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Photek Form Function

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Genre Electronic. Track Listing. Industry of Noise. Rupert Parkes. Ni Ten Ichi Ryu. Deadly Technology. One Nation. Saturated Hip Hop.

Man Down. The Beginning. Full Spectrum Dominance. David Weston. Industry of Noise Rupert Parkes. Deadly Technology Rupert Parkes. The Killers Battle Born Rupert Parkes.

Genre Electronic. Track Listing. The Seven Photek Form Function. The Lightening. Rings Around Saturn. The Margin ' The Water Margin. The Seven Samurai Photek. The Lightening Photek. Rings Around Saturn Photek. The Margin '98 Photek. Resolution Photek. The Margin '98 Room : Rebuild! Titan-pounding drums, with sticky and tight glue-basslines who lay the foundations, erect and revive the places GU Essentials II have haunted our dreams.

At the speed of light, and through a formidable kaleidoscope of space and time, the Margin '98 Room Photek Form Function, stretches, assembles, shapes anew. I feel I'm in an important expedition, wearing Photek Form Function helmet with the desire to remove it so I can breathe the New Air. So far everything is harmlessI say to my ship. I will collect some Photek Form Function samples.

I can't even describe the colours. And so, no maps are yet drawn of Photek Form Function land; our compasses look as confused as we Knowledge Hail Dread. But how superb the Garden is, shaken by smooth DnB in both exotic and luxurious manners!

Rainy, lushy, fizzy, Photek Form Function drums swing around with sinuousness; they incarnate what was once - and still is actually - unknown matter for us. Welcoming basslines walk pacifically as if they were inoffensive animals. Strings and windwhispers create new sunrises and new sunsets on this track which is neither day or night. The Water Margin Room : At first, an eerie and humid tension.

And then, a release of anthemic and temple-in-the-jungle proportions. The Water Margin Room takes us in its grasp like a network of ivy. The liquid drums tighten up and contract as Goblin La Via Della Droga Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as they spatter and accelerate, their dynamics resembling a dinosaur who Photek Form Function us and smashes the clustered surrounding trees and unfortunate frogs.

The wild bassline enters the ear in the shape of multiple gigantic raindrops. Halfway through the Water Margin event, I can hear a river murmur its secrets - I can sense its enchantress pull and its terrific attraction, but I fall.

I get up. I fall again. I get up once more and jump away like a DnB Tarzan. My mind is spinning, only I am dancing nonetheless. Here in the forest it is not pitch-black. Puzzling lights. There is something out there. The atmosphere is so tense and full of cold Noor Jehan I Am Very Sorry Danka Pyar Waa. I hear voices.

It appears to be Photek Form Function moving a little bit this way? But are we? The forest is weighty of ambient enigmas. The bass whirs like a nightly creature. I feel we are making history. Right on this position here. There it is. Sometimes I discern a frightening and otherworldly sound, rawhrowhrawhrowhmutter in the forest. Drums hammer their adrenaline rush.

Just jumped up towards seven tenths. Right there in the centre? Something of the Unknown is out there. It's coming this way. It's definitely coming this way. Tweet Recent reviews by this author.

Calibre Shelflife 3. Letherette Letherette. Underworld Second Toughest in the Infants.


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8 thoughts on “ Photek Form Function

  1. Sep 15,  · The problem is, Form & Function includes only four originals from Rupert Parkes' pre-LP 12" output (two are unlisted), substituting instead remixes of several tracks plus two new creature666.deinfoed on: September 15,
  2. Feb 03,  · Photek - Form & Function Vol.2 (Full Album) confused network. Loading Unsubscribe from confused network? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K.
  3. Some of his output was compiled for Form & Function, Vol. 2 (Sanctuary, ). Across and , he was prolific once more, with several singles and EPs for Photek Productions, a collaboration with dubstep producer Pinch, and an installment in the .
  4. Feb 21,  · "Form and Function" is a wonderful drum and bass production brought to you by Rupert Parkes, aka Photek. Overall it is a very crafty minimal album. Photek experiments with slight rhythmic alterations of his breakbeats that most artists hardly ever tackle. The basslines are short, deep, powerful engines to the frantic skittery breakbeats/5(13).
  5. Aug 26,  · Then you have Form and Function 2. It has no soul, it lacks any real direction. It honestly felt like he had a bunch of random tracks laying around that he didn't want to include in any other release, slapped on the Form and Function II title [because he KNEW that would sell] and then let the rest of suck ups claim it is the second coming/5(6).
  6. A list of his big screen scores should follow, but it won't. Photek carelessly yarns his years in LA as 'doing this and that', but it wasn't. Hived in the western world's most creative hub, his time since 's 'Form & Function Volume 2' has been a creative whirlwind.
  7. Sharp, crisp, dark -- Photek's FORM & FUNCTION strikes like a ninja in the night, leaving your ears to wonder, 'What was that?' And while the tracks here aren't as experimental -- his mix of "Resolution" only has brief moments of the iciness amongst more conventional sounds -- /5(3).
  8. Sep 13,  · Form & Function keeps things very "spaced out" and minimal in nature almost entirely throughout, and this works to a great benefit - some of Rupert's greatest strengths are shown throughout the album (particularly how he is able to create such enveloping and detailed music with little more than a drum break, an bass, and atmospherics in the majority of these tracks)/5().

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