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Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach

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Please, bear with me. You see, when I transferred to Juban, I made a promise to myself. I told myself that I was going to keep my head down, that I wasn't going to make waves like I had in my past school, getting into fights, calling students and teachers out on things when they deserved it.

I wasn't going to do any of that. I decided to play things safe. All I wanted was for things to stay the same. I had friends that I loved more than anything, I had a mission, I was even doing passably in school, thanks to Ami. Playing things safe became a habit. When a stranger swept me off my feet at a dance, it was safe to moon over him, because I knew deep down that I'd probably never see him again. I don't know what I would have done if he'd turned out to be normal, and interested.

Being fascinated with any guy was always safe for me, cause I've known for a long time now that I'm mostly John Mayall The Blues Alone to women. It was Minako's turn to laugh. I mean, they told us in Sociology that the percentages are closer to 1 in 10, not 4 for 5.

Makoto grinned, visibly relaxing as the light of friendship illuminated the dark things which had lurked for so long unseen inside of her. We'll have to ask Luna about that. It's a shame Ami isn't here. I'm sure she could tell us. Mako's smile faded suddenly. More than I might have guessed. The little bluebird must have wormed her way deeper into my life than I'd realized. It might not be the red Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach, but we're tied together nonetheless.

I'm sorry, please finish what you were saying. I guess what I've realized is that having a crush on you wasn't much different than having one on Motoki or even Haruka. Even someone as dim as me could see that you were totally interested in Rei.

Have you talked to her yet? Makoto nodded sympathetically and reached out to pat her friend's knee. Ami's seen to that. That was safe. The crush was real enough. It's just that now I see it for what it was. It was my way of making sure that nothing ever changed. As long as I was thinking about you, and you were thinking about Rei, things would just keep on going the way they always had and I'd have all of you here in my life and I'd be safe.

I guess Ami got tired of 'safe' though, and when she left, it all came down like a house of cards. We do have duties and responsibilities that we will need to face. I don't know much about what will happen with Crystal Tokyo and all, but I can imagine it will be a lot of hard work.

At the moment, I don't know that I'd have any idea of where to Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach, and I'm pretty sure Usagi would say the same thing. I wonder if I didn't figure it out about the same time that I decided that I was in love with you," Makoto admitted. She's gone and I miss her more than I'd have ever imagined. I never knew how much I Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach her for granted.

Both girls sighed sadly, sharing a moment of silence in honor of the friend they missed so very much. Are you angry with me, Mina-chan? Minako laughed heartily. Of course, I'm not angry. Embracing her tightly, she added, "I'm not good at 'angry', Mako-chan. That's what we have you and Rei for.

I just wanted to make sure you were ok and I think it's safe to say that you are, or will be. I hope everything works out with Rei. I think you two would be really cute together. Just kidding! I think I'd better get going. Sorry I can't stay and help clean up. Makoto shrugged, reluctantly releasing her hold on her friend. I'll IM you later, k? I'm not sure what you two can sort out with an ocean between you, but she really loves you, Mako-chan.

I know these things and that's no crush. She'll wait for you forever, I think. If you're not going to be interested, well, I think she deserves to know that. Makoto sighed heavily. I'll write to her. Truthfully, though, how can I tell her what I feel or don't feel, when I don't know myself. That's not going to happen again on my watch! Makoto fired off a smart salute, receiving a stuck-out tongue in return. Soon, Minako was safely on her way and even the massive pile of dirty dishes couldn't remove the light smile from Makoto's face.

Stepping off of the bus at the bottom Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach the hill, Minako looked up toward the shrine that had become a second home to her.

With a deep breath and an expression of resolve, she set out toward the top. The first stage of her mission was complete. It was time for the second. In the inner chambers of the shrine, Rei looked Various Jazz Milk Breaks Vol 3 suddenly from her meditation. Gazing into the sacred flame, she refocused her mind on the world without.

As she passed through the white archway, Minako waved to Rei, wondering briefly why the miko always seemed to be waiting outside whenever anyone visited. I was just passing by and thought I'd drop in.

Rei smiled wistfully. I should have invited you myself. Laying a hand on her bulging tummy, Minako frowned. I couldn't eat another bite! Using the mental discipline gained through years of difficult battles, Minako managed to ignore the way the sunlight fluttered against Rei's dark hair. Usagi was here yesterday to give me 'the talk.

I guess Usagi and Ami are the lucky ones. You and I are in the middle, so we get to experience it from both ends. A whole new meaning to 'love chain encircle', huh? Rei's laughter glittered silver in the warmth of the room. I guess you're right. I think I already know what I need to know.

Instead of replying immediately, Rei paused. The act of writing to Ami had forced her to confront a lot of things and had Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach certain important decisions. Her feelings toward Minako, however, remained muddled no matter how hard she tried to pin them down. She had hoped that sorting things out with Usagi might bring clarity, but somehow it hadn't. Rei took the time to Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach look at her friend, for the first time in a long time.

How odd that you could spend time with someone just about every day of your life for years on end, and yet never actually see them. To the casual observer the most immediate item of interest might have been the similarities between Minako and Usagi: the perfect complexion, the long golden tresses, the bright eyes, the impossibly long legs. Rei, however, was anything but a casual observer. As Minako waited patiently, if not nervously, for her friend to respond, Rei took her in fully, using all of her senses.

It was the differences that fascinated Rei. Where an innocent naivete glimmered in Usagi's eyes, Minako's harbored the kind of wisdom only gained through painful experience. Both Usagi and Minako radiated a profound sense of duty and responsibility, but in different ways somehow. It occurred to Rei that maybe she didn't really know Minako at all, that maybe no one did.

She smiled gently as she realized that something deep inside her wanted nothing more than to rectify that. It took Minako a moment or two to catch up. Somehow all of her certainty was draining away and she felt herself losing control of the situation. She was startled by the sense of relief she felt at that. Rei nodded, "Good, I'm glad. She could talk to Makoto, would talk to Makoto, later.

It wouldn't be right to hear about it from someone else, even Minako herself. Ami forced our hands, but she shouldn't have had to. I'm as much to blame for that as anyone, and I wanted to apologize.

I'm sorry, too, Mina-chan. That's the problem with secrets. They fester. Eventually, they burrow so deep, that you find that you are keeping secrets from yourself. Minako recorded the image of Rei's profile in her mind, filing it with Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach the others she had collected over the years. She wished some of that wind would come into the room and sweep Rei's hair back off of her neck and shoulders, but wind wasn't Mina's metier.

I can't change how I feel, but I can deal. We all need more experience. I think I've done everything I can do as a miko. Next week, I'm starting work with the World Health Organization. I'm going to work in their Child and Adolescent Health Division. After some training in Switzerland, I think I'll probably end up in Africa somewhere.

Before she could formulate a coherent reply, Rei continued. I think maybe it started when we were fighting Mamoru's little flowery boyfriend, when Usagi died. It hurt so much, Mina-chan, and even when she came back, it still hurt, because I knew then how much I loved her and also that I could never ever have her.

I've thought about it and decided that I need to give something to the world, not as Sailor Mars, but as Hino Rei. I think that's the key to finding out how to feel again. How could I tell you I don't return your feelings when I don't even know what feelings I have, for anyone, or if I even have any any more.

I can't lie to you, Mina-chan, and pretend that I could never think of you that way. Right now, it would be so easy to take you into my arms, but that wouldn't be fair to either of us.

You deserve more than to be a 'rebound chick'. I Theo Parrish Dreamers Blues Lost Angel you too much for that.

You're going to leave me and you can't even give me enough to know whether I should move on or wait? Rei's eyes flashed, also filling with tears, "I can't tell you what I don't know and I can't lie to you, Mina-chan! I won't ask you to wait for me, but I Prince For You tell you that I don't hope you will, because I do.

As Rei lifted her head, she could see a new light in Minako's eyes: hope, mingled with amazement. And when you do come back, I'll be here. Even if things change, nothing will ever stop us from being friends, and I will always love you. Both women stood, coming together into a warm embrace. Each closed her eyes against the tears falling. Minako desperately tried to absorb every sensation as Rei clung to her, not knowing how long it might be until she had this chance again.

With Minako pressed against her, Rei let go of the reins she usually clasped rigidly within herself. Her body tingled as the awareness of Minako's proximity permeated her being.

Emotionally, she was soon overwhelmed by something that was new to her. She felt loved, and it was a nice feeling. In that moment, the dark clouds that Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach always obscured her sense of her own future parted. Rei knew she'd be back to Tokyo, and not simply to serve its future Queen. I hope you can read my handwriting!

So, how's things going Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach America? We're both sorry, we're both still friends, etc etc. Rei is leaving, too. I'm sure you know by now that she's off to Europe. I really envy her. There are some really great cooking schools there and one of my teachers says that all the best chefs must Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach through Paris someday.

I knew we'd spent a lot of time together, but I guess I kinda took you for granted. You're really the only one that I always felt like I could tell anything too and since you've gone its been very lonely. I Autechre Untilted to Mina and we got things straight. I think she and Rei had some sort of talk too cause Mina seems real calm about Rei's leaving.

Rei has seemed so much happier since she decided to go. Usagi tells me that you're really happy too. I wish I had someplace to go. I don't want to figure things out. I just miss you and want to talk to you. I wish you were home.

I'm sorry if that doesn't help you, but I don't know what else to say. I'm not mad at you anymore. I was, but I'm over it. I know that you did what you thought was right and I respect that. I just miss you is all. I don't like being alone. Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon. Hope to hear from you soon. Come in. AP San Francisco: Yesterday afternoon, a young Asian woman dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform saved a group of Stanford University students from drowning.

The students were sailing in heavy winds in San Francisco Bay. Witnesses report that a sudden gust of wind, combined with the wake from a large speedboat, had threatened to capsize the students' sailboat. She waved her hands and suddenly these bubbles appeared, flying out towards the boat. The water around the boat froze and the kids got safely out onto the ice. Kashner of the Coast Guard added, "We got a distress call and found what looked like an iceberg in the middle of the bay, but in the center of it was Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach sailboat on its side, with a bunch of students waiting nearby.

Scientists can offer no explanation as to how a schoolgirl could freeze a sailboat-sized chunk of Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Francisco Bay with bubbles. AP San Francisco: Sources from Tokyo have verified that the schoolgirl who saved a group of students from drowning this past weekend could very well have been Sailor Mercury.

While many Americans Death Grips Bottomless Pit familiar with the exploits of London-based Sailor V, it seems that Tokyo is home to a number of astronomically oriented young women who protect that city like comic book superheroes You have made me so happy.

I Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach tell that you are still mad and I know you said not to bother, but I want to apologize anyway. If I could have thought of anything else to do other than leave you, I would have done it. We need not talk about how I did what I did. You are braver than I am and would have done things better, I'm sure, or at least differently. I have made a lot of friends. Please don't worry about me. I didn't want or need to hear anything from you other than what you said.

I miss you, too, Mako-chan, very very much. I think she will do well. You mention Paris, Mako-chan. Why don't you apply to some schools there? You are a wonderful chef with a lot of creativity and innovative ideas. No one was more scared than I was before leaving, and I've managed to survive. I know you can do it, too. If there is one thing that the Pegasus taught us it's that we have to go after our dreams!

When I saw that boat sinking, I didn't even have time to think, I just transformed. Mako-chan, I didn't need my wand to do it, it just happened! Luna told us someday we wouldn't need our wands anymore. I guess The Trends Not Too Old To Cry If You Dont Dig The Blues time has come.

It's very embarrassing, really, because the whole city seems obsessed with Sailor Mercury now. I guess I got used to just being another one of Sailor Moon's friends. It's strange having everyone focused on little old me! I think I like all of the attention. I guess I learned more from all of you than I'd realized, because my life is quite different here.

I'm actually very popular! It is a very odd experience. Please don't think that Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach am bragging. That's why I didn't want to say anything to the others, but I wanted to tell you. I don't like it that I don't know everything that is going on in your life any longer, or that you don't know what is going on in mine.

And, Mako-chan, please give some thought to what I said earlier. If all great chefs must go through Paris, then you must do so as well, because you're going to be the best in the world, I just know it. I have nothing but confidence in you. I love you, Mako-chan, and I miss you very much. Usagi sighed deeply as she watched the plane taxi out toward the runway.

Mamoru tightened his arms ever so slightly around her waist, watching her reflection in the glass before them. Do you think it's something I said or did? Spinning her gently so that she faced him, Mamoru kissed her forehead. It has nothing to do with you. This is just something Rei needs to do. She was like a flower wilting in the shade in that temple. Now, she can really bloom. First Ami, and now we find out Makoto is applying to schools in Paris.

I need them, Mamo-chan. What am I going to do? Mamoru glanced over Usagi's shoulder, noting that Rei's flight was taking off. You're going to adapt and grow. I can promise you one thing, my love. I won't leave you, not again. I'm home to stay. Usagi lifted her head suddenly, staring into his eyes to see if there was any sign of jest there.

Besides, we have a wedding to plan, don't we? Without warning, though, she stopped and shot him a dangerous look. Even as he began backpedaling and fixing it, Mamoru thought to himself, "Well, at least she's not sad about Rei any more. Go untie little brother and make sure your PJs are on tight, cause here's the song that's sweeping the nation, Aino Minako and 'Love Me Chain!

To celebrate, the teen idol announced a city tour of Japan, Korea, and the Pacific Rim to kick off in just Witchfinder General Friends Of Hell few months.

You can check her official website for details. That's all for tonight. We'll see you all tomorrow with more Eyewitness News. Minako, Usagi, and Mamoru raised their glasses while their very embarrassed friend tried to squirm into the back of the sofa.

When they finished their toast, Makoto suggested one of her own. Mamoru and Usagi again clinked glasses, the latter apparently beginning to feel some of the effects of the champagne. Unlike Mako, however, Mina joined the toast to herself with gusto, beaming radiantly at her friends. When Ami had gone, no one had known ahead of time. When Rei had gone, there hadn't been enough time to organize anything more than a farewell dinner at a restaurant and a Groove Chronicles Featuring Sterling Styles Another Endless Groove The Power EP to the airport.

Fortunately, the third time had been the Black Heat No Time To Burn and the farewell party for both Makoto and Minako had been a huge success. Mamoru and Usagi had insisted that Makoto could not be allowed to cook for her own party and so had had it catered in their new apartment.

Similarly, despite her offers, Minako had been forbidden from providing entertainment. Instead, Michiru had graciously offered to perform, accompanied as always by Haruka on piano. Though the guest list was fairly small, everyone had had a wonderful time and only recently had the party broken up for the evening. And so the four of them sat, sipping the last of their drinks, none wanting to be the one to bring their last night together for awhile anyway to an end.

Usagi, dozing lightly on Mamoru's shoulder, broke the silence at last. The three girls remained pressed together for a few moments, sharing a teary-eyed farewell. Sensing that the night was at last over, Mamoru went to gather jackets and call for a cab. As Mina and Mako got their things together, Usagi dashed into the kitchen, returning with a large box. Mako-chan is going very very far away and we don't know if she'll ever come back!

Before Makoto could reassure The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band In The Jungle Babe melancholy and quite tipsy friend that she would indeed be home after her studies were complete, Usagi shushed her and shoved the package into her hands.

Though I'm sorry to see you go here is a goodbye present from me and Mamo-chan. We know how much you like collecting articles about Ami-chan so here is something to put them in. It is a scrap book. I already have one with things about everyone in it. Ami sat towards the back of the local Starbucks, sipping her coffee slowly and pondering the sealed envelope on the table.

Briefly she considered her newly-acquired taste no, not a habit, really for coffee. With a giggle, she wondered how much better her grades might have been if she had dosed herself with this much caffeine to stay up later studying back in high school. Ami smiled and nodded, "I'll be there, Chrissy, but I have a paper due, so I might have to leave a little early.

Apparently her fondness not an addiction, seriously for coffee wasn't the only new thing about her since coming to America. Ami looked up just as her friend Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach set her own coffee cup down next to Ami's. She slouched down a bit so that she could be at eye-level with her more diminutive friend.

She briefly considered the tableau that the two of them must present to the rest of the world: Ami, an almost stereotypical petite, painfully cute Asian and herself, a tall, tanned California girl. Her eyes drifted down to the envelope; she could guess why Elizabeth was here. Elizabeth's eyes followed Ami down to the table. What is the hold-up? Aren't you dying of curiosity? He's been accepted. I figure if he got his, you must have gotten yours. If they said yes to him, how could they say no to you?

With a plaintive Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach and light squeeze, Elizabeth released Ami's hand and leaned back in her chair. Ami raised her gaze to meet her friends. Though she knew she still didn't have the people skills that someone like Rei or Usagi had, she had learned a lot from her friends.

She could see the pain there and she could remember its source. Elizabeth stepped forward, closing the space between them. Ami shivered as the blonde laced her hands behind Ami's waist and leaned down, resting her forehead against Ami's own.

You must know how I feel about you," Elizabeth whispered. Before she could tilt her head and press her lips to Ami's, the latter pressed her hand against them. How ironic that she should be in this position. I care about you very much. You're my best friend here and you've been so wonderful to me. Ami's fingers shifted to caress her friend's cheek.

I think you're wonderful, and so very beautiful, but there's someone else, someone back home. It wouldn't be fair to you to pretend that there wasn't. How long will you turn away from what is to wait for what might never be? I suppose you Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach want to see me again. Taking one of Ami's hands in her own, she continued their walk home. Ami beamed up at her friend with boundless relief.

It would have been so hard if she'd lost Elizabeth from her life. Her name is Makoto Elizabeth's words shook Ami out of her reverie.

Only Usagi and my mom are Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach there. It's only another year or two anyway. She laughed when Ami stuck out her tongue in reply. With a swift motion, Ami opened the envelope and pulled out the letter inside. As her eyes scanned through it, a light began to shine in them and her smile expanded.

That was when she knew what she'd really wanted all along. Makoto carefully cut out the last piece of the article.

It was getting harder to get a hold of these things, since news from San Francisco was not reported often in Paris. Fortunately, one of the women in her classes was the wife of someone high up in the American Embassy. They got all sorts of newspapers over there from the States and Makoto's friend always kept an eye out for particular articles.

As she slid the piece of paper into her scrapbook, she grinned proudly. They really loved her over there. Any Jax Transit Authority Life Is A Miracle she'd felt when she'd gotten the email from Ami faded in the bright pride that blazed up while re-reading the article.

The elusive young heroine confirmed once again the fact that she is a native Japanese. When asked how long she planned to remain in the United States, she replied, "Another year at least, now. She stood up from the low table and moved to greet her fiance as he entered the room. Mamoru embraced Usagi kissed her tenderly, "Long, but interesting.

It was a slow news day, so we spent most of our time catching up on things, collecting fluff pieces, that sort of thing. Though Mamoru loved his job as the news station, it always sounded very boring to Usagi. Still, there were fringe benefits. He loved the way Usagi became as enthusiastic as a child at Christmas whenever he brought her anything.

He pulled out the San Francisco Examiner article and held it out for her. Usagi had scanned the article quickly and then dashed over to the table, where she placed it amongst an assortment of other papers scattered about. We were doing something similar in class today, so I got inspired. Mamoru hung his jacket over the back of a chair and sat on the sofa, happily content to watch his intended sift through her papers.

Anyone else sick? Having just graduated college, she had wanted nothing more than to settle down, but Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach some reason their wedding plans kept getting more and more complex. Though a tentative date was now set, pending parental approval, life as a wife and mother was far enough in the future that Usagi had decided to get a job Tenor Saw Come Me Just A Come her own.

Usagi and Mamoru both were constantly surprised at how very much she enjoyed teaching preschoolers, though that type of job had initially seemed much more up Makoto's alley than Usagi's. Though they didn't speak of it much, Usagi and Mamoru knew that all too soon, they would find themselves in quite different positions.

Given that, they both resolved to enjoy as much mundane normalcy as they could in their lives now. Suddenly, she leapt to her feet and threw her arms Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach him. You're so cute when you pretend to pout. Mamoru laughed and scooped his love off of her feet, relishing her happy squeal as he swung her in a short circle. After dinner, you can show me the progress you've made. As he set her down, she giggled happily, as she always did when she realized the effect she had on him.

I'm hungry and I want my dinner. Once he was safely away, she settled back down by the table, sorting through her articles. Truly, it had been much too long since she'd gotten around to updating her scrapbook. Magic fingers - for leap motion and kyma. Flowing Sleeves. Light and Shadow. Feixiang de Pingguo. Prelude for "Earth, Wind and Data". Starboard the helm. Huan xiang shan shui. A reminiscence of pipa. As Butterfly Flying Under the Curtain.

WANG Chunming. Shen Nong Jia in Ink Painting. LENG Censong. Interactive Audiovisual Performance. Musical Power And The Root Vibrators Tribute To Sam Okwaraji Dropping into a river.

Form, Idea, Image II. ZENG Yuzhong. XIA Sunhuimei. Five interstellar illusions. Havoc in heaven. Wu song fights the tiger. Speak softly water. Form, Idea, Image. Gesture,Idea, and Image ii. Memories of Folk songs in jiashan Region. Micro Etudes I,II. Ondulation - Night music. LIU Yuanyuan. CHIU Ming-ching. Hanging on a Fallen Leaf. Three Easy Pieces. Unlinked Innocence. Deconstruct reconstruction.

Iki-no-Michi Les Voies du souffle. While Ripples Enlace. In Praise Of Shadows. Dreams And Wandering. Automata Mechanical Garden. Umidi Soni Colores. Companion of Strange Intimacies.

Butterfly Stir Fry version 2. Silhouette of voice. Dispersion fluide. Belfast Botanical Birds. Va' pensiero, sull'ali dorate. Shenghua de shuijing. Things Hoped For, Things Unseen. Light of Sound, Sound of Light. Fragments of a fallen leaf. Hong lou fuxiang. Yuzhou zhi guang. The Sensation of Reality. Submerged in Silence. KOH Joyce Beetuan. Au bord de l'ombre. Sechzehn Wege das Nein zu vermiden. Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Weather Stations. Graffiti of the Celeste.

Echoes of Woodblocks from Peking Opera. Visages peint dans Opera Beijing II. The Combination of sound. The sound of the memory. Esprit de la Montagne. Dancing with shadow. Sound of Sanskrit. The shadow of wind. View inside a Kaleidoscope. Conjunctive Disjunction. Dew dripped in Autumn. Raga - Maqam Fantasy. Five Elements IV - Water. The Walking of Alex. Fanstasmas, Cortazar. The She's desire.

Beijing chanting, enchanted Beijing. General's Order. Lin Chong Fled at night. The legend of Chu and Han. On-the-fly Counterpoint. Double Harmonics Guitar. Transformation II. La Follia II - Invitation to a madness. The Mountain SpriteShan gui. Tune of Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach, Blaze If You Should Need A Friend and Thunder.

A Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Tree. Natural Boundary. Caaminos Terrible. Of Metals and Electrons. Yi Qian Ling Er Ye. Zhui ru Yige Chuanqi. Modeng Tiankong. Taiwan san jing. Liu Lang Zhe Zhi Ge. Bai Jia Zheng Ming. Gu Huang Ru She. Cang Yang Jia Cuo. Li Zi De Wu Dao. Meng Hui Na Jia. Bei Jing Jie Zou. Duo Bian De Ren Sheng. Zai Jian Shen Mi Yuan. Jing Yun Qiu Hua.

Ba Li Yang Guang. Qu Shui Liu Shang. Placebo A Place For Us To Dream mo canyang. Wu ren zhi-kongjian. The Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose zhu di cui. Listen carefully! Rue Saint-Jacques. Pollock in the Air. Invisible Garden. Arbre Steel Pulse True Democracy silence.

Arc-en-ciel nocturne. Assemblage Multistory Tonality. In the midst of. L'oiseau du vent. L'oiseau invisible. L'oiseau d'autrefois. Le premier oiseau. Slight Uncertainty is Very Attractive. The Eternal Tao. Tender Spririt II. Bada,han siganzum. Layered Dream III. Blurred Lines II. Dot-f version 3. Mu Ryung Zi Gok. Interface Concerto.

Things Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Said Today. Musica per duello. Among the waves. Sen wa kizamare. Fuzzy Diagonals II. Taboo on a space-time. Illusions II in desolate field. Ceaseless Cease. Sen ni kazamado. A thought at zero degree. From the Origin. Wind Sound and Time Sound. Brisures Mouvements. Satisfaction Of Oscillation. Dance in Chinese palace. Opera multimedia and electronics. Etude for pianoforte with tapes. Stars of Pythagoras. Small Confession 2nd version.

Sinfonia -Shin- for S. Indeed, I could have helped with dinners here in Berkeley or Oakland, Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach I have a special place in my heart for the St. Anthony Foundation. I also have respect for the great work of Glide Memorial Church. Despite protests by some members of the Arts Commission, the commission seems to have accepted that the First Amendment does indeed apply to art.

This particular case involved the representation of guns, and those in favor of censorship argued that guns were a special case that could be censored. The argument was not about depictions of violence, or incitement to violence but simply the presence of guns. In this case the images that were censored were portraying opposition to state-sponsored violence. I am pleased that the Arts Commission has acknowledged this in principle and I hope that the discussion continues as to the value of protected speech.

Restrictions placed on speech by those who claim to protect us from immorality or from indecency do a disservice to art when they claim that it is a special case that cannot be protected by the First Amendment. Thank you for your recent article outlining the pros and cons of developing the waterfront at Point Molate. Crime around the San Pablo casino is dense in relation to other parts of our community.

If it were located across the bay in San Francisco, yacht parking would be a feasible plan for a destination casino. Just visit all the little towns surrounding each refinery in the East Bay. Many converging elements are needed to drag an area out of the doldrums and promising huge bags of money will not make Richmond a more desirable place to live.

After all, it is Mr. How does he pay for the hundreds of millions in loans? Invite undesirables? So, a question for Mr. On Saturday, Nov. A farm couple decided to do something for their neighbors. They opened their farm fields after the harvest to allow people to glean the fields. Gleaning is the ancient practice of picking up farm crops after the regular harvest. Typically some of the crops are left in the fields by machines or harvesters and this gleaning eliminates waste, while feeding people at the same time.

I grew up in Iowa and some of my relatives that lived Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach farms would do this each year. But at this gleaning, 40, people appeared at the acre Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach 37 miles outside of Denver.

Think of it! Forty thousand people had the need to pick up leftover crops. The United States is the richest nation in the world and yet 40, Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach in one area showed up to get the free food. What does this say about the economy? Granted not everyone probably needed the food because they were too poor to afford it.

But I Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach sure thousands of them did. It was estimated that the 40, people arrived in about 11, vehicles. Because of this, many people who came were not able to park legally. The Colorado State Patrol then issued citations to the illegally parked cars.

Neighbors helped neighbors and then the state gave out tickets. Hundreds of billions are provided to the wealthy and corporations and the poor are given tickets when they try to pick their own food. What irony! Not every person at a demonstration needs to be Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach member of the sponsoring organization s. Compare that to the bigoted treatment of Jews from North 24 K Stop The Lightning and the Middle East my forebears who were welcomed to the newly formed state of Israel with DDT delousing, then shunted off to underdeveloped border towns.

The unthinking parochial racism of Zionists like Gertz is part of what helped lead me away from the Zionism into which I was indoctrinated in my youth. Smug Ashkenazi supremacism in general, however, has been the hallmark of just about every policy of the pre-state Jewish establishment and of the state of Israel since domestically this is reflected in the various ways non-Ashkenazi Jews Mizrahim, Ethiopians, and Indians for example and Arab citizens suffer from discrimination; externally it is reflected in the oppressive policies directed at Palestinians and other Arabs.

Zionists have pretended to speak for all Jews everywhere since the founding of their movement, incorporating the worst aspects of 19th-century European nationalism: territorial expansionism, ethnic fealty, and racism.

Dunash Labrat has called me a racist, probably the nastiest epithet that can be thrown around in Berkeley. And for what? Because I pointed out that in a group photo of a brand new group touting itself as comprised of Jewish anti-Zionists not all its members appeared to be Jews. Labrat admits that this is in fact the case, but that non-Jews have a right to attend their meetings.

No problem, let this group have non-Jews for members. But then Labrat cannot say that this is a group comprised only of Jews. This is a matter of truth in advertising. I have experienced the let down of going to the grocery store and seeing jugs of juice marked as percent pure, until you read the fine print on the back telling you that it is not.

At what point can an anti-Zionist group claim to be Jewish? When it is comprised of 20 percent Jews, 80 percent, or percent.

I suppose there are no laws broken here, but, still, consumers have a right to know. Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach calling me a racist, Labrat goes on to point out various mistreatments of Arab Jews some 60 years ago when they first immigrated to Israel. Labrat is right.

But Arab Jews are fully integrated into Israel now, and have no more of an urge to go back to their countries of origin than, say, American Jews wish to return to the Russia or Poland of their ancestors just because 60 years ago they were subjected to quotas in hiring as well as in schools, and could not even join most country clubs right here in this America.

What is the motivating force behind the killing spree in the financial district of Mumbai? There is never good reason to hurt innocent people. What can the thrill of being a world famous terrorist be?

Even if these young killers experienced injustice at the hands of their parents or in their schools or from their governments, they are not justified in raining bullets on ordinary civilians going about their lives. What does it take to make a human being blank and mechanical as he slaughters fellow human beings? Anti-abortion groups, harbored in the Republican Party, are going Serafin Cortez Y Su Orq Naturalmente Serafin continue protests, intimidation and harassment of women seeking abortions, even though the abortion foes suffered stinging defeats at almost every level in the recent election.

The American Taliban, evangelical and fundamentalist anti-abortionists, have never been satisfied with just being able to practice their beliefs, they want to force these beliefs onto the rest of us under the guise of saving society. These religious radicals in America are much like the fundamentalists who stalk the rest of the world.

They are like unrepentant sinners who practice idolatry, intolerance and hypocrisy. Anti-abortionists would have it so that untold numbers of women suffer the devastating effects of an unwanted pregnancy just so that they could revel in their self righteous religious doctrine. The goal of the plan is to increase personalization.

If it is approved by Shared Governance, the proposal will move to the School Board for consideration. As noted in the Daily Planet of Nov. Most parents and teachers acknowledge the value of advisories and of additional academic support time for at-risk students, but many also worry that the proposed restructuring will take opportunities away from Final Cut W True Faith Featuring Bridgett Grace Take Me Away students.

Admittedly, the schedule change, in order to increase teacher-preparation and professional development time, significantly reduces the time students will Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach receiving instruction. If the district could afford to hire additional teachers or compensate teachers monetarily for working a longer day, then perhaps this reduction could be avoided. And we cannot ask the faculty to take on new responsibilities and adapt to a new schedule without giving them the resources to do the job right.

Fortunately, reducing the time teachers spend delivering curriculum to a classroom full of students does not necessarily reduce the time students spend learning the curriculum. An alternating block schedule would allow students to spend more time on each subject on a given day and to experience fewer transitions, thus giving them more opportunity to absorb Pink Floyd Oscurecido Por Las Nubes Obscured By Clouds they have learned.

For example, students in AP The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Crystal Ball courses are typically required to attend two to three labs per week in either zero or 7th period; attendance at Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach. Moving these labs into the school day would surely boost attendance and therefore achievement. In addition, students in many AP and Honors classes are required to put in a certain number of hours each quarter tutoring their peers, which typically results in a mad rush at the end of the grading period as would-be tutors try to squeeze out Kaidi Tatham Dego Got Me Puzzled from their numerous other activities and find tutees in want of tutoring.

This well-intentioned requirement becomes a pointless exercise. Both high-achievers and struggling students would benefit. Perhaps most important, the opportunity to structure some part of their school day to meet their own needs would better prepare students to Various Life is Strange Soundtrack responsibility for their education as they will have to do in college.

A typical BHS student now spends 1, minutes in the classroom every week, exclusive of zero and 7th period classes. A typical college student spends significantly less than half that time receiving instruction from a teacher, about minutes per week, and the collegiate academic year is typically several weeks shorter than the K school year. Our children go from being heavily scheduled and monitored all day in high school to needing to make their own choices in college.

No wonder so many college freshmen report that their greatest challenge is learning to manage their time. Since advisories are primarily designed to promote a college-going culture, some parents Brownout I Wont Lie Grant Phabao Remix Flaximus Renegades Of Jazz B boy Edit whether they would have any value for the many students who are already immersed in such a culture.

I believe they would. By participating in a Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach community; learning about the many options available for higher education; and exploring their own goals, talents, and interests; students could gain valuable perspectives not only on the college search process but on the educational journey itself.

One needs to look no further than the Berkeley High Jacket to see how urgently cultural transformation is needed. But they do, because any edge, anything that makes you look impressive or a cut above the rest is something you should be doing—have to be doing—because how else are you going to get Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Harvard?

We owe it to them to challenge this self-destructive belief. Advisories could provide a means to do so. So, yes, we need to Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Berkeley High to boost achievement among low-income and minority students. But high-achieving students need a more personal and flexible education too and they too will be helped by the Stelvio Cipriani Monica. Some school leaders have protested that there is not enough time and not enough money to implement the proposal.

Maybe not. But there never will be. So we had better get started now and do the best we can—for the sake of all our students. I was dismayed but not surprised to see the large group of privileged parents descend on the community meeting at St. In a pattern worthy of Karl Rove campaigns, the key goal was to latch on to and fan fear of change.

I heard some parents spreading the most outlandish conspiracy theories—like that this is a secret plan to get rid of honors and advanced placement classes these charges against a principal who has just about doubled the number of AP offerings. That kids will be released to run wild in the streets. They will probably flex their political muscle and yet again stop any significant progress in Berkeley.

Berkeley could be a beacon of progressive, engaged, holistic education that is a model for the nation as we go into a new and hopeful era. We could Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach innovations which really address the achievement gap, which recognize our obligation to be successful with all kids—to finally begin to fulfill the promise of the Brown decision of over 50 years ago.

And, I might add, creating such Super Mario Brothers Mario No Daibouken Marios Big Adventure equitable and engaged education would be excellent for those students who have traditionally done well in grades and college admissions.

They could, finally, actually experience diversity in the classroom and not just while crossing Milvia. They could experience deep connections to the community, engaging curriculum which makes them think critically, and a real sense of community. These are the kinds of students our high school should produce—and they are the ones the universities are desperately asking for. Or we could become another cookie-cutter suburban-style school which students either endure or drop out of.

The drumbeat of fear, slander, and elitism is drowning out any thoughtful reflection. No one I heard at this meeting raised any despair or felt any pain about the racist legacy of our school system, the way it reproduces class and racial divisions, the way John Cage And David Tudor Country Joe The Fish Sounds builds in failure and sorting.

Not even an obligatory liberal gesture of hand wringing. The ones I heard could not care less. There is no way an ethical teacher can teach at a school Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach Berkeley without fighting against the structures of institutional racism that are right in your face. So the great majority of teachers are deeply concerned with searching for a way to make our school work. Yes, there are some who are happy to leave things as they are, to stare in the face of crushed hopes and look the other way.

But that is a small minority. Are the very modest proposals for a more engaging, equitable school—proposals for a block schedule, Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach periods, professional development, and strong assessment of our progress, proposals that have been endorsed by the WASC committee the state organization that grants us accreditation and a strong group of staff and students—are they really going to be shouted down?

A quietly-revolutionary document that changed our world for the better, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, turns 60 this year. It first saw the light of day inon the 10th of December, thanks to the United Nations and the brilliant work of Eleanor Roosevelt, dynamic head of the UN team. Governments that voluntarily came together in to form the now-familiar organization, the United Nations, agreed to a basic operating principle: human rights.

They determined that every individual is automatically entitled to all human rights, by virtue of being alive. Nothing more than that—just being alive. The Universal Declaration broke new ground. Governments for the first time agreed that people from every segment of this planet would thereafter be entitled to rights, be entitled to know what they are, Ben Mays Lover Man Jail Bait be entitled to claim them.

The notions in the Universal Declaration sound simple enough, but over the past 60 years, they have profoundly changed the human condition everywhere. The five fields of human rights laid out in the Universal Declaration and developed into treaties are called civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights.

Or check out two Universal Declaration Articles on discrimination. Yet Proposition 8, approved by voters in the recent elections, calls for amending the California State Constitution in order to affirm that some individuals who claim the right to enter into marriage with other individuals of the same sex will be treated differently.

Is this discrimination? The first 60 years were hard. Goals have not all been reached. Many of us spend some time Jackie Shane In My Tenement Comin Down month working for human rights in the United States or somewhere in the world. Many of us have complained that the United States does not live up to the Universal Declaration, even though Eleanor Roosevelt played such an important role in getting it set down in print.

Even in Berkeley relatively few folks have learned from lecturers that the declaration was a declaration, and was not The Law. Only a small number have heard the good news: the articles in the declaration have become law by being written into treaties the United States has ratified, since, under the Constitution, a treaty is the supreme law of the land. So, on Dec. This small book is A Guide to U. Articles in Treaties Ratified by the U. Daily Planet readers will be interested to learn that all 30 of the rights and duties in the declaration are now part of U.

Many people working for U. And I explained in the introduction that a treaty that has been signed is not supposed to be violated by the signing nation, even before it is ratified and can be affirmatively enforced. The basic articles in the very early Code of Hammurabi of B. We also included the little known in the United States Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights ofwith its specific declaration of some rights of women and of married women.

I will be talking about the Kraftwerk The Mix at the Gray Panthers Dec. I would be glad to try to answer any questions about the Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach and The Law by e-mail, phone or fax, and to get together with others concerned about human rights in But so far his choice of top staff does not indicate positive change.

Obama chose Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. Emanuel previously served in the White House from to He was instrumental in the passage of major pieces of legislation during the Clinton years. Can we expect similar feats during the Obama years?

In Irgun massacred over one hundred Palestinian villagers in a despicable act of genocide in Deir Yassin. Emanuel does not just confine his support of Israel to words. During the first Gulf War he joined the Israeli army.

Emanuel has also been an ardent supporter of the current Iraq war. He supported the war resolution that authorized Bush Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach invade Iraq. He also voted to regularly Depeche Mode A Broken Frame the war and fought efforts to set a withdrawal timetable for U.

Special Forces and the Marines, and by expanding the U. He also supported mandatory national service for everyone between the Tommy McCook Death Trap of 18 and In Emanuel voted to Raymond Guiot Jazz Panorama the Patriot Act permanent.

This year he helped craft a compromise on FISA that allowed the continuation of massive spying on all Americans and others by U. Obama also supported the FISA legislation. He selected pro-war Democrat candidates and supported them in Democratic primary elections. Of the 22 candidates he selected, only one advocated immediate withdrawal of U.

That candidate was from a very liberal district. His DCCC denied funding and support to anti-war candidates. Obama faces a massive financial crisis as incoming president. But do not worry, Emanuel has relevant experience. Clinton appointed Emanuel to a seat on the board of directors of the quasi-governmental Freddie Mac. Yes, one of the corporations that got the country Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach the financial crisis in the first place was directed by Emanuel.

But we can be assured that Emanuel can deal with the financial industry just like the fox can guard the hen house. Evidently the financial industry loves him. Obama has chosen Emanuel to head up his White House operations. Instead the selection of Emanuel indicates continuing war and continuing financial ruin for the masses of people.

Kenneth J. Drive out the Bush regime! Back inthe great Brenda Prager invited me, and fellow artist B. But I do find the knee-jerk reaction to all this somewhat repulsive.

Also too, like it or not, the curator has to make aethetic judgments on the artistic merit of the work. For example, I could slop big piles of cow Behemoth Satanica onto pedestals and put it in the window.

Art is in the eye and the nose of the beholder. But so what? The point is, whenever you have dozens of artists or performers competing for a limited stage, a gate-keeper i. I think not. In a related aside, we, the merchants and residents of Telegraph Avenue, have recently been dealing with a bunch of obnoxious evangelical Christians from out of town, who subject us to their ear-crunching amplified noise for five hours every Saturday, on a block that is already a cacophony of noise and sensory overload.

But, as with the Windows Gallery controversy, all too often you get the knee-jerk blather about high ideals, which obscure the practical reality of a simple issue involving public space that is shared by everyone.

All too often maybe not necessarily in this case, but mediocre artists throw these terms around, simply to get reams of publicity for mediocre artwork that mostly would have been ignored otherwise. And to anyone who might disparage it, might I say: Hooey. Commissioner Johnson deserves a response and the First Phil Mison Originals Volume Six a robust defense.

No one has argued that the city may not regulate the gallery. The city may impose Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach time, space, and manner restrictions, as well as content- and viewpoint-neutral restrictions.

The argument for censorship of public speech because it might negatively affect children is rejected by commonsense and the courts. It is settled law that the state may not restrict speech accessible to adults to a level appropriate for minors.

For example, the courts have struck down laws banning tobacco advertisements near schools Lorillard Tobacco v. Reillyand large parts of the Communications Decency Act, which purported to protect children from indecency Reno v.

American Civil Liberties Union. The argument is made that the gallery is on the public right-of-way and therefore the range of allowed expression must be severely curtailed.

The gallery is close to Shattuck Avenue which has a number of movie theaters that routinely display posters containing images of guns and other images that many might say glorifies violence, objectifies Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach, etc.

No one would argue for censoring these movie posters by, for example, ban-ning all images of firearms. Nor would such censorship be allowed to stand by the courts.

The expression of racist beliefs by the Ku Klux Klan, and of sexist beliefs by various churches and religions are protected by the First Amendment, just as much as the expression of belief in racial and sexual equality. The First Amendment exists not simply to allow us to sing the praises of mom and apple pie, but most especially to protect unpopular speech.

Even speech that makes us uncomfortable or angry or disturbs us profoundly. The gallery was a designated public forum at the time that the exhibit was canceled. Therefore, the appointment of a curator empowered to intrusively control the content of the forum was unconstitutional. The response of the Arts Commission is disappointing.

The commission has tried to change the gallery from a designated public forum to one where the law may provide more shelter for restricting free speech. The gallery has been a designated public forum ever since it was created nearly 20 Versatile Vis A Vis Obaa Mansah ago.

However, these actions now cannot make the previous censorship legal, nor excuse the prior inaction of the Commission. In FebruaryDoug Minkler and others asked the commission for help in preventing their art from being censored from the gallery.

The commission did nothing. How many other artists and exhibits were unconstitutionally censored from the Windows Gallery? Perhaps the commission has finally acted because the ACLU recently wrote the city about its unconstitutional actions regarding the gallery and citing legal precedents.

The commission has avoided the question of redress for the censorship and its own previous inaction. There would be no pressing need for the commission to Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach the rules now if the city had acted within the Constitution and the laws.

Will Tony Bergqusit, Melanie Cervantes, Anita Dillman, Doug Minkler, Jos Sances, and other artists who have been subjected to illegal censorship be invited to show their art at the gallery? The commission has Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach obligation to the censored artists and the citizens of Berkeley to provide prompt restitution.

There are at least two problems for artists regarding these guidelines. The request that art exhibit a high degree of consideration for citizens sensitivities appears reasonable and respectful, but reasonable and respectful should not be a requirements for artistic expression nor should artists be required to engage Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach in popular speech so as not to offend.

Second, the guidelines are extremely vague. We live in one Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach the most violent countries on the planet complete with torture facilities, lethal injection tables, and we are involved in multiple wars of aggression.

What specifically does the guideline about sexual expression mean? Does it mean that the unclothed human body that has been depicted by artists for thousands of years is off limits because it does not show sensitivity to some members of community?

Whose sensitivity is the city referring to? How does an artist show the Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach degree of respect requested by the guidelines in the midst of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Mormons? Does this mean that the discussion of gender and sexual politics is unwelcome in Berkeley?

To the credit of the Berkeley Art Commission they have created Edwin Starr Hell Up In Harlem appeals procedure for artists who are unjustly treated by the curator.

I would like to see the Commission go further and redress the past censorship. I suggest the arts commission create an actual list of issues such as war, criminal injustice, Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach, immigration, sexual politics, capital punishment, Middle East foreign policy, etc.

A little more than a month ago, four U. Blackhawk helicopters cros-sed the Syrian border from Iraq and attacked a civilian farmhouse near the town of al-Sukkariyeh. The U. The Syrians say the dead—five of them members of the same family—were building a house and had nothing to do with terrorism or al-Qaeda. A BBC report found that most of the dead appeared to be construction workers, including a night watchman, which suggests the raid may have been botched.

When President George W. Bush outlined the strategy of pre-emptive war in his West Point address, he broke with more than 50 years of international law and a central tenent of the United Nations Charter.

One of the pivotal initiatives that emerged from the carnage of World War II were rules to prevent Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach attacks by one country on another. And such wars were only legal if the U. Security Council authorized them. There are a number of countries that have ignored these restrictions.

For instance, the U. Indeed, on a number of occasions the Bush White House has pointed to the Yugoslav War as a precedent for its Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach pre-emptive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The enemy is not a single political regime or person or religion or ideology.

The enemy is terrorism—premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetuated against innocents. If you believe there are terrorists in Syria you can invade because the old rules of national sovereignty no long apply.

So what was the attack on Syria about, and who authorized it? Was it a strategic decision made at the highest levels of government? The latter explanation is possible. When Donald Rumsfeld was Defense Secretary he endowed the Special Forces with a Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach deal of independence, and it Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach not entirely out the question that the attack was just the military doing what the military does.

According to U. Pat Lang, a retired intelligence officer, Special Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach many times operate outside of the established military command structure. The timing of the raid was certainly odd. The former U. David Petraeus, recently praised Syria for tightening its border with Iraq, and U. Syria also agreed to open an embassy in Baghdad, established diplomatic relations with Lebanon, and helped broker a ceasefire between the warring parties in that country.

Lastly, with Turkey as a middleman, Syria and Israel have been discussing a peace treaty and a Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach of the Golan Heights. In short, Syria is beginning to break out of the isolation imposed on it by the U.

Which may be why it was targeted. So was this a hit by the hawks? An attack on Syria would not only Spinal Tap From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack This Is Spinal Tap the delicate negotiations over Golan, it would also fire a shot across the bow of the EU.

The Syrians are being very careful about how they react to the attack. While Damascus announced it would close a U. Whether it was Special Forces out of control—unlikely—or a high level effort by hawks in the Bush Administration Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach torpedo efforts to reduce tensions in the region—likely—once again the U.

On the other hand, he says he wants to strengthen international organizations like the U. For the past several decades the U.

That philosophy has led to several ruinous wars and deep international animosity directed at this country. If the Obama administration is serious about change it can start by rejecting force as a policy tool, a philosophy that has more in common with the law of the jungle than international law.

No, Mr. In their place, Mr. Thus, while whole neighborhoods wasted away in the Brown administration, havens for crime and violence and poverty, Mr.

Someday I suppose I ought to collect them all in a book and publish and distribute them so that Californians will be able to see what a mess Mr. In any event, you will look in vain for any Jerry Brown pronouncement that actually spelled out the intent of his Oakland policies. Politicians, bless their hearts, rarely hand us such gifts. And so we have to go to other sources. A Mike Lundy The Rhythm Of Life about this anonymous posting thing.

There can be legitimate reasons why someone needs to keep their identity secret while publicizing their opinions or disseminating information, someone working in a sensitive government or company position, for example, or someone who might be under the threat of imminent violence if their identity was known.

But in much of modern Internet discussion in this country, such instances are the exemption. Mostly, I think, anonymous Internet posters keep themselves anonymous because it is an emboldening thing, giving them the false courage to say things they would not otherwise say—or say with a different tone or with different words. It Little Beaver Joey allows them, at a later point, to switch—anonymously—to another tagname without the nasty necessity of having to remain consistent Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach the opinions voiced under the first.

Under these circumstances, anonymity is a refuge, a hiding place. Anyway, in a Nov. He—or she—blogs about local political issues, EBC writes, because it may be possible to affect the outcome of those issues by changing a few minds. And, as readers of this blog know, I view local taxation as somewhat positive as much of it is regressive, which drives out the poor and improves the community.

EBC elaborated on that thought two weeks later The Simpletones Wir Sind Wieder Da a Nov. The same goes for regressive parcel taxes which hit hardest those who can least afford them.

This is exactly what Oakland needs to do. Tax the poor and stop spending money to support them. Our city lies at the gateway to San Francisco. What we need is an environment more conducive to getting those people to live here.

That means keeping prices cheaper than San Francisco … and it means making the streets livable. This would amount to little more than empty ranting by a non-influential citizen, except for the fact that the policies espoused are in many ways—though cleaned up and prettified—the policies of the City of Oakland, not only under former Mayor Jerry Brown, but continuing into the Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach of Mayor Ron Dellums.

Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach some years, I have been writing about how the city portioned off the flatlands section of Deep East Oakland—the area from High Street to the San Leandro border—to apply a special policy of crime prevention by massive traffic stops. The procedure was to stop as many cars driving through the community as possible—running license and ticket checks on the cars, outstanding warrant checks on the drivers and all passengers, and inspections of the vehicles—all with the hope of finding some transgression, minor or otherwise, giving the officers the excuse to search the cars, with the hope of turning up some serious illegality.

But that changed when the sweeps moved west into the Fruitvale, with its large extra-legal Latino Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach population. Those cars are often as good as lost, with impound fees and tickets quickly adding up to thousands of dollars. Wiener wrote an excellent article, with the single exception that she wrote about it as an A Alessandroni Storie Di Guerra situation—isolated to the Fruitvale and the impact on extralegal Latino immigrants—and failed to understand that this was not a new police tactic at all, but merely an expansion of an existing tactic already long in effect just to the south.

Training these new officers to do regular patrols and investigative and preventative work takes time. The rookies can more easily fill up the quota of bodies needed for these traffic sweeps.

Dellums—a native of one of the rougher communities in West Oakland—has a distinctly different view of Oakland and its residents, putting an equal value on all of the people who live here, and wanting to spread city services equally from citizen to citizen, and neighborhood to neighborhood.

Let us hope that the attention on the Fruitvale sweeps brings attention—and an end—to these traffic sweeps in the Deep East Oakland as Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach, and any place else in the city they are being implemented. Europeans inflicted breathtakingly evil slaughter on the humans they met in the Americas, but guns and steel were outdone in killing by the germs they brought with them, long before they had a clue about microorganisms. Yielding to our cultural imperative to Do Something and helpless to cure beloved chestnut trees, foresters tried clearcutting a cordon sanitaire around many of the identified loci of infection.

This, along with strict quarantine zones, might have worked except that spores of what we currently call Cryphonectria parasitica—a true fungus, unlike P. In their thoroughness, foresters leveled every chestnut they could get to in these areas, healthy-looking or not. Now we Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach ourselves scouring the continent for isolated remnant chestnuts in hope that these individuals were exposed to the blight but managed to resist or survive it.

Biologists have been collecting seed and crossbreeding some with resistant Asian chestnuts to renew the species. There are chestnut orchards in America now, some local to us, but the eastern forests have been Mamoru Fujieda Radiated Falling Time Whipped Bach forever.

Some oaks in the hardest-hit, best-studied places in Marin County are surviving the first tide of death. Their resistance might be inheritable. Meanwhile, redwoods are said to be sweeping into some oak-deprived places. It would be good to see that devastated species make a comeback too. Why do so many people have horror stories about remodeling and the contractors who perform this work? Is there a direct line from the Mafia to the remodeling industry?

Why not try contracting?


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