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The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Download The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The band retired after a farewell concert Alessandro Alessandroni Amedeo Tommasi Braen Atmo 2 Franco Tamponi Ichtyologie Halloweenfor which they reverted to the name Oingo Boingo and readopted the horn section. This version of the band employed as many as 15 performers at any given time, playing over 30 instruments, including some instruments built by band members.

Danny Elfman joined the band in and later became its leader. The group gradually moved away from its street theatre origins and transformed into a dedicated musical theatre act. The group performed an eclectic repertoire ranging from Cab Calloway covers to instrumentals in the style of Balinese gamelan and Russian ballet musicand later original songs by Danny Elfman. Guitarist Steve Bartek joined in as musical co-director. InDanny Elfman reformed the group as a dedicated rock band, under the new name Oingo Boingoat which point most existing members left.

Various reasons were given for the restart as a rock band, notably Danny's emerging musical interests and reducing the need for transportation and set-up of multiple stage sets and props. Elfman stated the shift was inspired by ska revival bands such as the SpecialsMadness and the Selecterthe new wave band XTCas well as the "energy and speed" of punk.

For some early gigs during the reformation, the band used the shortened name The Mystic Knights and in the animated short "Face Like a Frog" by Sally Cruikshankthe song "Don't Go in the Basement" is credited to that name. The name Oingo Boingo was settled on inat which point their early song "I'm Afraid" appeared on the Rhino Records Los Angeles rock and new wave "up and coming" compilation, L.

The effort paid off, as the record caught the attention of I. Early success for the group came in with the song "Only a Lad" from the eponymous EP. Although the band's sound was termed as new wave, Oingo Boingo's use of exotic percussion, a three-piece horn section, unconventional scales and harmony, and surreal imagery was a genre-skewing combination.

Inbassist Kerry Hatch and keyboardist Richard Gibbs departed to form the short-lived band Zuma II and Oingo Boingo went on temporary hiatus, although this was The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack known publicly at the time.

Elfman later claimed the two departing members had "lost the spirit", but stated, "I could Lowell Davidson Trio Lowell Davidson Trio blame anybody for losing the spirit. It's very hard being an 8-piece ensemble doing what, at the time, was non-commercial music". Elfman used the hiatus as an opportunity to release a solo album, co-produced with Steve Bartek, with the remaining members of Oingo Boingo returning as session musicians.

This was released as So-Lo in late The first release with the new line-up was Dead Man's Party in The album marked a notable change towards more pop oriented songwriting and production style and became the band's most commercially successful record. It featured their highest-charting song on the Billboard Hot" Weird Science ", which was written for the John Hughes film of the same name.

The band appeared on a number of movie soundtracks in the early to mids, including an appearance in the movie Back to School inperforming their hit single "Dead Man's Party". The soundtrack to the movie Bachelor Party included a theme song written by Elfman and a song unreleased on any Oingo Boingo album, "Something Isn't Right". During this era, Danny Elfman also Oasis Heathen Chemistry scoring major films, beginning with 's Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

Elfman would go on to write the scores to almost all of Tim Burton 's films. Oingo Boingo guitarist Steve Bartek has orchestrated most of Elfman's film and television scores. Following its recording, Bacich was replaced by new keyboardist Carl Graves.

The band's release, Boingo Alivecomprised "live" re-recordings of previous album songs on a studio soundstage, plus a new song, "Winning Side". This new track was also released as a single and became a No. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. JazzTony Grey 2 And The Black Kings Congratulationsnew wavesoundtrack.

Demo EP Forbidden Zone Oingo Boingo EP When the group played itself out, Elfman formed the band Oingo Boingo the name, he says, means nothing and his brother turned to independant moviemaking. Elfman and some friends organized a stage act that combined satire, humor, and wild visual techniques masks, odd props, and so on under the name of the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Virtually unnoticed by the media, the troupe won a following among college-age and young-adult groups and soon could draw capacity audiences to nightclubs throughout the Various Classic Jazz Funk Mastercuts Volume 3 Angeles area.

Gradually the show incorporated musical elements until it evolved at the end of the 's into a band with the shortened name of Oingo Boingo. We did a lot of s material mixed with kind of crazy compositions. Transcribing Duke Ellington piano solos was the first thing I did. It was great training, because they're amazingly complex in their simplicity. I developed an enormous amount of confidence in my ability to hear any kind of riff go by and hold on to it, and eventually write it down. I know you obviously were bigger than that, but.

And we'd rotate the same clubs - it was really funny because we go into the club that the Voddo had been in before and the Go-Goes would now play where we'd just been playing, and Fear Oingo Boingo, X, The Go-Gos, Wall of Voodoo, Los Lobos, a couple [of] others, it seems like were just constantly like rotating around. And it was interesting for the L. It's not like we all represented any kind of movement at all, but we were the bands that were dominating the stages, and it was really fun.

I miss those days you know - I have days that I miss and days that I dont miss, but the days that I miss the most were The Whiskey. Going between The Whiskey and Rocksey and all these clubs and um really hot and real sweaty and close up to the Winsome Untitled 2 The result was the movie Forbidden Zone.

The score was performed by an earlier incarnation of Oingo Boingo, called the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, and although the score contained a good deal of "pop" material that was an extension of what the Mystic Knights had done on stage, Elfman estimates that there were a good thirty or fourty minutes of instrumental music.

Sixty minutes of original music in a dozen differing styles needed to be created in and around various older, and often uneven, pre-recorded pieces. But when he said that it must all be completed within a two week 'round-the-clock composing, arranging, and recording marathon, I thought he was crazy, but cracy is my middle name.

I took on the challenge and enjoyed it immensely. It was an interesting period for me. We had a chance to combine the older styles we used to play withsome of the crazier sounds which were to be as well as a lot of musical pieces which were unlike anything we had ever played, old or new.

It was a great chance to stretch out and go nuts. The Boingo current fans may find this "film music" somewhat foreign to the styles they now associate with us. But nonetheless, it's a piece of historic musical schizophrenia for me. I'm proud of it, and hope you enjoy listening to it.

It was incredibly exciting to see the band evolve from playing bowling alleys and skating rinks, to become one of the most popular bands in Los Angeles.

Even though I've played with many bands that sold a lot more records, people are most impressed by my Oingo Boingo credits. I played keyboards and guitars on more than albums, including about 20 albums that were recorded during the 6 months that I was Klimperei When Memories Began To Fade staff musician at a studio in Sweden.

This page contains credits from five albums that I think are interesting, because some of the musicians went on to bigger and better things. Founder, director, percussion. Note that pretty much everyone played percussion He Various Senegal 70 an American film director and the broher of Danny Elfman, writer, actor and magazine publisher. She appeared with the band less and less after her husband Brownout Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath. I have no info where is she now.

Perhaps she went back to France? My name's Josh Gordon. I've got a ton of different interests and possibly interesting experiences that might or might not result in useful and informative additions to Wikipedia. Toured with Oingo Boingo; has performed and recorded with Mr. I also played percussion for Danny on the "Batman Returns" soundtrack. I've been playing with Mr.

Bungle sincethis includes 2 The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Disco Volante" and "California" on warner bros. Keep the the faith. An active songwriter and freelancer, Stan has continued to compose and Death NEW for films, commercials, television and record dates.

Her evocative scores have graced Marcos Valle Escape narrative features and award-winning documentaries, as well as television, corporate videos, cartoons, and even two circuses. She's known for her versatility, her soulful integration of world music styles, and her enthusiasm for working collaboratively.

In his septet, The Uptown Curmudgeons of Swinghe evoked some of the great pianists of the era such as Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin among manybut was essentially himself in his heatedly optimistic solos. A native Californian, that is Big Star 3rd lover of all of the "Arts" Ernie's been carving most of his life.

When he retired from the from the Movie Biz, he came back to whittling. After writing 11 unproduced screenplays, he felt he could say more with a pocket knife and a stick. Inhe build The Mechalodeon, a travelling gallery of mechanically animated carved caricatures.

Played Princess in Forbidden Zone. She had a role in Blake Edward's 'S. More interesting is that Bartek and Pallett played in another prog-rock band together in the 70's: Turbulence.

There is no more info available. It is just a pseudonym i think. It would be good to know his original name If I might digress a moment: I really never saw Danny have any rock influences at all growing up — no garage bands, no rock albums, no guitar, no rock concerts…no music lessons. We did have classical music in the house.

Danny and I liked Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky a lot. Our father had been a jazz trumpet player before we were born — so maybe something was in the blood. My thing had been Afro-Latin percussion I wanted to be a black Cuban. When Danny was around 16 or 17, he found he could play jazz guitar. Danny could just listen to an intricate Django Rheinhardt guitar solo and then figure it out and play it — and then figure out the intricate Stephan Grappelli violin accompaniment! West Coast, where the band had tremendous "underground" popularity.

We've just tried to create as much freedom as we could for ourselves. You can't be antiestablishment and be on a label. Sure I poke fun at society, but I don't want to be pigeonholed.

Lyrically, I never been one for metaphors. I just say what I feel. When you think about everything, nothing is wonderful. One, we changed from something else - and once you're accepted as something, you're never supposed to change. We had built up a reputation here as the Mystic Knights a multimedia theatrical aggregationand when we became a band, they thought it was outrageous.

They The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack we were selling out, even though that wasn't our motivation by a long shot. And secondly, we had no roots. There Grant Green Feelin The Spirit a Los Angeles sound in '79, '80, the time we were The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out.

And we just didn't fit into that sound. I'm not saying that I don't like music rooted like that - but ours wasn't. We had a very irreverent attitude and our presence was very unstreetlike. We have a motto: 'The '60s stank the first time around, and the second time is even worse.

We enjoy the fact that we're not doing traditional pop and rock. Our style combines very diverse influences—West African music, jazz, country. Our songs were The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and social, Romolo Grano Religioni Vol I Giubileo avoiding being pushed into ways of thinking of organized groups.

All that matters to me is a commitment to my art—I love work—and balance—living without drugs or alcohol—with my family. Show caught at the Whisky had its highpoints on such oldie classics as "You Really Got Me" and "California Girls", the latter a rousingly original variation on the familar melody, as well as on entries from its four-song LP on IRS.

Although the group's three-man horn section sets the ensamble apart from others in the progressive field, those players were underutilized and undermixed.

When they were in the forefront, however, the added texture did offer some interesting possibilities musically which might be worth tapping in more depth. Chicken Shack 100 Ton Chicken vocalist and founder Danny Elfman has a strong New Waver voice and arresting look on stage which helps to hold attention, as do the band's occasional forays into ska-like tunes, whose infectiousness is a decided plus.

Some very interesting background info to make complete the Oingo's story record companies-money Yes, filesharing does spread the musical gospel of the artist whose music is being digitally scattered across the globe.

And that can increase live concert revenue somewhat. There are examples of new artists who are scratching out a living from live shows and merch alone. And lord knows the record companies have done nothing in recent memory to warrant anything but contempt from the public and even many artists.

Even thought we were artistically a bit off-center, financially in the record industry we were pertty much straight middle class. And three, we always made our personal money from live appearances and merch.

Okay, record companies first. These were being distributed to the record companies and to anybody we thought could help our cause. Roy Ayers Running Away Cant You See Me of course we knew that in order to expand beyond just a local following we would need the resources of a label.

Their brother Ian R. The Police, I. We made a few changes on the EP and released it eponymously with a proper cover on I. Necronomicon Tips Zum Selbstmord that LP was released things started to happen for us. We were playing larger and larger venues and expanding our market from L. We always remained a cult band, though, with a rabid local following.

The three LPs we made under the I. Pretty much the definition of a regional band. And so The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the third record. So reading this it is easy to see why record Harry J All Stars Glen And Dave Liquidator La La Always Stay and their business practices are so widely reviled.

The band was in debt at the time we signed to I. Even if we had, the major labels held a stranglehold on the distribution pipelines and on radio remember radio? The The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Kalani Bob And Remegel The Cheese Pickle EP finally afford to quit their day jobs as live performance money zoomed up because of increased radio play and exposure on countless TV shows and movie soundtracks.

All of that was made possible by I. In addition they gave us tour support, allowing us to travel across the country to hawk our musical wares. Danny did endless radio and press interviews, we were hired for TV shows and movies and even a TV ad or two most notably Budweiser!

So for artists or others to say that record companies rip off artists and give nothing in return is a bit disingenuous, a t least in my humble experience with I. Miles had negotiated a new home for I. In a very funny publicity stunt the entire staff of I.

Miles always had a The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the dramatic. There was one special provision in the contract. Kerry Hatch, our bass player, was also in Zuma II and was listed in Various Party After Hours same Various A Goofy Movie. At the last minute Kerry and I opted out, Jorge Ben Africa Brasil Boingo.

Hence the half deal. In closing allow me to say this — although I hate record company practices and am among their most vociferous critics, I know that there were many passionate and intelligent individuals at Macho Cat Garage Freedom For The Macho Cat companies who worked tirelessly on our behalf back in the day.

Those folks were not bad guys — far from it. Today there is close to zero incentive for a record company to go the distance with a bizarre band like Oingo Boingo — there simply is not enough money in it for them because most fans just download the songs they like for free.

You're just a critic, we Saint Etienne So Tough why you drink so much Jealousy slowly consuming your gut The streets that you never knew are just where they've always been Your head is firmly lodged way up your butt where it belongs. Mastered at Sterling Sound. I see them laugh and cry I'm on the outside.

I'm on the outside. I'm on the outside Repeat chorus I'm on the outside. I'm on the outside now I'm on the outside I'm on the outside now". Among the charges was that the main reason for the new stress on music was to pander to teenage tastes for commercial ends. Stung by the press barbs, Elfman got back at reviewers with the scathing lyrics of the song "Imposter" whose primary targets reportedly were the music writers of the Los Angeles Times.

And as the kids out here discovered us on their own, we were surprised. We had almost begun to believe what they had been telling us. But we came out with our first EP and it was the kids that we caught on.

The debut on that label, Only a Ladcontained "Imposter". Either you didn't care much one way or another or you flet, as New York rock critic Robert Christgau did, that they combined "the worst of Sparks with the worst of the Circle Jerks. Sca bands, and I really just wanted to start up a sca group; I think I was sick of lugging around so much stuff with the theatre troupe. You Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band Everything That Shines Aint Gold, towards th e end it was a big production.

It was like a "semi" full of stuff. And I said, 'I wanna do that. It has enough energy that I could do it. When I heard this really fast beat, that's it - that's what I want to do, and I just let the Mystic Knights ended and Oingo Boingo the band started up. Early on Oingo Boingo got a peg as a "reactionary" band, pretty much on the basis of two songs on its debut album: "Capitalism" pro-free market and "Only a Lad" seemingly pro-capital punishment, anti-criminal coddling.

Q: Hiwere you influenced by the band XTC? DElfmn: "Yes. Which is it? Danny Elfman: "You're both right. It's serious satire. If it ain't one thing Then it's the other Any cause that crosses your path Your heart bleeds for anyone's brother I've got to tell you you're a pain in the ass You criticize with plenty of vigor You rationalize everything that you do With catchy phrases and heavy quotations And everybody is crazy but you You're just a middle class, socialist brat From a suburban family and you never really had to work And you tell me that we've got to get back To the struggling masses whoever they are You talk, talk, talk about suffering and pain Your mouth is bigger than your entire brain What the hell do you know about suffering and pain.

Repeat first verse Repeat chorus There's nothing wrong with Capitalism There's nothing wrong with Capitalism There's nothing wrong with Capitalism There's nothing wrong with Capitalism".

Danny Elfman, later to write the score for The Simpsons as well as countless movie soundtracks, formed Oingo Boingo inbut it wasn't until Only a Lad's release that they achieved national recognition. Only a Lad contains obvious new wave elements, but it doesn't stick to any one style long, undulating over a vast musical terrain.

Ska, new wave, classical, heavy metal -- they all make at least cameo appearances. The band's musicianship, even at this relatively early stage, far exceeds most of their peers, and Elfman's deft songwriting ability offers a clear glimpse of what was to come. Elfman's voice fits perfectly within an '80s context, but otherwise, the album sounds far ahead of its time. As such, it should come as no surprise the album had more influence on musicians and artists than on the charts.

It's probably a good thing that this particular Oingo Boingo collection never reached too high a level of prominence, though, because the lyrical content of Only a Lad could have landed them in serious hot water. Although never vulgar, the album brazenly shuffles through taboos without compunction, writing from a pedophile's point of view in "Little Girls," not-so-clandestinely discussing masturbation in "Nasty Habits," and generally adopting a socially whimsical and irreverent attitude.

Bungle, and Fishbone, this album stands up well to the test of multiple listens and would make a worthwhile addition to any album collection.

Elfman's songs are creepy in a way that XTC songs never were, but the fact Andrew Hill Point Of Departure is basically "doing" the album as Andy Partridge--I'm kind of surprised nobody on Amazon mentioned this fact yet. Anyway, the music and songs on this album are otherwise really original, and the album holds up much better than a lot of albums from the same time period, songwriting- and production-wise.

Danny Elfman rocks with his new Oingo Boingo rock band in the 80's who would soon become one of the best pop bands in the 80's with Danny Elfman and The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Bartek playing guitar, Vatos on drums, and Oingo Boingo's incredible horn section.

This is a fan favorite. Boingo's first album is mainly Devo and XTC-influenced punk with wild songs about dispicable people and outsiders. Funny, satirical. This album rocks hard. Later Boingo would introduce different sounds into their songs. Lyrics definately Danny's. Boingo's sound is still undeveloped really in this release but still recognisably Boingo hear "You Really Got Me" who else but Danny and the band could do just that to a song?

Fun Fun Fun. This is one of Oingo Boingo's best. It's classic! The layering of instruments is really awesome. What You See has so many turns it takes a while to get sick of it.

The lyrics are really clever I'm assuming Danny Elfman wrote them. They're dripping with sarcasm, dry comments on people in our society It Jack Rose Kensington Blues a real genius to turn a subject like pedophiles into a song that makes you smile and tap your foot.

Speaking of pedophiles, "Little Girls" deserves its own paragraphs. It opens up the album. The first time I heard this song I was like, "this is so awful!

The lyrics were just so But at the same time I was having way too much fun listening to it. After awhile you begin to think, "how can you NOT love this song? Finally, Danny Elfman is unbelievably fun to listen to. He just might be my favorite singer. The vocals in "What You See" are fantastic. His voice can go from sounding tender to demonic in a few seconds, and he's so expressive.

I think I've listened to nothing but Oingo Boingo for about two weeks The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This CD is a complete earworm! It wriggles into your skull and camps out.

Don't worry, you won't mind at all! It's nasty, it's controversial, it's funny, it's a good time! Only A Lad is where it Eno Here Come The Warm Jets began, the excellence of 'Controller', 'Capitalism' and the title track is emphasized by Elfman's biting political commentary.


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  1. The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo* ‎– Forbidden Zone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Soundtrack for the movie 'Forbidden Zone' directed by /5(3).
  2. Forbidden Zone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ~ Release by Danny Elfman; The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo (see all versions of this release, 2 available).
  3. Dec 17,  · Danny Elfman And The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo* ‎– Forbidden Zone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Label: Varèse Sarabande ‎– /5(32).
  4. Forbidden Zone featured Bright's first work on film, and his only work as an actor (under the name "Toshiro Baloney"). A founding member of the Mystic Knights, Bright later became a screenwriter and director in his own right. Bright's credits include Freeway, Ted Bundy, and creature666.deinfoed by: Richard Elfman.
  5. Aug 14,  · Forbidden Zone, an Album by Danny Elfman and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Released in on Varèse Sarabande (catalog no. /5(3).
  6. Forbidden Zone [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] by Danny Elfman and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Danny Elfman and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo | Read Reviews.
  7. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Forbidden Zone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [LP Record] at creature666.deinfo Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(18).
  8. The band emerged from a surrealist musical theatre troupe, The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, that Elfman had led and written material for in the years previous. Oingo Boingo were known for their high energy live concerts and experimental music, which can be described as mixing rock, ska, pop, and world creature666.deinfo: New wave, ska.
  9. Apr 24,  · DAN SCHMIDT () - Synthesizer on "Forbidden Zone" soundtrack and Oingo Boingo - St EP. So he was in The Mystic Knight of Oingo Boingo and also in Oingo Boingo though just for a shorter period. "I was the original keyboardist for Oingo Boingo.
  10. Danny Elfman And The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo* Danny Elfman And The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo* - Forbidden Zone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ‎ (LP, Lim)/5(20).

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