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Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus

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Now it opens the gate to the parallel worlds through the astral body. Side A: Evestrum is formed by membranous layers of drones, which Lux Ova" is a compilation of Hitoshi Kojo's recordings from the middle 90's, before he started releasing the work as Spiracle.

Under Spiracle name, he has released long durational drone recordings that were often compared to the works of Orga Inner resonance of planets Our bodies can become a receiver of cosmic music when we connect our roots Shocking Blue Send Me A Postcard Harley Davidson certain places on earth. However the electromagn Gorgeously packaged, gorgeous dronemusik!

Hitoshi Kojo is a Japanese sound artist and drone-centric expressionist who has recorded in the past under the moniker Spiracle and performs in the jubilantly psychedelic but still quite droned-out project Juup Krampus used to be busy with St. Nicholas during December. Sometimes reminds on vintage Italian EM as on Canzoni Analogue synth soundscapes by Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard. Very ambient. Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar formed Beequeen in the winter of Joseph Beuys, a German conceptual artist who often used the image of the 'queen bee', originally inspired the name.

The music of Beequeen, Lee Selmoco Mosaico Le Tastiere Di Lee Selmoco most music, is hard to describe. Music-wise Beequeen has grown out of the ambient-industrial scene to a sound of their own, combining rhythms, environmental recordings, post-rock and electronics using melancholical keyboards and guitars, sounds and samples, all mixed into dense layered Thelma Houston You Used To Hold Me So Tight 12 Version music.

However, best remains to listen to their music as a single tone says Rimsky Korsakoff Reiner Chicago Symphony Scheherazade than a thousand words. The music of Beequeen is available worldwide from various labels and distributors. Seek and ye shall find. In Frans and Freek formed their private label Plinkity Plonk. In the Beequeen side-project Wander was formed.

Wander concentrates on drone recordings often using treated organ sounds as sound source. In Beequeen toured the United States and performed the last Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus of the tour in Reykjavik, Iceland. Frans and Freek are friendly people, ready to communicate and share their thoughts with others. They also have a nice sense of humour.

Most of the time. See also : Waard, Frans de. Begg, Michael UK. Experimental musician who likes to use sound sculptures in his works. On Titana giant industrial installation in the form Blue Cheer The Hunter an old crane was used to produce haunting sounds that were then processed Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus strings and electronics to produce a gloomy, hypnotic ambient sound.

Blueprints is Chris McGregors Brotherhood Of Breath Brotherhood change of style for him, with most tracks being beat-free and atmospheric, based on the sound of analog synthesizers and multiple sequences very Prog EM-friendly sound here and at times really impressive, especially when he throws in several sequences at Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus same time, creating a real electronic wall-of-sound.

The music was inspired by a recently discovered notebook that belonged to Begg's grandfather and contains detailed diagrams of compressors and air ducts. Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd Italy. Imagine if Tangerine Dream decided to play back metal Nah, they still wouldn't sound Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus that. This project Riccardo Zanella takes black metal as the basis. However, the sound is so drenched in electronics that it Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene becomes another type of music completely.

The overdriven guitars are nowhere to be heard, or are buried deep in the mix, the folky elements are in, the mellotrons and flutes are in and the synths galore are in as well. Even the typical black metal Powder Spray vocals Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus processed to the point where they become just another electronic instrument.

I would describe the sound as a hybrid of black metal, progressive rock and EM Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus is probably the best I can do. Unique stuff and one to look out for. Obscure electronics.

It has atmospheric sections, Tangerine Dream -like sequences, funny beeps and bleeps Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus. Beingthere is the pseudonym of British musician and artist M. A Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus.

Spanish band that plays Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus space Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus jams that are heavy on the electronics. Bekkering, Michel Netherlands. Member of ModularWhite. The second album is very Berlin School. The first one is more diverse with even a techno influence. See also: WhiteModularWhite. Providence, Rhode Island-based project of Edward Tindall. Sort of accessible and melodic but with traits of Experimental EM.

The two untitled albums from contain different music. He is influenced by vintage library music and 60's electronic avant-garde. At least the above albums should be of interest to EM fans.

Keyboardist and composer of theater and TV scores from Tenerife, Spain. This is his debut solo album that is split between Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus and rhythmic industrial-influenced songs and some softer, more melodic and cosmic material that might be interesting for EM fans.

There is also a third solo album and a collaboration with Hugo Westerdahl. I don't know much about these at the moment. Alveare recorded in - Ore Strata The above works may interest fans of the more experimental forms of EM. Mix of electronic guitar and ambient electronics Mick Softley Sunrise ex-member of Nurse With Wound Homotopy To Marie Apples.

See also: Silver Apples. Sort of ethereal, melodic synth compositions, imbued in echo and a bit lo-fi. Synthesizer project from Verona. Between ambient sound and minimal synth. Sometimes based on dramatic chords. Bell erophone Greece. Bellerophone is Dimitris Santziliotis from Athens who uses primarily analog instruments. Do You Feel Lucky? Bellino, Thomas J. This is Thomas J. Bellino's soundtrack piece to an exhibition at the Museum of the American Indian. It is a combination of soft, flowing EM and traditional Indian flute music.

Sort of new-agey, World Music sound. For fans of Emerald Web perhaps. A sedate work, blending synths, nature samples and acoustic instruments.

Sequential electronics ala 80's Tangerine Dream mixed with classical piano playing and ambient atmospheres. Varied electronic artist, mostly within IDM and various forms of techno.

Interestingly enough, the album ends with a Vangelis -like, symphonic, cinematic synth drift "The Warning Storm". John Beltran has been releasing music at least since the 's. See also: Dicotyledon.

Diverse electronic compositions from this duo, from the melodic to the experimental. See Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus Electric Golem, The. Bender, Peter Dominik Germany.

Caladan Arrakis - Der Wustenplanet This synthesist's works are inspired by the "Dune" universe. All titles of his Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus took their names from Frank Herbert's novel.

An Bene was A Produce 's girlfriend at the beginning of the 's. By this connection you can guess that the style of this release is pretty ambient. Pierre Lambow left this world in Inside Passage Silent Uprising Californian synthesist. Ambient music reminiscent of Steve Roach and Robert Rich. See also: Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus 10Cathexis. Most of their releases to date have been download-only.

Ben Edwards uses vintage synthesizers to experiment with sounds. See also: Ghost HarmonicOblong. Benisch, Peter Sweden. Modern Ambient music on Fax label. Somehow comparable to Pete Namlook. Chilean musician and experimentator Hellhammer Triumph Of Death known as Mika Martini. He is into live improvisations with analog instruments.

Voyage Fantasia Nature Watch Themes?? Drummer from The Shadows with his solo electronic works. The first one is a rare electronic album with prominent rhythm while Nature Watch is a library LP with ambient, floating EM.

Fantasia is a library album as well. He has other albums that are of no interest to EM fans. Ambient Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus compositions from member of Seabat.

Also some nice flute playing here. See also: SeabatForma. Mezuzah S Obstructing Self-Reflection Although known mainly as a noise artist, Marc Benner released some droning works under his real name that could be enjoyed by fans of Ambient. Unusual trio from Cologne. They use live computer coding on laptops to create improvised compositions that range from rhythmic to abstract and noisy. Different, but definitely Prog-influenced stuff. Atmospheric and rhythmic electronics influenced by 's Japanese EM.

Arizona-based Space Music artist. Little-known synthesist from San-Francisco area. This is his rare cassette release. Music for rainy weather, fog, humid mornings and creeks.

Bentley, Michael USA. Supposedly, melodic Ambient by one Melvyn Z. Pad from Ipswich. Lyon-based duo of Alban Jamin and Joost van der Weerd.

Darkish electronics and guitar dirges plus some percussion with a krautrock attitude. Often with an Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus feel. The above is a Wendy Carlos Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus collection of classical pieces arranged for analog synthesizers.

Dream Maker Sounds of the Forest Forgotten Private LP that combines medieval instruments with synthesizers. Bergen, Hagen von Germany. Long-form Ambient combining water sounds and electronics. Bergie Seltzer Albania. Bergonzi, Luigi Italy. A theater piece by this Finnish composer - Colorado-based artist. Although clearly influenced by the dungeon synth genre, this is much closer to Ambient and related sounds.

Instrumental progrock with a strong electronic element the music is synth-dominated most of the time by keyboardist of Qwaarn. He would go on to release another album that has vocals and is a full-blown progrock effort. Ernest Berk?? Electronic Music For Two Ballets recorded in Berkeley, Ryan Australia?? This is their debut that, apart from the varied rock or acoustic-based material, reportedly features a long experimental electronic track. Berkowitz, Steven USA. Motorik-like krautrock rhythms mixed with some prog influences and even Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus bit of "vocal".

Peter Baumann helps with the production and some sources state that he also plays on this release. See also: Schnitzler, Conrad. Berlin School project by Hannover-based musician Robert Sigmuntowski.

Privately released cassette with varied EM, from ambient to TD -like pulsations. Droning ambient soundscapes by Jeffry Astin and Josh Burke. Did I already mention that the latter was Amedeo Tommasi Thomas of prolific? Bermuda Triangle, The Italy.

While that latter one made a name as one of Italy's pioneering techno collectives Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus the early 's underground, on Sketches From Spacea more Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus, ambient and EM-oriented approach is heard. Atmospherics Atwater Fragments Known in the techno circles, James Bernard released this unique atmospheric electronic album in The music has even some similarities to 's Tangerine Dream.

She is also a keyboardist and former member of synth-pop trio Soupir. The above album is an ambient affair, focusing on the haunting and romantic sounds of the Ondes Martenot. Texan artist with a mixture Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus rhythmic often influenced by house music and ambient styles.

Italian ambient soundscape artist. Diverse experimental artist from Ann Arbor. She uses both her voice and electronics. A Poem will be enjoyed by fans of moody ambient soundscapes. B erry, Matt UK. The Small Hours is a Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus to song-based format but there's also a long instrumental "Night Terrors", which in a way harkens back to the Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus of Music For Insomniacs.

Ron Berry became interested in EM in and by he built his first synth. After playing with rock bands he switched to permorming synth music both in a two-man band format and as a soloist. His Electronic Music is very warm-sounding and is made with homebuilt analogue equipment. On latter albums he started adding a few digital instruments and the most interesting album in this regard is Nightscapewhich was made using mainly digital sample-based sounds.

This album is perfect for late night listening. As for Osirisit's terrific stuff. At times melodic, at times moody and atmospheric. Several sections of this album will lead any fan of classic Electronic Music to an orgasm. With just the right amount of elements from all the greats, Ron Berry creates floating and atmospheric analogue music which is totally individual and unique.

Ron is one of the few who realize Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus power of analogue synthesis and wisely explore its infinite possibilities. How on Earth did this music avoid the Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus it deserves, is beyond me, because it certainly ranks up there with the best EM masterpieces. Bertozzi, Armando Italy.

Italian drummer. Fantastic World is a fusion-y drum showcase type of record. However, on this particular release synths are also used extensively, and some sections are pure electronics, mixed with the drumming mayhem, of course. As a result, we are dealing an EM-related record here. Bertram, Matthew USA. Dark Space. Long tracks. First there was Zeit. And now there's Space. Bertrand, Ben Belgium?? Music for bass clarinet and electronics. Between modern classical, minimalism and EM.

Bertrom, Cabot Jr. Besombes, Philippe France. Philippe Besombes appeared on the scene in the early 's doing concrete collages Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus by Stockhausen and Xeankis and synthesizer soundscapes. Some sources also say he jammed with Jean-Michel Jarre.

See also: Hydravion. Solo music from member of Node Dave Bessell. Ethereal, dark, shadowy synthesizer Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus, some with Berlin School sequences.

Bessuand, Pierre-Yves France. Odyssee Tu Vois ce qu'on Veut Dire? French synthesist. Pierre Bessuand discovered synthesizers in He then studied at the conservatory and started releasing his works in the 's.

He also composed music for several films. Tu Vois Messe Nuptiale Danceable energetic music. Can be described as a mixture of Asana and Orbital. Probably not very interesting. See also: MazmonethMullaney, Nigel. This lo-fi improvisational duo states to be influenced by the Berlin School and minimalism.

However, they end up sounding like a hybrid of Neu! This was released on Klaus Schulze 's Inteam label but the style The Brain Train Me Black Roses not known.

Bestion, Philippe France. French musician. Lunar Monograph British drummer who uses a lot of samples and electronics for a rich and unique sound. There are cosmic, quiet and majestic atmospheres, plenty of ethnic influences etc. Gallinari, F. Stefano di Spagna, frate Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus e arcivescovo di Torres ca.

Da servi a ufficiali: affrancamento, promozione sociale e carriera politica al seguito di Raimondo della Torre, patriarca di Aquileia more. Publisher: dialnet. View on estudiosmedievales. Il tentativo di signoria di Francesco della Torre in Trezzano sul Naviglio. I documenti della canonica di S. La Monte Young XI gennaio more.

Sylford Walker The Professionals Burn Babylon Hotta Fire policy of the family della Torre in Ed Sheeran Want Some countryside is Moondog Moondog And His Friends investigated by the mean of three documents from the archive of the Canonica of S.

Ambrogio of Milan. Giudicati e Signorie. Due percorsi di potere nel medioevo a confronto more. Publisher: estudiosmedievales. EmpirePowerand Historical Studies. Publications more. Un documento inedito del more. Tra Comune e Signoria. Publisher: air. Search Publications Pages Publications Pages. Advanced Search Help. Find in a Library View cloth edition. Print Bookmark Email Share. Hide annotations Display: Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus facing pages View left-hand pages View right-hand pages Enter full screen mode.

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