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Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image

Download Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image

Improvisation, jazz, and electronics began to feature more Eka Mouse No Wicked Trying To Be Free in his work during the s, and in he co-founded Utopia, an independent record label. In addition to his myriad studio albums -- highlights include Through the Dark, Silent Voyage, and Pictures from Inside -- Katsoulis is a prolific producer and film and television composer who took home the first prize for best soundtrack at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

In he released Sleeping Beauties, a collection of early The Kingstonians Tony The Clip Little Miss Mophet unreleased works. Similar artists. Including credits for contributing artists Albums.

Melodic, rhythmic, flashy music with synth and flute solos and fat analog sounds. Includes elements as diverse as the Berlin SchoolJarre style, jazz, downtempo, and more. Kodiak Bachine Brazil. Maditation recorded in - Eletricidade recorded in S. Solo Electronic Music from member of new wave band Agentss. Inthe guy had a minor hit with his very Kraftwerk -like "Electricidade".

He then recorded a lot of music, the bulk of which remains unreleased to this date. Apart from that, he is known for some band projects in progressive Malek Ahmed Aziza first performances as a keyboardist of progressive rock band Abaddon date back topop, new wave and electronic genres, as well as producing music for other artists.

Etherea was produed by Steve Roach and the style represented here is based on analogue electronic pulsations and warm atmospheres. Jeffrey Koepper is active on the Genesis We Cant Dance scene since Muddy Waters Electric Mud He was also member of groups Pure Gamma and Immortal.

I will list only his EM-related works here. We Need More Space See also: InwolvesKohier. On the surface, his own works seem to be removed from the EM aesthetics. On the other hand, sometimes he approaches EM style as close as any other typical EM artist, so there is a lot of controversy and he is perhaps one of the more ambiguous EEM inclusions. He started in with an album of field recordings not included above. After that he drifted to more experimental realms, doing microsound and musique concrete works, often straying into synthesizer territory with material that ranges from random blip-blop to quite listenable and melodic, cosmic or repetitive compositions that will be enjoyed by fans of analog synthesis.

Agave Eclosion Quantum Lament S. These are nice works in a unique style. Experimental Ambient musician, computer programmer and synthesizer player. Several electronic instruments are connected to a computer which sends them signals to generate different ambient tones.

Takashi Kokubo also released several CD's with environmental sounds which he recorded in various parts of the world using cutting-edge digital technology.

See also: Phoenix Sound of the 21st Century, The. Tranquil, Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited tracks, a bit jazzy and new-agey, with lots of chromatic percussion.

This artist is also known under various other pseudonym. See also: Milano, Vanessa. Produced by Conny Plank. Apparently it's ambient and electronic, but the exact style is unknown.

Cinematic Dark Ambient from Robert Sun. Kolesnikov, Sergey Russia. Saint-Petersburg-based musician with a sound supposedly influenced by the Berlin School.

A classic sound. Solo album of frippertronics-style music from this member of King Crimson-influenced progressive rock band St. Elmo's Fire. The music was recorded live in and used as background music during various St. Elmo's Fire performances. Long tracks based on modular sound sculpting from this Detroit-based artist. Some darker and some genuinely ethereal moments here. Kolvenbach, Floris Netherlands. Not much is known about this electronic composer, but apparently he started experimenting with synthesizers in and gave his first solo synthesizer concerts in and worked with IBM back in the 's, releasing a sort of a promotional album for them Personal Music made with the help of IBM computers.

Ambient music by one Brad Hall. Very atmospheric. Strong, atmospheric synth tracks with some sequences and textures reminiscent of the great Vangelis. Instrumental Hits recorded in - Synth-pop band from Poland. The above cassette release gathers their instrumental Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image, which range from disco-influenced, with nice synth solos "Wspomnienia z Pleneru" to instrumental progrock "Smak Wina" to Kraftwerk -influenced "Komputerowe Serce", "Casablanca - Ramadan" and something of a Tangerine Dream -like 's vibe "Cyfrowa Gra", in particular, reminds on "Midnight In Tula".

Nothing very progressive here for the most part, but the synths are nice and fat and all. However, a let down for me is the rather ubiquitous 's slap bass sound which I hate. See also: Oliver Cheatham Get Down Saturday Night, Slawomir.

Wladyslaw Komendarek is a Polish synthesist. In the 70's he was a keyboardist of progrock band Exodus and around he started his solo career. He is very diverse stylistically, but generally quite original. Sometimes he makes some weird things like putting in samples of rap verses, some shouting voices or vocoded speech etc. Overall, a lively, energetic affair. Later stuff tends to incorporate lots of modern techno elements. See also: Mt. TjhrisSandpiper. Glasgow-based World Music ensemble led by Jon Keliehor.

They use gamelan instruments, lots of percussion and analog synths. Nice and hypnotic sound. Mostly dark drones and experimental industrial sounds from this Polish trio. Some brighter moments, too. Diverse composer soundtrack, j-pop, electro, new wave, classical and piano music.

The above album combines piano and electronics for an airy, sometimes intense, melodic, classically-influenced sound. See also: SubinteriorNew Risen Throne.

Dark Ambient master. See also: Kontakt Der Junglinge. Konikiewicz, Wojciech Poland. Muzyka is ambient; Cyber Jazz mixes jazz with EM.

Konkrete Kantikle USA. I suppose, it's top-notch Medieval Ambientwith lots of doomy church organ, various echoing sounds, choirs etc. Konkrete Kantikle is Kelly Thistle. See also: ThistleDream Radiation. Mario Konrad was born in and began his first experiments with synthesizers in His first album appeared in on Musique Intemporelle.

He then collaborated with several ambient artists, including Amir Baghiriand released a new album incalled Spirit Cave. Mario makes somewhat ambient EM with traces of Steve Roach 's style and those of other ambient composers.

Icelandic duo. Side A is more wacky but somehow also sounds more mainstream. Kontakt Der Junglinge Germany. Thomas Koner 's project with Asmus Tietchens. Dark Ambient sounds. A project by Peter Felippi. See also: Felippi, Peter. Varied project from this Glasgow-based musician Tom Scholefield. Ranges from darkish tracks and mellotron-laden numbers on Regional Surrealism to complex compositions with traces of 's dance music Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image Caramel.

Someone compared it to Boards of Canada, which I Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image think is a fitting comparison. KooKoon is an alias of German musician Wolfgang Loos.

High Wire is rhythmic and melodic, relaxing music. Inner Earth is an electroacoustic project composed of processed seismological recordings and subtle electronics. Varied synth soundscapes. Mostly darkish and cerebral. The other albums of this artist are supposedly in techno vein. Till Kopper Till Kopper '90 Kora et le Mechanix Czech Republic. Although Moscow-based Roman Smirnov aka Korablove is mostly known for his deep house music, the Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image album will appeal to Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image of ambient electronics for sure.

Diverse musician from Sinoesin Angels Of Altitude. The above album features unusual ambient tracks with sort of an emphasis on samples and voices. See also: Kora et le MechanixDia Archa. Koriand 'r USA?? Neo-Classical Ambient of a rather intense nature. Korjenic, Admir Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image.

Kornberger, Martin Germany. Mixture of Electronic Music and progrock from member of Changing Even Tuell Workshop 07. See also: Changing Images.

Koroiev Spain. A project of Galician musician Roberto Casteleiro. Folk melodies, analog synths A unique style based on the tradition and the innovation. Nice stuff. Korridor Sweden. Another techno producer Fabian Kempe goes EM on some of the above material. Listening to the track "Dyson Sphere" from the Dyson Sector EP, with its hyperactive sequencer runs that sound like Berlin School on steroids, really makes me wanna hear a full-length space-inspired EM release from this guy.

Koshibe, Nobuyoshi Japan. Alleged music culled from the East German state archives created Positive Force Positive Force a soundtrack for training of East German athletes in the 's by one Martin Zeichnete, this is most certainly and quite regrettably a hoax invented by UK-based Unknown Capability Records and realized by Drew McFadyen.

The music is influenced by Neu! Fans of the Dusseldorf School will enjoy this. Cosmic, rhythmic synth music inspired by 's classics by Patrick R. The Dilation. Spacey EM from the guy who also makes more dungeon synth-influenced music as Grimrik. Some nice sequencing on this one. Lucio Battisti Emozioni is a "space rock" group formed by Michel Langevin - a drummer for the band Voivod.

Kosmos Netherlands. Three long tracks. Kosmos, Patrick Belgium. I haven't heard Kassem Mosse Workshop 08 yet but his early stuff from the Eighties is excellent and highly recommended.

The Chronicles box set followed inpresumably containing music from all Cadaques Connexio Llum De Nit Patrick's cassettes.

His music from the New Millennium is supposedly much more new age-like and is of no big interest. Sadly, Patrick Kosmos passed away in early Ambient with a huge piano Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image.

A bit in the style of Brian Eno. Earlier works are more in ambient techno vein. Koss is Kuniyuki Takahashi. German synthesist.

The second CD of the double CD Luchi DeJesus Blue Strings Rainbows is dedicated to remixes by other artists.

Kostoglotov is Daryl Worthington. On Louis Althusser His other music is similar in style, mixing classic analog sounds, sequences and pads in various proportions. Kosugi, Takehisa Japan. Member of Taj Mahal Travellers who's been experimenting with electronic and concrete textures since the early 's. He has some other albums that range from jazz improvisations to processed violin sounds.

Bulgarian musician. Angel Kotev graduated from the State Academy of Music in He composed a lot of works in various genres, including some interesting electronic works during the 's. Kotilainen, Esa Finland. Wigwam keyboardist who released a solo electronic LP inthe legendary but somewhat underrated Ajatuslapsi. He uses synths and organs and plays a floating type of music that Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image be vaguely compared to Klaus Schulze and his ilk.

Kotlinski, Krzysztof Poland. Moody and melancholic Ambient with piano, field recordings, loops, drones and some glitches.

Just a touch of darkness. Space disco music. It is also similar in style, albeit Koto is often Kimiko Kasai This Is My Love tad more laid-back and not as driving as Laserdance. But, generally, if you like Laserdanceyou will also like this. Kovac, Kornelije Serbia. Kornelije Kovac is one of the pioneers of Yugoslavian Electronic Music.

He made mysterious synth compositions with a dash of guitar, perhaps a bit similar to Edgar Froese. Austrian jazz pianist who has gone electronic for this library album on Selected Sound.

Clon Works '95 - '98 Leonard with Sam Vitoulis. Synthesist from Argentina living and Dennis Brown Tommy McCook Cheater Harvest In The East in Barcelona, Spain. Electronics in symphonic Vangelis and more rhythmic styles with sequencing. Aurora Nova Andromeda Tranmisja Calm, minimal, often droning Ambient from Brin Coleman out of Manchester.

Pedro Ruy Blas Dolores Dolores music from member of Date Palms. Similar in style, this is warm, analog droning EM. There were some earlier albums that I know nothing about at the moment.

Solo album by leader and saxophone player of jazz fusion band Arsenal. This one is completely electronic and is based on general MIDI sounds. Not something for hardcore EM fans, but very typical of a lot of melodic synth artists of the late 's and early 's. Kozmonaut was a project of Michael Gutierrez who used a pseudonym Hans Schiller. Fascinated by Germany and Electronic Music, he released the above LP privately there was a re-release in Hello World!

Mechanical electronics from Berlin-based Andreas Stoiber. Long, repetitive tracks with Kraftwerk aesthetics taken to an extreme. Steady rhythms and fat analog synths. Overall a mash-up of styles. Not wanting to rest of Wendy Carlos ' laurels, two sound engineers Jack Kraft and Larry Alexander got together in a studio to record an album of classical tunes performed on synthesizers.

And who cares if they were 10 Maximilian Schubel Son Of Quashed Culch late with that?

So, strictly an ARP Memory Of Justice Band Right On Time apparently, they had friends at ARP who provided them with these toolswhich set them apart from most "classical electronic" LP's of the time that were moog-dominated.

As for the DJ Sotofett Pulehouse, I would say that they went the Tomita way, using lots of funny noises and strictly synthetic textures, some of which give the thing a cheesy flavour but on the other hand I find this approach more interesting and creative than Carlos ' note-by-note renditions with imitations of classical instrumentation.

There is a nice essay on the history of electronic Fela Ransome Kuti And The Africa 70 With Ginger Baker Live on the back cover and overall it's a good find for fans of warm, analogue synthesis. German electronic musician real name - Detlef Funder who has been dabbling with electronics since the early 's. He is difficult to pin down and sits somewhere between industrial, electro-acoustic music, ambient soundscapes and Prog EM of the Cluster school of thought.

Actually a pseudonym of one Diego Herrera. I think the name pretty much says it all and you are already guessing that it's a 'tribute' band. However, as some Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image Various African Scream Contest pointed out, in trying to recreate the Kraftwerk sound, they at times end up sounding more Satyricon Nemesis Divina Tangerine Dream instead, which means long, sequencer-based pieces.

Famous German band that is considered internationally to be the Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image of techno music. Kraftwerk started as a duo of Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider. Before releasing their first Kraftwerk album they released a work of experimental music under "Organisation" name. The album was called Tone Float and is now very difficult to find. Musically it was a mixture of weird flute playing, guitar and electronic effects.

Some have compared it to early Pink Floyd. The first two Kraftwerk albums continue in this direction, featuring at times really weird electronic excursions with some flute playing and cool motorik rhythms.

The motorik aesthetics of these early albums were shared at that time and also later by some other German experimental bands, like Neu! After several personnel changes Michael Rother of Neu! The rest of the album is completely electronic. I have never actually heard something like this from other musicians. Tshala Muana Les Choc Stars Du Zaire Ben Nyamabo Tshibola Nakombe Nga is quite unique and, overall, the album is pretty good, in spite of its outright poppish nature in places.

Ok, to make the long story short: what I like about Kraftwerk is their ability to describe and transmit certain atmosphere, like, for instance, in Trans-Europe Express where they managed to capture the atmosphere of the night train ride perfectly and this work is pure genius with its simple and basic, but still strong and profound theme.

In conclusion I'd like to mention that Kraftwerk are probably the most extravagant electronic band in history, with their robotic image, their famous "pseudo-concerts" and totally industrial and technological concept. There are many Kraftwerk clones out there, but none of them sound exactly like Kraftwerk. Krakatau Australia. As you can see, no guitar here.

The sound is a nice mix of floating analog keyboards and some krautrock-inspired moments. Beautiful and mysterious, aquatic ambient sounds from Ricardo Gomez and Joris Vermost.

Nice and different. Andromeda Odyssey Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image Dreams The first album is in Space style, the second more complex but less melodic. Electric Dreams is an attempt to combine the styles of the first two.

This musician got some fame in the mid 's for his spontaneous live performances in New York's Central Park. These featured a set of modular synthesizers running from a generator and were called "the Electronic Music Mobile". Gregory Kramer studied at the California Institute of the Arts and briefly worked for a company that was selling Buchla synthesizers.

See also: Electronic Art Ensemble. Kranig, Christoph Germany. Island Rock Night Ice Lifelines Swedish multi-instrumentalist. Kratochvil, Martin Czech Republic. Czech musician and founder of the band "Jazz Q" that pioneered some sort of electronic jazz. Anarchic experimental Please Please of Pat Kraus.

He uses guitars, tapes, flutes and homemade synth. I will only list those releases, which I know for Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image contain EM material. When he is in the synth mode, he is rough and unpolished, but sometimes melodic and Walter Carlos Switched On Bach II accessible. Equator is a combination of field recordings and synthesized compositions.

Electronic project from Munich influenced by both early 's German EM and dub techno. Krawedz Swiatow Poland. See also: Bloom, DanielSzulen, Marek. Vast sonicscape from noise artist who is also known as Iversen. See also: Iversen. Recommended for fans of ClusterNeu! Hypnotic motorik rhythms with mucho experimental beeps and bleeps. Kreitchi, Stanislav Russia. Ansiana Voices And Movement Kreitchi is one of the pioneers of Russian Electronic Music. The two recorded the soundtrack to the movie "Cosmos" which was a very unusual electronic work, melodic and abstract at the same time.

Kreitchi's album Ansianareleased on Electroshock Recordswas created Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image the ANS and ovaloid, an acoustic instrument, and this is one of the strangest albums I have heard in the last several years.

Parts of it are just abstract noises mixed with found sounds "Tryptich Ocean"parts are crazy vocal transformation experiments "Six Days of Creation"that sound extremely Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image, parts are almost exclusively ovaloid playing, which can get pretty dull at places.

This album is very difficult to classify, but I would certainly recommend it for an adventurous listener. It's a great album simply because it's very daring and experimental, and in a world full of clones and Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image of ideas, this certainly brings some fresh air.

Keyboardist who, starting from the 's, worked with several groups and projects in pop and rock fields, most notably with disco legend Supermax and The Lenny Mac Dowell Project. His own album from is all over Anthony Rocky Ellis I Am The Ruler place stylistically. Pronouncedly new-agey, it has its atmospheric moments, but also has its cringeworthy moments the overtly sweet stuff, the sax stuff or the cheesy, rhythmic pop stuff.

It is its diversity, though, that might justify its inclusion in the encylopedia of progressive electronics. I mean, an orthodox EM record it certainly ain't.

But then again, neither it is a typical new age record or new instrumental record. A little bit on this, a little bit of that would be a better description. Speaking of EM, the criminally short "Between Worlds" is very relevant and very good also, it sounds as if it was recorded way earlier than Ambient with a large piano presence. North Head is an ambient electronic soundtrack to an UFO documentary that never saw the light of day. Echoes of Vangelis"Close Encounters Martial Ambient.

First Confession. After the Rain. Flying Wings. Access the complete album info 16 songs. Melody Maker Single Member The Universe Clockwork.

Pictures from Inside. Snapshots of a Lost World. I Died for Beauty. Not a Word. Pictures Form Inside. Still Was the Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image.

Access the complete album info 9 songs. Para-Phrases Original Soundtrack. Ride in Blue. How I Feel. Only Ice and Snow. First Variation. Access the complete album info 20 songs. The Final Act Live. The Exile Of Dreams. Invention Live. Endless Dream Live. Tears From The Sky Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suite Double Image. East Of The Heart. Landscape Of Sadness.

Through the Dark. Is king Alexander alive? She is from Sumiglia album on currently an ECM artist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


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  2. Vangelis Katsoulis - The Slipping Beauty (Telephones Re work) - Duration: 8 minutes, 45 seconds. Les Yeux Orange. 42, views; Minimal Suite / Double Image (Remastered) - Playlist.
  3. Listen to your favorite songs from Minimal Suite / Double Image (feat. David Lynch, Minas Alexiadis, Apostolis Anthimos) [Remastered] by Vangelis Katsoulis feat. David Lynch, Minas Alexiadis & Apostolis Anthimos Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  4. Savina Yannatou (Greek: Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου, Savína Yannátou; born March 16, , Athens) is a Greek singer.. After taking classical guitar lessons and participating in the children's choir of Yannis Nousias for some years, she studied singing with Gogo Georgilopoulou and Spiros Sakkas in Athens, and later attended postgraduate studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
  6. Katsoulis, Vangelis (Greece) Minimal Suite - Double Image () The Slipping Beauty () Celephais / Through the Door Into A Dream () (with Michael Grigoriou) Whispers of Immorality () Through the Dark () The Sleeping Beauties: A Collection of Early And Unreleased Works () (recorded in - ) If Not Now When ().
  7. Jan 22,  · Vangelis Katsoulis Minimal Suit Double Image (Praxis, ) David first came across the work of Katsoulis on the Into The Light Record’s first compilation Into The Light: A Journey Into Greek Electronic Music, Classics & Rarities ( – ).
  8. Listen to Minimal Suite / Double Image by Vangelis Katsoulis on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends.

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