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Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7

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If you like Sonic Boom, you may also like:. Henry by Chevron Bloom. Carousel by The Orange Kyte. Get fully dosed with swirly, layered psychedelic rock reliably soaked in reverb. Pure fun! Providence by Single Lash. Expansive shoegaze with a strong sense of grandeur and drama, new on Holodeck. In Time by Our Solar System. Penelope Two by Penelope Trappes. Bandcamp Album of the Day Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 5, Enders by Dead Swords.

The most recent E. Kember produced Blair 's debut album, Beautiful Debris. Kember collaborated in the production of Apocalyptica Inquisition Symphony, the Beach House album released on 11 May Spectrum and E. Some notable examples are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Spectrum UK band. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. Sonic Boom Spectrum E. Experimental Audio Research. Alternative rock drone electronic experimental space rock [1]. Singer record producer songwriter. Electric guitar analog synthesizer keyboards.

Main article: Spacemen 3. Main article: EAR band. HERO magazine. However, Creation owner Alan McGee — a keen fan of the band — was only able to offer a one-album deal and with no advance.

This was not pursued. It was at this juncture that Kember and Pierce chose to enter into a contractual relationship with Gerald Palmer, a Northamptonshire businessman and concert promoter who had already been functioning recently as Spacemen 3's de facto manager. This tripartite business partnership had the following terms: Palmer would own the master tapes of all future recordings, the rights of which would be licensed to record labels for release; touring and recording costs etc.

Significantly, this contract was only with Kember and Pierce, meaning Spacemen 3 as a legal and financial entity would, in essence, constitute only the two of them together with Palmer. In addition, Palmer became Spacemen 3's manager.

Peter Kember had purchased an unusual electric guitar near the end of a Vox Starstream made in the late s. This guitar incorporated several in-built effects, including fuzz and Repeat Percussion or Repeater. One of his first compositions featuring this effect was the eponymous "Repeater" a. All three songs would feature on the next studio album, Playing With Fire.

Around Spring Kember was using his 4-track recorder to develop his ideas and several songs for the next album. These sessions were not particularly productive however and they left a week early.

ARK Studios only had 8-track facilities and some of Spacemen 3's recordings were accidentally wiped by the in-house sound engineer. They still did not have a drummer at this point. It was after this gig that a confrontation occurred between Kember and Pierce and his girlfriend, Kate Radley. Tired of Radley's persistent presence around the band of late — at recording sessions, touring and backstage at gigs — Kember enforced an agreed 'no girls on the bus' policy and barred Radley from boarding the tour van, leaving Pierce and Radley to find their own way home.

By now, song-writing duo Peter Kember and Jason Pierce were formulating new song ideas entirely separate from one another. Both their personal and working relationships were beginning to disintegrate. Pierce's romance with Kate Radley was impacting on his time with the band and his contributions. Of the eventual tracks on Playing With Firesix were Kember's compositions, whilst only three were Pierce's. The recording process for this album was different: individual parts were recorded separately, which meant band members did not have to be present at the same time.

On 19 August, Spacemen 3 gave an unusual live performance. They played a minute jambased around a single chord strummed by Evans, featuring riffs from some of the songs from their as yet unreleased Playing With Fire material. This performance was recorded and was later released, inas Dreamweapon. Despite this he does not appear on Playing With Fire — a drum machine was used on all of the songs and no drummer is credited on the album. Mattock had been playing in a Northampton band called 'The Apple Creation'.

He was recommended by future Spacemen 3 guitarist Mark Refoy. Mattock made his live debut on 24 August at a gig at the Riverside in Hammersmith, London, and contributed to Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 new album. Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 new rhythm section of Carruthers and Mattock would remain constant for the rest of Spacemen 3's existence. In SummerSpacemen 3 managed to obtain a two-album deal with independent label, Fire Records.

Agreement was eventually reached on "Revolution". At a gig 15 Novemberadvertised as 'Sonic Boom and Jason of Spacemen 3', only Kember and Carruthers performed; Pierce spent the Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 time at the bar with Kate Radley, whom he was now living with. The single "Revolution" was released in November The title track was a powerful, anthemic "mind-melting crunch" Ned Raggett, AllMusic. The single peaked in the top 10 of the indie charts, representing Spacemen 3's highest chart position yet, and was voted by radio listeners for inclusion in John Various Electric Rock Idee 2000 's end-of-year Festive Fifty.

Awarded Single of the Week by the Melody Makerit was extremely well received by the music press whose general attitude towards the band changed at this juncture: [63]. Adjectives that come to mind are unrelenting, punishing, psychedelic.

The razor-blade riffs lead you into a sonic underworld of alienation, desolation and raw power Spacemen 3 "became the indie phenomenon of late " Erik Morse. These provided for controversy and journalistic focus due to Kember's candid openness about his drug taking habits and his forthright views on recreational Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 use. On one occasion, Kember invited his interviewer to accompany him as he collected his methadone prescription.

Completion of the Playing With Fire album was delayed due to recording delays and a dispute about song-writing Drinking Electricity Overload Singles. At a meeting at Fire Records' London office, Peter Kember proffered his name for single writing credits for six of the album's nine songs; however, Jason Pierce countered, demanding joint credits for three of those songs due to the guitar parts he had contributed to them.

An argument led to Kember attempting to hit Pierce and a scuffle ensued. An impasse resulted; Pierce threatened to pull his songs from the album if his demands were not met. Manager Gerald Palmer mediated to resolve the feud. At a very tense four-hour meeting, of fierce arguments and recriminations between Kember and Pierce, Palmer finally managed to obtain a compromise with Kember conceding split song-writing credits for 'Suicide'.

His productivity meant he had a surfeit of songs, and he advised his bandmates of his intention to produce a solo album.

New indie label Silvertone Records Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 Kember a generous one-off album deal which he accepted. Kember finished recordings for his debut solo album and single in Marchprior to the commencement of Spacemen 3's European tour. Other members of Spacemen 3, including Pierce, as well as other musicians, had contributed sessions. Release of Kember's solo album Spectrum and single — under the moniker of Kember's alias, Sonic Boom — were put on hold in order to avoid a marketing clash with Playing With Fire.

Spacemen 3's eagerly awaited Playing With Fire album was finally released on 27 February Playing With Fire was Spacemen 3's first record to chart and one of the breakthrough indie albums of the year. Within weeks of its release, it was No. It was "their most critically and commercially successful album" Stephen Erlewine, AllMusic. It is a curious, brave, intriguing record, quite unlike anything that you're likely to hear elsewhere.

And it's no Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 novelty; more, I reckon, a minor triumph. Playing With Firean extraordinary record, is the last thing we expected. Spacemen 3 have taken a courageous gamble in giving us this hymnal hologram instead of rocking out. They've done guitars before. Their earlier records are great. But this one is a vortex of vacuums, a mirage, a hallucinatory hypnosis, and as such is wilfully indulgent, defiantly grandiose Spacemen 3 have kicked out the aimless jams, opted for colour, space and sensuality, and come up with the last word in English psychedelia.

With the exception of "Revolution" and "Suicide", the other songs on the album Johnny Clarke Warrior mellower and softer than Spacemen 3's previous work, continuing the development of their previous album. Greg Shaw organised the tour. In February—MarchSpacemen 3 undertook a four-week UK tour comprising 21 dates, coinciding with the new album's release.

Each ditty drives along a tidal wave of filthy sound, an effortless drone featuring the crispest slices of guitar sound since the Stooges…Spacemen 3 are better at this carbon monoxide garage trip than a thousand overrated US geetah schmucks.

Weird, wonderful, frightening and out of their sheds. Tonight the Spacies play an absolute stormer At the start of the UK tour Kate Radley was again travelling in the tour van, thus causing tension between Kember and Pierce. After several gigs, Kember told Pierce this could not continue. For the rest of the UK dates Pierce and Radley, now living in a new flat together, made their own way to gigs.

The UK tour was shortly followed by an extensive and gruelling four-week tour of continental Europe in April—May Radley was not present on this tour. Setlists remained more or less consistent around this Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7.

For the purposes of live performances, Spacemen 3 played their more Trey Parker Cannibal The Musical or heavier — and Makoto Matsushita First Light mostly older — songs, featuring little from Playing With Fire Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 although the odd softer song was played occasionally.

Sets typically ended with the song "Suicide" which could last up to 45 minutes. At the beginning of Spacemen 3 had been one of the "hottest indie bands in England" Erik Morse [84] and were gaining the attention of major US record labels. However, despite their success in winter —89, their prospects were very different less than a year later.

The personal and working relationship between Peter Kember The Cardigans Gran Turismo Jason Pierce, still the principal members of the band, would completely disintegrate, leading Spacemen 3 to eventually disband. Spacemen 3 used the short break between the UK and European tours in Spring as an opportunity to record a new Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7. The songwriters spent a day's session on each other's song, although Kember's contribution to "Hypnotized" was not ultimately used.

Kember accused Pierce of copying his sounds; he felt the Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 multi-tap reverb on "Hypnotized" was the same as he had employed on "Honey" and "Let Me Down Gently" on Playing With Fire. Whilst Spacemen 3 were on tour in Europe in April—Maymanager Gerald Palmer prepared the new single for release.

Without consulting Kember or Pierce, Palmer mastered the tracks, had the Harold Budd The Pavilion Of Dreams artwork designed, and selected "Hypnotized" for the A-side.

When Kember found out he Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 furious; however, Palmer refused to postpone the pressing of the single. A resulting feud permanently damaged Kember and Palmer's working relationship.

When Spacemen 3 returned to England from their Various Yulesville tour at the end of Maythere was tension between Kember and Pierce. In June, Spacemen 3 played ten UK gigs. Initially, Pierce was making his own way to these dates, but when he instead used the tour van there was a bad atmosphere between the two men. The single "Hypnotized" was released on 3 July It was their "most anticipated release Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 Erik Morse and immediately charted inside the top 10 of the NME and Melody Maker indie charts.

It was Sounds Single of the Week. After two weeks, Hypnotized reached No. It was voted No. A third guitarist, Mark Refoyhad been recruited at the beginning of Summerto play on later live dates and work on the next album. Refoy had been a friend and keen fan of the band for several years, and had contributed to Kember's solo album. He was guitarist in the indie band 'The Tell-tale Hearts' who had disbanded in Refoy made his first live performance with Spacemen 3 at their Rugby 'homecoming' gig on 20 July.

On 22 August, they played a warm-up gig at Subterranea, London, for the Reading Festival, their first festival gig. Spacemen 3 played at the Reading Festival on 25 August This would transpire to be their last ever live performance. At the beginning of SeptemberSpacemen 3 were about to undertake a substantial tour of the United States — despite disagreement between Kember and Pierce as to whether Kate Radley could accompany them.

The tour schedule had been finalised and they were due to be in Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 for the rest of the year, playing about 50 gigs. The meeting, which was secretly recorded, involved intense arguments and accusations, and nothing was resolved. A few days later Kember and Pierce met Palmer again and sacked him. However, Palmer's partnership agreement with Kember and Pierce meant that he was contractually still effectively one third of Spacemen 3.

In response to his dismissal as manager, he decided to withdraw his commitment to finance the imminent US tour, which was therefore cancelled at the eleventh hour. Tour posters had already been printed. The considerable time and money Charlie Feathers Get With It Essential Recordings 1954 69 Records' Greg Shaw had expended in preparing the tour was wasted.

The official explanation at the time — and that reported in the UK music press — was that the US tour had been cancelled because they had not been able to obtain work permits due to the drug convictions of band members. However, it has since transpired that this was not the case: work permits had been obtained for the band, albeit with difficulty. According to Mark Refoy, Kember and Pierce rarely appeared at the studio at the same time and there was "quite a tense atmosphere" between them.

When work recommenced after the Reading Festival, Kember and Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7 were recording separately from one another. Pierce contributed guitar parts to Kember's songs, but Kember did not play on any of Pierce's songs. When Kember heard Pierce's demos, he again renewed his claim that he was copying his sounds and effects, and accused Pierce's "Billy Whizz" of being a composition he had written several years prior.

The two were now estranged and working completely separately. They agreed to have separate sides of the album for their own songs, all of which they had written and composed individually. Pierce's side of the album is effectively his next project 'Spiritualized', Andre Marie Tala Andre Marie Tala Kember's side of effectively his next project 'Spectrum' with Richard Formby Kember's partner in Spectrum playing guitar on his side.

In late September, Kember made a solo performance at a gig supporting The Spectrum 4 Spacemen 3 MGMT Split 7. Kember and Pierce agreed to be in the studio together to record a cover of Mudhoney 's "When Tomorrow Hits", for a prospective split single with Mudhoney.

When Kember heard Mudhoney's version of "Revolution", with altered lyrics, he was offended and this collaborative Sub Pop release was called off however. A disconsolate Will Carruthers left the band at this point, fed up with the discord and lack of remuneration. Recording for the album proceeded slowly and was still ongoing in Autumnby which point Kember had used two to three times the amount of studio time as Pierce.

According to band members, Kember's behaviour was becoming increasingly obsessive and erratic. He was regularly missing booked Nath Martin Brothers Money slots.

It received a lukewarm reception. On 14 Novemberthe four remaining Spacemen 3 band members met to discuss finishing the album and arranging future live dates. The meeting was unproductive. Reportedly, Kember and Pierce both said little. Jonny Mattock told Kember he was difficult to work with. Mattock and Mark Refoy, both peeved, left the meeting prematurely and effectively resigned from Spacemen Junior Mance With A Lotta Help From My Friends. In December, Gerald Palmer attempted to mediate between his business partners, Kember and Pierce, meeting them individually because Pierce reportedly refused contact with Kember.

DuringGerald Palmer had been courting interest and offers from US major record labels. Palmer had been postponing a decision hoping the US tour would lever improved offers. Negotiations with Dedicated Recordsa satellite label of BMGhad been ongoing for several months. The poor intra-band relations had remained secret for the sake of outward appearance.

In December, the three met to arrange signing the Dedicated record deal.


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