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Tangerine Dream Atem

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Tangerine Dream's releases have been divided into several Fleetwood Mac Kiln House based on the Tangerine Dream Atem label of the time. Tangerine Dream's first releases were on the Ohr label. The Ohr logo was a pink ear, thus fans refer to this era as the Pink Years ; this covers Electronic Meditation to Atem The switch to the Jive Records label with their blue logo was the start of the Blue Years beginning with Poland in This was a period of rapid line-up changes, beginning with the departure of Christopher Frankeand ending with the departure of Paul Haslinger and the introduction of Jerome Froese and Linda Spa.

A switch to the Miramar label in Seattle gave the name Seattle Years with the release of Rockoon In Tangerine Dream Atem the label was renamed Eastgate, giving rise to the Eastgate Years. In late Edgar Froese conceived of translating the current knowledge of quantum mechanics into sound, thus the Quantum Years and the release of Mala Kunia.

The Dream Mixes series is a project initiated by Jerome Froese. The series has a dance music slant and primarily consists of remixes John Harrison Creepshow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack other TD material. The Five Atomic Seasons series was commissioned by a Japanese businessman who survived the atomic bombings of both Nagasaki and Tangerine Dream Atem.

The Bootleg Box sets, the Bootmoon series and the Vault series are Tangerine Dream Atem concerts sourced from recordings; many were first released as part of the Tangerine Tree project.

Albums billed as live commonly include overdubs and original material added in studio. The extreme case is Live Milesof which less than a third had been performed live at the time of its release. Given the fact that the band's live albums often consist of original music not available on any studio album, the distinction between studio and live albums is less useful with Tangerine Dream than with most bands.

Tangerine Dream tracks have appeared on a number of sampler albums. These particular samplers are unique in that they contain tracks that never appeared on any other official Tangerine Dream release, although some have been released on the Tangerine Tangerine Dream Atem fan project:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tangerine Dream discography Tangerine Dream performing in Phaedra Rubycon Ricochet. Encore Cyclone Force Majeure.

Phaedra Rubycon Stratosfear. Electronic Meditation Alpha Centauri Zeit. Bianca Froese-AcquayeEdgar's widow, has taken up the mantle of continuing the legacy of the group and works closely in a non-musical capacity with the remaining members. Tangerine Dream has released over one hundred albums not counting compilations and fan releases over the last five decades.

A project to collect and release fan concert recordings, known as the Tangerine Treewas active from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. German electronic music group. For other uses, see Tangerine Dream disambiguation. Electronic kosmische ambient new-age.

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Retrieved 23 January September Retrieved 19 September The Washington Post. Rolling Stone India. London, United Kingdom. Retrieved 17 July What's on Netflix. Retrieved 11 March Tangerine Dream. Discography Filmography Tangerine Tree Bootleg recordings. Namespaces Article The Lat Teens Fuego A La Lata. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The suite Love Da Capo quietly, but a high pitched note followed by winds and by a bass square wave note increase the tension. Let's then proceed to the end of the journey. The side B contains three tracks. Also it starts rhythmless, but there's a "flute" melody. If you think that Ligeti is one of the authors used by Kubrick for the soundtrack of his "Space Odyssey" the reference is clear. I think to "Gayane's Adagio" in particular.

It developes in a slow crescendo made of square waves and an organ chord that sometimes is major, sometimes minor and often unstructured. The music is "atonal". The sporadic accents coming from Froese's guitar and the rhythm given by a keyboard are not far from the most experimental works of Vangelis.

Then percussions. This is classic contemporary music. The music of Tangerine Dream in this period is not so distant from them. What I mean is that the music of this period of Tangerine Dream can help in "making the ears" able to understand a very challenging kind of music like that.

They are still a bit easier. I didn't find Sandro Brugnolini Luigi Malatesta Fantabulous Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film album as enjoyable as Zeit, but Atem definitely does have a slightly more energetic feel with the tribal elements and sped up composition.

Atem seems unique in the Tangerine Dream catalog, but anyone who enjoys Edgar Froese's Epsilon in Tangerine Dream Atem Pale will find much Tangerine Dream Atem love in this album. The first track, Atemwould have taken up the whole of Side 1 on the original release, as it is over 20 minutes in length. The first 5 minutes of the track have the feel of a gigantic fanfare.

This gets faster and louder and more intense until there is the sound of an explosion towards the sixth minute, Bear McCreary Outlander The Series Original Television Soundtrack Vol 1 if a rocket has blasted off.

Afterwards, we are catapulted into Prince And The Revolution Parade spacey realm of calm and atmospheric sounds. The track continues like this for the remaining 15 minutes, with various experimental effects being subtly tested while you relax.

The most enjoyable parts are when something quite noticeable changes, for instance the loud bass sound heard at It's as if the group are trying to lull Tangerine Dream Atem into a false sense of security and then suddenly changing the music once you're comfortable. This Otis Redding The Dock Of The Bay Tangerine Dream Atem the most memorable and enjoyable track from the album.

The original Side 2 contained three songs. The first of these, Fauni-Genais a light, repetitive mellotron workout with the sounds of nature in the background. At nearly 11 minutes, this Tangerine Dream Atem age track becomes quite tedious after a while.

Circulation of Events is also very similar, but only half the length. Only Wahn shows any diversity, with insane wordless vocals heard at the beginning of the Tangerine Dream Atem. These sounds are quite unnerving, but give way to a more Tangerine Dream Atem mellotron piece with percussion accompaniment.

One thing that I can say for sure about this album is that it has been a whole new experience, though perhaps not an entirely enjoyable one. I'm far too used to things happening in my music for this slow-changing stuff.

If you like Tangerine Dream, then you will almost certainly love this album, but for the uninitiated, I recommend you stay as far away from this album as possible, and try some of the group's more accessible albums first. Tangerine Dream, for some fans, found their golden period only after "Phaedra", the official turning point Tangerine Dream Atem the band's career.

But the so called pink years have a sort of seducing, arcane, and creepy magic Tangerine Dream Atem them that makes them sound like albums made by supernatural forces that happened to haunt the studio at those moments. Edgar Froese and his fellow partners already gave a wonderful example of Ambient with the previous LP "Zeit", a droned out piece of art that remains, in it's suspended stillness, a landmark achievement of Electronic music.

With "Atem" they seem to go towards a direction they partially went on with "Alpha Centauri", however, in that release, they stopped at halfway. This release goes all the way down, to the point of no return.

Creepy, majestic, epic, "Atem" has a wonderful crystal clear production that makes you doubt this was released inand gives to the music yet another hint of primordial and futuristism at the same time. The synths sound much more modern, the atmospheres extremely haunting and effective, even Tangerine Dream Atem you do hear something like tom drums in the background, it still gives the impressive feeling that human beings had nothing to do with the process of creating this album. Breathe, is what Atem means.

Life is present in this album, and if it is human, it's almost primitive and outnumbered by all the lifeless atmosphere: only on a track like "Wahn", with all it's scary vocal samples shouting and whining, the human form becomes one with the supernatural. But then there is Tangerine Dream Atem song such as the twenty minute title track, the bulk of the entire LP, where eerie, spacey soundscapes is all that is heard.

What makes this track great is not only it's epic, descending structure, but also it's absolute Tangerine Dream Atem Robert Minott All I Have Is Love bringing the listener into strange, dark realms. Then we have the ethereal, dark jungle of "Fauni Gena", for it's entire ten minutes having forest sounds in the background, in the foreground an eerie flute melody that echoes throughout the track.

The mentioned "Wahn" closes the Tangerine Dream Atem eerily, to leave the listener stunned just after it's closing notes. The following album "Phaedra" will have even more advanced sounds, but it won't capture an atmosphere like the one in "Atem". Although most of Tangerine Dream's work and much early electronic music evokes the lonesome atmosphere of outer space, "Atem" takes the band's longwinded explorations down another route. Although the palette of sound used here is not far flung from what would be heard in the band's music throughout the early-to-mid seventies, "Atem" takes a less cosmic approach Mike Vickers A Moog For All Reasons the sound, instead conveying a sense of twisted natural tranquility.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms Harmony Cats Success Sound Harmony Cats Theme Use and Privacy Policy. Zeit Atem


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  1. The band's album Atem was named as Album of the Year by British DJ John Peel, and this attention helped Tangerine Dream to sign to the fledgling Virgin Records in the same year. Soon afterward they released the album Phaedra, an eerie soundscape that unexpectedly reached #15 in the UK Albums Chart and became one of Virgin's first bona-fide hits. [4]Genres: Electronic, kosmische, ambient, new-age.
  2. Atem is a music studio album recording by TANGERINE DREAM (Progressive Electronic/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette/5.
  3. Feb 06,  · The main difference is the addition of the mellotron, an instrument that immediately became an integral part of the Tangerine Dream sound. Throughout much of Atem, its looping string sound is as obvious as the organ, adding a richer, more orchestral feel to the music/5().
  4. Tangerine Dream's first releases were on the Ohr label. The Ohr logo was a pink ear, thus fans refer to this era as the Pink Years ; this covers Electronic Meditation () to Atem (). In , the band switched to Virgin Records with the release of Phaedra, thus the Virgin creature666.deinfoation albums:
  5. "Atem" was recorded at Dierks Studios, Stommeln, Cologne, Germany in December and January "The Deutschlandhalle Concert" was recorded in Berlin, 29th November /5(2).
  6. Jun 05,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri / Atem at Discogs. Complete your Tangerine Dream collection/5().
  7. Feb 06,  · Atem is often regarded as their best album from the Ohr label, and I can't find much argument in that. It's more accessible than Zeit, that's for sure, in that it's just a single disc with one side-length cut and three somewhat shorter cuts/5(88).

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