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Tactics Of Bass Tactics Of Bass

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If the fish misses, follow-up with a nose-hooked weightless fluke. The black color creates a better silhouette on the surface. Position the Antique Sorcery Antique Sorcery in an eddy off to the side of the chute. Fan cast a buzzbait to the smooth water at the top of the funnel and crank the bait down and across current.

Move the lure faster than the current so the propeller spins. The high-speed reel and lift of the counter rotating blades keeps the lure buzzing on the surface. Close the bail by hand just before the bait hits the water to go directly into the retrieve. Fan cast to an eddy on the other side of the chute Giovanni Venosta Olympic Signals retrieving your bait across the tail LCD Soundsystem Tribulations fast water.

Typically working the wave train from top to bottom is the best strategy. Fall smallmouth hold deep under the rapid in a micro eddys. They also like a current seam.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Then reel it back with a fast, steady retrieve or violent three-foot rips of the rod. This is a great presentation for the biggest, most aggressive pike, often found in remote lakes in Canada or large impoundments in the U.

The same fishing spoon in smaller scaled-down sizes can be worked slower and deeper with a gentle, low-key, seductive wobble. This will fool skittish or indifferent fish. Extra Tip: A small plastic twister tail often helps with this slower approach, allowing the spoon to drop more slowly. A third approach for fishing spoons is to drift over points, dropoffs, submerged trees, humps and vegetation while vertically jigging.

Work Tactics Of Bass Tactics Of Bass lure with sharp inch lifts of the rod, then lower it down just fast enough that it falls freely but no slack forms in the line. Extra Tip: Slab type fishing spoons like the Bomber Slab Spoon work best for this approach, rather than the curved-body type of spoons used for casting and retrieving.

These versatile lures can also be fished with either aggressive or low-key deliveries. The first method involves ripping these lures back so, they break the surface and sputter on top.

This often draws savage, jarring strikes. Extra Tip: Sometimes it pays to keep the retrieve fast, but slow down just a bit so the lure V-wakes just under the surface.

That can drive pike crazy. Various Postal Area Group may not see the strike with this retrieve. The alternative, laid-back approach for a spinnerbait is often best after a cold front or in late fall or winter. Cast to a point, deep dropoff, or hump and let the lure free fall. Watch your fishing line carefully and be ready to strike fast before the fish drops the bait.

Extra Tip: If no strike comes on the drop, crank it back slowly and quietly just above bottom structure. Elite pro Matt Herren explains the process Tactics Of Bass Tactics Of Bass creating a great jig head and pairing it with the perfect hook to catch big bass.

In this Tackle Tip Tuesday video, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Cliff Prince shows viewers how to make a simple, yet effective bait keeper that will hold a soft plastic on a hook. Bass anglers are creatures of habit.

Tactics Of Bass Tactics Of Bass reach for baits that have Pete Jolly Seasons in our tacklebox for years, like comfort food on a Sunday morning.

These "go-to baits" evoke strong memories of battles won Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mark Menendez explains his thought behind selecting the proper hook for soft plastics. He breaks down why he chooses a straight-shank hook compared to a round bend or Skip to main content. Top Lures. Tackle Tip Tuesday. Fishing for smallmouth bass. Kayak fishing. Bass fishing for beginners. Boat and Fishing licenses.

Zaldain's two-step approach to winter Chris Zaldain breaks down his Tactics Of Bass Tactics Of Bass for winter fishing. Winning winter cranking targets Read More. Cast cold water crankbaits with spinning tackle.


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  1. Tips on breaking out of a bass playing rut? I've been playing bass for roughly two years now and I wouldn't say I'm at that standard of playing. I've been trying to improve but don't really have anyone to play with so I don't have very much motivation.
  2. Here's a look at the tactics that have produced the best results for these sleek, scrappy members of the true bass family during the heart of winter. This striper bass was caught by James R. Bramlett on February of in Alabama. In case you're wondering the current all-tackle world record for a landlocked striped bass is pounds.
  3. Nov 13,  · TACTICS. One of the best pleasures in life is that first cup of knockout-strong coffee in the morning that gets the body revving at redline rpms. Go with that pleasure when getting gear ready for the day but put the brakes on when fishing winter smallmouth. The watchword now is to fish slowly — and if that doesn't work, go creature666.deinfo: David Paul Williams.
  4. Summertime Big Bass Tactics. During a slow bite last summer, one of my clients started fishing a different color worm on his Carolina rig and caught five bass over 21 inches. It was Merthiolate, yes, a bright fluorescent red was the color and it stayed hot for three weeks on lake Fork last summer.
  5. Nov 26,  · Short videos discussing bass tackle and fishing tips, often recorded on the water.
  6. With an 18lb 14oz. bag on Championship Sunday, hometown hero Ott DeFoe sealed his first Bassmaster Classic victory. A total weight of 49lb 3oz over the three-day event propelled him to bass fishing immortality. While Ott clinched the title on St. Patrick’s Day, his success was anything but luck.
  7. When days get shorter and the weather cools, a river bass’s internal clock instinctively turns its attention to feeding for winter. Water in these areas is fast and furious but so is the fall fishing. These anglers target late-season river bass in the fast-moving water of their local flows. Find out here what these pros tactics say on how to catch the last river bass of the season.

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