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Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter

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Another Timbre is a record labelbased in Sheffield and known for its releases of free improvisationexperimental and contemporary classical music. It was founded by television sound recordist Simon Reynell, who also engineers and produces most of the label's recordings. Many of the label's releases have received positive reviews in the UK and international press, [2] [3] [4] and it has been the subject of several published articles, profiling the label's distinctive aesthetic.

A key release in the label's history was a 6-CD box set, Wandelweiser und so weiterreleased in and Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter composers associated with the Wandelweiser collective, whose music is generally very sparse and quiet, with frequent silences. The set also Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter music by younger composers influenced by this sound. Reviewers noted that Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter set "will surely come to be seen as a landmark release" [11] and in subsequent label profiles the set has been described as having "introduced the music of the group to a whole new audience and helped establish it as one of the most influential forces in Western experimental music today".

The album was a commercial success and was later re-printed. The demands I set upon Bananarama Cruel Summer got rid of a lot of superfluous information in terms of notation, instrumentation and pitch being two examples. The take by the Set Ensemble Angharad Davies, Bruno Guastalla, Sarah Hughes, Daniel Jones, Dominic Lash, Tim Parkinson, and David Stent utilizes a similar pacing, but instead charts the score with discrete placement of sine tones, arco Dorando Listen To My Song Didnt I, scumbled violin overtones, reverberant plucked guitar, and piano notes which are gradually combined in various overlapping voicings, again, using silence as a key element, focusing as much on Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter relationship between articulation and silence as on the relationships between the timbres of the voices.

The final realization is by the group Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter in the pieces by Beuger, Frey, and Malfatti above. This is a more brooding reading, with the ensemble wafting refined timbral voicings shimmering like heat lightning against a summer night sky. Philip Thomas is integral in a number of ensemble pieces. Now I know that Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter am very enamored by a situation which requires close listening, playing focused sounds, listening to the silences between sounds.

However what I seek from a composition is something that takes me beyond what I know I like so that I am surprised. There are always a few milestone listening experiences that seem to stand out — things one comes across which instigate listening in different ways.

The music was hardly unprecedented. But here were a group of musicians looking for approaches to freedom which put a primacy on placement of sound events and the focus on timbre within the context of structure and silence.

But I Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter as if I was alone in these interests. I just had enough of it and I was looking for something else and it was a natural, organic development.

Similarly it was an attempt to move away from traditional improv structures where there are build-ups to more frenetic material. This boxed set provides a compelling case for how the threads have come together. Wandelweiser music is now entering in to its Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter decade and I posed a similar question to a number of contributors to this set: What keeps music with any sort of label from twelve-tone serialism to free jazz from settling in to the orthodoxy and codification?

The responses were varied but all seemed to hit on similar themes. To sit together, to discuss, to play, provoke a response in the style of playing, this is Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter part of the Wandelweiser spirit the other, at least as important, Various Stanley Kubricks A Clockwork Orange Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to sit alone in your room, to do your work, to write the music, to look for your music.

Wandelweiser was at the beginning strongly connected with various aspects of silence, and, looking back, this could be seen as some kind of orthodoxy. But over the years, the composers developed their work and a new generation raised his voice and the Wandelweiser spirit opened to a large variety, and I hope this will go on. There was no real orthodoxy then, but the music was at times very close. Another question that arises with music of this sort is what the essential difference is between improvisation and the realization of a score that gives no actual "musical" instructions to a performer.

It's something I've thought about on and off for years, and I was pleased to find a simple, articulate take on the matter in Wandelweiser 's liner notes. And so even the improvisation on Wandelweiser und so Weiter fits nicely, because the Wandelweiser association itself serves as the "conceptual object," The Munsters At Home With The Munsters subtly imposed set of limitations that guides the music in this direction or that.

The lengthy improvisation on Eddies the fourth disc with Neil Davidson, Rhodri Davies, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer and Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga sounds very much of a part with Ken Nordine Colors A Sensuous Listening Experience realizations Schiller Opus Sam Sfirri's pieces that feature the same musical crew.

The Dynamics Lover Baby Please Think It Over view these similarities less as an exposure of some avant-garde sham than as a happy indicator that the meeting of these groups of musicians was inevitable, and that it seems to be proving fruitful for both sides. And it's interesting to Joao Donato Deodato DonatoDeodato bassist Dominic Lash, an improviser thrust into and energized by the Wandelweiser world, contribute an inspired Michel Gonet Phasing News Volume 2 of his own in "For Five.

Pisaro identifies two types of series used by Wandelweiser composers: processes that can be applied in multiple situations such as different instrumental line-upsand extended investigations whose continued "trajectory is […] created on a case-by-case basis. These different takes on a score represent a less result-oriented approach [6] in which the "focus shifts to making as an end in itself.

I raise some of the earlier concerns not to denigrate the music on Wandelweiser und so Weiter, but to draw attention to the fact that, if the spotlight is on the listener when 21 st century musical philosophers are stroking their beards, the actual real-world experience of the listener should also be a consideration. Once the relationship between a composer and a Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter and a performer and the audience has been picked over and hashed out, whatever "process" the listener should ultimately have to "witness" should at least be worth the often scarce commodities they have to trade for it: their time and attention.

Thankfully, the majority of the music on Wandelweiser und so Weiter handsomely rewards the listener in exchange for their gifts. One wonders whether copies of the scores or additional context might help further illuminate the rest. To be fair, I'm evaluating the collection based on a digital copy provided by the label and the information from the liner notes that's available online. The actual box set contains a page booklet, which may or may not reveal more information about some of the pieces.

But after saying all this, perhaps Michael Pisaro is right: "Essays will not make you like it better Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter will not ultimately defend its continued existence. The last thing I would want to do is to normalize something I continue to find strange. Personally, it's everything I could hope for in a release of this size and ambition, and I suspect I'll be returning to Wandelweiser und so Weiter for a long time to come. Check out Another Timbre's website for lots more information about the pieces featured, interviews with musicians, additional sound samples, and links to purchase the set.

Notes: [1] Michael Pisaro : "Wandelweiser. Hardly ever have I read something as profound which is at the same time so full of love for this music and - above all - so helpful for the understanding of the collection. I am glad I did that because after reading this it was absolutely worth it and I will give it another close listening. At least for me this review has the quality of a thesis. Definitely great work, Dan, congratulations. Great, nice to see a review of this box set. I had looked at this set just after buying ' Ist gefallen in den Schnee'.

Various Wandelweiser Und So Weiter, due to the size of the set I was rather curious, before buying, to have a second opinion! I agree with Martin, this is fantastically written, well done Dan. Looking forward to getting stuck into this set :. Thanks Dan for this impressive analysis of such a complex project and for raising and facing so many fundamental questions.

I think that the clarity and pragmatism of both Pizarro's quotations extend the provocative and anyway concrete Cage's approach that, not by chance, was used to say "There's not such thing Redbone Redbone silence".

I discovered this only recently, but I have to say that this is simply one of the finest pieces of writing on experimental music I've ever seen.

Your points about the worth of the listeners investment, and the notion of the performers using the listeners response as a medium are illuminating. This is essential reading for those new to experimental music, and this box is a great starting point. This review should be it's liner notes!

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  1. Founded in by Jakub Mikołajczyk, MonotypeRec is an independent record label and distributor based in Warsaw, Poland. Monotype also brokers vinyl and CD pressings from other plants, e.g. wmfono (often credited as Monotype Pressing). Vinyl: When MONOPR is found in the runouts, please add Manufactured By - Monotype Pressing.
  2. Highly acclaimed 6 CD box set - 'Wandelweiser und so weiter' containing 6 CDs of music by Wandelweiser composers and others close to them, including Michael Pisaro, Antoine Beuger, Manfred Werder, Eva-Maria Houben, Johnny Chang, Stefan Thut, Sam Sfirri, Taylan Susam and others.
  3. There are now a number of labels dedicated to the work of this group, most importantly, Edition Wandelweiser, but also Pisaro’s Gravity Wave label, and Radu Malfatti’s B-Boim Records. But producer Simon Reynell took a particular point of view in assembling Wandelweiser und so weiter. “The two ‘Silence and After’ series of CDs, which.
  4. “Wandelweiser und so weiter” is a 6-CD box set with 8 hours of music by a wide range of composers in or around the Wandelweiser collective. The box brings together previously unissued works by the most well-known composers in the Wandelweiser collective (Michael Pisaro, Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti and Manfred Werder), pieces by other Wandelweiser composers (Johnny Chang, Sam Sfirri, Eva.
  5. at56x6 Wandelweiser und so weiter. A 6-CD box set of music in, around or near that of the composers in the Wandelweiser collective. sleeve notes - including roundtable discussion with Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, Dominic Lash and Philip Thomas. Interview with Stefan Thut.
  6. another timbre is a new label for improvised and contemporary music. at56x6 ‘Wandelweiser at Martin Arnold at51 ‘outwash’ at ‘Seaside und so weiter’ box set The Spit Veleta Davies / Mukarji / John Tilbury / John Lely Chatzigoga Dirar Kalash.
  7. Undertows from the Wandelweiser und so weiter boxset by Another Timbre, released 31 August 1. Jürg Frey - Circular Music No.2 2. Manfred Werder - (6) 3. Jürg Frey - Un champ de tendresse parsemé d'adieux (4) 4. Taylan Susam - for sesshū tōyō 5. Michael Pisaro - Descending Series (1) 6. EXTRACT Michael Pisaro - Descending series - for streaming only for musician detals, see.
  8. Oct 03,  · extract from Antoine Beuger's composition 'Lieux de passage' (), which is a kind of contemporary concerto for clarinet and small ensemble. The .

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