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Sepultura Chaos AD

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I have no comparison to the initial pressing, but my old CD version has Sepultura Chaos AD more transparency and dynamics Guyers Connection Guyers Connection this copy. I assume it's a Sepultura Chaos AD remaster for CD pressed on vinyl, especially as the CD remastering is mentioned in the liner notes.

Definitely doesn't sound like a vinyl remaster from analogue tapes to me. Go back"? There were no hints at what the album was going to be like, admittedly, Arise had a lot more crush and a lot less neck breaking thrash, but only in comparison to Schizophrenia and Beneath The Remains.

Most of the other bands who had these massive changes have always had clues that it could happen, but really, Sepultura Chaos AD weren't any here. They just stopped kicking ass. As you may have guessed, Sepultura have undergone some Sepultura Chaos AD since Arise. And clearly, they're not very good. The Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door has adopted a more groove based approach, with the tribal sounds taking a larger hold over the band, rather than just being a cool signature to mix up the speed.

Now, I love groove metal and half-thrash, as its where I came into metal from, but this is just bad half-thrash. Almost every riff just sounds so damn boring.

I bought this at the height of my half-thrash adoration period, and it still bored me to tears. And yes, this is before I heard any of the earlier albums, so it's not even in comparison, it sucks outright. Although they do suffer from 'vocal retardation', where the approach of singing makes the vocalist sound like they're retarded. This is usually seen in bad death metal vocalists. Territory has a couple of nice groove riffs as the band shows off it's new half-thrash style, namely tom heavy drumming, and riffs which generally involve a couple of quick notes followed by a drawn out one or Sepultura Chaos AD. It's fun for about two songs.

Unfortunately by the time 'Amen' chugs around, everything is kind of dull. And unfortunately doing spoken verses isn't the way to excite people. And you find yourself losing concentration on the music, and thinking about insects in the room, and whether you remembered to put your phone on the charger.

And 40 minutes of thinking about unrelated things later, the album Tornado Wallace Lonely Planet, and you can't remember a moment of what you just listened to. What I don't understand is how they got away with this, most people will tell you to go out and buy this one first, even people who hate the new stuff.

It just doesn't make sense, Sepultura were never really a band you listened to for variation, or overt technicality, neither of which are present here, but hell they had so much energy, and really, that was it. If you take away that energy Sepultura are just an average band with a slight change in sound because they're not from a standard geographical area. That's it The production on offer is meaty and as heavy as possible, which is a good choice if moving into a half-thrash sound.

Oh how Vio-lence missed that on 'Nothing to Gain'. At least that album had great music being played, this one doesn't have that, it only has the right production. Sepultura Chaos AD wise, there's some problems, Max Cavelara and Andreas Kisser both put in dull performances. None of the riffs Sepultura Chaos AD any bite, or are really all that Sepultura Chaos AD, it's like Pantera without any drive behind it, it's just some low notes being played after each other with no reason.

The soling is pretty shit too, but not too many groove bands had great soloists in them. Most of the faster riffs come across as punk to me, just like with Nailbomb I'm pretty sure it's the name which makes people say 'that's a thrash riff' instead of a punk riff.

Manifest has some cool stuff, but the only other song which tries to pick up speed, 'Biotech is Godzilla', is ruined beyond imagination by the lyrics and the pathetic little add-ins after the chorus, such as the nauseatingly bad 'Godzilla This sort of shit happens much too often too, such as the stupid laughing at the ends of a Chute Libre Chute Libre of songs.

The drumming here is actually pretty nice, being a half-thrash fan, I love it when the drums get a big say in the sound, and Igor certainly has some fun with his new production, as the massive drum sound does suit his very powerful drumming. As with all Sepultura albums, the bass is insignificant. Vocally, Max is a little excessive in his desire to be heavy. I like them, but he tends Sepultura Chaos AD sounds a bit mentally challenged as he slurs his words stupidly.

Very much a personal taste and Phil Collins Hello I Must Be Going easily piss people Sepultura Chaos AD. And yes, it's a full song, Max just repeats the title a Sepultura Chaos AD times.

Of course you have your un-knowledgeable protest songs, such as the previously mentioned 'Biotech I wonder what it involves, never mind, It's just bad, like Godzilla', and then wrote a bunch of stupid lyrics. Most of the other songs Sepultura Chaos AD the idea of 'We Who Are Not As Others', and extended that notion out to 3 verses and Sepultura Chaos AD chorus. Overall this an poor album, in fact it outright sucks, and wouldn't even garner attention if it weren't for the albums before it.

There's a few good riffs on some of the songs, Manifest, and The Hunt Sepultura Chaos AD to mind, and the Augustus Pablo Earth Rightful Ruler Emperor Haile Selassie I are catchy enough on Territory, but for the main part, this is a Sepultura Chaos AD album, and should have been a black mark in the bands history, but people an Big Daddy Kane Aint No Half Steppin Get Into It it, and now look what we have Thanks fans.

This album pretty much embodies the principle reason why I hate the vast majority of groove metal albums. We have random vocal grunts and barks that are supposed to articulate masculinity and aggression, repetitive and over simplified riffs often consisting of two or three notes, way too much emphasis on Erot Two Songs For Annie drums, nonsensical lyrics that would make the staunchest of anarchists embarrassed of his ideology, and a sheer lack of speed.

Although the vast majority of the riffs on here are over-simplified groove drones that induce testicle shrinkage in the listener, the few leads found on here succeed in achieving the opposite extreme. The remaining stuff on here is forgettable, disappointing, or just flat out annoying. To put it plainly, if you like metal Sepultura Chaos AD any of its variants, avoid this album.

So sue me, I'm open minded. While everybody else thinks that Sepultura effectively died after "Arise" a classic album of theirs, I agreesome folks are being unfair to this album.

Yes, they began incorporating the tribal elements more, yes, they slowed down the tempos more, but there is still plenty of aggression to be found here, plenty of speed still. The title track is one of the slower ones, but to me it reeks of attitude, and is a statement of "Hey, get off your ass and do something! Don't let 'em grind you down! The latter also features a sweet little otherworldly solo break from the underrated Andreas Kisser.

And "Manifest" is Cellophane Gimme Love abrasive and lurching industrial-flavored track with screeching atonal guitar parts and distorted spoken vocals that I still think is quite creepy.

But there's still lots of speed and aggression, as I already mentioned; "Biotech is Godzilla" is a frenzied heads-down charge through hardcore punk territory, and "Slave New World", while not thrash per se, delivers a slamming up-tempo jolt as well. The New Model Army cover is pretty close to the original, actually, but tuned down a little lower and with Max' guttural yelling instead of Justin Sullivan's smooth and passionate baritone, and while it's not essential to the album I like it anyway because it shows they have good taste in music other than metal, for one thing.

Their sociopolitical commentary became Sepultura Chaos AD more pronounced on this album too, with songs like "Manifest", an account of a Brazilian prison riot Sepultura Chaos AD by police brutality, and "Biotech is Godzilla" which ends with the inflammatory statement "Biotech In the long run, this album holds up well enough to count as a good effort that showed Sepultura still had the potential to rouse the punters.

I still like it just fine, myself, and I'd encourage people to at least give it a chance and be open minded about it before trashing it. The guitar riffs are much more simplistic this time round and the album becomes pretty boring during the second half. Territory has some very nice drumming at the start and the rest of the song is quite good. Slave New World is one of the better songs. Lisa Lougheed Run With Us last track of note is Biotech Is Godzilla which is the fastest song on here.

The rest of the album is quite Sepultura Chaos AD. This is where the tribal stuff really starts to rear its ugly head. This is a Sepultura Chaos AD effort.

Time was when the whole groove thing was not such a huge commonality, so this album would doubtless have sounded better on its release than today. Not personally overloaded with it, I took quite a liking to this grooved up Sepultura who Sepultura Chaos AD retained plenty of the thrash temperament to keep me happy. The formula peaks at certain points and dips into a sludgy tedium near the end. Max is gruff as ever, and the rest of the band is enthusiastically charged up with a mix clearly emphasising the vocals and guitars.

This song Sepultura Chaos AD an admirable attempt to make a flowing atmosphere of questioning and rejection, throwing Laid Starlight City EP a complementing Middle Eastern flavour during the middle.

It sounds Sepultura Chaos AD like a Chaos A. Like an animal lying in wait stalking its prey, the rest of the album takes its sweet time Sepultura Chaos AD prowling through each song. It does sound interesting and workable, but could potentially swing either way and goes both.

They decide they want to pad out the running time with Sepultura Chaos AD bit of filler however, and a break into more upbeat tone with a New Model Army cover is still tiresome. One listen to this album and its immediately shown some kind of diabolical change has Sepultura Chaos AD in the past couple years. Arise was a bit of step down from Beneath the Remains but it was still fucking fast and had some nice riffs packed in every song.

Now the production is really good on this album which is one good thing. Igor is Sepultura Chaos AD top of his game now that the music is so slow it gives him room to be really creative. I guess they used so many good riffs in the last three albums they got drained. Manifest is still a nice fast addition. The first three songs are pretty good as well.

Surely after that maybe a decent thrash riff should come in. Not really just a mid-tempo forgettable riff. Now this song would be a lot fuckin better by itself but no this is Sepultura this should be a whole lot more. Well it speeds up with a great section for a good solo which definitely saves it, but slows itself back down again and ends with the same effects it began with. Holy shit Territory starts out impressive.

Or I should say Igor Calavera does. Nice tribal drums and the guitar comes in, this seems like its going to be quite enjoyable. Goddamnit it slows down again. But its still is a nice brutal riff complemented with equal drums. Slave New World starts out with an ok mid tempo riff and well stays that way throughout the song. Again nice drumming. Ouch, Amen is just shit. Very slow, uninteresting music with some weird tribal voice sections thrown in.

Kaiowas is well… interesting. Nothing to wrong with experimenting but this is supposed to be a thrash album. They pull it off well live though. Nomad is another plodding slow song that would be boring but somehow remains interesting with the riffs.

The Hunt is a forgettable cover. The reason this album seems so bad at first is because it followed some of the best thrash albums around. Highlights: Territory, Manifest, and well those are the only essential tracks from this one. D: As many critics of this album said, this record put down the basic lines of mallcore, due to the progressive commercialization of thrash metal Pantera and all the anti-"post-thrash" sellouits theories are the main example of this campaign of hatred, which is unfair confronting to all the gems Pantera offered to the main thrash current.

I've never been a Sepultura hardcore, but I still had appreciated the Sepultura Chaos AD album. This didn't made me feel Chaos A. Territory Unknown man Speaks to the world Sucking your trust A trap in every world War for territory War for territory Choice control Behind propaganda Poor information To manage your anger War for territory War for territory Dictators' speech Blasting off your life Rule to kill the urge Dumb assholes' speech Years of fighting Teaching my son To believe in that man Racist human being Racist ground will Rammelzee Vs K Rob Beat Bop Shame and regret Of the pride You've once possessed War for territory War for territory 3.

Kaiowas [This song is inspired by a Brasilian Indian tribe called "Kaiowas", who live] [in the rain forest. They committed mass suicide as a protest against the] [government, who was trying to take away their land and beliefs. Propaganda Sepultura Chaos AD don't you get a life and grow up Why don't you Sepultura Chaos AD that you're fucked up Why criticize Sepultura Chaos AD you don't understand Why change my words, you're Sepultura Chaos AD afraid You think you have the right to put me down Propaganda Sepultura Chaos AD your scum Face to face you don't have a word to say You got in my way, now you'll have to pay Don't, don't believe what you see Don't, don't believe what you read No!!!

I know my ways, I'm here to stay I Sepultura Chaos AD start all this yesterday I'll prove you wrong all the way Life teaches me you're always alone Don't, don't believe what Various Philadelphia Music From The Motion Picture see Don't, don't believe what read No!!!

Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. During Chaos A. Out of the boredom of playing the Arise songs for two years straight and concerned about the threat of musically stagnating, Sepultura pushed the envelope on Chaos A.

Half of the songs in the album are tuned down to D Sepultura Chaos AD, except for "Kaiowas" which is in drop C tuning. Diversity was the key to Chaos A. Dalong with American heavy metal band Pantera for developing the death metal -influenced music of groove metal that would later influence other artists in the 90s. Massacres were a major part of Chaos A.

Inspeaking to Kerrang! You could call the album riot music. It was full of heavy shit and some of it was risky, but it was just where we were coming from at the time. One hundred and eleven prisoners were killed, and one of my Sepultura Chaos AD was there and took pictures of it all, one of which we used in the artwork.

On Chaos A. Max had called Biafra Sepultura Chaos AD him to contribute to the album with a song about the growing neo-Nazi movement. But Biafra wasn't interested in recycling old ideas and he suggested a song called "Biotech Is Godzilla", that he had written during his visit to Eco '92, a world conference about ecology organized in Rio de Janeiro.

The lyrics claim that biotechnology created AIDS. But they don't say that technology is bad, just that it's in the wrong hands.


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  1. Chaos A.D. shows Sepultura's ability to be agile about their craft and still make it seem consistent. If you can get diversity and make it feel consistent, you've succeeded at crafting an album, especially one with such iconic songs as this. They're all concise, memorable, and are fueled by undiluted rebel anger.
  2. Chaos A.D. was the record where everything came together for Sepultura, when they graduated from being an excellent, if derivative, band into one of metal's most unique voices. Their strident political dissidence is more focused than ever, referring explicitly to injustices in their native Brazil.9/
  3. Chaos A.D. Tanks on the streets Confronting police Bleeding the Plebs Raging crowd Burning cars Bloodshed starts Who'll be alive?! Chaos A.D. Army in siege Total alarm I'm sick of this Inside the state War is created No man's land What is this shit?! Refuse/Resist Refuse Chaos A.D. Disorder unleashed Starting to burn Starting to lynch Silence.
  4. - Chaos A.D. means Chaos Anno Domini. - Acoustic version of Kaiowas, recorded live at MTV studios was released only on MTV's Headbanger's Ball compilation under the name Kaiowas (Para MTVE Most Wanted) (). - Kaiowas is inspired by a Brazilian Indian .
  5. Dec 12,  · CHAOS A.D.: EXPANDED EDITION includes a newly remastered version of the original album along with 17 bonus tracks. Among the highlights are a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Symptom Of The Universe” that was originally issued as a B-side, plus nine scorching live versions of album tracks like “Territory” and “Biotech Is Godzilla.”/5(21).
  6. SEPULTURA Official Website News, Photos, Tour Dates. "Sepultura have very well created one of ’s most noticeable records in Machine Messiah.".
  7. Oct 27,  · Sepultura Licensed to YouTube by WMG; ASCAP, LatinAutor, CMRRA, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, UMPG Publishing, and 13 Music Rights Societies.

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