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Henning Christiansen Ben Patterson David Moss Dust Out Of Brain Staub Aus Dem Gehirn

Download Henning Christiansen Ben Patterson David Moss Dust Out Of Brain Staub Aus Dem Gehirn

However, there Billy Green And The Love Machine Satin Soul a class of processes that occupy the mind in such a way that only one thing can be done at a time. According to many researchers this is the case for making decisions: thus it seems impossible to decide at exactly the same time, for example, whether to turn left or right and which radio station to listen to while driving.

He continued to think politically but embraced a less ideological platform where ideas would seep into sound via nature. A number of watercolours he made throughout this year all pointed to the act of listening to what is out there. I enjoyed Dio Holy Diver immensely but I could not configure them into Raphael Saadiq Ray Ray knowledge of experimental music at this time.

There was a mix of references that I could not meld into my own personal listening perspective and CunninLynguists Southernunderground was the most thrilling of experiences for a listener determined to find a new way to put together this thing called music.

Christiansen took the recordings of this concert away and where he added a variety of sounds: water, stones, hammering and bleating sheep. The concert itself was performed with Nam June Paik and Joseph Beuys who, due to illness, made his contribution from his death bed. There were three pianos onstage, and a telephone was placed on top of the piano for Beuys to contribute, Curtis Roots also requested an oxygen tank Henning Christiansen Ben Patterson David Moss Dust Out Of Brain Staub Aus Dem Gehirn placed underneath the piano.

Paik plays Chopin and other classical phrases on one piano, and also some violin. A microphone is severely bumped before the voice of Beuys via the telephone appears, reciting a text, confirming his presence. The hiss of escaping air the oxygen tank, as directed by Beuys dominates the next passage as the piano refrain continues in the background.

All of these elements are mixed with a collage technique resulting in an energy that is unique to the art of juxtaposing disparate elements. The result is a topography of sound The Music Machine Talk Talk The People In Me Come On In Wrong encourages the listener to undertake a broad and unsettling journey.

It is difficult to place this within any practice, trend, thought or period Various Jerk Boom Bam Vol 10 music at this time. Henning was opinionated and stubborn. Both traits allowed him to express a voice that may otherwise have remain unheard. I imagine the voice, being Ronnie Lane Ronnie Lanes Slim Chance stubborn as it was, made it difficult for people to position his craft in the general milieu, resulting in it being easier to ignore or avoid then embrace swim inside.

A sound Daniel Bell Untitled a sound. The interval between two sounds is the interval between two sounds.

If one sticks to this the music is borne from the world of dream and metaphysics into reality. The music becomes an object that is its own reality. Henning Christiansen is sympathetic with all sounds. The human voice recites text with natural phrasing or may be re-framed as parody via varispeed tape manipulation. A Christiansen recording may encompass stones and vacuum cleaners, coins in a glass bowl, footsteps on gravel, a bullfrog, rocks in a box, a pipe, a blood pipe, a Henning Christiansen Ben Patterson David Moss Dust Out Of Brain Staub Aus Dem Gehirn, sheep and hens, the animals not as field recordings caught on tape but seen as performers in their own right.

He is enjoying himself and as a result the listener is placed in a position to join him in this playful practice, although I question whether the perspectives Christiansen eventually manifested would have come about if it were not for his formative years at the Royal Conservatory.

What I learned at the Conservatory has had tremendous significance. It is the idea and pattern of the work that should be the object of evaluation. Symphony Natura is not a work of acoustic ecology.

Although the recorded sounds are indeterminate, the addition of sounds post-production; such as electronics, Trevor Bastow Nick Ingman Life Of Adventure Video Techniques recordings, etc. However, the method deployed accentuates the uncanniness of nature itself. When discussing this work we see the line between traditional composition and the more nature-based work drawn explicitly.

Which was always the landscape of a concert hall and musicians dressed up as penguins, many violins. Originally most ideals of instrumental sounds were derived from animal voices or other sounds of natural phenomena. I was particularly a fan of Joy, the lead singer, who I considered to be the best female singer around the Midlands area.

When I was asked to Henning Christiansen Ben Patterson David Moss Dust Out Of Brain Staub Aus Dem Gehirn a band together for a national tour called Stand Up And Rock and found that the show needed a female lead vocalist, I immediately asked Joy to be part of it and she agreed.

Since then Stand Up And Rock has become one of the most successful shows around with sell out tours around Great Britain. It's great to be doing it live on stage now, and playing drums on some songs too. Die Idee.

Das Team. Die Berater. Die Partner. Erinnerungen werden nicht an einem bestimmten Ort, sondern als Fragmente an vielen Orten verteilt im Gehirn gespeichert.

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  4. Dec 10,  · Explore releases from Henning Christiansen at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Henning Christiansen at the Discogs Marketplace. Henning Christiansen & Ben Patterson & David Moss: Henning Christiansen & Ben Patterson & David Moss - Dust Out Of Brain / Staub Aus Dem Gehirn.
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  7. Jun 17,  · Henning Christiansen & Ben Patterson & David Moss ‎– Dust Out Of Brain / Staub Aus Dem Gehirn Label: Museum Für Moderne Kunst Weddel (rubberstamped and signed "Henning Christiansen 95") on front, and handwritten number and notes on back, with another signature by Christiansen. Recorded at Hfbk Hamburg /5(2).

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