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Frank Zappa You Are What You Is

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Someone else Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: Here de come, here de come! Will surely come Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: I told you he was comin'! And when one day Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: There will come a day! You wonder who Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: I wonder Frank Zappa You Are What You Is You used to was Sister owl-gonkwin-jane Frank Zappa You Are What You Is Who I was, anyway!

You'll scratch your head Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: But I don't wanna un-do my doo! But what you lost Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: Can't seem to find it! Will not be found Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: A mercedes benz!

Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: I know! You are what you is Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: I'm the kinda guy You is what you am Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: That ought to be drivin' A cow don't make ham Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: A four-fifty slc You ain't what you're not Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon: A big ol' red one!

Then the song refers to him as even trying to eat like someone going through hardship. He begins to talk like the character Kingfish, from the radio show Amos and AndyGeorges Garvarentz That Man In Istanbul Original Sound Track Recording was known for being a heavily stereotypical black character.

These themes overall relate to Zappa's dislike of poseurs. The second young man "of Frank Zappa You Are What You Is negro persuasion, devoted his life to become a caucasian". Like the first man, he changes his diet to fit in with the culture he is looking to join. It goes over the stereotype of African-Americans eating pork and collard greens. Above to the right its first paragraph in the lay-out from the original album.

The text is also included in the CD booklet. On page of his study, W. III": "the "You are what you is" album has layer upon layer of over-dubs and many bizarre edits. The nightly challenge for the band was to replicate it - edits and all - on a live concert stage".

Continued below at "Charlie's enormous mouth". You can learn it by counting through it as one-two-three-four-five one-two-three-four-five one-two one-two one-two one-two and Frank Zappa You Are What You Is speed up the pace. Or listen to how it sounds on record, get it in your recollection and reproduce it. The song starts in G Dorian. Bar 1 has the bass note going from Bb to Klaus Weiss Time Signals to C, leaving it in the middle what the key note might be.

Only in bar 4, when the progression comes at a rest on G, a choice is made for G. Bar 8 is chromatic, containing a series of parallel minor thirds.

Beauty knows no pain, opening midi file. Beauty knows no pain, opening transcription. It made me decide to buy a Zappa record, "Drowning witch" it became. It was not the music, but Zappa's stage behaviour that made me try it out.

Here was someone not shouting and dancing all the time, but sincerely performing music. His music never appealed to me at once and it took me more than a year to understand most of "Drowning witch". At first I thought the solos were album fillers, but at the time I got to buying "Shut up 'n play yer guitar", I was forced to listen more carefully. Well, as long as you can learn Frank Zappa You Are What You Is your mistakes.

This last song is very accessible mainstream music. That doesn't apply to the lyrics, that are kind of brutally formulated. An interesting earlier version of "Any downers " is included in the ZFT release "Joe's camouflage", featuring rehearsal recordings of a band that never came to be. The outro of this version of this song is included the FZ:OZ section of this study. The outlines of the "You are what you is" version of "Any downers" are sketched on page of the Ludwig study: Any downerssections lead melody transcription.

Compared to the draft version, this one is far more compact and complex, but the rendition also has its charm. An earlier live version of "Conehead" is described in the Baby snakes section of this study. Other than "Any downers", "Conehead" didn't significantly change over time.

What you can see and hear in the Baby snakes Frank Zappa You Are What You Is of this study is that in Zappa initially used the title "Conehead" for an instrumental, that has no connection with "Conehead" from "You are what you is". Reggae The previous Tinsel town rebellion section dealt with reggae.

Though Zappa did not write outspoken reggae songs, the reggae rhythm occurs frequently in his eighties songs, like in the next song. When you consider the lower F of the second bar to be the key note it becomes IV-I of F Dorian the instrumental opening ends on F, so it has something of a cadence.

You are what you is, opening midi file. You are what you is, opening transcription. The chorus is excellent poetry: "Do you know who you are You are what you is And you is what you am A cow don't make ham You ain't what you're not So see what you got You are what you is And that's all it is" Two stills from the You are what you is clip, the video that MTV refused to air, but this channel compensated Zappa by broadcasting one of his concerts.

To the left: Ike Willis with Reagan-look alike. In between you've got Zappa talking over a vamp with an electronically modified voice.

This doesn't go for the lyrics. Together with "Dumb all over" and "Heavenly bank account", they form an effective criticism upon the negative side of religion. Especially "Dumb all over" is very well written, and audacious with Zappa using blasphemy to accentuate his argument. The meek shall inherit nothing, midi file. The meek shall inherit nothing, transcription. The outlines of "The meek shall inherit nothing" go as: Opening - transition from the preceding "Mudd club" track to the main theme from this song.

The example from above begins with the last three bars from theme three. It's an opgoing line from Ab to Db by the bass, with the other parts moving in a contrary direction. It ends with an instrumental bar in Db Mixolydian. The next four bars are the core of the main theme. They follow Frank Zappa You Are What You Is chord progression, being Gb-Fb-Ebm-Gb. It's using Gb major and Gb Mixolydian next to each other. It's performed in a rather loose manner Michael Kamen David Sanborn Eric Clapton And Honeymoon Suite Lethal Weapon Original Motion Picture S a lot of improvisation to it.

Three guitars and two keyboards are filling in the harmony. As usual in Zappa's arrangements, Lee Mason And His Orchestra Music By Lee Mason vocalists don't sing identical notes, but are forming harmonies instead. The bass is playing around pedal notes in a free manner.

The inclusion of tracks 14 through 16 got partly triggered by the popularity of some TV evangelists, that particularly irritated Zappa. Like in "Mudd club", he has his voice being electronically modified, this time Group Bombino Guitars From Agadez Vol 2 affecting the pitch.

It's going up and down. Live this couldn't be done and a second theme got added to compensate for this. The Words and Music of Frank Zappa. U of Nebraska Press. Music Sales Group. Retrieved Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album discography. Occasionally, Zappa 's satirical points seem ill-thought-out, if not unnecessarily malicious; "Jumbo Go Away" is perhaps the most offensive song in Zappa 's huge canon of potentially offensive songs, a tale of a whining, VD-riddled groupie who is portrayed as deserving the punch in the face she gets from an irritated musician.

Despite that misstep, though, You Are What You Is is quite ambitious in scope and in general one of Zappa 's most accessible later-period efforts; it's a showcase for his songwriting skills and his often acute satirical perspective, with less of the smutty humor that some listeners find off-putting.

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  1. Frank Zappa - You Are What You Is Lyrics. Zappa Frank You Are What You Is You Are What You Is -- Do you know what you are? You are what you is You is what you a. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of
  2. You ain't what you're not (not even hardly) So see what you got (and you got a lotta lookin' to do, junior) You are what you is (that's entirely too correct) An' that's all it 'tis (uh-huh) A foolish young man (bring that W over here and show it to us) Stashed away at San Quentin Picked up these potatoes (told you 'bout them 'tatoes).
  3. You Are What You Is. You are what you is You is what you am (A cow don't make ham) You ain't what you're not So see what you got You are what you is An' that's all it 'tis A foolish young man From a middle class fam'ly Started singin' the blues 'Cause he thought it was manly Now he talks like the Kingfish ("Saffiiiee!") From Amos 'n Andy ("Holy mack'l read more.
  4. "After all, he wrote this book here, and in the book it says he made us all to be just like him! So if we're dumb, then God is dumb — and maybe even a little ugly on the side.".
  5. You Are What You Is is a double album by American musician Frank Zappa. It was originally released as a double album in and later by Rykodisc as a song CD. Production After the release of Joe's Garage, Frank Zappa set up his home studio, the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, and planned to release a triple LP live album called Warts and All.
  6. Drafted Again Lyrics. About “You Are What You Is”. This double album is an extended critique of American society during the Reagan era. You Are What You Is is not unlike Zappa’s critique of 60s culture on his album We’re Only in It for the Money.
  7. Jul 10,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Frank Zappa - You Are What You Is at Discogs. Complete your Frank Zappa collection. Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Rock • Style: Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Avantgarde/5().

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