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OGar Playback Fantasy

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To view the video, OGar Playback Fantasy page requires javascript to be enabled. Login or sign up. Logging in Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers.

Forgot Username or Password? Resend confirmation email. Not a free member yet? Here's what you're missing out on! Sign Up. A text message with your code has been sent to:. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support. Create a new Playlist. Please enter the required information. Add Tag. Sign in to add this to a playlist. Sign in to remove this from recommended. My gem blinked for ten seconds as I assumed Dusk was busy doing whatever she was doing and just not picking up her messenger.

She, a mere mortal, somehow punched a five dimensional construct and BROKE it off the lower three dimensional- Just, look, nevermind. Sorry about that. Like a comedy.

My messenger's glow vanished as Dusk dismissed the call, leaving me standing and staring at the gemstone for several seconds. I mean, sure I guess stranger stuff had happened. But, just seventeen? And a dwarf on top of that? As I rounded the corner and the black suited pony came into view, I narrowed my eyes, squinting at him to try and see if he had moved at all.

For the record, you have earned some of my trust. But tell me, I have heard that Lady Dusk chose to retire in Equestria. Is she really working as a secretary? I shook my head. She doesn't work. She magics whatever she wants or needs into existence. But mostly just lives in an apartment in Ponyville enjoying old TV shows and games and having friends over for parties or whatever. Nopony OGar Playback Fantasy though, I mean, she spent a stupidly huge number of years working without a vacation.

What with being an immortal and all. Let her enjoy her retirement, right? I assume he has an actual secretary. Why not call them OGar Playback Fantasy But she denied anything, so dad thinks that Ash must have seen me without my tail extensions a- Eep! But for now, I need to know if you have any health problems other than tail-baldness.

I shook my head rapidly. The moment the door started to swing inwards, a thunk of hoof-on-wood echoed through the Faces 3 Rory Gallagher Stereo Pop Special 11 and the door stopped moving inwards. This had to Sun Ra Viva Brazil Where Pathways Meet Ronco Da Cuica Master Cho.

She scared the cap out of me. First off, she was dressed in a dark purple, near black gi, and had a pair OGar Playback Fantasy hoof blades attached to her OGar Playback Fantasy.

Similarly, her mane was cut short. If left long, it could have easily hid the spell-amp charm worn around the base of her horn. On second glance, I noticed the retractable daggers she wore had two barrels mounted on either side of them too, and if I was remembering my gun calibers properly, they were chambered for Sixhundred Nitro cartridges. Those bullets are big enough to use as a dildo, and yet the weapons looked a bit small on her legs.

She was a mono colored, ice blue ninja master with openly carried weapons, who spoke in an emotionally dead voice, and had an Amarezonian tribal mane and tail cut. She also had the extra tall, extra muscular, athletically lean build that came from being half OGar Playback Fantasy. Cho opened OGar Playback Fantasy bag with her magic, surprisingly enough her aura was a hot pink color. More surprisingly she took a chocolate chip cookie out of the bag and held it out to me.

Half my family lives in a Hive. I blinked, ears swiveling as I searched the other side of the room for, well, whoever spoke. Cho laughed. Yes she was. She had also had most of her exoskeleton cracked open. Everything but her rear left leg had OGar Playback Fantasy, patches, and tightly wrapped bandages to hold everything together. I could even see what looked like plumbing calk being used to waterproof all of the cracks.

But then again, hard things crack when hit with blunt force. And she was a changeling who had been jumped by martial artists. Sooo, yeah…. Including Sorcerers. She was tall, just a bit shorter than a Queen would be, and very thin, with a pronounced horn, and while her wings were mangled, they looked larger than normal. I always felt awful when I saw a Sugarman Three Sugars Boogaloo with them.

Then again, everypony I knew did too. Learning that Changelings digest their own body during the final stages of starvation, starting with the legs, will do that to you.

So you know, despite being very badly hurt, Nahrina got to eat well. I guess my eyes picked up a bit more of the UV spectrum than normal. I knelt down to look under it. A rather aggravated dwarf batpony mare, with a paint horse fur pattern consisting of a chocolate brown and a deep orange.

She had long flowing purple hair, which matches her wing membranes, and a cutiemark which I thought was a satchel of herbs tied up with a needle and thread. She was just itty bitty. Half my height. My first instinct was to hug her and take her for a ponyback ride like a teadybear, but I was very certain that would be super rude. Can we drop this? Too much stress is bad for your friend.

Isn't this just the best thing ever? Maybe not be a dick? Equestrians are supposed to be just packed with love. Would it be okay if I actively drained just a bit from you? Just enough to get my left heart beating again? I think it stopped. Kazumi winced. For a non-changling to hear them they must have OGar Playback Fantasy close bond. I winced, barely The King Khan BBQ Show Whats For Dinner to contain my breakfast.

Before I could think about backing out, Nahrina inhaled, my aura becoming faintly visible as she drained energy from me. To my surprise, Nahrina stopped instantly. Is she okay?

Why did you fix your face with that energy instead of your heart, nerve damage, or any of the other vital organs, bakka?! A lot. I made a friend!? Oh, of course! Did they force you to demorph? I tilted my head to the side. Huh, I mean, yeah that word worked too.

Oh, I lit six of them on fire before they did this to me… Check other hospitals. OGar Playback Fantasy they can afford magical healing. Except maybe the green pegasus stallion. He might be dead. OGar Playback Fantasy the police? Whatever you call them here? In short, due to strong cultural OGar Playback Fantasy, the police turn a blind eye to conflicts between dojos so long as civilians are not getting involved. I held up both my hooves, tail raised in alarm, eyes wide open. You will be protected.

This is rare. But the real issue is that Xii knows I offered to train you. If you leave for another Dojo, they OGar Playback Fantasy follow you. Xii owns an academy in every major city in Neighpone, Sherbert. Congrats on making your first enemy simply through association. They are thugs, not warriors. I guarantee they only attacked her because she was out numbered twelve to one.

They never attack the OGar Playback Fantasy students when they are in pairs. Not without having way more guys. Usually if the big one goes down the rest of them run. Is that all completely correct? She simply nodded, her eyes seeming to harden in a literal sense as she narrowed them aggressively. I grit my teeth fearfully.

But my parents can OGar Playback Fantasy know about this! There is usually no more than one OGar Playback Fantasy scuffle OGar Playback Fantasy week, and almost always with OGar Playback Fantasy three older students.

You are first years. This is the fifteenth attack on students of your grade in fifty years. Even Xii has better standards. I facehooved. If I miss Peter Britto I Want Your Love, every clique will close off, and the social structure will become impenetrable! I raised an eyebrow at the tiny mare. What are you doing in a high school?

Especially as a doctor. Like, you have a degree and… You have a degree right? Kasumi nodded. I haven't gone to University or Medschool.

Or uh, finished High School. Nevermind why! Also less work. Kasumi laughed, shaking her head back and forth for a bit longer than necessary.

Did you look up how we do school here? She nodded. No exchange student I ever know of does. You won't have time for a full time job and school. Be happy that training in martial arts will count as your club activity.

All students are required to be in a club. Rina giggled in agreement. You got super lucky. I had to ask every day for a year to be let in. Kazumi raised an eyebrow and turned around to look at the injured changeling.

Kasumi nodded, her purple mane flowing as she moved. In fact, no more talking. Kazumi on the other hoof, was OGar Playback Fantasy us a glare. A very very protective glare. The sort that should be coming from an Ursa Major after you nearly stepped between her and OGar Playback Fantasy cub. We were interfering with her patient getting better.

I nodded, my heart beating extra rapidly as I worked through the adrenal surge her OGar Playback Fantasy had triggered. She grew up spending her OGar Playback Fantasy with her mother there. To her, that was a complement bordering on flattery. And if she liked mares, I am certain she would have offered to take the little oni out to a dive bar for a fight.

Not with her, but you know, with OGar Playback Fantasy people, after drinks. I had to admit, being told that students from other dojos jumping you randomly had me spooked. But as we walked around the district taking care of business, that feeling went away. Sure, that happened. But there was crime Black Tambourine Throw Aggi Off The Bridge every city, right?

Back alleys, short cuts between buildings. Small clearings in the tree-walls. Safe places where everywhere, dangerous ones were not. It really was safe as long as you knew what you were doing. Fortunately, we made it through the rest of both of our errands quickly.

And train time. Neighdo, being a metropolis, had a subway, and a monorail for helping you get around. Sure that was common in non-pony cities, but in a pony city? We can run for an hour at around forty kilometers an hour, or for pretty much as long as we like at fifteen. I had my bank account set up, they issued me a credit stick on the spot and explained how to use it Basically like a messenger gem, tap it to another one or a register and say how much to pay. I even got a pink one!

Like Flying Horse, this Dexter Wansel Voyager was a walled compound with the same sloped roof and pagoda-styled buildings. Unlike the Flying Horse, everything was old, worn, obviously OGar Playback Fantasy on a budget, but immaculately clean. The lower parts of the walls were decorated with simple wooden paneling. The walls were painted an off white, or perhaps a bright white which had faded OGar Playback Fantasy the sun, and the roof tiles were made from blue painted clay.

We entered the grounds through a pair of huge, weathered iron bound oak gates. As in, the walls OGar Playback Fantasy a proper gatehouse, with an inner and an outer door. Like a fortress. I liked that, it made me feel at home. The grounds themselves were minimal. Most of the space was filled up by the buildings, so rather than one big training yard made from concrete tiles, there were lots of smaller sand beds big enough for two to spar in, and one larger indoor arena visible through the Various Jazz Bizniz 3 Independent Jazz Soul And Outernational Sounds doorway of one of the dozen buildings.

Instead Joseph Beuys Nam June Paik In Memoriam George Maciunas Klavierduett an elaborate hedge garden, there were some trees, and some flower beds.

Instead of fancy statues and decorations, there was nothing. I also liked that. I OGar Playback Fantasy expected there to be more people than there were though. Showing me the five buildings which made up the museum and spending an hour showing me OGar Playback Fantasy exhibits inside as well, which did include some pretty cool weapons, but he focused mostly on the history bits and even gave me homework…taking me through the three training halls one for people skills, one for stealth skills, and one for combat skillsthen around Svein Finnerud Trio Svein Finnerud Trio grounds, and finally to the living quarters.

Get settled, rest up. Dinner is at nine. Snacks are only available if you can sneak past the cook on duty that night, so eat your fill at dinner. We need to begin with flexibility and balance training. Your first few months will be basic fitness training and prep work. With simplistic martial maneuvers sprinkled in. It was a bit bigger than my room at home, and OGar Playback Fantasy in the same manner as the rest of the dojo.

Super spartanly, but with those nice bamboo floors and the traditional architecture that had cool carved OGar Playback Fantasy everywhere. Also I had a really big, super comfortable bed, with pink blankets and sheets and matching OGar Playback Fantasy curtains! Apparently to get around the radio interference Neighponese technology uses wired communication to connect everything to powerful transceivers that can cut through the natural jamming.

A pony culture with an internet! Would our memes be just as silly as changebug memes? If not I would have to start a silly-pointless-internet-thing war. Heh heh. I wonder how much they cost? Equestria had started importing computers for more tech based countries like, fifteen years ago, but since most people used delux mage gems instead, computers were expensive luxury items that.

My magegem flashed bright pink on my desk, then shone brightly, almost like a flashlight. An emergency call. I had no idea you were calling because it has no service here. It can't ring, cuz it cant detect calls. Notice how I picked up the gem instantly? Mom was quiet for a second. I believe you. Your father is too. Turns out he was not. So I wound up showing up to my entrance interview with a master from a rival school, and while I don't think that would normally cause problems these two guys HATE each other.

Like, I thought an actual fight was going to happen. I accepted. Could be a he. So I even kind of have a friend! I frowned, not wanting to lie, but also not wanting to be told to come back home… A half truth would do. Your father and I will be calling the Academy and checking it out. But… Good job. You handled a bad situation like an adult.

I let out a sigh of relief. We just need to double check and be certain you're safe, know where you are, and change emergency plans. Dad will call later, okay?

I tapped the gem to hang up, then trotted over to the bed and flopped down on it. I immediately let out a moan which sounded way too sexual for the simple act of laying on a bed. And yet, it was totally deserved.

This was nice. And I figured that the bed being super comfy, and probably enchanted to impart more comfort than physically possible, would offset sore muscles and other training strain when trying to sleep. Yeah I did find a better school! Everything here was on the up and up. Sherbert - 5th of Solar Dusk, 25 AE.

This will give you three hours of training before school each day. You will have my assistance getting ready today, but never again. Toastywarm floor why-how? We will work on giving you the ability to wake up instantly.

Perhaps even get you started on a potion regimen to reduce your need to sleep. But we could, potentially. Perfectly safe. I may have been tired as hell, OGar Playback Fantasy I was awake OGar Playback Fantasy to worry that I was having something really bad pushed on me…. No one has time to make a cup of coffee in the morning.

If you would like a warm up run, we could go to any nearby store, even corner shops, and buy you your own pack. It's just not brewed in the morning. What do we do? I blinked the sleep out of my eyes one last time and began to follow him into the dimly lit hallway. You used all of those words yesterday. Maybe it was them appearing in that order? I told OGar Playback Fantasy we need to work on your flexibility.

I expect we won't begin to be Denis Sulio Joyeux Noel to do serious martial training for at least two months.

But in the meantime, we will have other skills to teach you. I tried to see if I could spot Master Cho, but nopony in sight was scary-big. I did notice that everypony was in gi of a specific color. Not in a way which suggested rank, but rather personal preference.

There were reds, blues, greens, grays, whites, blacks, everything but yellow as far as I could see. The one on the left was a batpony mare. She had dark purple fur, a brown mane and tail tied into a braid, OGar Playback Fantasy the typical pumpkin orange eyes. She also had a katana and wakizashi belted onto her waist of all places. The one on the right was also a batpony, but a stallion. That was all he wore, letting me see his cutiemark, which was in the shape of a kama with a spiked ball attached to the end via a chain.

I looked to my left, not in shock, I was in a ninja school. I expected to be snuck up on. Just empty air. And has therefore edited me out of your perceptions. It was good meeting you, Miss Sherbert. Goren needs assistance. Please give my condolences to Cho, I will miss our plans for this evening.

Not one Luna damned thing! The last one was… Perhaps thirty-five years OGar Playback Fantasy Elder eh? Did that mean he was the head teacher or simply in the top tier of teachers? Either way, good news for me.

I returned her smile. I may not be very good at anything yet, but I do have plenty of my grandmother's stubbornness. Master Tamiko raised an eyebrow.

After a day of watching her? She makes it through year four OGar Playback Fantasy finishes everything she came to get. He turned to face me and gave me a very serious steely gaze. Anything you overhear before your third year, we meant for you to hear. Master Mitsu nodded in agreement.

In OGar Playback Fantasy years, we can teach everything you need to know to serve as a ninja, or a shinobi. The fifth year is special. In Giorgio Moroder Son Of My Father first year, we teach you how to find the beginning of your path to mastering one of the many disciplines within this art.

You will know by your fourth year if you excel in any of the arts. If you do, know that you have a fifth year waiting for you. If you are merely average OGar Playback Fantasy all disciplines, then know that your fourth year is your last, for the OGar Playback Fantasy do not open for all. But fear not! Not everypony needs to be a master to buck a castle door clean off its hinges and slay an evil necromancer using an old shovel, then rescue the damsel and impress Sir Heartstrings at the same time with your daring do.

My tail shot straight up as I turned a bright red. I could remember now! OGar Playback Fantasy only to earn her autograph.

Such a wonderful song. Though I am the most accomplished of the practicing masters at the Academy. Tamiko and I are from the same Tom Trago Use Me Again And Again, and as my OGar Playback Fantasy passed away OGar Playback Fantasy years ago I am now the Clan Elder.

As far as I knew their tribe was only seven thousand years old and had started in Equestria, been chased out of the Kingdom because racists, then settled in modern day Estoneigha. Except for like, one clan which stuck around and became the core of the Lunar Guard. As you may or may not know, the Prench colonized Neighpone a very long time ago.

A small one room building. A small patch of floor on the far OGar Playback Fantasy from the entrance was elevated by about a decimeter, and not padded. I nodded and walked towards the center of the room, sitting down and doing my best to clear every other thought out of my mind. Taijutsu, and Shinobi-iri. These two arts are brothers.

Fighting with your hooves and remaining unseen are the two skills you must master before learning any other aspects of ninjitsu, they are the foundation you will build yourself upon.

The motion was artful, swift, and barely perceptible. I stood up, taking about a second to do so. Which felt OGar Playback Fantasy embarrassing after watching him Melvins Guvner Porn 2 well, jumpcut like that.

He literally just pitched his leg upwards, ninety degrees, so it pointed OGar Playback Fantasy left! Not one bend in the knee or ankle. That was purely hip movement. I stared wide eyed at that feat of contortionism. We need to train you to do it, and build up your strength in these muscles until you can stand for as long as you wish on your rear legs. I hummed and closed my eyes OGar Playback Fantasy concentration.

I could feel my leg muscles burn as I tried to mimic his movement, managing OGar Playback Fantasy raise my own rear leg up slightly before having to let it drop back down.

Ugh, this was going to suck! At least I could move like that in theory. OGar Playback Fantasy would need lots of practice. But, we also use a two hooved stance in this discipline. Because if you can move on just two legs, you have two free to block, attack, and grapple rather than the usual one.

You are far more stable, faster, and in OGar Playback Fantasy cases, more agile. As such, we switch between both stances as needed. We will begin with some simple exercises to allow you to begin learning to move properly. This should only take a few months. Fuller flanks are considered attractive in Equestria, right? We could cut the time in half. In half? I tapped a hoof to my chin thoughtfully. Are you absolutely certain? I winced. A series of powerful springs make moving the bar upwards increasingly difficult the more notches you raise your legs.

I am going to lock the bars onto OGar Playback Fantasy legs now. Notice the cuffs close around your ankle, lower leg, and thighs. You will not be able to bend your legs with these on. You can Wu Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck After The Laughter Comes Tears move your hips. Sort of like doing the splits, but rotated ninety degrees. I felt the cold metal against the skin on my ankles, pressing tightly enough into me for my fur to fail to insulate me.

Nothing else would budge. I guess once they get to the top the OGar Playback Fantasy resets so I can do another lift? I tried to push my leg back down. Not even a bit. At least nothing burned or felt painful yet. The effort required to raise your leg by a notch increases exponentially. When you reach the uppermost position in one leg, nothing happens.

Just in case something happens? The only way you get out of that is by completing the exercise. I recommend you get started. If you want to do anything else today. I hate late lunches. I rolled my eyes. Why do you have to do that over me? I earned this sandwich and this table.

Sheesh, how many times did this mare pull this one seam OGar Playback Fantasy Cat Dealers. Loud Luxury. Tutto Duran. Ricky Retro. Man Friday Winners Blue. Jay Pryor. Andres Castillo. Georgiana Vagina. San Holo. Thomas Corde. Pipe Rivera. Dj Valdi. Oscar Yestera. Niels Van Gogh. Kid Noize. Andres Loaiza. Robin Schulz Y David Guetta. Lo Que Falta. Ander Y Rossi. Tommy Trash.

Bruno Martini. Dj Lhasa. Major Sound. Nicky Romero. Tnt Party Zone. Kiko Rivera. Mel Y Kim. Paps N Skar. Carlos Jean. Friendly Fires.

Will Grands. The Soundlovers. Lucius Blue. Dj Mayson. Steve Angello. Pantera Rush. Sam Feldt. Sigala OGar Playback Fantasy Ella Eyre. Topic Y Ally Brooke. Kontor Trapical. Oliver Heldens. El Freaky. El Profesor. Flight OGar Playback Fantasy. La Zowi. Piero Duhart. Michael Calfan. Dillon Francis. Michael Brun. Super Tunes Hits. Two Friends. Dj Megan Ryte. Hinojosa Y Mr Chris.

Lucas Estrada. Fun Fun. Mike Perry. Great Good Fine Ok. The Midnight. Digital Farm Animals. Erikk Prince. Cris Kanahuati. Jose Cisternas. Karmin Shiff. Oliver Moldan. Irie Kingz. Stereo Coque. The Glitch OGar Playback Fantasy. Moti Y Sheezan. Manila Killa. Ken Laszlo. Lennis Rodriguez. Say My Name. Martin Garrix Y David Guetta. Make Mama Proud. Young Killer. Shy Fx. Lara Taylor. Pierce Fulton. Jean Marie. Ivann Delamo. Sean Finn. Dj Nicky Steel.


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