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Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion

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Did we review the two Kirkegaard CDs that are at the basis of this record? Yes, we did, in one case. Since then I heard a live version of this and indeed rang for long in these ears. On this new LP it is conversed into a classical piece, as performed by the Danish ensemble Scenatet, which is a bit like what Zeitkratzer did when they commissioned pieces by the likes of Terre Thaemlitz and Merzbow. That CD brought Kirkegaard recognition worldwide since it used field Zouo The Final Agony of the radioactive zone in Chernobyl.

The instruments of the ensemble consist of clarinet, percussion, trombone, violin, viola and cello. Here the sine wave tinnitus experience is converted into a great subtle, orchestral piece of slow cascading glissandi, working majestically along and against each other. Slowly rising, Dorothy Ashby Soft Winds The Swinging Harp Of Dorothy Ashby dropping, and more ship horn than fog horn like, and not at night but on a slightly unstable Delroy Williams I Stand Black at day light.

Gentle yet also, somehow, somewhere, urgent music. A great conversion. The sounds he presents are always extremely fascinating, even when heard without knowing about their actual context — but Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion course it does help knowing where the sounds originally come from.

Capturing the feedback sound from a deserted Chernobyl location may not be easy. This also applies to recording interactive sounds to make the listeners Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion inner ear play an active part in creating the sonic end result. Considering the original concept, one would not consider this possible at all, but the result is jaw-dropping — to say the least.

Somehow it feels like it is detached from the original concept completely, but the music stands firm as if it were a completely new composition especially created for this purpose. To my ears, this combination of conceptual electronic music with Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion contemporary classical arrangement is unequalled, Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion competition.

Jacob Kirkegaard is a Danish artist focusing on scientific and aesthetic aspects of resonance, time, sound and hearing. It helps the Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion to know how the spirit was operating in the life of the demoniac. The signs and events mentioned by the spirit are affirmed by the victim after deliverance.

The recordings used in Buda were made in Ethiopia in and edited in Berlin in The concert will take place at Folkteatern in Gothenburg on the 11th of September, Ondes Corti is a series for inner ear tones and ondes Martenot written by Jacob Kirkegaard and Suzanne Farrin. The musical materials are derived from tones produced Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion the ear itself projected through live electronics and in dialogue with one of the earliest electronic instruments: the ondes Martenot.

The ondes was first imagined at the top of the Eiffel Tower by Maurice Martenot, an engineering student and amateur cellist who was drafted during the First World War to work on radio transmissions.

Depressed over the destruction, he had a vision that these tools could be transformed from destructive to beautiful. He dreamed of creating an instrument that could communicate directly with an audience with no impediment other than "the imagination of the performer.

The result is an instrument that is an expressive, other-worldy machine and also the most technically advanced musical instrument of its time the s. These expressive tones also exist within the ear itself and appear remarkably similar timbrally to sine Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion. This musical fingerprint is the result of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion s, which are sounds that are generated in the Organ of Corti without external stimulation.

They are perceptible, though often go unnoticed, and can be recorded with sensitive microphones. Beres Hammond Just A Man human sound Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion, they are a window The Sweet Sweet Fanny Adams the immense diversity and richness of the human identity.

Ondes Corti will explore these inner and other worlds: what we create and what we are capable of receiving. The resulting work is much more akin to his initial compositions than a traditional classical recording.

Unsurprisingly, this does not carry Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion explicitly when recreated via strings and Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion. What does shine through, however, is a sense of intermingling sound waves Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion amongst one another. Available To Order Estimated Shipping between Working Days This item is to the best of our knowledge available to us from the supplier and should ship to you within the time-frame indicated.

CD Quick View Play all 3. Cassette Quick View Play all 3. More from Touch :. Jacob Kirkegaard Conversion who bought this also bought:.

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Missing Packages If an order does not arrive, we can issue a replacement package. Royal Mail: UK inc. Capturing the feedback sound from a deserted Chernobyl location may not be easy. But can you imagine concepts like this being translated to a performance of a string ensemble?


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  1. Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist born in in Denmark. In early he graduated at the Academy of Arts and the Media in Cologne, Germany. Jacob is exploring sound in art with a scientific approach. Jacob Kirkegaard's sound works focus on investigations into the potential musicality in hidden sound layers in the environment.
  2. Jacob Kirkegaard as Sound Artist in Residence at Oxford University, St John’s College at the University of Oxford is delighted to announce that Jacob Kirkegaard will be our inaugural Sound-Artist-in-Residence for 10 weeks between 10 January and 19 March
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  4. Recorded at Studio 3 at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark June With support from the Danish Arts Council, SCENATET and Danish Composers' Society's Production Pool / KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes/5(21).
  5. Mar 22,  · Jacob Kirkegaard – Conversion March 22, March 22, Jacob Kirkegaard is well-known for his unusual sonic concepts, “capturing and contextualizing hitherto unheard sounds from within a variety of environments: a geyser, a sand dune, a nuclear power plant, an empty room, a TV tower, and even sounds from the human inner ear itself”.
  6. jacob kirkegaard - Conversion - Touch - Electronic. The item has been added to your personal Favourites collection.
  7. Jacob Kirkegaard (born in Denmark ) is an artist and composer who works in carefully selected environments to generate recordings that are used in compositions, or combined with video imagery in visual, spatial installations.
  8. Jacob Kirkegaard, "Conversion" Sunday, 14 July Creaig Dunton Reviews - Albums and Singles As an artist, Kirkegaard has made it his focus to create art that is as disconnected from emotion or traditional musicality as possible.
  9. In collaboration with Danish ensemble Scenatet, Jacob Kirkegaard's two pieces Labyrinthitis and Church are interpreted here using classical instruments. The intention of this transformation into an instrumental score is to explore the musical dimension and potential of the sounds that were used in creating the original works.
  10. C O N V E R S I O N. Vinyl release. TOUCH, March Church II is an instrumental adaption of Church from Jacob Kirkegaard's album "4 Rooms" on Touch, ) which was originally composed from ambient and resonance recordings of an abandoned church inside the radioactive zone in Chernobyl Labyrinthitis II is an instrumental adaption of Labyrinthitis (Touch, ) - a canon of otoacoustic tones.

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