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Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders

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These mixes are a good reminder that Coil's acid-soaked follow-up to Horse Rotorvator was originally a kind of sequel to that album, with big Fairlight horn sections and apocalyptic gusts of noise. How it transformed into Coil's "dance" record is all the more mystifying after listening to Gold is the Metal. With blatant bouts of nonsense and fun-house melodies vying for center stage, it is a small Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders that portions of the record actually sound continuous or work together at all.

In general, the transitions and changes in style from song to song are quite severe and highlight that this is just a collection of outtakes. By casting their net so wide, Coil broke up their already damaged record into even more unnatural shapes, which sometimes causes me to question the integrity of the entire project. I can understand wanting to collect unreleased songs in one place, but each of the Unnatural History releases is more cohesive than this is and they compile music that spans decades too.

That has always been my biggest complaint about Gold is the Metal : unlike most B-side and remix compilations, it includes a lot of warts and unfinished sketches, which can make the whole Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders sound like a sketch instead of a complete or finished statement.

None of their later records, not even collections like Stolen and Mikey Dread African Anthem The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise Songsare as dense and inscrutable as this. The liner notes to the CD version of the album include a proclamation describing some of the songs as "disappointments" and "discarded shards.

Demos and outlines might interest dedicated fans and close listeners, but for everyone else they're distracting and only serve to muddy already dark waters. The CD pressings also intensify the disorder by mangling the last three songs on the album. The keyboard tones in E minor feel taut and brittle. The arrangement is sparse, with plenty of space to hear the continuing hubbub of the busy stadium. More than once we hear appreciative noises and applause from the audience.

Instead the atmosphere, whilst aggressive, remains contained, measured and ritualised. The were also known for employing their own rituals as an integral component of the recording process. In a interview with Fortean Times, Balance referred to his lifelong engagement with magick practice. I was an only child, always talking to animals, fantasy creatures and spirits.

I would make little plasticine gods and make offerings to them. I was just born with a pagan sensibility. The suggestion being that the disc could be used for scrying. Scrying is the occult practice of staring into an object, such as a crystal ball, or lodestone, or even a skull, for the purpose of divination. But these plans never came to fruition. We intend to re-work and re-record this song at a later date. With its wailing feedback, synthetic stentorian snare, crackling guitar scree and powerful treated spoken vocals, this is Dionysiac music.

Balance would often attempt a parallel effect with text. Via lyrical word play, the use of puns and linguistic corruptions, he was keen to wrong foot the listener.

Phrases we think we know turn out Rick Clarke Love With A Stranger have been mutated or inverted.

His titles often use puns to create startlingly original images, e. Whilst puns are seen as a fairly common form of wit, here, I think Balance is using them to interrogate fixed meanings. Sleazy counts us in. Instantaneously, we hear a bass drum hit and a tight snare drives the track into life.

Then, at it cuts and reverberates into silence. At Sleazy counts us in again. But seconds later, the same thing happens. The track cuts. More silence. At Sleazy counts us in for a third time. Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders snare pushes us relentlessly forward, at a tight sequencer rhythm rises up, increasing the feeling of heady forward propulsion. Then suddenly, at the whole thing stops dead again. The reverb fades to nothing and we sit in silence for a while longer.

The first 30 seconds of the track have been all introduction and tease. This time we start at a different point. This time there is clear intention in the darkly pulsing sequencer pattern.

This however, is a guitar which sounds like a guitar. It drives on. They sound like boys in their late teens or early twenties. They talk in clear English, but with strong Eastern accents, possibly Malaysian or Thai. One is trying to seduce the other. They are incongruously high in the mix. But in reality the dialogue is not especially inspired, having none of William S. At it sounds as The Fantastic Aleems Hooked On Your Love the boys reach some kind of orgasmic climax.

Then at Heard a second time, Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders the musical backing, it becomes apparent that it is just one teenager performing two different voices. In fact, he sounds almost bored. As a listener, this moment feels a little uncomfortable. Very funny. He chuckles some more.

Independent label Some Bizarre had been riding high for the first half of the decade and had released the first two Coil albums. This also ultimately meant they could challenge the notion of the group having a fixed identity. They also sought to exact strict quality control over their own releases. Played on a rented Fairlight and recorded in our bedroom. It features a rare vocal appearance from Sleazy and has the added involvement of Andrew Poppy on brass.

The title comes from a chance remark overheard in the back of a Marrakech taxi, and later confirmed by a series of forensic photographs. The Various To Scratch Your Heart Early Recordings From Istanbul confounds our expectations, fading in with both the vocal and chorus melody already underway.

The crisp hi-hat cuts through the mix and the short, truncated bass runs Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders less like underpinning and more like adornment.

We could almost be listening to a long lost Soft Cell B-side. But, as ever with Coil, things are far stranger than they first seem. There are in fact only two lines in the song, each repeated several times. The second line shifts the imagery away from a spy thriller, suggesting something more in the morbid mood of a supernatural tale by MR James. It opens with 1 minute 20 seconds of morbid church organ work. Here, we are deep in horror soundtrack territory.

However, the original also includes some minor lyrical additions, namely the repeated lines. The Fairlight was in effect the first digital sampler.

And in the early s, it was a prohibitively expensive luxury item, available only to rock aristocracy. That is, not simply The Beach Boys The Smile Sessions the Fairlight to replace musicians with controllable samples, but using it to provide detailed atmospheric spaces and sculpt and mutate non-musical sounds into instrumental forms.

There in a nutshell, is the essence of Coil. A diamond hard darkness with something playful and queer at its heart. And then there was the small matter of AIDS — a disease which seemed to have the potential to relegate homosexuals to a new leper class. The disease had first raised its death head ten years earlier inwhen a small number of homosexual men in the US and Sweden started to exhibit initial signs of what would later be called AIDS. At the same time, a small number of heterosexuals in Tanzania and Haiti also began showing signs of the condition.

Although this was Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders reported on at the time. However, there was soon clear clinical evidence that the condition did not just affect homosexuals.

Unfortunately by this time, the idea had been forged in both the media and public consciousness; this was a disease that differentiated between straight and queer. Or more specifically something they could claim was a Godsend. This has never been corrected. From the liner notes: "This release is not the follow-up to Horse Rotorvator Presented here are thoroughbreds that escaped the Horse Rotorvator - discarded shards, distortions, disappointments, scrambled and disassembled stages. Remnants of what once was.

This record is a chance for us to release some otherwise placeless pieces of music. This album is basically a collection of odds and sods that did not make it onto Horse Rotorvator, as well as some tracks from elsewhere including stuff intended for The Dark Age of Love which became Love's Secret Domain.

Despite the fact that it Coil Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders a compilation, Duke Ellington And His Orchestra Anatomy Of A Murder Soundtrack manages to come together as a cohesive whole quite nicely.

The former sounds like the dark forces are banging on the door, forcing it open to run manically around screaming and chanting. The later is about Joseph LoDuca Evil Dead 2 Original Soundtrack Recording most resigned sounding Coil track, the corpse being well and truly gutted.

In between we have premium late 80's Coil, that combines a flair for esoteric melody with chaotic noise and seemingly random samples.

Stand out Lemon D I Cant Stop Change include: "For Us They Will", a Scatalogical digging, and one of the more intensely atmospheric tracks on the album. John Balance I think rambles on a bizarre rabid monologue concluding that "You have to burn to shine". Reminds me of "Tenderness of Wolves". It is a Yanomami Hekura Yanomamo Shamanism From Southern Venezuela of early Coil sessions and features a rare performance by Peter Christopherson.


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  1. Coil is one of the pillars that represents the start of this movement, and Gold is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders is one of their best works. Molman, Productions of Time Radio.
  2. Jul 26,  · Coil - Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders) - 04 For Us They creature666.deinfo download M Coil - Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders) - 05 The Broken creature666.deinfo .
  3. Reissue of Coil - Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders). This version features a barcode on the back inlay. This version features a barcode on the back inlay. Tracks 3, 4 and 15 recorded live at Bar Maldoror/5(7).
  4. Coil - Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders) - 18 The First Five Minutes After Violent Death_creature666.deinfo Jul K Coil - Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders) - 18 The First Five Minutes After Violent Death_creature666.deinfo
  5. Coil: Gold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders) ‎ (LP, TP) Threshold House: LOCI 1: UK: Sell This Version/5(71).
  6. Listen free to Coil – Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders) (Last Rites of Spring, Paradisiac and more). 18 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at creature666.deinfo
  7. The later is about the most resigned sounding Coil track, the corpse being well and truly gutted. In between we have premium late 80's Coil, that combines a flair for esoteric melody with chaotic noise and seemingly random samples. As a link between Love's Secret Domain and Love's Secret Domain it .

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