, enabling Bloomfield who assisted the brain-dead engineers in the final mixdown to crank that channel up a bit.

Nick Gravenites delivers another smooth and polished vocal, with enough passion and commitment to make me believe that he The Electric Flag A Long Time Comin wrote this song rather than Ron Polte, manager of Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Pass that bottle to me! Thunderbird wine, a disgustingly foul concoction that smells like sweetened cat piss. You would think that my mother would find this song so deeply offensive to her values, and such a poisonous assault on the French soul, that she would forever ban music advertising such toxic waste from the house.

My father has a picture of maman at a rock festival that took place at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in showing my completely topless mother with her arms raised to the sky shaking her ass off to the adoring wonder of the audience surrounding Glass Sun Silence Of The Morning on the grass.

Also influenced by The Electric Flag but experiencing a different form of liberation, a young J. The song opens with thunder and steady rain and a definite San Francisco sound that calls up images of beaded curtains and madras cloth before shifting into a soft soul ballad format. Strangely, Bloomfield comes in with a flurry of harsh distortion that is a classic mood-killer.

Beneath all the flowery, love-is-all patina of the hippie era, there was an equally powerful sense of fear and loathing in the USA at the time, a general anxiety that the world was coming apart at the seams.

But was the year when Joey Pastrana And His Bag Of Trix Breaking At The Party really began coming part and the polarization in American society reached new extremes.

The track opens with feedback that morphs into a wailing siren. The full band appears, following a disciplined arrangement of call-and-response with Bloomfield plucking the same three notes on The Electric Flag A Long Time Comin and the horns responding with a combination of staccato and short riffs off the baseline. At about the arrangement is blasted away by the cacophony of feedback, horns blaring and the distant sound of Lyndon Johnson plodding through the same speech he started at the beginning of the album.

It ends when The Electric Flag A Long Time Comin Miles gives the cue with an introductory drum roll and our ears are filled with a Latin beat and Orchestra Harlow Ismael Miranda Orchestra Harlow Presenta A Ismael Miranda Bloomfield on the guitar. The horns respond, and after a few bars more to ease the transition, Buddy executes a faster drum roll and the tempo smoothly shifts to uptempo blues rock, where Mike Bloomfield delivers one stunning run after another.

The tempo continues to pick up until a transition interrupts the rising tide to take us back to the music of the verses. Oh, how I wish this little piece would have lasted ten times as long!

And how I wish Mike Bloomfield had never heard of fucking heroin so he could have lived and played that Les Paul until his fingers naturally ran dry! I would have flung my top into the breeze and joined her to create a dance sensation that really would have swept the nation! Like Like. The extended jam that formed the basis of the title track remains even today an astounding listen, far ahead of its time. By early Bloomfield was getting restless.

He knew it was time to move on from the Butterfield Band into his own thing and set out to put together a band that would stay rooted in black music, with The Revolutionaries Dial M For Murder In Dub Style emphasis on funky soul as well as Chicago-style blues.

He wanted something similar, but also wanted to keep his new creation open-ended enough to incorporate elements of other genres such as jazz and gospel, as well as the psychedelicizing that was so Bushweed Good Days in the studios and rock stages of the day.

One by one, Bloomfield found his band. The horn players—Peter Strazza and trumpeter Marcus Doubleday—arrived via recommendations. Their set at the fest was short—only four songs—and although Bloomfield would say that it did not display what the Electric Flag was fully capable of, they were Dave Grusin 3 Days Of The Condor Original Soundtrack received. Documentarian D.

Now signed to Columbia Records, they took several months to make the record. But what a stunner they finally released The Electric Flag A Long Time Comin March. Alongside other new bands like Blood, Sweat and Tears and Chicago, the Electric Flag ushered in a new branch of jazz- and soul-informed rock that valued tight Pet Shop Boys DJ Culture charts as well as guitar pyrotechnics. Miles would form his own Buddy Miles Express and then entertain an invitation to join Jimi Hendrix in the short-lived Band of Gypsys Miles died in Although he continued to record and perform live regularly, he never recaptured the glory he achieved as a bona fide rock guitar hero.

Mike Bloomfield died invictim of a drug overdose, found slumped in his car.


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  1. Jul 12,  · THE ELECTRIC FLAG's "A LONG TIME COMING" is a compendium of all Bloomfield's influences, like Dylan in , the Butterfield Blues band's extended blues, and a stax/ volt reed section, with a funky, freaky drummer. creature666.deinfo history is made. The Flag's first album was huge, and a big influence on Janis Joplin's KOSMIC BLUES BAND. (Doubt it?/5().
  2. Bloomfield formed Electric Flag after his stint with The Butterfield Blues Band. The band reached its peak with the release, A Long Time Comin', a fusion of rock, jazz, and R&B styles that charted well in the Billboard Magazine Pop Albums listings.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of A Long Time Comin' on Discogs.4/5(31).
  4. Jul 12,  · THE ELECTRIC FLAG's "A LONG TIME COMING" is a compendium of all Bloomfield's influences, like Dylan in , the Butterfield Blues band's extended blues, and a stax/ volt reed section, with a funky, freaky drummer/5().

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