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Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger

Download Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger

Selecta Waynazz. Purchasable with gift card. Skatalites - Nimble Foot Ska feat. Don Drummond Skatalites - Spread Satin Skatalites - Black Sunday Roland Alphonso - Old Fowl Ska Eric 'Monty' Morris - Enna Bella Lee Perry - Sugar Bag Checkmates - Turn Me On Jiving Juniors - Open The Gate The Maytals - Shining Light Marbury Woods 1 day ago.

Left and to the Back. The Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger Kit. Curios Things. Budgie Facts 4 days ago. The Musical Transportation Spree Returns! Music From The Third Floor. Kalyanji Anandji: Aamne Saamne 2 months ago. Rukus Juice.

The LIfe Of Riley 5 years ago. The south bay surfers 6 years ago. Dancin Party 9 years ago. Hidden Masters. Contemporary music archiving and curating. Neil Storey. James Bell The Highlighters Amazing Love Poppin Pop Corn Inst much known of this particular artist but I did find this small snippet of info - Reggae singer Lloyd Robinson recorded a number of songs for Studio One starting in Robinson was a member of the late '60s rock-steady group the Tartans with Cedric Myton who would later start the Congos Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger, sang duets with Glen Brown and was half of the duo Lloyd and Devon, which had a hit for The Wreckin Cru Surgery Morgan's Hop label, "Red Bum Ball.

Alton Ellis. A rock steady single on the New Beat label from Todd Rungren did a passable version on his Wizard- A True Star album in the 70's or perhaps the early 80's? I think I prefer the original though this has a certain charm.

Wikipedia says - "Ellis was born in and grew up in Kingston's Trench Town district. Born into a musical family, he learned to play piano at a young age. He attended Ebeneezer and Boys' Town schools, where he excelled in both music and sport. He initially sought fame as a dancer, competing on Vere Johns' Opportunity Hour. The duo also recorded a few tracks for Vincent Chin's Randy's label, but came to an end when after winning a major talent contest, Perkins moved to the United States.

Ellis remained in Kingston, working as a printer and after losing his job, he restarted his music career, initially forming a new duo with John Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger. Ellis continued to work for Dodd and also recorded for his arch-rival, Duke Reid on his Treasure Isle label. By the mid s, ska was moving on and the beat was slowing down to rocksteady and becoming associated with the violent rude boy subculture in Jamaican dancehalls.

Many artists made records referring to the rude boys, including Ellis, although his records were consistently anti-rudie, including "Don't Trouble People", "Dance Crasher", and "Cry Tough", in contrast to artists such as Bob Marley, whom Ellis blamed for glorifiying the rudies.

As rocksteady dominated the Jamaican airwaves for the next two years, Ellis continued to score hits for Treasure Isle, working with artists such as Lloyd Charmers, Phyllis Dillon and The Heptones. His Mr Soul of Jamaica album is regarded as one of the definitive rocksteady albums. Labels: reggae. Wednesday, February 15, Roland Alphoso. Made in Wikipedia says - "Alphonso came to Jamaica at the age of two with his Jamaican mother, and started to learn saxophone at the Stony Hill Industrial School.

In he left school to join Eric Deans' orchestra and soon passed through other bands in the hotel circuit and first recorded as a member of Stanley Motta's group ingoing on to record frequently as a session musician.

In he first recorded for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, although these early recordings were lost before they were mastered. He also acted as arranger at many of Dodd's recording sessions. Byhe was recording for many other producers such as Duke Reid, Lloyd "The Matador" Daley and King Edwards, as well as continuing to work for Dodd, contributing alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, and flute to recordings.

Inafter few months spent in Nassau, Bahamas, he took part in the creation of The Studio One Orchestra, the first session band at Dodd's newly-opened recording studio. This band soon adopted the name of The Skatalites.

He recovered quickly from this setback, and relocated to the United States in latesoon returning to performing and recording. He released the first album under his name in on the Studio One record label. During the s, 80s, and 90s, he kept on playing on numerous records coming out from Jamaican studios, especially for Bunny Lee, and he toured with many bands.

In the late s and early s, he played with the band Jah Malla, performing regularly on the live circuit around New York. He was awarded Officer of the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government inand started to tour more often in the U.

He took part in the reformation of the Skatalites inwith whom he toured and recorded constantly until he suffered a burst blood vessel in his head during a show at the Key Club in Hollywood on 2 November He died on 20 November at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, after suffering a second burst blood vessel, and spending four days in a coma.

More ska on the Blue Beat label from He is known as one of the first and most distinguished Ska artists Contents [hide] 1 Career 2 Discography 3 Bibliography 4 See also 5 References 6 External links [edit]Career "Rodriguez was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and was taught to play the trombone by his slightly older schoolmate Don Drummond at the Alpha Boys School.

In the s, he became a Rastafarian and became closely musically related to rasta drummer, Count Ossie. Inhe moved to the UK and started to play in reggae bands there.

Inhe recorded the album, Man from Wareika under contract with Island Records. In Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros Navidad Negra late s, with the arrival of the 2 Tone genre, he played with ska revival bands such as The Specials.

Norma Frazer. A single on the Ska Beat label from Not much info on her website but a short biog. It was owned by Coxson Dodd, the master mind behind us all. I really liked Bob Marley because he was rather earthy,religious, and so very talented Bobby Kingdom. Another ska single on the Blue Beat laebl from Bobby Kingdom also known as Bobby Muir but further info.

If you know any more do enlighten us! Shalit's Melodisc Records company. Melodisc specialised in Calypso and Mento music, and was formed in London, England inwith strong ties to the West Indies. Shalit founded Blue Beat in as a label which focused on U. He placed Sigimund "Siggy" Jackson in charge of the label, with Jackson choosing the name Blue Beat, which according to Siggy was an adaptation of "It sounds like blues and it's got a great beat" - or Blues Beat, at the time apparently a generic term for Jamaican blues music.

The label reached licencing agreements with the majority of the major Jamaican producers as well as releasing many home produced productions from Siggy Jackson featuring English based artists such as The Marvels. The Blue Beat label released around singles and over a dozen albums between andwith Prince Buster becoming the label's biggest star with songs such as "Al Capone". Jackson established a Blue Beat night at The Marquee in London, and fashion accessories featuring the label's logo also became popular.

Many Blue Beat recordings were played alongside soul music in dance clubs such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. As well as Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger greatly to the West Indian community the music also became associated with the mod youth Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger of the s and later in the decade it became retrospectively popular amongst a later evolution of the mod sub-culture who Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger reggae music and associated with the West Indian 'rude boys' who became known as skinheads - originally a multi-racial youth culture based around music and fashion.

In the late 60's and early 70's Blue Beat records became highly collectible and much sought after rarities among these youths who regarded records like Buster's Al Capone as classics.

A "kiddie record" this time with very gaudy "politically incorrect" cover found in a charity shop a few LB Wilson Dont Poco Loco back. Plays at 78rpm but only 7" across. Kiddie Rekord King says - "The end of the 's saw a proliferation of companies producing seemingly countless series of kiddie records. Some of the larger producers started releasing the more popular records e.

Christmas carols, fairy tales, bestsellers as parallel issues in both 78 and 45rpm formats in the early 's. The cover artwork was usually identical in both.

Eventually after 78s were phased out entirely, the 45's continued to be released into the 's until they were phased out in favor of CD's and cassettes. One of the most famous children's series from this era was launched in This series Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger an immediate hit with both parents and kids.

They were available at almost any grocery market for 25 cents. Most of the first issues were musical story renditions of Little Golden Books. The child could read the book and follow along with the record. The series continued well into the 's, and to this day remains as probably the largest of all kiddie record sets. Sadly, Arthur Shimkin, the founder of Golden Records, visionary and personal friend, passed away on December 4, RCA Victor's youth series that began in became known as the famous "Little Nipper" series in Many of the popular Disney stories, which were made into movies, as well as the more popular TV shows of the day e.

Howdy Doody, Tom Corbett Space Cadet appeared in this series and today are among the more valuable and popular of all kiddie 78s. A few companies became known as strictly "children's record" producers. Then there are those small companies that produced few kiddie records, let alone any others. This is a small sampling of some of the lesser-known labels of the post WW2 era.

In addition, an entire section of my book will focus on educational, instructional, and religious series of children's records. Most of these are not avidly collected, but are, nevertheless, Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger of the legacy of kiddie 78s.

Besides standard records, a large number of picture-discs came out, including several that could be cut out of the back of cereal Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger. With a picture disc the whole record is a graphic image or photograph. The grooves are either cut right into the picture, or on a clear laminate of plastic that is affixed to the picture disc.

One places the needle right on the record's picture. As a rule, picture discs are more valuable than standard records.

Theo Beckford. Another very early ska single on Blue Beat from Wikipedia says - "Beckford was born in in Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica, Jump Cutz Jump Cutz Volume Two second of three sons.

He learned to play piano at the Boys' Town home for indigent boys in west Kingston, initially inspired by Rosco Gordon and Fats Domino, and on leaving bought a piano and began working with producer Stanley Motta, backing local calypsonians. He had a huge hit in with "Easy Snappin'", recorded in and played at dances by producer Coxsone Dodd before he released it three years later on his Worldisc label.

The single was a number one in Jamaica and stayed on the chart for eighteen months, also selling well in the United Kingdom, and the emphasis on the off-beat was widely imitated. The song is considered a forerunner of ska. Although Beckford was credited as the writer, he received no royalties from the song. A curious single having two different solo singers on either side of the disc fronting the Prince Buster'a backing band. Recorded in I imagine the "A" side would be by Owen Gray and seems to refer to another popular singer of the time, Millie Small.

He won with rousing impressions of Little Richard, and shortly after that, was recruited to perform around the island with the popular Jamaican comedy team, Bim and Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger. In Morgan entered the recording studio for the first time. Duke Reid, the acclaimed sound system boss, was looking for talent to record for his Treasure Isle record label. Morgan cut two popular shuffle-boogie sides "Lover Boy", a.

Soon after, Morgan cut the bolero tinged boogie, "Fat Man", which also became a hit. He also found time to record for Coxsone Dodd. In Morgan became the only artist ever to fill the places from one Doc Alimantado The Rebels Born For A Purpose Reason For Living seven on the Jamaican pop chart simultaneously.

The song featured a bouncing ska riddim, along with a duet by Morgan and Millicent "Patsy" Todd. Buster quickly released "Blackhead Chiney Man", chiding Morgan with the sarcastic put-down, "I did not know your parents were from Hong Kong" — a swipe at Kong. Morgan returned with the classic "Blazing Fire", in which he warns Buster to "Live and let others Cliff Jordan John Gilmore Blowing In From Chicago, and your days will be much longer.

You said it. Followers of the two artists often clashed, and eventually the government had to step in with a staged photo shoot depicting the rivals as friends. He attended the Alpha Boys School and turned professional aged Gray was a dynamic performer on stage, who could be gritty or suave as the song dictated.

He was the first singer of many to praise a sound system on record, with his "On the Beach" celebrating Clement Dodd's Sir Coxsone Downbeat system inone of the first releases on Dodd's Studio One label. He was one of the first artists to be produced by Chris Blackwell, inand his "Patricia" single was the first record ever released by Island Records. His first single, "Please Let Me Go", reached the top of the charts in Jamaica, and featured a guitar solo from Ernest Ranglin Ranglin's first recording session.

The single also sold well in the United Kingdom, as did subsequent releases, prompting Gray to emigrate there in He toured Europe inand by he was well known as a soul singer as well as for his ska songs. In the rocksteady era, he recorded Gene Shaw Carnival Sketches producer Sir Clancy Collins.

His popularity continued throughout the s, working with producers such as Clement Dodd, Prince Buster, Arthur "Duke" Reid, Leslie Kong, and Clancy Eccles, including work as a duo with Millie Small, with songs ranging from ska to ballads. He continued to record regularly, having a big hit in with "Cupid". His track "Apollo 12" found favour with the early skinheads, and in he returned to Island Records, recording reggae versions of The Rolling Stones' "Tumblin' Dice" and John Lennon's "Jealous BBKing King Size, although they met with little success.

During this period, he regularly had releases on Pama and sister label, Camel Records, and one single on Hot Lead Records. He had greater success in Jamaica, however, with "Hail the Man", a tribute to Emperor Haile Selassie, which was popular with the increasing Rastafari following. Gray spent a short time living in New Orleans before returning to Jamaica where he turned his hand to roots reggae, working with producer Bunny Lee, and achieving considerable success.

In the s relocated to Miami. He has continued to release new material regularly, often concentrating on ballads and Gospel music. Single on the Rio label from the 60's. I'm guessing this is Hortense Ellis and Delroy Wilson dueting together.

Hortense seemed to duet with quite a few reggae artists during this time. Nice Soul Bros. Wikipedia says of Hortense - "Her father worked on the Roland Alphonso Andy Joey Nimble Foot Love Is Stronger while her mother ran a fruit stall.

She was 18 years old when she appeared on the Vere Johns Opportunity Hour, then Jamaica's foremost outlet for young undiscovered talent.

Ellis went on to enter many more competitions and showcases and she reached six semi-finals and four finals. Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra Other Planes Of There she was awarded a silver cup as Jamaica's Best Female Vocalist and went on to repeat this feat five years later.

Alton Ellis was also recording with Dodd at this time and the family connection was exploited by Dodd who produced "female" adaptions of some of Alton's hits for Hortense to record including "Why Do Birds" and "I'm Just A Guy". The siblings toured Canada in but the following year, Ellis was back in Jamaica where she married Mikey "Junior" Saunders with whom she had five children in quick succession.

Although her live performances suffered as a result, she remained busy in the studio. Ellis' success came in the late s with a song recorded for Gussie Clarke. On returning to Jamaica inshe began suffering health problems, but managed to carry on with occasional local live performances.


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