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Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture

Download Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture

Important records has not released this album. To date, only the Japanese release is available. At this point it is unclear if the Important Records release Wire Mannequin a US Goblin Profondo Rosso Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the same material, or something different or nothing at all.

Regardless, a recording of the "album release concert" in Tokyo on February 23,which includes Haino is available from the Jo Ha Kyu website.

See the collaborations section of the discography for album cover and other details. In addition to more than a passing interest in the music of Keiji Haino, the site maintenance man, Unique Sankofa J.

Keffer, maintains an active interest in the broader world of non-idiomatic improvisation including teaching a course titled The Golden Age of Non-Idiomatic Improvisation at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture interest has led David Keffer to write a "novel of non-idiomatic improvisation" published through the Poison Pie Publishing House.

The novel is titled "A Sutra of Reverse Possession: a novel of non-idiomatic improvisation". Folks who appreciate the philosophy underlying non-idiomatic improvisation may find this novel rewarding.

A flyer describing the novel is available here. An excerpt from the novel can be read at amazon. In the U. In other parts of the world, the book is also available through amazon's international partners, including the UKFranceGermanySpainItalyand Japan. More information in Japanese is here. Mameromantic Daikanyama, Tokyo. Subaru no Hoshi Nakama. Konstrukt meets Keiji Haino. Ginza Music Bar Ginza, Tokyo.

Keiji Haino, Balazs Pandi and - Fylkingen Stockholm, Sweden. Tenniscoats Exhibition. The Last Speakers. Hikarinouma Okubo, Tokyo. Japan:London Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture no Mori Kisomura, Nagano. Oita Prefectural Art Museum. Keiji Haino guitar, polygonola Keisuke Ohta violin, voice.

Senyawa Rully Shabara Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Wukir Suryadi bambuwukir Keiji Haino electric guitar, electronics, polygonola, percussion.

Keiji Haino drums, etc Keisuke Ohta violin, voice. Keiji Haino drums Mitsuru Nasuno bass. Keiji Haino electronics gyatei Fayxist. Club Goodman Akihabara, Tokyo Robert Turman Olivia Block. SuperDeluxe Roppongi, Tokyo Moon Romantic Aoyama, Tokyo Selen Gulun vocals, piano. Keiji Haino composer, conductor Based on the design by Noriyuki Kiguchi. Dairo Suga piano Keiji Haino guitar, etc. Elisabeth-Kirche Berlin, Germany Keiji Haino Cadlag Dave Phillips. Fushitsusha Keiji Haino vocals, guitar Yasumune Morishige bass.

Clark Travagini thank god this alien De Lites Lover Tell Me Why to bless us with excerpts from his language. Tim Cole. Picnic Boy. Howard Martin. Rachael Rosen. Derek Navardauskas. Dustin Parr. Palmer Eldritch. Nick Blumenthal. Violent Onsen Geisha. Junkyard Shaman. Roderick Ganiard. Eric Burns. Crystalline Morphologies. Seth Tisue. Mark Corroto. Oliver Laing. Aos Crowley.

Since the previous four were on Black Truffle Records, we Greg Hill Greg Hill assume that this one will be as well, although there is no confirmation on this last point yet.

Update: An unofficial translation of the title is Though my only wish is to melt away beautifully, because I am not yet content, that thing that I should not be able to see yet feels ever more dear to me. The Full Design Records shop has ordering information within and outside Japan. As the first Haino release ofthis disc Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture the bar pretty high for the rest of the year.

Therefore, these entries have been moved from the forthcoming section to their respective sections. The Sanhedrin entry is located in the "Collaborations" section of the Discography, with the previous Sanhedrin releases. The 3xcd DJ release is located in the "Solo Studio" section of the Discography, since the liner notes explicitly state that it was recorded in a studio. The previous 1xcd DJ release is located in the "Solo Live" section of the Discography, since I perhaps erroneously assumed that a DJ performance would be recorded live at a club.

Anyway, the distinction between the "Solo Studio" and "Solo Live" sections of the discography has been clouded since the beginning of the site and the murkiness continues. Rumors of other forthcoming releases persist but are not confirmed. Takeshi Goda continues to contribute photography of Haino live performances to the site, which are presented on the Visuals pages of this site. His two most recent contributions include the unplugged "Moon Crash" performance of January 8, and the End-of-the-Year All-Nighter of December 30, Haino, Moon Crash, January 8, One of these releases was released on both Japanese and American labels.

There were also four older releases that didn't make it into the discography until


B12 Electro Soma, Richard Strauss Chicago Symphony Orchestra Fritz Reiner Also Sprach Zarathustra, Giuseppe De Luca Musiche Per Commenti Sonori Tratte Dai Films Il Dio Chiamato Dorian E Mille Peccati, Son House Raw Delta Blues, Aesop Rock Bushwick Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Bruce Springsteen Devils Dust, Fruit If You Feel It Say Yeah, George Carlin What Am I Doing In New Jersey, Beth Hart Better Than Home, Lavern Baker Hey Memphis, Afrika Bambaataa The Soul Sonic Force Planet Rock, The 13th Floor Elevators The Psychedelic Sounds Of

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  1. Forthcoming Release: The third "Experimental Mixture" recording, in which Keiji Haino performs as DJ, has been announced with a release date of October 22, More product information and a cover image is available in the forthcoming section of the discography. Additional information in .
  2. Support All About Jazz and Jazz Near You! If you shop at any of the stores below, please initiate your purchase from All About Jazz. When you do, All About Jazz will receive a sales commission.
  3. Keiji Haino’s classic debut album will be available on vinyl for the first time since and for the first time ever as originally intended by the artist- in a special gold and silver edition. Over the last fifty years few musicians or performers have created as monumental and uncompromising a body of work as that of Keiji Haino.
  4. *Releases after July are listed here. Approximately works that were released before then are thoroughly listed in the book Sasageru (An Unofficial Keiji Haino Website offers an extensive discography too).
  5. May 30,  · Experimental Mixture(DJ): Keiji Haino on Playing, Listening and Thinking About Art | Red Bull Music Academy - Duration: Red Bull Music Academy 50, views.
  6. Keiji Haino (guitar, vocals, electronics, rhythm machines, experimental mixture, etc.) Plus secret Ticket sales start at the venue at and reservation at [email protected] starts at on 04/17 (– from 04/18).
  7. New Release: The new Keiji Haino cd titled "EXPERIMENTAL MIXTURE" has been released via Black Smoker Records. This release features Haino as DJ. This release features Haino as DJ. See the solo live section (for lack of a better alternative) of the discography for additional details.
  8. Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture - In The World Youth Inc. - YOUTH / XAT - release date: December 25, 3 compact discs - 20 tracks - minutes 58 seconds Keiji Haino (DJ) entry on creature666.deinfo note: The liner notes explicitly state that this recording was made in a studio and is not taken from a live performance.
  9. Keiji Haino Born in Chiba on May 3, Inspired by Antonin Artaud he aimed for the theatre, but an encounter with The Doors stimulated him into music, where he has examined and absorbed a wide range of music from the early blues especially Blind Lemon Jefferson or European medieval music to popular songs across the world.
  10. DJ Keiji Haino has just released his third mix CD, The Greatest Hits Of The Music. Released by a Japanese label called Youth, it’s housed in a mini LP style cardboard sleeve that’s nevertheless big enough to contain Haino’s DJ project name in full: DJ Keiji Haino Experimental Mixture.

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