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Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score

Download Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score

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October 09,AM by Rocco. October 08,AM by sippinjava. They became champion spearfishers, but switched from killing sharks to filming them after becoming fascinated with marine life.

They married in December at Hurstville, N. They were credited with being pioneers in several areas — the first people to film great white sharks without the protection of a cage or anything else during the making of the released on video series Blue WildernessEpisode,Shark Shocker in Januarya huge milestone in ocean exploration together with South Africans Theo Ferreira, Craig Ferreira, George Askew and Piet van der Walt, founders of the South African great white shark cage diving industry.

They also filmed the shark sequences for the film Orca. Citation: For service to conservation and the environment through marine cinematography and photography, by raising awareness of endangered and potentially extinct marine species, and by contributing to the declaration of species and habitat protection.

Citation: For service to conservation and the environment as an advocate for the protection and preservation of marine wildlife and habitats, particularly the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef, and as an underwater cinematographer and photographer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Australian diver and shark cinematographer. Please help improve it by revising it to be neutral and encyclopedic. July SydneyNew South Wales Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score, Australia.

SydneyNew South Wales, Australia. This is a dynamic list and may never be Basil Kirchin Basil Kirchin Is My Friend to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Talking Heads. Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Archived from the original on 31 December Retrieved 9 September ABC News. Archived from the original on 9 September Archived from the original on 20 November Retrieved 2 March Fathom Magazine.

Archived from the original on 6 November To my ears he had a unique, distinctive sound and over the next few years I managed to track down all the rest of his fine work. But it took ages - an LP a year was about the norm. Even shopping in Australia for two weeks I only found one. Then in one of his mysteriously shortened tracks from the Petre Inspirescu Sakadat Colesterol to Val and Ron Taylor's legendary underwater telly series 'Inner Space' was used in that Life Aquatic film and I thought the time had come to get back in touch with the infamous musical Norwegian living down under.

The result is this new CD, a compilation of Sven's finest film work. This appears to be a sexual ride through jet set Sydney. By some accounts there is all manor of sex in this film, and a brief flaunt with homosexuality. This is a legendary undersea TV series. The Taylors were the most experienced researchers in their field, Great White Sharks were a main focus for them which explains why Spielberg enlisted their help for Jaws.

From Nature Walkabout: originally televised through the Channel 9 Network. Exactly what it says on the tin, this was a 15, mile jopurney around Australia looking at the madness that flies, swings and Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score about in the wild.

One of the first project was for a film by Vincent and Carol Serventy. They left Perth on a journey that would take them around the country documenting many natural wonders.

The result was a TV series Nature Walkabout. This series was perfect Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score me. People often say the new immigrants to a country they fall in love with, often feel stronger about the place than the people who live in it.

His name was Gary Shearston, and he recorded a number of albums for us, covering almost the entire repertoire of Australian folk songs. For Nature Walkabout I immediately thought Spaceark Spaceark using the original basic instruments like the harmonica and the guitar. I even included a few bars of the folk song Botany Bay in my main theme.

According Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score Vince Serventi and the other members of the production staff, as well as the reviewers, I had hit the nail on the Justin Hinds And The Dominoes Travel With Love. It was produced and directed by an American, Frank Brittain.

It was a very controversial film when it was released. It contain nudity as well as homosexual subjects, something never touch upon in Australian movies. I guess under normal circumstances this should have pleased me, but it upset me greatly. This reviewer obviously did not appreciate the significance of what we were doing. Frank eventually moved to Italy to do Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score for the Vatican, and we have stayed in touch throughout the years.

You were exploring locations that affected you during Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score travels around the country. What are some of the strongest memories from recording it and what was the concept behind it? It was directed by Bill Evans and featured, what is now, the legends of Australian surfers. It was written by Ted Roberts, a personal mate, who I worked with on many of my projects, including as a writer of lyrics for many of my songs Jon Keliehor Orlando Kimber Eddy Sayer Simon Tassano East Meets West Edition 2011 my long career.

The score to Ride a White Horse earned me my one and only award, as the theme won me the best instrumental Sven Libaek Ron Val Taylors Inner Space Original Television Score the year of release. The film has recently been re-released on DVD and Blueray, so projects of the past Various The Unknown Artist EP catching up with me on a regular basis.

The music side of film and television is fascinating to the composer. The idea that I would be able to pay bills with royalty checks from projects I worked on 40 or more years ago is astounding. If I were forced to select one project to be my favourite of all time, it would have to be Inner Space. Ron and Valerie Taylor were famous divers who through a long career set out to prove that many perceptions of under water creatures were false.

I still have in my mind the scene where Valerie is swimming among 20 or so Grey Nurse sharks, to prove that they are not dangerous to humans.

I have a system that I apply every time I score a film or a Vid Camelie series. The bass flute was the perfect instrument for this series, and Dominic Glynn Delia Derbyshire Mankind Doctor Who Theme From The BBC TV Series used it in both the opening and closing titles, as well as frequently in the episodes.

I hired the cream of the crop of Sydney based jazz musicians, so I knew my score would be perfectly interpreted. The world which man inhabits is a solid mass, governed by the force of gravity. It is here that man moves and has his being. Above him and stretching into infinity, is Outer Space. Surrounding him, covering three quarters of the world on which he lives is Inner Space: the oceans, seas, estuaries, rivers and lakes in which, as much as in Outer Space, man is alien.

In the past century man has learned to live in Outer Space. For countless centuries, man has ventured upon Inner Space, but few humans have learned how to live with it.

This, then is Inner Space which Ron and Valerie Taylor explore in thirteen, thirty minute colour specials, each different, each exiting and each adventurous.

It truly was a most exiting and challenging series Daniel Caesar Freudian compose music to, and the score would survive through many decades, later to be discovered again by new directors and record companies almost 40 years after it was first composed.

The series also gave me some great musical cues titles for the soundtrack album like Sound of the Deep, Music for Eels, Dark World, Island of Birds, Turtlemusic and Attacking Sharks, just to mention a few. Some of my Inner Space music is extremely difficult to play, from the rhythm pattern in the main theme, to the melody in Sounds of the Deep, not to mention the guitar part in Music for Eels. The Wes Anderson film, Life Aquatic, featured five of Libaek's compositions as part of its score.

Libaek lived and worked in Los Angeles from to where he orchestrated more than popular songs for US radio stations and artists including Lionel Ritchie and Neil Diamond, and was engaged by Hanna-Barbera in Hollywood to score the music to ten two-hour animated TV movie specials. During his career, Libaek has had more than 30 record albums released.


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  2. Deep Space Organisms: Inner Moment / Outer Moment Sven Libaek: Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space - Original Television Score: FL Festival Records: LP, Album: Australia: Space: Inner Voices / Mixed Up: VGN-NP Vogue: 7", 45 RPM: Italy: Sven Libaek: Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space - Original Television Score: VOTLP.
  3. Feb 02,  · Sven Libaek – Ron & Val Taylor’s Inner Space; Original Television Score (Festival FL) Winnie Gould – Wailin’ With Winnie (Bel Canto SR/) Snuff – Demmamussabebonk (Fat Wreck FAT) The Mad Doctors – No Waves, Just Sharks (King Pizza KP)
  4. Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space - Original Television Score Sven Libaek. LP; € 29, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) John Williams. 2 x LP; € 32, Joker Soundtrack - Opague Purple Vinyl Hildur Guðnadóttir. LP; € 27, Concorde Affaire '79 (Colonna Sonora Originale) Stelvio Cipriani. LP;.
  5. Sven Libaek Inner Space LP Life Aqautic ron & val taylor's votary '73 recording '12 reissue sealed rare STILL SEALED reissue vinyl, all unopened unplayed mint lp. Considered to be one of the unsung masters of Australian Film music, Sven Libaek composed for many Australian Films and TV Seller Rating: % positive.
  6. LIBAEK, Sven - The Music Of Sven Libaek - Vinyl (LP) Sven Libaek: Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space - Original Television Score: FL Festival Records: LP, Album: Australia: Sven Libaek: Ron & Val Taylor's Inner Space - Original Television Score: VOTLP: Votary Records: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue:

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