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Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas

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Joni Haastrup Wake Up Your Mind dead from the neck up, by the middle of the week. Then they tell us when we can die! A Thought We know who they are! But who are We? For fucks sake If this story was true In the beginning is the scream. We scream. Faced with the mutilation of human lives by capitalism, a scream of sadness, a scream of horror, a scream of anger, a scream of refusal: NO. The Wall "There was a wall. It did not look important. It was built of uncut rocks roughly mortared; an adult could look right over it, and even a child could climb it. Where it crossed the roadway, instead of having a gate it degenerated into mere geometry, a line, an idea Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas boundary. But the idea was real Like all walls it was ambiguous, two-faced. What was inside it and what was outside it depended upon which side of it you were on. You must take her as she is, and consequently all her results as well. I mean to say, a wall is a wall, etc. But good God! The Archmullah Of Canterbury. How did Gordon Brown run the country? Just Like that! This was the hand that signed the Poll Tax Bill and signed away workers rights and soldiers lives amongst other things. Now it is turning into a cloven hoof. That wasn't supposed to look like that. Fuck it never mind, call it art. Dunno 'bout that gun though, only damage it looks like it could do is to themselves. The powers that have for centuries been engaged in enslaving the masses have made a thorough study of their psychology. They know that the people at large are like children whose despair, sorrow and tears can be turned into joy with a little toy. And the more gorgeously the toy is dressed, the louder the colors, the more it will appeal to the million-headed child. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working-hours or shorter rations. And even when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. It had felt safer, when they had been blinkered by sickening anxiety, walking the narrow path, unable to risk a glance to right or left. Now, they stood in a flat and featureless plain, older, wiser but somehow diminished. He stumbled on the first and last truth about the leisure society, and perhaps all societies. Crime and creativity go together, and always have done. The greater the sense of crime, the greater civic awareness Modern Soul Band Modern Soul Band richer the civilisation. Nothing else binds a community together. It's a strange paradox. G Ballard in Cocaine Nights. The proletarian dictatorship Let me see a sea of hands. I want everybody to kick up some noise. I wanna hear some revolution out there, brothersI wanna hear a little revolution. Brothers and sisters, the time has comeFor each and every one of you to decideWhether you are gonna be the problem,Or whether you are gonna be the solution. You must choose, brothers, you Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas choose. It takes 5 seconds, 5 seconds of decision. Five seconds to realize that it's time to move. It's time to get down with it. Brothers, it's time to testify and I want to know,Are you ready to testify? Are you ready? Is this what they fought for? Take a look around! For the last 10 years he has been stealing our money with his red briefcase. Who the fuck are Watch this space and find out. You'll be sorry. If yer into The Mob and Zounds this is a must have. Available from: diamondDCactus. ANOK 'Anarchism in all its guises is an assertion of human dignity and responsibility. It is not a programme for political change but an act Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas social self-determination. Can you see a women becoming a prime minister? Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas cannot imagine a greater calamity for these islands than to be put under the guidance of a woman in 10 Downing Street. It's sad that working class resentment is always turned on itself. Nobody seems to realise that'. A celebration of eveyday life, the excitement of the mundane. No reality TV cameras here, this is 4 real. What you see is what you get. Kids had t-shirts, posters, and aesthetics. Stereos were blasting songs of angst, adolescent indifference and all t Die or D. Clean, Nice, Quiet. January !!! Holy crap! This is … More. Terminal Sound Nuisance. Cardboard Cows and Sugarpuffs. While reading your review of these albums, I couldn't help but think of Brethren who released two lps on Tiffany in the 70's and who also collaborated with Dr. John he plays on their first lp and wrote 1 or more songs on the 2ndanyhow, if you're not aware of it, definately Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas checking out. Hi Max, My name is John G. Smith, I am the son of James Quill Smith. I enjoyed your "review". Just a little clarification I was wondering if there is a download available of Pollution 1 the chicken album as it was The Jackie McLean Quintet With Donald Byrd And Elmo Hope Lights Out I recently found and purchased Pollution 1 and 2 but have no turntable to make the transfer yet. Also where did you come across heir: pollution? Anyway,thanks again and if you need anymore details for this blog I am sure I could provide some interesting stuff Also they were one of the hottest bands in L. A but the label would not promote them so My Dad was on the hook to deliver another album and thats it in a nutshell. John,Roger Mcguinn byrds and many,many,many others Cheers, John G. Smith P. Masuda-Dobie Gray was on Pollution Also my old man was under pressure to deliver this last album. Hi John, Thanks for the additional info. This was not one of the posts that I copied myself, Arditi Leading The Iron Resistance I was relying on what someone else had said. I will check up to see if there's a copy of the other Pollution release available. They we tight live! Christiaan and Kerry Hatch were standouts with your dad. I believe this was the group after Pollution. MY GOD! Dobie and I became best friends even went camping in the LA mountains. There is a thousand stories that surround the Pollution group. Tata went on and hooked up with Sir Elton John and toured the world. I can offer more headline news if everyone wants to read it. Posted by Max at AM 7 comments:. I know I said I wouldn't make apologies for late posts anymore, but I do want to complain a bit about why this post is a couple months late. First, Microsoft wrecked by computer--I let one of Microsoft Security's assistants take over my computer in order to fix a problem with a Vista security update that wouldn't properly install and when they were done the computer wouldn't Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas. After many long conversations with new friends from Microsoft in India I reinstalled Vista a couple times and finally got it working again. Then Bitdefender started screwing with me--every time I downloaded a couple files my internet browser would go blank and I'd have to reboot the machine--that lead me to reinstall Vista a couple Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas times until I figured out the problem was with Bitdefender. They still haven't fixed it but me and a bunch of other irate people expect a fix within weeks! OK--that's my rant. On to this month's post Soon after he recorded this album for Vanguard. It also features some biographical information detailing his education, his early singing career as Anthony Frome, the "Poet Prince of the Airwaves," and his peace activism. You can read other versions of his bio here and here. He told John Lennon that he couldn't keep time with "today's music," but I don't think that's the problem. He keeps time OK, but he just sounds too too formal, too classical for this material. Still, there are some interesting if perhaps a bit dated production touches on the record, like the echoey background vocals on "I Shall Be Released" and the little spoken political pieces that link the songs there is no blank space between numbers, so it may sound like some of them end pretty abruptly. And the record does grow on you or at least grew on me after repeated listenings--so in spite of its general oddness you may find some things to like. Here's the tracklist 1. Simple Child Loved 2. Story of Isaac 3. Flying on the Ground 4. Warm Traitor's Breath 5. Words 6. I Shall be Released 7. Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas 8. Bells of Saint-Pierre 9. Torna a Surriento Brahams Lullaby And you can get the music here or here. Posted by Max at PM 11 comments:. Bobby Paris began his singing career as a member of the Golden Keys doo-wop group, and in addition to this album on Tetragrammaton he recorded a number of singles over the years see discography here. Paris typically gets labeled a "blue-eyed soul" singer, but as he's Puerto -Rican "brown-eyed soul" is the more appropriate label. There is no doubt that Paris is a powerful and soulful singer and, as you can hear on this album, he can really belt out a song about a broken relationship. There's an online interviewif you want more information on his career. So what about this record? Well, it starts out really strong, and Side 1, which consists entirely of his own compositions, includes some great soul a few of which became hits on the Northern Soul circuit. However, Side 2 attempts something more and fails in the process. Paris might get points for trying to conceive a narrative to link the songs, but loses them for his annoying attempts to explain the narrative arc. However, overall this is a decent album with some fine songs and great vocals, but it would have been better if he had attempted a little less. The production could also have been better on this one--it sounds kind of muddy at time--but that may also be because I've only got the mono version the record was Chicago Gangsters Gangster Love released in stereo. Here's a tracklist although Side 2 is labeled "The Cycle" as a whole and the spoken word pieces also each have their own name, which I've Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas off here, as they are best forgotten :. The recording is obviously in mono and encoded with a VBR-extreme setting. You can get it from r-share or m-fire. In other news, I was also sent a cleaner recording of the first Pollution album, which is now available in place of the older recording. Also, I've gotten a couple requests to post the Angel, Angel Down We Go soundtrack now that's it's no longer available on another blog, and will try to do so in the coming months. Stay tuned for more good music--I picked up a bunch off odd folk records at a thrift store recently and still have a backlog of records I wanted to post from before. It's been a while, but Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas make up for the delay I'm posting 2 albums, both by Len Chandler and both released in They're also the only 2 albums he released under his own name. To Be a Man is my own recording but I have to thank blog reader Markus for forwarding the other album to me and his friend Steve for recording it. Chandler was a classically trained musician oboe was his first instrument who didn't Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas interested in folk singing until he was in college. He started writing songs for Broadside and got involved in the Civil Rights Movement, and then Jah Shaka Meets Aswad In Addis Ababa Studio a record deal with Columbia. Among his compositions was the godawful novelty number "Beans in My Ears" as well as some songs written in support of the Black Panther Party. You can check his full discography herebut other than a later e. He seems to have focused more on songwriting during the s, and was a founder of the Alternative Chorus-Songwriters Showcase. He also moved to LA. Posted by Max at PM 16 comments:. Seraffyn last name Mork is, according to his record cover, the "last, great troubador. Seraffyn does a fine job at singing and occassionally speaking his way through some good folk material, an Edward Lear poem, and a song from the Fantasticks i. Most of the material, though, is British as from the British Isles with some particularly stirring tracks on the first side. Still the record is a notch above your average folk Pete Terrace D M Boogaloo from the period and one has to wonder what happened to Seraffyn, who does not appear to have released anything after this. The Bonnie Earl O'Mowry 4. The Song of Wandering Aengus 5. Try to Remember 6. The Road to the Isles 8. Little Tiny Boy 9. The Cowboy's Lament The Owl and the Pussycat Unfortunately there are a couple brief skips covered over as best I could on the track "Little Tiny Boy. Posted by Max at AM 22 comments:. Posted by Max at AM 13 comments:. Saturday, May 09, Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas what happened to this month's post? Or how I was kidnapped and taken to the Castle of the Gnomes! Or not. So what really happend? Well, I was getting Stephen Spano's fine psychedelic outing Eye to Eye ready for posting and did a quick Local Artist Feelings on Google only to find that it had been recently posted hereon the Good Records NYC blog. Since it's my policy not to post stuff that's available elsewhere I ended up shelving this month's post. I did, however, get a request for John Blair's first album, which had been posted before on another blog but doesn't seem to be available any longer, so I will make some effort to get that up before the month's over. Otherwise, I will definitely have a new post up next month. Also, I've observed that most of my recent posts begin with me complaining that I don't have much time to post. That seems to be a pretty monotonous theme. So, in the future please assume I don't have any time and I won't complain about it anymore. Also, while I'd like to be posting monthly I can't make any promises--suffice it to say I will try to post as often as I can and as long as I have records to post which should be for quite some time to come. Thanks for reading and for your comments and emails! Posted by Max at AM 3 comments:. I'm really pressed for time this Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas and probably will be for the next couple as well so I'm not going to write much about this one. The fact is that I don't know much that I could relay to you anyway. I can also point you to the Wickham brothers Web site for more information about the brothers. The Wickham's original Monk Straight No Chaser tends to be songs of quiet longing and love, many quite good and there are also a number of choice cover songs including excellent versions of Love's Message to Pretty and Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now of my alltime favorites. They play their guitars well enough and the Wickham that sings listened to plenty of Elvis' Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas, although he lacks Elvis' voice. And the sound on this isn't quite as good as I'd like. I may be wrong but I think my turntable seems to be getting worse. Perhaps someone who knows more about audio hardware can clue me in, but will a Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas stylus pick up more noise? Will putting a good stylus on a 3rd rate turntable be a better investment than upgrading to a 2nd rate turntable? Anyway, despite the imperfections I hope you enjoy this album. Posted by Max at AM 5 comments:. This is certainly one of them. So what is the record about? Well according to thel liner notes, "This album attempts to explain in musical form, not only what the youth of today are against but also what they are for It is a musical expression against the war, racism, violence, poverty, the destruction Ana Tijoux Vengo our natural environment, inequality, puritanism, and The Garden Of Eden The Garden Of Eden Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas of power. You might mistakenly believe that the record was made to cash in on Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas youth who might be fooled into thinking this album expresses their concerns, such as their desire for a "love pill" and their belief that a lack of compassion for minority groups caused Lee Harvey Oswald to become an assassin. And so you might think that what you're hearing is the counterculture Flash And The Pan Midnight Man through the psyche of an Cumbias En Moog Cumbia Del Sal Cumbia Sobre El Mar, pseudo-hipster, record producer who assumes the voice of a nameless, all-wise, Socratic questioner. But you'd obviously be wrong, or maybe not. It is really difficult to capture the weirdness of this one in a couple paragraphs, so you should really Labi Siffre All The People I Got The Cramp Your Style to it yourself and decide how serious of a piece of musical theater I'm sorry, theatre this is. I've been particularly busy as of late, so this post comes a little later than I had promised. I hope you'll find that it's worth the wait. A Voice in the Wind is a pretty traditional folk album from a singer who is Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas but traditional. She is a classicaly trained singer whose mother sang opera. Grew up in Washington, DC living across from the Seeger family. Nowadays she performs opera arias while clucking like a chicken, which you do have to hear to believe my Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas can't do it justice. On this record she performs largely unaccompanied by her own guitar and occassionally strings under the direction of Walter Raim. The record was produced by Bobby Scott, who helped her select the material a nice mix of British and American ballads, for the most part. You can review her full discography here. And read an excellent interview, from Terrascopehere. There are also a couple of poor quality videos from her folk-singing days out on Youtube here and here. These MP3s also available here of the album come from the mono version. Here's the tracklist:. Posted by Max at AM 9 comments:. Friday, December 12, Brenda Wootton - Carillon Stephen Whynott From Philly To Tablas Posted by Max at AM 10 comments:. Here's one I can't believe never made it on CD, or if it did I can't find any record of it. Not even some limited, edition Japanese paper sleeve issue.{/PARAGRAPH}


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