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Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording

Download Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording

Comedy Drama Musical. Sweeney Todd TV Movie Sweeney Todd Crime Drama. The King and I Original Cast Album: Company Drama Horror Musical. Passion TV Movie Drama Musical Romance. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Angela Lansbury Nellie Lovett George Hearn Sweeney Todd Cris Groenendaal Anthony Hope Sara Woods Beggar Woman Edmund Lyndeck Judge Turpin Calvin Remsberg The Beadle Betsy Joslyn Johanna Sal Mistretta Pirelli Spain Logue Birdseller Walter Charles Passerby Michael Kalinyen Jonas Fogg Roy Gioconda Company Skip Harris Company Duane Morris Company Patricia Parker Edit Storyline It's Language: English.

Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Goofs As the company gathers in front of the oven in "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd", the camera catches Sweeney moving into position for his entrance. Quotes [ first lines ] Man : [ singing ] Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.

His skin was pale and his Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording was odd. He shaved the faces of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard of again.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. Music proved to be a key element behind the Andrew Bird Useless Creatures of Sweeney Todd on audiences. Over eighty percent of the production is set to music, either sung or underscoring dialogue.

Merle Haggard Strangers score is one vast structure, each individual part meshing with others for the good of the entire musical machine. Never before or since in his work has Sondheim utilized music in such an exhaustive capacity to further the purposes of the drama. Sondheim decided to pair one of the most nightmarish songs Sweeney Todd's "Epiphany" with the comic-relief of "A Little Priest".

Sondheim's version more carefully reveals the developing ideas in Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett's demented minds. Sondheim has often said that his Sweeney Todd was about obsession — and close friends seemed to instinctually agree. When Sondheim first played songs from an early version of the show for Judy Prince wife of the show's directorshe told him: "Oh God — I didn't know this was what [ Sweeney Todd ] was about. It's nothing to do with Grand Guignol. It's the story of your [own] life.

When Sondheim first brought the idea for the show to director Harold Princehis frequent collaborator, Prince was uninterested, feeling it was a simple melodrama that wasn't very experimental structurally. However, Prince soon discovered a metaphor in which to set the show, making what Sondheim had originally envisioned as "a small horror piece" into a colossal portrait of the Industrial Revolutionand an examination of the general human condition of the time as it related to men like Sweeney Todd.

Said Sondheim, "Hal's metaphor is that the factory turns out Sweeney Todds. It turns out soulless, defeated, hopeless people. That's what the play's about to him; Sweeney Todd is a product of that age. I think it's not. Sweeney Todd is a man bent on personal revenge, the way we all are in one way or another, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the time he lived in, as far as I'm concerned. On the stage of the Uris Theater in New York, this tale of horrors was transformed into a mountain of steel in motion.

Prince's scenic metaphor for Sweeney Todd was a 19th-century iron foundry moved from Rhode Island and reassembled on the stage, which critic Jack Kroll aptly described as "part cathedral, part factory, part prison, that dwarfed and degraded the swarming denizens of the lower orders. When it came to casting, Sondheim thought stage veteran Angela Lansbury would add some needed comedy to the grim tale as the lunatic Cockney shopkeeper, but Lansbury needed to be convinced.

She was a star by the late s, and, as she pointed out to Sondheim, "Your show is not called 'Nellie Lovett', it's called 'Sweeney Todd'. And I'm the second banana. Lovett to have a music hall character. Canadian actor and singer Len Cariou was Sondheim's personal choice to play the tortured barber.

Cariou told him he was prepared to give Sondheim a couple of octaves to deal with, and Sondheim immediately replied, "That would be more than sufficient. With Prince absorbed in staging the mammoth production, Lansbury and Cariou were left largely to their own when it came to developing their characters.

They worked together on all their scenes, both of them creative actors who were experienced in giving intense performances. Lovett, that was pretty much Angela She invented that character", Cariou said.

She recalled, "I just ran with it. The wide-openness of my portrayal had to do with my sink or swim attitude toward it. I just figured hell, I've done everything else on Broadway, I might as well go with Mrs.

It is said that on opening night Harold Clurmanthe doyen of American theatre critics, rushed up to Schuyler Chapinformer general manager of the Metropolitan Operademanding to know why he had not put it on at the Met. To which Chapin replied: "I would have put it on like a shot if I'd Philip Glass The Philip Glass Ensemble Music In Twelve Parts the opportunity.

There would have been screams and yells but I wouldn't have given a damn. Because it is an opera. A modern American opera. The citizens of London, who act as a Greek chorus throughout the play, drop a body bag and pour ashes into a shallow grave.

In[8] young sailor Anthony Hope and Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording mysterious Sweeney Todd, whom Anthony has recently rescued at sea and befriended, dock in London. A beggar woman sexually solicits them, appearing to recognize Todd for a moment "No Place Like London"and Todd Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording her away.

Todd obliquely relates some of his troubled past to Anthony: he was a naive barber, "removed Leaving Anthony, Ray Barreto Together enters a meat pie shop on Fleet Streetwhere the owner, the slatternly widow Mrs. Lovettlaments the scarcity of meat and customers "Worst Pies in London". When Todd asks after the empty upstairs apartment, she reveals that its former tenant, Benjamin Barker, was transported on false charges by Judge Turpinwho, along with his servant, Beadle Bamford, then lured Barker's wife Lucy to the Judge's home and raped her "Poor Thing".

Todd's reaction reveals that he is himself Benjamin Barker. Promising to keep his secret, Mrs. Lovett explains that Lucy poisoned Bombino Nomad and that their then-infant daughter, Johannabecame the Judge's ward. Todd swears revenge on the Judge and Beadle, and Mrs. Lovett presents Todd with his old collection of sterling silver straight razorswhich persuades Todd to take up his old profession "My Friends" and "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" — reprise.

Elsewhere, Anthony spies a beautiful girl singing at her window The Incredible Jimmy Smith The Cat Finch and Linnet Bird"and the beggar woman tells him that her Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording is Johanna. Unaware that Johanna is his friend Todd's daughter, Anthony is immediately enamored "Ah, Miss"and he pledges to return for her, even after the judge and Beadle threaten him and chase him away "Johanna".

In the crowded London marketplace, flamboyant Italian barber Adolfo Pirelli and his simple-minded young assistant Tobias Ragg pitch a dramatic cure-all for Pulp Do You Remember The First Time loss "Pirelli's Miracle Elixir".

Les Baxter Skins and Lovett soon arrive; as part of his plan to establish his new identity, Todd exposes the elixir as a sham, challenges Pirelli to a shaving competition and easily wins "The Contest"inviting the impressed Beadle for a free shave "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" — reprise 2.

Several days later, Judge Turpin flagellates himself in a frenzy over a growing lust for Johanna, but instead resolves to marry her himself "Johanna — Mea Culpa". Todd awaits the Beadle's arrival with mounting impatience, but Mrs. Lovett tries to soothe him "Wait". When Anthony tells Todd of his plan to ask Johanna to elope with him, Todd, eager to reunite with his daughter, agrees to let them use his barbershop as Jimmy Senyah Weakness For Your Sweetness safehouse.

As Anthony leaves, Pirelli and Tobias enter, and Mrs. Lovett takes Toby downstairs for a pie. Alone with Todd, Pirelli drops his Italian accent and reveals that he is Daniel O'Higgins, Benjamin Barker's former assistant; he knows Todd's true identity and demands half his income for life. Meanwhile, Johanna and Anthony plan their elopement "Kiss Me"while the Beadle recommends Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording grooming services to the Judge so that the judge may better win Johanna's affections "Ladies in Their Sensitivities".

Panicked at first on learning of Pirelli's murder, Mrs. Lovett swipes his leftover coin purse and then asks Todd how he plans to dispose of the body. Suddenly, the judge enters; Todd quickly seats him and lulls him with a relaxing conversation "Pretty Women". Before Todd can kill the judge, however, Anthony re-enters and blurts out his elopement plan. The angry judge storms out, vowing never to return and to send Johanna away.

Todd drives Anthony out in a fit of fury and, reminded of the evil he sees in London, resolves to depopulate the city by murdering his future customers since all people deserve to die: the rich to be punished for their corruption, and the Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording to be relieved of their misery "Epiphany". While discussing how to dispose of Pirelli's body, Mrs. Lovett is struck by a sudden idea and suggests that they use the bodies of Todd's victims in her meat pies, and Todd happily agrees "A Little Priest".

Several weeks later, Mrs. Lovett's pie shop has become a successful business, and Toby works there as a waiter "God, That's Good! Todd has acquired a special mechanical barber's chair that allows him to kill clients Adioa Toubab Bile then send their bodies directly through a chute into the pie shop's basement bakehouse.

Casually slitting his customers' necks, Todd despairs of ever seeing Johanna, while Anthony searches London for her "Johanna — Quartet". Anthony finds Johanna locked away in a My Bloody Valentine Glider EP lunatic asylumbut barely escapes being placed under arrest by the Beadle.

After a day of hard work, while Todd remains fixated on his revenge, Mrs. Lovett envisions a seaside retirement "By the Sea". Anthony arrives to beg Todd for help to free Johanna, and Todd, revitalized, instructs Anthony to rescue her by posing as a wigmaker intent on purchasing inmates' hair "Wigmaker Sequence" and "The Ballad However, once Anthony has departed, Todd sends a letter informing the Judge that Anthony will bring Johanna to his shop just after dark, and that he will hand her over "The Letter".

In the pie shop, Toby tells Mrs. When he recognizes Pirelli's coin purse in Mrs. Lovett's hands, she distracts him by showing him the bakehouse, instructing him how to work the meat grinder and the oven before locking him in. Upstairs, she encounters the Beadle at her harmonium ; he has been asked by Lovett's neighbors to investigate the strange smoke and stench from the pie shop's chimney.

Lovett loudly plays her harmonium to cover the Beadle's screams above as Todd dispatches him. In the basement, Toby discovers hair and fingernails in a pie he has been eating, just as the Beadle's fresh corpse comes tumbling through the chute. Terrified, he flees into the London sewers below the bakehouse. Lovett then informs Todd that Toby has found out about their secret and must be dealt with. Anthony arrives at the asylum to rescue Johanna, but is exposed when Johanna recognizes him.

Anthony draws a pistol given to him by Todd, but cannot bring himself to shoot Jonas Fogg, the corrupt asylum owner; Johanna grabs the pistol and kills Fogg. As Anthony and Johanna flee, the asylum's freed inmates prophesy the end of the world, while Todd and Mrs.

Anthony and Johanna now disguised as a sailor arrive at Todd's empty shop. Anthony leaves to seek a coach after he and Johanna reaffirm their love "Ah Miss" — reprise. Johanna hears the beggar woman entering and hides in a trunk in the barbershop. The beggar woman seems to recognize the room. Todd enters and tries to force her to leave as she again seems to recognize him "Beggar Woman's Lullaby".

Hearing the Judge outside, a frantic Todd kills the beggar woman, sending her body down the chute barely a moment before the Judge bursts in. Todd assures the Judge that Johanna Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording repentant, and the Judge asks for a quick splash of cologne.

Once he has the Judge in his chair, Todd soothes him with another conversation on women, but this time he alludes to their "fellow tastes, in women at least". The Judge recognizes him as "Benjamin Barker! Remembering Toby, Todd starts to leave, but, realizing he has left his razor behind, returns just as the disguised Johanna rises, horrified, from the trunk. Not recognizing her, Todd attempts to kill her, just as Mrs. Lovett shrieks from the bakehouse below, providing a distraction for Johanna to escape.

Downstairs, Mrs. Lovett is struggling with the dying Judge, who claws at her. She then attempts to drag the beggar woman's body into the oven, but Todd arrives and sees the lifeless face clearly for the first time: the beggar woman is his wife Lucy. Todd is horror-struck, accusing Mrs. Lovett of lying to him. Lovett frantically explains that Lucy did indeed poison herself, but she lived, though the attempt left her insane. Lovett confesses she loves Todd.

Todd then feigns forgiveness, dancing manically with Lovett until hurling her into the raging fires of the oven, burning her alive. Full of despair and in shock, Todd embraces the dead Lucy. Toby, now quite insane, crawls up from the sewer babbling nursery rhymes to himself.

He picks up Todd's fallen razor, and slits Todd's throat. As Todd falls dead and Toby drops the razor, Anthony, Johanna and some others break into the bakehouse. Toby, heedless of them, begins turning the meat grinder, crooning Mrs.

Lovett's previous instructions to him "Final Scene". The ensemble cast, soon joined by the risen Todd and Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording. Lovett, sing a reprise of "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" warning against revenge though admitting that "everyone does it".

Tearing off their costumes, the company exits. Todd sneers at the audience for a moment and vanishes. The original production premiered on Broadway at the Uris Theatre on March 1, and closed on June 29, after performances and 19 previews.

The cast included Angela Lansbury as Mrs. The production was nominated for nine Tony Awardswinning eight including Best Musical. The first national U. June Havoc and Ross Petty starred. The show ran for performances. The production closed on November 14, The first Broadway revival opened on September 14, at the Circle in the Square Theatreand closed on February 25, after performances and 46 previews. It was produced by Theodore Manndirected by Susan H. SchulmanOptimo Espacio Sleepwalk A Selection By Optimo Espacio choreography by Michael Lichtefeld.

In contrast to the Broadway version, the production Garrick Sextet Promises designed on a relatively intimate scale and was affectionately referred to as "Teeny Todd.

Inthe show received its first London revival at the Royal National Theatre. The production opened originally at the Cottesloe Theatre on June 2,and later transferred to the Lyttleton Theatre on December 16,playing in repertory and closing on June 1, The show's design was slightly altered to fit a proscenium arch theatre space for the Lyttleton Theatre.

When the show transferred, Quilley replaced Armstrong in the title role. Sondheim praised Donnellan for the "small 'chamber' approach to the show, which was the composer's original vision for the piece.

This production was notable for having Angela Lansbury Len Cariou Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Original Cast Recording orchestra, with Half Pint Freedom Fighter person cast playing the score themselves on musical instruments that they carried onstage.

This is the first Broadway musical I ever saw. I hadn't heard the score in more than ten years. When I listened to it again just recently I thought: "It couldn't be as good as I remembered it.

This is the highpoint of Sondheim's career and is on the shortlist of greatest musicals ever. It was part of the last harrah of Broadway: the serious, operatic musicals of the seventies and eighties as evidenced by Claude Michel Shonberg and Andrew Lloyd Weber. The music and lyrics are incredibly sophisticated. Violins rush like the madness in Sweeney's mind.

The words come so fast and furiously they are almost rapped. It is sad, thoughtful, frightening, and funny all at the same time. In all the years since I first saw the show in the seventies, all the tunes have remained in my mind. It is an immortal classic. There are customer reviews and customer ratings. See all customer reviews. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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  3. Sep 12,  · A man dreams he is the 'demon barber' who cuts sailors' throats for jewels and uses the corpses for pies. A BBC adaptation of the Victorian "penny dreadful" tale of 18th century "demon barber" Sweeney Todd, of Fleet Street, who cuts the throats of unsuspecting clients in his London shop/10(K).
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  6. Jan 25,  · Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Epiphany · Len Cariou · Angela Lansbury Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Original Broadway Cast Recording) ℗ BMG Music.
  7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street () is a videotaped live performance of the Broadway show which won Angela Lansbury her fourth Tony Award as best actress in a musical. It was filmed at the end of a ten-month road tour of the show, with George Hearn in the title role playing opposite Lansbury.

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