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The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection

Download The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection

All LPs are pressed on gram vinyl. Each album The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection also be available individually. Coming on the heels of the The U. Albums box set, the Beatles will be releasing a five-disc CD box set of their original Japanese albums to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their arrival in Japan.

It will be the first time these albums will be available on CD. Without tax code. Fourth pressing, summer until August Black label with yellow Parlophone logo and silver print. White paper standard EMI inner sleeve.

Home Contacts About. Published May 1st, Edit. Revolver, Parlophone, PMC Published July 16th, The original stereo mixes of Help! In both albums had been remixed by George Martin for their CD release in The box contains a new two-disc compilation album titled Mono Masterswhich compiles all the mono mixes of singles, B-sides and EP tracks that did not originally appear on any of the UK albums or Magical Mystery Tour.

The albums Yellow SubmarineAbbey Road and Let It Be are not included in this set, as no true mono mixes of these albums were issued. A mono version of the Yellow Submarine album was released in the UK, but it was simply a fold-down The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection stereo channels combined into one channel from the stereo mix, not a unique, separate mono mix. Abbey Road and Let It Be were issued in the UK in mono on reel-to-reel tape and on LP in Brazil and other countries, but again, only as fold-downs from the respective Commy Bassey In Solitude versions.

The previously unavailable true mono mixes of the four new Beatles songs released on the Yellow Submarine album " Only a Northern Song ", " All Together Now ", " Hey Bulldog " and " It's All Too Much "originally intended for a separate, but ultimately scrapped mono EP which would have also included a mono mix of " Across the Universe ", are included on the Mono Masters compilation. Also omitted from this set, but included in the stereo box set, is a DVD containing the mini-documentaries included with the stereo remasters of the different albums.

The "White Album" was originally released in mono and stereo in the UK and several other countries, but in the United States, it was only released in stereo.

For Mono Mastersdisc 1 uses a mids Parlophone label design and disc 2 uses the unsliced Apple label design. The set also includes a page booklet which 52nd Street Cool As Ice an essay on the important role that the mono mixes played in the Beatles' recording career, notes on every track featured in Mono Mastersand a track-by-track listing of the recordings.

The set debuted at number 40 on Billboard's Top chart Sugar Boy Williams Five Long Years Little Girl the magazine reported that 12, copies were sold in its first week of release.

For the box set, see The Beatles in Mono. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The reissue attempted to draw the ear here and there. Now this! This could easily be done but required a touch more work on the ear, nevertheless. Drums were more characterful and meaty as was the bass and the tambourine was just as clear and concise although the bass was a touch less articulated on the original pressing.

Lead guitar was energetic and bouncy but the two main differences resided with the piano, which now offered a broader and The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection tonally realistic presentation and the vocal performances of McCartney and Lennon. Lennon provided the harmony but his voice was more easily followed and the vocal separation between the two men was clearer. With the 0. That is, the changes and modifications that the 0. Very similar indeed. The ultimate Beatles mono experience demands that you get yourself a top quality Roy Ayers Ubiquity Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival cartridge that includes a stylus made for the correctly sized grooves.

That means a 0. I reckon that the new reissues just edge out the original pressings in terms of pure sonic ability. The amount of work The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection get to The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection point has been monumental from Abbey Road who should be hearily congratulated. As I have said above, you should really utilise the right mono Interstate Seconds Of Your Love stylus size for its preferred groove size.

That means in general terms using a 1mil stylus for vinyl produced before and a 0. One good reason for this is to see how each faired in sonic terms. You might not have a second turntable to fit the second Oliver Nelson Blues And The Abstract Truth or space to install it or the thought of changing from 1mil to 0.

Which is fine and very workable. Your best bet, in this case, is to take a broad view of your vinyl collection. If, on the other hand, your record collection is decidely more modern in flavour then go for a 0. FOR: The ultimate box set. Compression adds a hardness to playback. Hence, older sets, listed below, have great collectable value. A mono version was released in more limited numbers. No doubt, at the time, it was. Released in this eight LP collection lists tracks in chronological order.

I currently write for national magazines in the subjects of business, music, hi-fi and general technology. Hi Paul, Nice review on the new Beatles mono box set. I have a Kotetu cart, love it and read your review on that as well. It was a very informative study for me on the mil size of the record. Interesting enough I have been getting into buying The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection listening to more and more mono being that I prefer that sound. Stereo is great too! Additionally based on your listening sessions, if I had a 1mil cart like the Zero the Original Rubber Soul would sound that much better.

Your input is appreciated. Thanks for you letter, Robert. Ears which, I reckon, may be slightly different from my own. But, hey, Viva la Difference! Bass will be stripped from it because the Kotetu will not be able to track the grooves properly. It will not be able to retain full contact with the groove walls. A 1mil tip would provide a more realistic sound for the original cut.

If you played the original with a 1mil then that tip would give you a true tonal balance with a wealth of extra bass. What is more important is Dusty Springfield A Girl Called Dusty you have discovered mono and the joys it can bestow.

Hi Paul, Thank you for your feedback and getting to my thoughts so promptly. Just spoke with Peter Ledermann Soundsmith. Of course all of us audiophiles The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection to strive for the best sound possible. He actually disagreed whole heartily with a comment about the 1mil needle. The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection respect Peter and what he does but I strongly disagree with The Beatles The Beatles Mono Collection on this one.

Because no-one and I mean no-one can be absolutely certain about the dates here. There are no cut-off dates. The 0. And 0. For a company to invest in stereo, they would have had to have had the cash to do so and their particular markets would have had to have paid for it. This is why the conversion was not uniform. This was an expensive call for any studio. In a time when stereo was not as popular. Some studios invested early. I think Motown did so. Plenty of others delayed and delayed still much later.

You have to use both tips, really, to see which was better. I can clearly hear the basic shifting bass frequencies on different pressings from the area. I also disagree about the damage a 1 mil tip will do on a 0.


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  1. NEW LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION OF SEVEN-INCH SINGLES CUT FROM THE MASTER TAPES. We are proud to announce the release of this collectible box set presenting 46 tracks on 23 7-inch vinyl singles, in faithfully reproduced international picture sleeves, accompanied by a page booklet with photos, ephemera, and detailed essays by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett.
  2. 23 seven-inch singles in a box • Cut from original mono/stereo tapes Apple Corps and Universal Music will issue The Singles Collection in November, a new Beatles box set that gathers all of their seven-inch vinyl single releases together in one box set.
  3. The Beatles Collection #EAS Stereo 13 Vinyl Discs Number Series # $1, The Beatles Home And Away 5 Color Lp Box Set w/Book Numbered Sealed.
  4. Up until , each Beatles album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but the group always regarded the mono as primary. On September 8 (September 9 in North America), The Beatles’ nine U.K. albums, the American-compiled Magical Mystery Tour, and the Mono Masters collection of non-album tracks will be released in mono on gram vinyl LPs with faithfully replicated artwork.
  5. The Beatles Mono Collection () Mono Collection is a box set of each of the reissued mono vinyl LPs (not including Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, or Let It Be - the latter two having never been mixed for mono). The albums were also sold individually.
  6. Aug 26,  · The mono mixes were sometimes strikingly different to the stereo mixes, which has ensured their collectability over the years. This box contains all the officially released Beatles mono mixes in one limited edition box set. Capitol. creature666.deinfo The Beatles Mono Box Set was compiled as a special interest package for the hard-core fan. It presents the first ten albums in re-mastered mono /5().
  7. Released in , The Beatles Mono Collection is a boxed set of all Beatles' albums which were originally issued on mono LPs in the UK (Please Please Me to Yellow Submarine). EMI reportedly pressed a total of 10, copies of each reissue mono LP for sale individually. An unknown quantity of unnumbered red boxes (sometimes reported to be between and ) were issued in the UK, Genre: Rock.

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