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The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed

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Nasio Fontaine. Natural Black. No More Babylon. Norris Cole. Pablo Moses. Pacific Vibrations. Peter Broggs. Peter Tosh. Philharmonic Weed. Yuh know, only the fittest of the fittest shall survive. Like wah Marcus Garvey seh. Ah jus' so it goh. Neville : Tell me now. As a Rasta, what is your feeling about being Jamaican? Marley : Being Jamaican?

The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed : Yeah! Hear how it goh now Neville. Being Jamaican? I don't see I self as being Jamaican.

I see I self as a Rasta being Rasta! Soh, Jamaica is The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed. Africa is Afirca. I man a Rasta! Neville : Aah ha. You don't have any boundaries. Marley : My boundaries. Now, well I must pick a place pon earth where I know The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed must live. And I know I waan live near my father and my father live in Ethiopia. So I must live where my father is. Neville : Literally? In other words, literally you hope to live in Ethiopia some day.

Marley : I don't hope. Wi going. Near, near! Dis isgoing near to 74 now. Jah seh, before one of my word pass away, heaven and earth crash. Neville : Bob, listen, everyday nowadays you read about famine in Ethiopia.

What you say to that now? Marley : Great! I seh great. If yuh don't know God yuh goin' suffer and dead! No God Noh Partial, regardless weh yuh deh pon earth. If yuh deh ah Ethiopia inna him palace and yuh don't know him is the almighty, yuh suffer. God noh partial I. Now, I could ah starve and suffer too, but I know Jah.

Neville : Now it's Bob Marley and the Wailers. You write such a lot of material for the group. You have such a lot to do with it. Are you committed to the group? Marley : Well yes! The group is the Wailers. Well fi some reason them seh Bob Marley and the Wailers. I never tell anyone fi seh dat, from no time at all. But maybe fi some reason why dem do it. Well I man is a Wailers. An' ah just soh it rest. Until wah fi happen will just happen.

Because when man plan, Jah wipeout. Neville : Alright, but what about song writing. You write such a lot of music. Different people write music in different ways. Some sit down and write the words and then put the music to it. Some write the music, then drop in the words after. Do you have a process, and exactly what is it, if you have one?

Marley : Well it grow together. Is like, first time mi try to write a song is the first time mi try to play the guitar. And soh mi can write a song without the guitar. But it really grow together. Mi really like stay with mi guitar. But it just happen, is Jah inspiration come thru man.

Because, I personally, it look like, could ah write a whole heap a tune, it look like. But I pick special tune fi write. Neville : Yes. I understand. Hey, listen I know you hand a close association with Johnny Nash, who has done quite a lot of your tunes. And me hear people talking and saying, "bwoy ah wonder if Johnny Nash ever treat our Jamaican man right?

What exactly is the situation? We are quite free on this program. Olivier Messiaen Turangalila Symphonie : Well Dem gi mi some money the other day.

And want mi fi sign another agreement with them. Mi really ah check it out like ha ha. Is like mi noh waan really seh nothing bad 'bout dem, and still mi noh have nothing much good fi seh. Neville : What do you The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed about Americans taking Reggae and doing it and making big money out of it? Like Johnny Nash has done and Paul Simon and Lindsay Cooper An Angel On The Bridge couple of other people.

What The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed you think about that. Marley : Well dem do something wah thru these people out yah try kill wi off, wi couldn't do right.

Because dem people out The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed too wicked. Now Neville dem ting yah mek mi vex. Neville : I understand. Marley : Look how much good artist inna Jamaica. Look wah it tek fi a guy, jus' seh because dem is guys, seh alright mi ah goh get some good recording done and do a ting with it.

Jus' ah hustle off ah people. Waah yuh come in deh come do 15 Julian Y Su Combo Noche De Fiesta in 3 hours. Soh him don't loose, because him really The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed deh and noh guess nothing. Him stay The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed and do wah him ah do.

Neville : So you mean that the people here wouldn't want to spend the money on us. Marley : Dem never waan do that. Neville : I see. Marley : Dem wait until Johnny Nash and dem guys deh gwaan with a ting. An' certain guys dem si whole heap a guys ah come in now. Dem hardly want wi even do it to. Yuh ah fi have yuh own studio and all that.

Wah wi ah try get right now our own studio. Because if wi want it, Jah will mek wi Terry Crawford Chocolate Candy it. Neville : You want a studio? Called me at 3am but didn't leave a message.

Don't know the number so I didn't answer! I got a call from telling me that my resume had been received and to call to schedule an interview. The automated message didn't mention a company name, contact person, or even what job it was in reference to. I The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed many hundreds of miles away from Texas, and assume this is a scam of some sort.

I will not be calling this number to schedule an 'interview'. I figure it The Heptones Telford Nelson Callie Weed a hoax. I got three calls in a roll.

I guess since I would not answer they would keep trying. Left no messages. We are registered on the 'national do Not Call' directory.


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  1. Sep 24,  · Telford “Tilly” Nelson hails from the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica. He began singing at a young age with his first recording "Callie Weed" in After a steady solo career, Tilly joined the.
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